15 Shocking On-Set Stories You Need To Read To Believe

Do you have some crazy stories from your job? No matter what line of work you are in, you need to hope that there are some fun stories that help push you through the day. That's especially true for actors, as they often spend 10+ hours on a movie set while shooting a film. But as you're going to read, that just means there is plenty of time for some crazy events to go down.

Below we have 15 of the most shocking and outrageous things that have ever come during the filming of a movie (...or Game of Thrones!). Want to read about when Sean Connery took out a gangster? We got you covered. How about the time Wesley Snipes smoked weed 24/7, or the time an actress literally had her life threatened in order to get the right emotion for a horror scene? We also peel back the layers on the horrific treatment of Judy Garland, including her time during Wizard of Oz when she was put on a diet of 80 cigarettes a day.

You may love these 15 movies below, but I guarantee by the end of the list you'll definitely look at some of them in a whole new light.


15 Another Time, Another Place - Connery Takes Out A Gangster


Now, you need to understand if you're going to be an actor, or are dating an actor, some love scenes will need to be filmed. Sean Connery was called to bat to film a love scene with Lana Turner for the 1958 movie Another Time, Another Place. Probably a pretty exciting day of work, at least until notorious gangster Johnny Stompanato, who was dating Turner, stormed the set.

Stompanato allegedly stormed up to Connery and pointed a gun at him, warning him to stay away from Turner (tell that to the script!). In cool-guy fashion, Connery allegedly grabbed the gun out of Stompanato's hand. In the process, Stompanato injured his hand and then ran off set.

14 The Breakfast Club - Nelson Takes Being A Jerk To A New Level

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The Breakfast Club may be one of your favorite movies of all time, but imagine how differently the movie would have been if Judd Nelson was not in it. Famous for playing Bender, the actor nearly got fired after trying a little too hard to be a method actor and continue his character's jerk ways off-screen.

When talking about it in an interview, Molly Ringwald mentioned how Nelson found out that Ringwald's dad was blind, and as a result, started to make blind jokes. If that wasn't ideal enough, Nelson was also very provocative with the female cast members.

John Hughes (the director/writer) was ready to fire Nelson, but it was only after the rest of the actors sat them both down that they were able to work out their differences.

13 Chinatown - Dunaway Throws Urine On Polanski

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Before we even get into this story, we need to point out that if Faye Dunaway were to be asked about it, she definitely wouldn't take too kindly to it. She ripped a reporter's head off when asked in the past, but how do you not include this next little tidbit?

It was reported that during the filming of Chinatown with Roman Polanski, a fight broke out that included Dunaway asking for help with Polanski responding "Say the fuc*ing words. Your salary is your motivation!"

The two went back and forth, and the altercation included Dunaway being refused a bathroom break. Her reaction? Pee in a coffee cup and then throw it in his face!

While Polanski has also not commented on the validity of this story, he did refer to her as a gigantic pain in the ass to work with.

12 The Wolf Of Wall Street - Hill Gave DiCaprio Food Poisoning

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Jonah Hill was getting pretty tired of having Leonardo DiCaprio being physical with him in scenes during The Wolf of Wall Street. In an interview with Variety, Hill talked about how, because he wasn't able to get DiCaprio back physically, he instead used improvisation to his advantage.

During the filming of a scene, Hill's character was supposed to eat a raw yellowtail, but instead, Hill said "No, buddy, it's all yours," prompting DiCaprio's character to eat the fish. Only problem? They had to do the scene up to 70 times, meaning DiCaprio was pounding back raw fish all night long. Hill went on to explain that DiCaprio was throwing up all night, and said "Everyone was like ‘Oh, Leo, are you okay?’ and the only two people on the floor laughing were Scorsese and me. Use your brain, it’s better than your muscles.”

Nothing says a practical joke like giving someone food poisoning!

11 The Scorpion King - The Rock Knocked Out Michael Clarke Duncan

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Now if you're going to be on a movie set with Michael Clarke Duncan and Dwayne Johnson, it is only natural to know that the testosterone is definitely going to be pumping. The two worked on The Scorpion King and during a fight scene, things got a little more intense when Johnson accidentally knocked out Duncan.

When talking about it, Johnson said "During a really big fight scene between myself and Michael the director yelled action and the tip of my elbow caught him on the end of his jaw, knocking him completely out.... He got back up and he was ready to go. He said, Don't touch me, let's roll."

To make up for it, Johnson said he bought Clarke an incredibly beautiful Rolex watch, but he liked it so much he ended up keeping it for himself! He then had an exquisite Mickey Mouse-themed watch sent to Duncan.

10 Taxi Driver - Cybill Shepherd Ignored By De Niro

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While you may first think of all of the awful movies that Robert De Niro has done as he's gotten older, nobody can deny that some of his older movies are classics. One of which is Taxi Driver which also starred Cybill Shepherd. Shepherd is definitely a good looking lady (who dated Elvis), but when De Niro asked her out after filming a scene, she turned him down. Not such a crazy story, at least until you learn that De Niro then decided to completely snub her the rest of the shoot. Literally, he did not talk to her again unless it was in character.

She later admitted that she regretted turning him down, but why? How could you be jealous of someone that would be that incredibly petty?

Bonus points for De Niro if every time she went to talk to him he responded, "You talking to me?"

9 The Hateful Eight - Kurt Russell Smashes A Priceless 1870s Martin Guitar

If you're going to be filming a scene in which you need to smash something, you better be damn sure you're smashing the right thing. Kurt Russell was filming a scene for Tarantino's movie The Hateful Eight when the scene called for him to smash a priceless 1870s Martin Guitar. The guitar was on loan from the Martin Museum and for the scene, Russel was supposed to be handed a replica guitar to smash.

Things were not communicated, and instead what you see on screen is the smashing of literally a one of a kind item. When talking about it, Dick Boak who is the director of the museum, said "We want to make sure that people know that the incident was very distressing to us. We can’t believe that it happened. I don’t think anything can really remedy this. We’ve been remunerated for the insurance value, but it’s not about the money. It’s about the preservation of American musical history and heritage.”

You may find it extra interesting to learn that the actress in the scene was well aware that Russell was holding a priceless artifact (just not that he was going to smash it!), but kudos to her for keeping it together long enough to get it filmed!


8 Titanic - 50+ Cast and Crew Members Get Heavily Drugged

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When you consider Titanic is one of the biggest films of all time, it's only natural to assume that it may also include one of the craziest things to ever happen on a movie set.

When filming a scene out in Canada, a crew member decided to put PCP into the soup that was served out to 50+ crew members. This included actor Lewis Abernathy who said "There were people just rolling around, completely out of it. Some of them said they were seeing streaks and psychedelics."

When describing his own experience, Abernathy stated "One eye was completely red, like the Terminator eye. A pupil, no iris, beet red. The other eye looked like he'd been sniffing glue since he was four."

7 Skippy - Lied To Child Actor, Said They Killed A Dog

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While there may be some huge movies on this list, one of the smaller ones may definitely be Skippy which was a classic 1931 film. But the incident definitely warrants a place on this list. Child actor Jackie Cooper was required to cry for a scene in which his dog dies, so his uncle (and director) Norman Taurog lied and told Cooper that he had gone and killed his own dog.

Taurog kept this act up until Cooper was inconsolable enough to be effective for the scene, and it was only after it was shot that he was told the dog was unharmed. It was reported that after this incident Cooper had an incredibly strained relationship with Taurog. Hard to argue with him there!

6 Last House On The Left - Actress Gets Life Threatened 

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If you're going to be appearing in a horror movie, you definitely need to be prepared to act out the emotions of fear and anxiousness. Apparently one of the actresses did not quite get that memo, leading actor Marc Sheffler to take things into his own hands. When talking on the commentary, Sheffler explains how they kept messing up a scene because the actress was being awful; which naturally lead Sheffler to pick her up and literally dangle her off a cliff.

To make it all the more intimidating, he yelled "If you don't get this fuc*ing scene right now, I'm going to drop you. I'm going to fu*king drop you right now. And Wes will shoot it and we'll have a different scene, but it'll work, because you'll be mangled."

To Sheffler's credit, he did say they got the shot on the next take, but it's probably never ideal to have your life threatened at work.

5 Rocky IV - Lundgren Sent Stallone To The Hospital

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Below you're going to read about the injury that made George Clooney want to kill himself, but at least he didn't get punched by Dolph Lundgren! Stallone was directing (and starring) in Rocky IV when he had the brilliant idea to convince Lundgren to punch him for real.

Upon receiving a few body blows, Stallone expressed that he felt like he'd been in a car accident. Later that night, things got increasingly worse. Stallone said in an interview "My blood pressure goes up to 260, I go to hospital, they put me in an emergency jet and fly me back to America. Next thing I know I’m in intensive care for five days with nuns walking around...He hit my heart so hard that it banged against my ribs and started to swell, and that usually happens in car accidents. So I was hit by a truck!”

Stallone also went on to say that the Insurance company was not going to pay out, not believing the incident was caused by a punch. They changed their tune pretty quickly after seeing the video of the punch!

4 Game of Thrones - Clarke Gets Stuck To The Toilet

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When you sign up to appear on Game Of Thrones, it's only natural that you're going to find yourself covered in blood from time to time. But I bet you didn't know the complete ramifications of all that fake blood!

When talking about her experiences with  Jimmy Kimmel, Emilia Clarke admitted that she was literally covered head to toe in the fake blood for a scene in which Daenerys needs to eat a fake horse heart.

Definitely a weird day of work, that gets even weirder when you find out that Clarke later learned the red blood was so incredibly sticky she found herself stuck to the toilet!

Let's hope there was someone nearby to help remove her from that iron throne.

3 Syriana -  Clooney's On-Set Injury Makes Him Suicidal

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You may not immediately think of the 2005 movie Syriana when you think of George Clooney, but it was the movie that very nearly caused the actor to take his own life.

Clooney was in the middle of a film when he suffered a back injury that he said was strong enough to blow spinal fluid out of his nose. Clooney admitted in past interviews that he then turned to alcohol to try and numb the pain, but it was not strong enough.

Clooney even went as far as to admit that he had thought of different ways to kill himself, but he was fortunately able to push himself out of that dark place.

2 Wizard Of Oz - Judy Garland's Diet And Sexual Abuse

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Now, if we're honest, this one isn't so much an on-set story as it is the unbelievable story of Judy Garland's treatment as an actress. Garland is best known for Wizard of Oz which was produced by MGM and run by Louis B Mayer.

Mayer was relentless in his control over Garland's diet, and when she appeared as Dorothy she was kept on a strict menu of chicken soup, black coffee, and 80 cigarettes a day. If that wasn't enough, Garland was also forced to take diet pills every 4 hours to try and quell her appetite. This later led to an eating disorder as well as a drug addiction.

If that wasn't sad enough, Garland has also admitted in past interviews that she was often molested by studio chiefs who viewed her as their property.

1 Blade Trinity - Wesley Snipes Is High The Whole Time

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There are a lot of stories on here where you can put the blame on the director, but to end the whole thing off, it's hard to blame anyone but Wesley Snipes. Snipes was the star of the Blade franchise, but that hardly excuses his behavior on the set of the third movie.

Snipes wasn't a fan of director David Goyer, and even strangled him after he accused Goyer of being a racist. The incident happened after another black actor in the movie was wearing a shirt with the word garbage on it. It was the actor's shirt, but Snipes took it as a racist gesture.

Following that confrontation, Snipes refused to leave his trailer and would only communicate with the cast through Post-It notes that he would sign "From Blade."

To make matters all the worse, it was reported that he was literally high 24/7.

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