15 Sexy Actresses Even Straight Women Have Crushes On

It’s no secret Hollywood is packed with some of the sexiest women on the face of the Earth - actresses who dominate the box office, who sell out magazines, provide fantastic scenes in movies and even TV and suck up cameras on the red carpet. Over the years, we’ve seen countless hot actresses come along, some fading fast but others keeping some great longevity and even getting sexier with age. They can get a massive following of male fans to be sure but quite a few can go with the female gender as well.

It’s not just the normal unwashed public that can feel this attraction. Many a starlet has confessed to feeling a “girl crush” on another actress and it’s easy to see why. Not just their incredible beauty but also an innate sexiness and often funny air that wins you over nicely. Some ladies are more approachable than others while others are so incredibly hot, it’s no wonder a straight woman can feel an attraction. Here are fifteen female celebrities so incredibly hot that even a straight woman can swing toward them and add to their amazing appeal.


15 Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family star is one of the biggest knockouts on TV with her stunning curves, lush hair and fantastic accent. It’s no surprise that she’s gotten so many admirers not just male but female as well. Her co-star Julie Bowen has stated she “worships” Vergara and amazed being around her. Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter have chimed in to say the same and Katy Perry is among the others boasting of how much they crush on the sexpot. It’s no surprise a lady with such spicy appeal can sway anyone of any orientation over.

14 Kristen Stewart


Stewart has been on a rise from Twilight to critical acclaim in newer roles and why she may not be regarded as the best of the current run of Hollywood lovelies, she has got her share of followers. During the press tour for Snow White and the Huntsman, Charlize Theron was up front of her amazing passion for Stewart. Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Evan Rachel Wood have likewise been open about how much they crush on the actress, Wood even claiming to have dreamed of kissing her. Stewart appears mute on her sexual leanings which no doubt pushes this admiration further and her dark hair and husky voice are a package many a lady admires.

13 Emma Stone

This rising starlet has taken off nicely with her lush red hair, bright eyes, brighter smile and an often sly edge in her movie roles. That’s ended up gaining her a lot of female admirers like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Rachel McAdams and other former co-stars. All of them enjoy her amazing humor and sexy drive along with her relatable qualities that make her one of the best of the latest crop of talents to rise up in Hollywood in hot ways and serve her well in a great career to come.

12 Halle Berry


The Oscar winning beauty has been a favorite for years as a groundbreaker for African-American actresses and a hot star in her own right. She’s amassed many a follower from Nicole Scherzinger, Amber Rose, Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry all talking of their admiration of her and how she’s paved a way but also how insanely hot she is and no shame in showing it off. Berry has continued to show that in her various movie and TV roles to add more admirers and a reminder that as much as she’s a trailblazer, she’s also one insanely hot woman for both genders.

11 Charlize Theron

The Oscar winning actress has been a standout from her early days when she was mostly known for baring her body on camera in odd films. Mad Max has just taken her to a bold new level and one that many a fan has been sucked into. Thus, it’s no surprise she’s won plenty of admiration from fellow actresses, the most vocal being Emily Blunt, who’s long discussed her admiration of Theron and, following their filming of Huntsman: Winter’s War, openly discussed how much she loved being with Theron. Kristen Stewart has echoed that as well, showing Theron has a sexy appeal that can’t be resisted no matter your gender.

10 Zooey Deschanel


One might not think the ultra-quirky actress who basically owns the name “adorkable” as a hottie. However, the funny gal has won a huge share of admirers as Selena Gomez, Christina Hendricks and Megan Fox have all talked of their love of this woman and how much they find her amazingly sexy with her looks, dark hair, bright eyes and amazing voice which can get surprisingly husky if she tries. Looks like it’s true, a good sense of humor is just the thing to win an admirer over big-time and Zooey has that in spades.

9 Megan Fox

A breakout from the Transformers movies, Fox has easily been turning heads with her sexually charged appearance and wicked edge. She’s up front on her bisexual leanings to win folks over more as Amanda Seyfried has acknowledged how charged their kissing scene in Jennifer’s Body was to pull off and Rhianna has listed Fox among her sexiest crushes. A lady who can rock most any outfit (and less), Fox has also gotten praise from Zooey Deschanel who wishes they could share scenes on New Girl and taking off even more with an edge that can win over any side.


8 Christina Hendricks


One look and it’s easy to see why many a gal would enjoy Hendricks. The Mad Men star has one of the most stunning bodies imaginable from her sizeable bust to her equally ample rear end, often showing off in tight dresses. Throw in her mass of lush red hair and bright green eyes along with a wicked sense of humor and Hendricks has won many a gal over. Emma Stone is up front on how she crushes on Hendricks massively and she’s hardly alone as this is one lady who proves the heat of redheads.

7 Olivia Wilde

Megan Fox once declared in an interview that she would “kill a beast” to get with Olivia Wilde. It’s easy to see why as the actress has always had an alluring edge from her breakout as the bisexual Thirteen on House and her movie stardom. Those dazzling eyes and bright smile are the first step but she’s showcased it playing some sexy characters over the years that really pave the way to more acclaim. She currently stars on HBO’s Vinyl in a role that’s already led to some hot nude scenes and you can imagine as many women tuning in as men to enjoy that sight.

6 Naya Rivera


Her breakout as Santana on Glee boosted Rivera very nicely, especially as many a woman enjoyed her performance as the bisexual lady who ended up with hot cheerleader Brittany. Rivera has been a favorite on the red carpet and her beauty, singing chops and got some nice shout-outs for a recent red carpet appearance where she thanked her newborn son for her “lopsided boobs.” Her various Glee co-stars like Lea Michele and Dianna Agron have admitted loving this gal and easy to see as we all enjoy a wicked lady.

5 Jennifer Lawrence

While she’s certainly beautiful, what wins Lawrence over is how down-to-earth she is. She’s an Oscar-winning box office draw but she still seems the kind of gal who’d prefer eating burgers at a bar than attending a high society party. She says what’s on her mind without shame and never holds back on her opinions while fiercely loyal to her friends and a great sense of humor. From Emma Stone to Bella Thorne to Taylor Swift and more, many a female celeb has admitted to wanting Lawrence as more than just a BFF. Add to it her amazing beauty and it’s no wonder her female fan base is so huge and yet another reason Lawrence is one of the biggest stars around today.

4 Tilda Swinton


Swinton has always gone her own way in roles and that’s a reason many admire her. Her striking looks help as many a woman has admitted to being in awe of how gorgeous she is in person and her “not giving a shit” attitude is a help as well. Swinton has added to it with her amazing talent, an Oscar winner but not really playing the Hollywood game, continuing to do her own roles from a vampire to nearly unrecognizable in films like Snowpiercer and others while wowing on the red carpet still. Amy Schumer is up front on nearly begging Swinton to play her boss in Trainwreck as she was such a fan and easy to see why for a woman who is hotter when she’s not glammed up, something women can appreciate.

3 Natalie Dormer

The British actress has been a favorite for several years with turns on The Tudors and currently Game of Thrones. Her lush accent wins you over as does her amazing beauty and great body, which she has no shame in showing off time and again. What really wins you over is the great smirk on her face, a fun touch that adds a wicked edge to her and wide appeal as her co-stars Sophie Turner and Maise Williams have regularly talked of being in awe in several ways around Dormer. Clothed or not, this is one woman capable of swaying most anyone for a fun time.

2 Scarlett Johansson


Maybe it’s the eyes, those alluring ones that seem to suck you in. It’s also the voice, which can be nice and smooth and also husky if the role calls for it. Going around in tight outfits like the Black Widow certainty helps and the overall package is enough to ensure ScarJo is high on any list of women straight women would go for. Iggy Azela and Kylie Minogue are among her many admirers who have stated their crush on Scarlett and why she’s regarded so well whether as super-heroine or any other sort of bad-ass you can imagine her being in real life easily.

1 Angelina Jolie

What is it about this woman? The eyes, the smirk that promises a fun time, the lush hair, the tattoos, the utter lack of shame about showing her body off. Since her breakout in the ‘90s, Jolie has amassed a fantastic fan base for her amazing talents with a Golden Globe and Oscar as well as becoming a tabloid favorite. From her wild flings to her infamous affair with Brad Pitt, Jolie has won many a lady over and it’s added onto with her work as a humanitarian and sliding into directing. Jolie also won acclaim for her double mastectomy and yet still possessing one of the hottest bodies imaginable. Practically every other woman on this list has boasted on how amazing Jolie is and adoring her no matter what. Whether you prefer her as a sexpot or more serious, Jolie is still one lady so hot she can make the straightest gal jump over for some fun.

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