15 Starlets Under 30 Who Gave In To Plastic Surgery

"Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?" croons Lana Del Rey in her song for Baz Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby. That appears to have been the thought process of the following fifteen girls, so afraid of the effects of time on their pretty faces and nubile physiques that they made appointments with their friendly neighborhood surgeons.

Jane Fonda, the quintessential fitness guru, started getting plastic surgery when her age began to show. Her surgery, however, was curative rather than preventive. When her buns of steel turned into buns of tin or lead, she visited the "dermatologist" to see what she could accomplish with a check-book instead of exercise and self-discipline. And it worked out: despite being almost eighty, she looks damn fine.

These girls, however, did the opposite. They still looked cute, blessed with the effortless attractiveness of youth. But, from greed, or fear, or both, they chose to go under the knife and and try to manacle the hands of time (and foolish exercise).

Before I get further into it, I want to say one thing. You will not find Heidi Montag on this list. I don't know about you all, but I'm impossibly tired of hearing that she had 10 surgeries in one day. We get it. Everyone knows. My job is to inform you, not repeat what you already know.

That all said, let's hop right in to the 15 youngest starlets to have altered their features.

15 Ashlee Simpson - Nose Job + Botox

14 Courtney Stodden - Breast Augmentation

13 Rihanna - Nose Job + Boob Job

12 Denise Richards - 3 Boob Jobs

11 Amanda Bynes - Nose Job

10 Ashley Tisdale - Nose Job

9 Kylie Jenner - Lip Injections

8 Kaley Cuoco - Breast Augmentation

7 Iggy Azalea - Breast Augmentation

6 Tara Reid - Botched Boob Job + Body Contouring

5 Megan Fox - Various

4 Dianna Agron - Nose Job

3 Lisa Kudrow - Nose Job

2 Bella Hadid - Nose Job


1 Hilary Duff - Fake Teeth

I thought I'd save the most radically different of these items 'til last. Although various celebrities have had their teeth done, including for instance Miley Cyrus, but Hilary Duff's choice to get hers done seems to have aversely affected her career. When she first got the porcelain veneers inserted, brighter and more symmetrical than her natural set, the press gave her a lot of crap, claiming that she had given herself "horse teeth" (I tend to absolutely agree...). She apparently got them filed down to a more moderate size, but she hasn't had much success since The Lizzie McGuire Movie, which is the last time she appeared in the media with her natural teeth, jussayin'.



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15 Starlets Under 30 Who Gave In To Plastic Surgery