15 Sexy Blondes That Aren't Having More Fun

The old saying “blondes have more fun” is usually true. Just look at blonde stunners like Marilyn Monroe who's in the history books as the most desirable woman ever. Or Gwen Stefani who still rocks at 46 and has a hot new boy toy. And Margot Robbie who's all over the recent media. Women the world over color their hair to look like their idols, and will readily admit that blondes are considered more attractive, get more attention and better service. For every blonde out there, there are a bunch of copycats. Ever since Jayne Mansfield cloned Marilyn Monroe, Carolyn Bessette embodied Lady Diana, and just about every Playboy bunny has copied Pamela Anderson’s blonde locks.

But there’s an exception to every rule. Some blondes are not having more fun. Maybe it’s because they’re getting older. Maybe they’ve lost that special something. Or maybe they are eclipsed by another, better blonde like up-and-comer Gigi Hadid or Taylor Schilling. And brunettes can even give blonds a run for their money. Look at dark-haired beauties like Miranda Kerr, Sandra Bullock and Olivia Wilde. Read on to find out what blondes aren’t having more fun – and why!

15 Jennifer Aniston

14 Paris Hilton

13 January Jones

12 Chanel West Coast

11 Anna Paquin

10 Sharon Stone

9 Katherine Heigl

8 Julie Bowen

7 Jaime Pressly

6 Britney Spears

5 Miley Cyrus

4 Dakota and Elle Fanning


3 Reese Witherspoon

2 Blake Lively

1 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has tried her hand in just about every aspect of the media. She’s well known for her prowess as a singer, got a role alongside Cher in Burlesque, and has been a judge on The Voice. But all good things come to an end. Her singing career has seen better days, her movie with Cher flopped, and the latest word on the street is that she won’t be returning to The Voice - which will probably be the final nail in the coffin. What else is left for her? It seems like she’s run out of options. Plus, let’s just say her figure has seen better days. She can’t wow on the red carpet anymore, and probably has trouble getting a date since she isn’t the cute teeny-bopper she was in the 90s. Still, she will try to hold on to whatever she can to keep her name around. Perhaps a book or a reality show can sustain her career for a few more minutes.



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15 Sexy Blondes That Aren't Having More Fun