15 Shocking Images Kim Kardashian Wants You To Forget

Personal histories are comprehensively traceable online. This is largely thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram becoming the forums of choice on which to share moments in life with friends, family and followers. There are some who promote themselves via these media at an expert level; step forward reality TV entrepreneur Kim Kardashian. She shares every piece of her life on social media to her 30.2 million Twitter followers and 28 million Instagram followers, her image has to be constantly guarded and well-presented knowing that every uploaded photograph can go instantly viral. This is one woman who’s only talent is to be in front of a camera and she has utilised this skill to it’s fullest.

Kim Kardashian West’s first and foremost occupation is starring in her reality television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians that has been running for 10 seasons and over 134 episodes have been recorded. This intimate look into her life has seen her married, divorced, married again and become a mother. Alongside being the Queen of Drama she also has an unbelievable amount of on-going moneymaking ventures and spin offs in all areas of beauty, fashion and technology. Bringing her total net worth to $64 million, with her mobile phone game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood worth $200 million. Not bad for a professional pouter.

The only downside of being one of the most photographed women in the world is although you would be willing to share only the most glamorous shots of yourself there are the odd hideous snaps taken from either an unflattering angle or before you discovered style that just need burying under the carpet. However, with thanks to the internet no wrong doing will be forgotten…


15 The Time She Just Was Paris Hilton's Drunk Friend


Once upon a time Kim Kardashian was a mere backdrop in Paris Hilton’s life and although she appeared in the same reality TV show’s as her ex-BFF her screen time was mostly spent cleaning out wardrobes at the Hilton household or carrying shopping bags for the first, original reality TV star.

Little did Hilton know that soon in a twist of events, it was her own maid who would be taking centre stage. There are many photos from the past of the pair partying it up and the glossy haired, well-dressed Kim that we know today was mostly pictured as well – a drunken mess.

Everyone has those old party-time shots we wish could just be burned and never seen again but they are always doomed to be there.

14 The Toilet Roll Endorsement

The old phrase that mocks celebrity 'they would turn up to the opening an envelope' rings very true in this moment where Kim Kardashian actually showed up to the opening of a public toilet in New York. In late 2010, the then Miss Kardashian smiled awkwardly for the cameras as she was sandwiched between two giant teddy bears holding signs advertising Charmin loo roll.

She was more than likely paid an eye-watering amount to agree to such a ludicrous campaign. As the woman who once charged $10,000 a tweet, it is safe to say she does not come cheap. This is most certainly one image of herself she would want wiping clean.

Although not quite the key to the city, she does hold the key to this popular city central restroom.

13 The Disaster Movie (Literally) 

Lions Gate Entertainment

In 2008 Kim Kardashian took to the big screen in Disaster Movie which parodied the likes of Indiana Jones, Hannah Montana and many others. Unfortunately, her character Lisa Taylor was killed by a meteor along with any hopes she had of ever being considered a valuable actress.

Disaster Movie was so awful it scored just a 1% rating on movie critic site Rotten Tomatoes. The scene where she wrestled with Carmen Electra was panned as 'dumb, ridiculous and unfunny' by viewers and she received an award at 29th Golden Raspberry Awards for the Worst Actress.

It appears Kim is only at her best when she plays herself on screen.

12 The Many Memes Of Her Butt


Everything in the office is reminding us of Kimmy K today #breaktheinternet @Nestle @papermagazine

— This Is It Stores (@famousvalue) November 12, 2014

In 2014 Kim Kardashian attempted to ‘break the internet’ by revealing her greased up backside on the front cover of Paper magazine. The extra publicity did not win over one Time magazine writer who commented that the image was;

'Just provocation and bluster, repeated images that seem to offer us some sort of truth or insight but are really just self serving. Kim Kardashian's ass is nothing but an empty promise.'

Enough said.

She did however manage to break the Internet; with the onslaught of hilarious memes in retaliation to her exposed derriere. Her famous butt was compared to Peter Griffin's chin, Homer Simpson's mouth, glazed doughnuts, a bun for a hotdog and well – just about anything so long as you have an imagination.

The winner of the best meme award has to go to the clever artist who compared her to back end to a horse.

11 The Dancing With Stars Flop Attempt 


Kim Kardashian can not dance but just to prove this point further she took to Dancing With The Stars in 2008 and failed at busting a move in front the majority of America. She didn't wow the audience or the judges and really put on a struggle for her dance partner Mark Ballas.

She was eliminated from the show after performing a rather lacklustre rumba which scored her 17 points out of 30. Before she took to the stage she mentioned to the judges it was the 5 year anniversary of her father's death but they still offered up very little on the points scale.

She came third from bottom overall and decided to dance when only nobody is watching.

10 The Flour Bombing On The Red Carpet 


In the lobby of a West Hollywood hotel in 2012 there was an attack on everyone's most familiar Kardashian as she got caught in the firing line of a flour bomb. The woman who was responsible was detained at the scene but then released that day, Kim was forgiving and didn't press charges for criminal battery.

Although the reasons were unclear as to what actually motivated the attacker to launch the flour bomb, Kim took it all in her stride and quickly scrubbed up in a hotel room then returned to the event. She told E! Online 'that probably is the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that ever happened to me.'

Sadly enough this is one of her better red carpet looks.

9 The Wedding To Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were wed for just 72 days and divorce proceedings lasted longer than the entire marriage. In revealing court documents it was made public that the wedding ceremony had made the couple over $2million in lucrative magazine and TV deals.

A payment of $90k was received for hosting her hen party at Tao Las Vegas, $500k from E! Entertainment and $175k from People magazine was received for exclusive coverage of the wedding. Even Kim's personal finances came under scrutiny with her $27,250 spend per month on clothes and fashion accessories becoming a factor in the divorce.

Some believed the entire marriage was actually nothing more than a publicity stunt in return for a huge pay packet and it's no wonder why.


8 The Draco Malfoy Comparisons 


When the Kardashian West family took to Paris fashion week this year they caused a media frenzy anywhere they went with hundreds of paparazzi following their every move. It was the perfect moment for Kim to reveal her shocking new bright blonde look to the world.

Mother-of-one Kim has always been known for her dark long locks and fans took to Twitter in their thousands to discuss her new bold move. The comparisons were not kind with many cruelly claiming the inspiration came from Harry Potter character Draco Malfoy and footballer Robbie Savage.

Kanye West was all for the new look but the Internet isn't calming down anytime soon with many hoping she will return to something more familiar.

7 That Cruel Cropping Of Her Daughter 

Twitter @KimKardashian

If you're not hot enough to make it into a Kim Kardashian selfie then you will get cropped out even if you're her own daughter, North West. She shared a series of photographs from her visit to Disney On Ice - Let's Celebrate at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles including one particular shot that sent Twitter into overdrive as she had clearly zoomed in enough to keep her daughter out of the shot.

She could not understand where all the fuss was coming from about the shot and tweeted in defence of the decision, 'Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Can I live?!?!' With a carefully guarded image to uphold Kim can't be taking any chances with un-photogenic toddlers.

6 Those Tantrums From North West


The one time you don't want to have to deal with a toddler tantrum is when you're seated next to fashion royalty Anna Wintour who is the editor in chief at Vogue magazine. Kim Kardashian had her worst nightmare on the front row at New York fashion week when North West threw the mother of all diva strops and had to be taken away from the event.

Beyonce obviously wasn't up for sharing Blue Ivy's babysitter as she remained tight lipped throughout the episode and others close by appeared to have the last of their patience tested. Little North became the talk of NYFW as she looked constantly miserable and irritated between shows.

Someone get this kid a ball pit.

5 The Revealing X-Ray

Celebrities have a tough old life, they have to put up with constant press intrusion and vicious online rumours that your own butt isn't real. Actually wait - that is just the life of Kim Kardashian. After becoming sick and tired of having to defend her Armenian derriere and repeatedly explain it was not an implant the reality star went to her doctor to gather supporting evidence.

In a hilarious Keeping Up With the Kardashians moment, the star laid herself bare for the world to see an X-ray proving once and for all that her backside was 100% legit. She then boldly displayed her print out for all the world to see and that she truly is gifted with an envious booty.

To date this really has been Kim's biggest asset.

4 The Floral Dress of Horror 


Kim Kardashian hit the red carpet in New York wearing the most garish full-length gown over her huge baby bump and even went the extra mile by adding matching floral gloves and heels. The Givenchy gown was custom made for the star who at eight months pregnant was struggling to find anything attractive to wear, clearly.

Her overly matched and unflattering look went viral overnight. Even Robin Williams at the time tweeted a fun picture comparing his gown in Miss Doubtfire to the stars red carpet look.

Kanye, being a fashion designer himself, should never have allowed her to leave the house.

3 The 'Vampire Facial'

Anything Kim does her loyal fan base will do but this time she had gone too far and nobody rushed out to treat themselves to a matching blood facial. The procedure lasts 90 minutes and costs a whopping $1300 for one treatment and has won over other stars such as Bar Refaeli. Thanks to Kim's over sharing the treatments popularity are up by 800%.

So how did she get this look? Four syringes of her own blood would be put in a centrifuge (that's a rotating science kit for us normal folk) which helps to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The blood is then injected into the face to keep you looking youthful and plump. The scientific name for the procedure is Platlet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP.

Call it what you wish, we aren't running out to get one.

2 Those Pregnancy Feet 

Twitter @KimKardashian

There are two things that don't mix well; being heavily pregnant and wearing high fashion but this was never going to stop Kim Kardashian from squeezing her swollen feet into her heels and getting on with the day job of looking fabulous.

She tweeted this picture of her poor suffering tootsies after removing some patterned stilettos and the world was left wondering why she would want to see herself through this unflattering torture.

We know deep down she would have been craving a pair of comfy Uggs.

1 That Sex Tape With Ray J 

via Vivid Entertainment

It's no big secret how Kim rose to fame as just like her predecessor Paris Hilton the sex tape took them from ordinary to overnight fame in the switch of a camera. Her intimate moments with then-boyfriend Ray J was leaked online and Vivid entertainment snapped up the rights for an estimated $1million. Kim then gained herself the name 'Kim K Superstar' and she went to the courts immediately to fight for her privacy.

Kim has claimed the tape was a mistake and she wants to just put it behind her, as well as the ongoing rumours that the whole thing was constructed by none other than her own mother Kris Jenner. The Internet still has many viewable copies of the tape so it will be a very long time until it's ever forgotten, if at all.


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