World's 15 Sexiest Instagram Fitness Models

All fitness fans have a goal body in mind. The fitness industry is a multi-million dollar business, pedalling products promising that elusive perfect figure. Whether it's exercise videos, diet foods,

All fitness fans have a goal body in mind. The fitness industry is a multi-million dollar business, pedalling products promising that elusive perfect figure. Whether it's exercise videos, diet foods, subscriptions, memberships, or meetings, there's always a new fad to fulfil your fitness goals. It's an ongoing quest, that gets more challenging as bodies change and age.

But what about those people who have already reached physical perfection?

Those lucky few - who may have been so rare that people would hardly have believed they existed in the past - now have social media to show off their results. Fitness models who post tantalising shots of their bodies online never tire of telling fans that they achieved that perfection through hard work, healthy eating, dedication, and perseverance. From daily workouts to clean eating, fitness is a full-time job for these models. Should they lose that perfect body, it could mean they're out of the job.

Outside of the entertainment business, fitness models also serve a purpose for the common people, as "fitspiration". Followers of these Greek goddess-like people want to know exactly how they work out and what they're eating, and they helpfully fill fans in on their Instagram and Facebook accounts, racking up hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers.

Whether you yourself are trying to get some fitspiration, or you just appreciate looking at those tight abs and even tighter butts, these are some of the sexiest and most influential fitness models to follow on social media in 2015.

15 Faya - 35,000 Followers

via Instagram

If you're ever stuck on the couch and you need some motivation, head on over to Faya's Instagram, and it will inspire you to get moving. She is hardcore about inspiring others to reach their fitness goals, and most of the pics on her account are filled with workouts, healthy foods, memes, and more. You can argue with her results either. She has spearheaded the campaign, "My Killer Body Motivation" and has gathered over 35,000 followers on Instagram.

14 Jennifer Nicole Lee - 72,300 Followers

via Instagram

Jennifer Nicole Lee is an inspiration on her own given that she lost 70 pounds after having her second child. But Jennifer didn't stop there as she proceeded to then become a fitness trainer and was adjudged Miss Bikini America in 1996. Even today in 2015, she is a fitness trainer and model that is followed by thousands everyday with over 72,300 followers on Instagram.

13 Alyssa Julya Smith - 74,000 Followers


Alyssa Julya Smith hails from Newport Beach, California and has worked professionally in modeling since she was 16 years old. Not only that, but she is educated, earning her degree from the University of Southern California in 2010. She has over 74,000 followers on Instagram, and she has become one of the more popular fitness models out there on the Internet. Her Instagram ranges from photos of her in her daily life to workouts to having fun on a Saturday night.

12 Laura Michelle Prestin - 81,900 Followers

via Instagram

Laura Michelle Prestin is known for her edgy photos, and has inspired thousands of people to live a healthier lifestyle, and she is also a personal trainer. Laura is virtually an internet sensation, known for towing the boundaries of risqué and overtly sexual, making her followers go nuts. Her body is one of the most memorable ones out there, and she is not too shy to show it off.

11 Hannah Bronfman - 132,000 Followers

via Instagram

When it comes to living life to the fullest, Hannah Bronfman is the definition of such an act. She is a DJ, a model, a fitness enthusiast, and an entrepreneur. Her big break actually came from developing an app called, "Beautified", which helps people find last minute beauty services. From there, she found herself with a lot of cash along with time on her hands. She began to post photos of her workouts and her figure, and her popularity began to skyrocket.

10 Tracy Anderson - 133,000 Followers

via Instagram

Tracy Anderson is one of the foremost authorities on fitness and nutrition on the Internet today. With over 133,000 followers on Instagram, she is a celebrity fitness trainer, and has become nearly just as well known as the celebrities she helps. Her Instagram account has shown to be nothing but fun and inspirational, from photos ranging from food and workouts to nights out on the town. What makes Tracy so popular is her ability to connect with her followers, many of whom become her clients.

9 Jamie Eason - 159,000 Followers


Jamie Eason is one of the most prolific and well known fitness models today. She is a former NFL cheerleader and a full-time spokesperson for With nearly 160,000 followers on Instagram, Jamie has appeared on numerous covers of fitness magazines and is one of the most identifiable figures in the industry. She is currently working on her own swimwear line and has released her own nutritional supplement line.

8 Cally Clarice - 206,000

via Instagram

Cally Clarice is considered to be one of the most inspirational fitness models out there today with over 200,000 followers on Instagram. She is a champion bikini model as well as a huge advocate for health and fitness. With a body like hers, everyone seems to want to want to copy exactly what she is doing in hopes of getting her figure in the end. She is constantly posting photos from her workouts, as well as fixing a healthy meal in the kitchen.

7 Amanda Bisk - 265,000 Followers


Amanda Bisk is considered to be an Instagram superstar with over 265,000 followers on the social media site. A native of Australia and originally a pole vaulter with Olympic aspirations, Amanda was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. After attempting to treat the symptoms, she hung up her goals of going to the Olympics and started doing yoga as a way to still workout without exhausting herself. She started snapping photos of herself and posting them on Instagram. It didn't take too long before her account began to explode.

6 Dianna Dahlgren - 288,000 Followers


Dianna Dahlgreen is considered to be one of the most beautiful fitness models out there today with nearly 300,000 followers on her Instagram account. The girl has a lot of experience with modeling since she's been doing it since she was 13. At the age of 19, Dianna wanted something more and started competing in fitness competitions, thus giving her exposure to a new industry of people. On social media, she is heavily followed and many fall head over heels for her. In 2011, she took first place at the Phoenix Pro competition.

5 Mary Helen Bowers - 321,000

via Instagram

Mary Helen Bowers probably has the most unique Instagram account out there as she is a professional ballerina, a model, and a trainer. She garnered national attention after posting photos of herself dancing ballet while heavily pregnant.

Her photos consist of her usually posing in pointe shoes and sometimes donning a tutu while doing normal things such as sight seeing, grocery shopping, going to the gym, or spending time with her baby (since she's a new mom). It's not your stereotypical kind of fitness, but a different way of reaching good health and stamina...through the power of dance!

4 Caitlin Rice - 668,000 Followers

via Instagram

Rumor has it that Caitlin Rice may soon give Jen Selter a run for her money when it comes to the best derriere. With over 668,000 followers on Instagram, Caitlin has a butt that we all hope and pray for as we agonize through our set of squats. Not only that, but she is also breathtakingly beautiful. Even though she is currently residing in Canada, Caitlin is originally from Dallas, Texas. She considers herself an athlete as well as a model. So not only does she look good, she trains very hard.

3 Lyzabeth Lopez - 1.6 Million Followers

via Instagram

Lyzabeth Lopez has become one of the top go-to people when it comes to fitness modeling, personal training, and holistic nutrition. With her Instragram account reaching millions, Lyzabeth has honed in on the market of women who have an hourglass figure and either have no desire to become "stick thin" or can't reach that specific goal. From her beauty tips, workouts, personal training, and overall lifestyle blog, Lyzabeth has proven herself to be an advocate for good health with realistic expectations.

2 Izabel Goulart - 1.7 Million Followers

via Instagram

Izabel Goulart has well over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and is a model hailing from Brazil. From 2005 thru 2008, she was one of the Victoria's Secret Angels, and has done extensive work with the Armani Exchange. Not only is she beautiful, but her figure is simply to die for. She is not "model skinny", but instead fit and trim. Izabel definitely counteracts the stereotype of models being thin and unhealthy.

1 Michelle Lewin - 3.9 Million Followers


Michelle Lewin is 27 years old and is one of the hottest and most sought after fitness models out there with nearly 4 million followers on Instagram. She started her career in modeling, and was even a former Playboy cover model. After spending time at the gym to stay in shape, she fell in love with the fitness lifestyle after her abs started to show. After working on her muscles, she started to get work from fitness magazines, and realized she had more opportunities in fitness.

Her motivation to keep going is the fact that she sees progress, and that there's nothing more exciting than finding a new vein. She has a huge female following, and shares her workouts and daily diet for all to enjoy. Michelle has also found a lot of success in bodybuilding competitions.


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World's 15 Sexiest Instagram Fitness Models