15 Shocking Headlines That Predicted The Downfall of Brangelina

People all over the world have lost their faith in love after the news hit the media that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from her husband Brad Pitt. It has been over ten years since the couple first went public with their relationship and began building their family tribe that now consists of a total of six children. It seemed that Brad gave up everything to be with Angelina, including his now ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Taking a look back at some major headlines from the past can reveal what may have gone wrong between these two A-listers.

Throughout their unusually long courtship, the two were accustomed to being the focus of rumors and tabloid headlines, and it seems that several of these are suspected to have contributed to their downfall. Alleged cheating, drug use, and alcohol indulgence have all been listed as possible reasons that Jolie has not only filed for divorce, but has also requested the sole custody of all of their children, leading the world to believe that she may not feel that Brad is a suitable father.

In typical celebrity divorce fashion, she claimed irreconcilable differences on her divorce papers, which doesn’t confirm or deny any of these rumors. Brad may have been blindsided by the  news that his longtime partner wants to leave him behind, but should he have been? Love may be blind, but one peek at their relationship history would make it pretty clear that things weren’t meant to last. Like they say, old habits die hard and while they might have forgotten each other’s flaws, the public certainly hasn't.

15 Brad Allegedly Had An Affair With A Costar


While cheating rumors have been surrounding this couple for months, they've been adamantly denied. Even after Angelina filed for divorce, reports claimed that a third party wasn’t involved in Angelina’s decision, however, it seems there may be more to the story. Some reports are stating that Angelina hired a private investigator to follow Brad around, as she was suspicious that he was straying from the marriage. Allegedly her suspicions were confirmed as the investigator provided Angelina with proof that her husband was not only cheating on her with his Allied co-star, Marion Cotillard, but also took to bed a slew of Russian hookers. The source was quoted saying, “She hired a private eye because she felt that he was fooling around with her on the set, and it turns out, he was. And that was the final straw.” These accusations shouldn’t come as a surprise to Angelina since this storyline is exactly how her love story began with Brad in the first place. To make matters worse, Marion, as well as her long-term boyfriend Guillaume Canet, have been dragged into this drama fest. Sources close to the actress have denied the allegations, saying Marion and Guillaume are happier than ever and expecting their second child together.

14 Brad’s Hooked On Heavy Drugs


Cheating isn’t all that the hired private investigator allegedly discovered on the job. Apparently, he also found that Brad was partying hard, drinking a lot, and doing heavy drugs. The relationship between the cast of Allied was seemingly close and resulted in a big party scene offset. The same source that came forward about Brad's cheating allegation also explained that the private investigator claimed Brad was often surrounded by “hard drugs and Russian hookers” claiming Brad was “in the throes of some insane midlife crisis.” Exactly what drugs he’d been doing is currently unknown, but Brad has been pretty open in the past about his regular use of marijuana. It was even public knowledge that Brad gave up his partying ways when he became a father, but according to Angelina, that’s not true. Apparently, he’s still smoking up on the regular, which (if true) can be why Angelina has filed for sole custody of their children.

13 Diverging Interests Caused A Rift


It was just a few months ago that headlines made note of how Angelina’s growing interest in politics was causing tension between her and Brad after she decided that she wanted to enter the UK House of Lords. The couple was living in England with their children over the summer while Brad filmed the sequel to World War Z. While there, Angelina spent a lot of time with House of Lords member, Arminka Helic, and seemed to have fallen under her wing. The two even partnered up with a UK-based nonprofit organization and Angelina was teaching classes at her new friend’s alma mater, the London School of Economics. To become a member of the House of Lords, one must be a tax-paying British resident and the couple would have to say goodbye to the Miraval estate that they own in France. Worth $60 million, the gorgeous chateau is special to Brad as he has put much time into renovating the home as well as starting a winery on location. The house was put on the market but has failed to attract any serious buyers. Perhaps Angelina couldn’t wait any longer and won't let her husband's love of the Miraval estate get in the way of her dreams of becoming a member of the House of Lords. Luckily, the estate offers a significant amount of privacy so Brad can escape the paparazzi during his high-profile divorce.

12 Brad Spends Time In Croatia Instead Of With Family 


At the end of the summer, Brad was seen hopping on a private plane on his way to Croatia. There are conflicting reports regarding the nature of his visit. Some say he spent time there with friends, which angered Angelina as she wanted him to spend time with the family. Other reports claim that Brad was hardly in Croatia for twenty-four hours, and was only there to meet with potential business partners to discuss real estate project he’s interested in. Likely his trip was a combination of both business and pleasure, but according to reports it was enough to anger Angelina and send her over the edge. Since the trip just happened in early September, Angelina was probably already in talks with her lawyer and drawing up divorce papers before Brad ever stepped foot in Croatia. However, his trip might have confirmed what she was already feeling, that Brad wasn’t going to put aside his partying ways anytime soon.

11 Brad Spends Too Much Time At Miraval Estates 

Aside from Brad’s recent trip to Croatia, he has also been reportedly spending a lot of time alone at the Miraval estate he owns in France. The media has speculated that the couple was spending more time apart than together this past year, blaming the separation on their hectic work schedules. A source told People, "Brad has been coming to Miraval every few weeks in season this year. He has been filming in Europe and he's come in a couple of times, for a couple of days." It’s strange that he’d spend so much time in France when he has been filming elsewhere and his family has been living in the UK, however, not as strange as what other sources have said. Several sources have reported that while Brad’s helicopter has been sighted regularly coming and going from the estate, they haven’t seen Angelina on the property since last year. While the estate certainly provides a certain amount of privacy, Angelina’s absence hasn’t gone unnoticed. Now that we know where their relationship is headed, it’s unlikely that these headlines had more to do with their personal lives than just their hectic work schedules.

10 Brad Has Anger Problems

The second the news broke that Brad and Angelina could be divorcing, headlines started attacking Brad’s parenting abilities, calling him angry and unfit. Tied into his rumored partying habits, it seems the actor might have gone too far. New reports claim that Brad is currently under investigation by the LAPD and L.A. Department of Children and Family Services after an anonymous witness reported him for child abuse. Allegedly, the entire family was on a private plane last week when a heavily intoxicated Brad started yelling and getting physical with his kids. His rant continued after the plane landed, and sources say he even tried to separate himself from his family by catching a ride in a fuel truck. While the specifics regarding what was witnessed is currently unknown, it was enough to push an onlooker to file a report. TMZ has reported that both Angelina and Brad have already been interviewed by investigators, and they plan to interview the children as well. Brad recently discussed the incident with a source who revealed that he never put his hands on his kid's face, and he did not hurt his son. "He put his hands on him, yes, because the confrontation was spiraling out of control." The dispute was rumored to be between him and 15-year-old Maddox.

9 Angelina Already Has Two Failed Marriages 

It's important for the public not to be so quick to put all of the blame of the divorce on Brad. Don’t forget that Angelina isn’t exactly great at making marriages work, as she already has two divorces under her belt. Before the actress was a household name, she met and married her Hackers co-star, Jonny Lee Miller, in March of 1996. The marriage lasted just over a year, and they were separated in 1997. Angelina didn’t wait long before walking down the aisle again, meeting her second husband on the set of a movie as well. Billy Bob Thornton played Angelina’s on-screen husband in the 1999 comedy Pushing Tin, and the duo tied the knot in Las Vegas the next year, becoming one of the strangest couples in Hollywood’s history. Although this union lasted longer than her first, Angelina split from Billy Bob in 2002, not long before she met Brad. Aside from her habit of meeting men on set, she also seems to have a habit of choosing divorce rather than working things out.

8 Angelina Opts For Mastectomy

It was just a few years ago that Angelina shocked the world with her decision to undergo a double mastectomy after advanced testing discovered that she had an 87 percent chance of forming breast cancer. Hereditary in her family, the actress’ mother passed away from the illness at a young age, which is likely what pushed her to have the tests done in the first place. Understandably, this kind of procedure will put a lot of strain on anyone, but Angelina was very public about how Brad was there for her throughout the process. She was actually very open about each step of the procedure, including the fact that it was nine months after her breast tissue was removed before she was able to safely receive implants. For those nine months her breasts were constructed of place holders, a factor that would hurt any woman’s confidence level. It would have been practically impossible for something like this to not have affected the couple’s sex life, likely adding to the typical stress their lives already held.

7 Movie Plot Emulates Brangelina’s Relationship


By the Sea was a film written and directed by Angelina that depicted a couple struggling to repair their marriage while staying in a hotel in France. Set in the ‘60s, many have speculated that Angelina either consciously or subconsciously made this film about her own marriage, even having her and Brad playing the roles of the leading characters. Brad’s character tends to run from the problems in his marriage by frequenting a local bar, while Angelina plays a character who falls into a deep depression. Could this have been her way of creatively expressing how she was feeling at the time? The leading role was likely given to her husband so that their family would have more time together, as both parents would be filming in the same location. However, it’s possible that working so close to one another, especially with Angelina playing the role of director, actress, and writer, that the film added more stress to their relationship. To make matters worse, their time on set was actually combined with their honeymoon rather than taking some time to themselves, which isn't exactly romantic.

6 Brad And Angelina Tie The Knot 


Even though Brad and Angelina first started seeing each other in 2005 (or earlier if you believe rumors that the two were having an affair on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith), they waited nearly a decade before making it official. Even with six children together, the couple made a point of not walking down the aisle, even going as far as claiming they refused to take the plunge until all Americans had the same right to wed, standing up for gay marriage. It wasn’t until the couple realized how important their relationship status was to their kids that Brad put a ring on it, and the two exchanged vows in August 2014. It seems Angelina’s bad luck with marriage followed her once again, as they’ve now filed for divorce only two years later. Perhaps they should have stuck with their original plan and kept their "I do’s" to themselves as the couple seemed to be perfectly happy until they decided to live happily ever after.

5 Brad’s A Big Flirt 


Apparently, Marion Cotillard isn’t the only woman Angelina was concerned about. Reports during filming of the 2015 drama, The Big Short, made claims that Brad would shamelessly flirt with Selena Gomez on set, however little came of these claims. Now a source has come out to say that this might have actually contributed to Angelina’s decision to file for divorce. Selena Gomez spoke of meeting Brad on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2013, when she talked about how he came to her dressing room during the MTV awards. “As soon as he walked out I ran and I hid under the craft service table for like two minutes because I couldn’t believe it was happening.” After working together on set it seems the two have developed a friendship, and Selena posted a photo of the two together at the Golden Globes in January. According to this source, Angelina flipped when she saw the photo of them on Selena’s Instagram as she’d been hearing from friends that they’d witnessed the two getting a little too cozy at the award show. This seems to be just one of many reasons Angelina sent for her lawyer.

4 Brad Still Loves Jennifer Aniston

Okay, this might be more wishful thinking than anything that might have led to the downfall of Brangelina, but the possibility of Jennifer Aniston getting back together with Brad has been the subject of dozens of headlines over the past decade, more often than any other celebrity exes. Aniston might be blissfully happy with Justin Theroux for now, but if celebrities have taught us anything, it’s that love is fleeting. Now that Brad is on the market, will this Friends star have a change of heart? Likely not, and if any of these claims regarding Brad’s partying ways are true, it sounds like Aniston dodged a bullet. However, there have been reports that Aniston’s husband, Justin, has been spending far too much time with an ex, causing tension in the relationship. The source also claims that the two are now living separately, but Jennifer’s rep has stated this story is completely fabricated. Angelina might not have had to worry about Jen coming back into the picture, but it seems like that’s the only woman she hasn’t had to worry about throughout this relationship.

3 Angelina And Brad Are Very Different

When Angelina began her rise to fame, it was clear that she was a bit more unique than other Hollywood starlets. To start with, during her first wedding, she wore a t-shirt with her husband’s name written in her blood on the back. Then there was her grossly intimate kiss with her brother that made everyone vomit a little, as well as her disturbing relationship with Billy Bob Thorton. While she has certainly matured a lot since then, it’s likely that the blood-loving vampire she once was is still lurking around in there. Brad, on the other hand, has always been more laid back with a serious party-boy vibe, and all of these traits have come into their parenting. Their parenting techniques are on opposite sides of the spectrum, and likely has been a large part of why they’re splitting. While Angelina has developed a more creative approach to parenting, encouraging the kids to express themselves freely, Brad has been a more traditional parent. Apparently, their six to twelve nannies on call still allow them enough time together to disagree about what the best way to parent is.

2 Angelina Was Controlling 

It seems Angelina’s approach to changing Brad’s behavior was to attempt to control him, which likely pushed him to behave even worse. An exclusive source revealed to Hollywood Life that “Angelina was controlling and that too led to the end of her relationship with Brad. She wanted to control every aspect of Brad's life and when he ignored her demands, it would drive her mad… She tried to control his friends, who he hung out with, and where he went. Most of all, she wanted to control how he parented their kids. She even wanted a say in what roles he took and what projects he chose to put his energy into. She wanted to control his personal life as well as his career. But Brad would agree with her in person and then when she wasn’t around he would do whatever he pleased and when Angelina found out, as she always did, it made her feel frustrated beyond no end.” Sounds like a typical marriage, but apparently Angelina didn’t agree. She’d rather end things with one of the hottest men in the world than accept that he’s an individual.

1 Brangelina Has Six Kids


With six kids to look after and two prominent acting careers to keep up with, finding time to focus on their relationship was likely difficult for Brad and Angelina. Nannies that have worked for the family have compared their lifestyle to a hippie commune, alluding to a significant amount of chaos. With their hectic schedule, it’s understandable that they’d homeschool their kids, even allowing each of them to form a curriculum based on their interests. They all study different languages, and Brad and Angelina make sure their three adopted children learn about the culture and language of each country they were born in. Between the tutors and all of their nannies, it still must be difficult to raise six children and the stress of having both a large family and a demanding career seemed to wear their relationship thin. Brad especially, if the rumors of him partying excessively are true, seems to be handling the responsibility of having such a large family poorly. Regardless of the accusations and mixed rumors, both Angelina and Brad have been amazing parents to their children, and plan to do what’s best for them as they proceed with their divorce. Hopefully, things don't get too ugly!


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15 Shocking Headlines That Predicted The Downfall of Brangelina