15 Siblings You Don't Wanna Mess With On Game Of Thrones

While Game of Thrones is known for its nudity, violence and dragons, the thing that is most prevalent on the show is really family bonds. People are certainly vying for the Iron Throne, but they are also overwhelmingly concerned with their family members and more specifically, their siblings.

In the course of Game of Thrones, we’ve seen someone get his head smashed in while attempting to avenge his sister’s brutal death. Rest in peace, Oberyn Martell. We’ve also seen someone allow his marriage to be tested as he carried his sister’s secret to the grave. Also rest in peace, Ned Stark. These strong bonds seem unshakable and they are not something we’d personally mess with. Like, do you really want to mess with Jaime Lannister? Cersei is known for blowing things up when she’s angry enough and she’s also very, very, very fond of her twin brother.

There are also those sibling relationships that aren’t very tight, like everyone’s favorite terrifying brothers: The Mountain and The Hound. Even though these two aren’t close and will likely battle to the death (get hype for the Cleganebowl!) they both are not to be messed with, especially The Mountain.

The siblings on this list vary as far as reasons as to why you don’t want to mess with them. Some have political power, while others have physical strength. Some are tight-knit, while others hate each other. Whatever the reason, everyone on this list is not to be crossed. Hey, we warned you.

15. Meera & Jojen Reed


Our first siblings on this list are perhaps the most boring: Meera and Jojen Reed. We can’t really blame their boringness on them since they, unfortunately, were part of the dragged out Bran storyline. Of course, now the Bran storyline is more interesting, with him being able to see the entire history and future of Westeros. Despite not being the most exciting part of the show though, Meera and Jojen definitely are not to be messed with.

Jojen is a warg, so he’s got that going for him. Frankly, I would be hesitant to mess with anyone who could warg into, like, a bear at any point. Meera is also a badass with almost any weapon. Oh, and the fact that she might be Jon Snow’s long lost twin sister adds to her "don’t mess with me" points.

Of course, Jojen met his end by the hand of White Walkers. But, hey, if we were going to eliminate all siblings who had passed away, we wouldn’t have a list.


13 Margaery & Loras Tyrell


Rest in peace, Tyrell siblings. Of course, the fact that Loras and Margaery were killed in Cersei’s wildfire explosion shouldn't be held against their strength too much since it looked like nearly half of King’s Landing were killed in the explosion. Plus, Marg was the only one to catch on to what was happened before, you know, everything exploded.

Their "don’t mess with us" factors come from many places. For starters, Loras was great with a sword. Admittedly, he was not the best in the seven kingdoms, as Brienne of Tarth took him down, but he could certainly hold his own. Margaery was a master manipulator and positioned herself to become queen on the arm of three different possible kings.

On top of the brawn and brains that they possessed, they also had something that no one else in Westeros had: Olenna Tyrell. She is the boss who brought down King Joffrey, upon realizing that she couldn’t allow Margaery to marry him. I wouldn't cross Olenna Tyrell or anyone she loves, and Olenna definitely loved her grandchildren.

They may both be gone now, but they were a force to be reckoned with at one point.

13. Joffrey, Myrcella & Tommen Baratheon


Ah, the Baratheon/Lannister children – Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen. There were quite a few reasons not to mess with these siblings and first and foremost would be the fact that they were royalty. Both Joffrey and Tommen sat on the Iron Throne at one point so messing with either of them would result in, well, death.

While both Myrcella and Tommen seemed to be way too sweet for the world of Game of Thrones, Joffrey fit right in with his sadistic manner. Crossing Joffrey would result not only in death but a torturous death, during which you’d be praying to die. Joffrey was a sick kid and I would not cross him.

Perhaps the strongest thing in their corner, though, even more so than the fact that they were royalty, was the fact that Cersei Lannister was their mother. She often said that she would burn cities to the ground for her children and, uh, she totally did that. Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen are all deceased but Cersei’s vengeance for her children will likely carry on until her death. Don’t mess with Cersei’s kids.

12 The Direwolves


Siblings come in all shapes and sizes – and species. The Starks' direwolves are siblings and crossing one of them is not a wise decision. Actually, you really shouldn’t cross one of the Starks because the direwolves love their masters, but still, don’t mess with a direwolf. I mean, Summer straight up ripped out the throat of the assassin who was sent to take out Bran. If you want to keep your throat, don't mess with a Stark or a direwolf.

Robb’s wolf, Grey Wind, would come into battle with him and apparently he killed so many people that wild rumors spread about the direwolf's ability to kill. He and Robb Stark met their end at The Red Wedding and no, we're still not over that.

With both Lady, Shaggydog, and Summer also dead, the only surviving direwolves are Ghost and Nymeria. Ghost, like Grey Wind, has entered battles with Jon Snow and successfully taken down enemies. Though we haven’t seen Nymeria since season one, she was sassy enough to bite Joffery so that’s good enough for us.

11 Theon & Yara Greyjoy


A few seasons ago, this duo may not have made the list, but as of recently, the Greyjoy siblings have shown their strength. Well, mostly it’s the fact that Theon kneeled down to Yara, who is one badass sister. Their solidarity, though, is something rare and special in Game of Thrones. It’s uncommon for the rightful male heir to step down for his better prepared sister to take over.

The fact that they also own fleets of ships is helpful. Oh, and now that Theon and Yara are on Team Dany and Dragons, they have that going for them, too. Though they may not be the strongest of the bunch, their solidarity and Yara’s badassery would keep us from messing with them for sure.

10 Robert, Stannis & Renly Baratheon


Ah, the Baratheon brothers. I like to imagine the time before Game of Thrones, when Robert, Stannis and Renly would all be eating turkey legs and be drunk off wine. Surely that’s what the Baratheon brothers did together, right?

However, in Game of Thrones, we were shown a very different side of the Baratheons, specifically Renly and Stannis. After Robert passes, Renly and Stannis both want the Iron Throne, putting them at odds with each other. Instead of talking it out or something, Stannis creates a shadow baby to kill his younger brother. If Stannis is willing to do that to his brother, not to mention what he did to his daughter, we wouldn’t want to cross him.

Also, Robert was totally cool with killing the pregnant teenager across The Narrow Sea. The Baratheon brothers were ruthless as hell.

9 The Sand Snakes 


The Sand Snakes are just like a bunch of sexy half-sister assassins so yeah, don’t mess with them. While they are all Oberyn Martell’s daughters, some of them were mothered by other women and some of them were mothered by Ellaria Sand.

Of the Sand Snakes shown on the television show, only one is Ellaria’s. If you’re wondering which daughter is Ellaria’s, it’s Tyene, the one who gets naked for Bronn. Her choice of weapon is daggers and, like her father, she coats them in poison so as to kill an enemy even with just a flesh wound.

Nymeria Sand is also shown on the show and her choice of weapon is a whip. In battle, she is said to be more hesitant, watching her enemy for weak spots before attacking. The eldest sister is Obara Sand, who uses a spear. While these sisters may not have much political pull in the world of Game of Thrones, they are strong and sexy. Oh, and along with Ellaria, it seems like they killed every dude in Dorne, so there's that too.

8 Sansa, Arya & Bran Stark


Though Sansa, Arya and Bran haven’t been in a scene together since season one, the last surviving Stark siblings deserve a spot on this list. With the loss of their oldest sibling, Robb, and their youngest, Rickon, their numbers are dwindling but their strength has certainly grown.

Bran is a warg, which is cool, but he appears to possibly be the Three-Eyed Raven and may have been teaching himself all along. Regardless of whether he is or isn’t actually the Three-Eyed Raven, he now knows everything about the past, present and future world in Game of Thrones, and if you've learned anything from Varys and Littlefinger - knowledge is power. He’s also the only person who knows Jon Snow’s true parentage. So, Bran’s bringing something to the table.

Arya is obviously a kickass assassin who has started taking out the enemies on her list. Sansa, who began as the most gentle of them all, just fed her ex-husband to the dogs. Because we love the Starks so much, we would have loved to put them higher on the list, but because of history we couldn’t. In the past, the Starks have been severely taken advantage of, which is a trend we hope these three break.

We have hope that the remaining Starks will not make the same mistakes of those before them, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, Arya will be taking more names and baking more pies.

7 Elia & Oberyn Martell 


In Game of Thrones, we never get to meet Elia Martell, but we do get to meet her brother, whose goal in life seems to be avenging his sister. Elia Martell was married to Rhaegar Targaryen, and if you know anything about Elia, you know it did not end well.

First, her hubby was like ‘see ya’ and ran off with Lyanna Stark. After her husband died in the subsequent rebellion, the Sack of King’s Landing happened and that was really not good for Elia. The Mountain murdered her two children then raped and murdered her as well.

This did not sit well with brother Oberyn, who would go on to fight for Tyrion in a trial by combat, all so he could go head to head with The Mountain. This, of course, ends with one of the most gruesome deaths on Game of Thrones. But, Oberyn's willingness to face off with The Mountain for his departed sister's honor earns him a ton of "don't mess with these siblings" points.


6 Sansa Stark & Jon Snow 


Calm down, fan boys. We know that they aren’t technically siblings but they still think that they are siblings so we added them. Plus, Sansa and Jon’s relationship really blossomed this past season and who didn’t love that?

Considering that these two successfully took back the North from the Boltons, they are an extremely strong duo that no one really saw coming. I mean, Sansa was never known for being nice to her “bastard brother” but that was mostly because Catelyn had treated him with such disdain. Now, the past is behind them and the Stark banner once again waves in Winterfell.

With allies like the Wildlings and Lyanna Mormont, there's no telling how far these two could go together. Though, Sansa doesn’t really seem interested on climbing the political ladder like she once was and Jon Snow seems more concerned with the White Walkers - for good reason.

These two highly-connected leaders who can command armies may be the first step in the Starks avenging all that they have lost over the course of the series.

5 Aegon I, Visenya & Rhaenys Targaryen


If we’re going to put any Targaryen siblings on this list, it’s got to be Aegon, Rhaenys and Visenya. I mean, the only sibling we see Dany interact with is her brother Viserys, who tells her that he’d let horses rape her. Not the best relationship. Also, her brother Rhaegar started a rebellion that lead to the Targaryens losing their throne. So, uh, even though Dany is cool and all, we can eliminate those Targaryen siblings.

Of course, popular theories point to Tyrion being Dany’s half-brother. In which case, we would totally put this sibling duo on the list, but until it’s actually proven, we’ll have to wait.

Now, you may be asking who the hell Aegon, Rhaenys and Visenya are. Well, they're the original Targaryens, more or less. The trio died centuries before the events on Game of Thrones but their reputation endures, so much so that they are still referred to on the show. The three siblings rode three dragons and took over six of the seven kingdoms of Westros in The War of Conquest. This would begin the Targaryen dynasty that would last almost 300 years, until Robert Baratheon took over the Iron Throne.

Riding dragons and conquering kingdoms? Yeah, they're kick-ass.

4 Ned & Lyanna Stark


While we’ve had a few deceased siblings already on this list, this one may surprise you the most, but trust us, Ned and Lyanna’s relationship was not to be taken lightly. Now, everything could have been good and fine in King’s Landing for forever if Rhaegar Targaryen didn't abduct Ned’s sister. Instead, he did, and that lead to the shit show that is Game of Thrones today. However, Rhaegar’s abduction of Lyanna also lead to the birth of Jon Snow, which is what makes these two siblings so strong.

Ned kept Lyanna’s secret even though it took a toll on his marriage. He also kept the secret from his closest friend, Robert Baratheon, who would surely have this heir to the throne killed. Ned and Lyanna’s strong relationship lead to Westeros’s best kept secret. If Jon Snow saves Westeros from the White Walkers or takes the Iron Throne, either action will be a direct result of Lyanna and Ned's tight relationship. That makes them powerful as hell.

3 The Hound & The Mountain


Alright, The Hound and The Mountain seem to really hate each other. We get that, but the fact that they have both killed people with their bare hands makes us not want to cross either of them.

The Mountain’s violence towards his younger brother gives him some bonus points. If you don't know the backstory, The Hound was a young boy and not nicknamed The Hound yet. He was playing with a toy that The Mountain discarded. Seeing this, The Mountain took his younger brother’s face and held it to flames, needing half a dozen servants to pull him off of his little brother. Due to his scars, he earned the nickname The Hound. If The Mountain would do that to his brother, what do you think he'd do to a stranger who crossed him? Err... we don't want to think about that.

While crossing either of these dudes is a bad decision, the biggest threat they pose may be to each other. Many fans are calling for “Cleganebowl” in which both brothers will fight to the death. If The Hound doesn’t win, there is no justice.

2 Cersei, Jaime & Tyrion Lannister


Tywin certainly knew how to raise badass children. First there is Cersei, who may have become Game of Thrones’ leading villain after blowing up whatever the hell she felt like blowing up in the last season. The fact that she is on the throne right now is most certainly a reason not to cross Cersei, but even before she was sitting pretty on the Iron Throne, anyone who crossed her was certain to meet an early death.

Then there’s Jaime, who is one of the best sword slingers in the seven kingdoms, even with his missing hand. While Jaime may be about to turn another page, as his face upon seeing Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne was anything but excited, for most of his time on the show Jaime has done her bidding. He even flung a young boy from a window when they were caught having sex. The bond between Cersei and Jaime makes them stronger together than they are apart. Seriously, they would do just about anything to save their sick, twisted relationship, so don't test them.

Oh, and then there’s baby brother Tyrion. While Tyrion isn’t on the best of terms with his family after being believed to have killed Joffrey and then for actually killing Tywin, Tyrion is a force to be reckoned with himself. He's got a smart political mind and that may be the most powerful weapon of all on a show like Game of Thrones.

So, while they aren’t all on the same side of whatever war is coming, all three of these siblings are not to be taken lightly.

1 Drogon, Rhaegal & Viserion


In a world of magic and dragons, of course the most powerful siblings are not human. The siblings you do not want to mess with most on Game of Thrones are obviously Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. I mean, duh. No one should ever want to mess with Dany's beloved dragons. Actually, for their love of their mother, no one should mess with Dany either.

The three dragons get larger and larger every season. Personally, I thought they were adorable in season one and season two. I would have rather kept them that size if I were Dany but I guess for purposes of taking over the Iron Throne, the whole full-grown dragon thing is a must. Oh, and the thing about dragons growing is that they never stop. They grow for as long as they're alive and they can live for hundreds of years. So, yeah.

Basically, if anyone ever hears Daenerys say "Dracarys," they should run.

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