The 15 Sexiest Body Doubles In Hollywood

When Hollywood stars become rich and famous, their success helps to make their jobs and lives much easier. They can hire a variety of assistants to take care of annoying time-consuming tasks that regular people have to deal with. Why bother struggling with chores when you can simply hire someone else to do it?

This philosophy can be applied to movie making as well. When beautiful, A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence don't wish to take part in a crazy action stunt or appear in an awkward naked scene, the actress may call upon a body double or a stunt double to take care of the dirty work.

One of the most recent examples of an actress who leveraged her newfound fame and fortune into making things easier for herself is Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame, who appeared nude in some very explicit scenes during the early days of the series. When the television show blew up in popularity, she renegotiated the terms of her contract in order to avoid having to appear naked on-screen.

Actresses often hand-pick their body doubles themselves, ensuring that the women who represent them on-screen make them look great. The following are fifteen of the sexiest body doubles in the entertainment industry who match their famous compatriots in beauty while possessing amazing talents and skills that translate into great film and television.

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15 Samantha Jo (Eva Green)

Born in Canada in the snow belt city of Barrie, Ontario, Samantha Jo worked her way into Hollywood by becoming one of the top martial artists in the world. She started training at the young age of four, eventually joining the Canadian National Wushu team, earning a bronze at the 2007 World Wushu Championships and participating in the Olympics.

Samantha performed as Eva Green's stunt double in 300: Rise of an Empire and performed stunts for Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. Her acting career is also taking off, as she appeared in the Mortal Kombat television series as Kitana and played Car-Vex in Man of Steel, the first of the new Superman movies.

14 Rosie Mac (Emilia Clarke)

Rosie Mac's Instagram account blew up when she started performing as the body double (not nude double, she's keen to stress) for Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen in the televised adaptation of Game of Thrones. In a very short time, she gained more than 58,000 Instagram followers and plenty of interesting offers from fans, which prompted her to update her status to read, "Virgin until marriage".

Unfortunately, as is the trend among stupid males on the internet, the 18 year-old model says she still receives a lot of strange messages, including random nudes and crotch shots. Lucky for Rosie, her Mom goes through these messages so she doesn't have to be exposed to the idiocy.

Her vow to remain a virgin until marriage is a genuine choice on her part - she's already been through two engagements, neither of which ended in marriage.

13 Chloe Goodman (Cheryl Fernandez-Versini)

When Cheryl Fernandez-Versini filmed a variety of advertisements for L'Oreal, she called on Chloe Goodman to serve as her body double during the production. Cameron Diaz also hired Chloe Goodman as her body double for the filming of The Counsellor, blazing a pathway to Hollywood.

Chloe's also appeared on Ex on the Beach, an MTV production, and was linked with Amelle Berrabah when they made a steamy scene for Plastic.

Her latest appearance will be in Celebrity Big Brother, as the producers of that show have brought her into the house to raise the overall quotient of sexiness, which will likely have dramatic consequences.

12 Fleur van Eeden (Charlize Theron)

According to reputable sources from The National Inquirer, Charlize Theron's body double, Fleur Van Eeden, caught the attention of Theron's significant other, Sean Penn. Reports state that Penn and Van Eeden spent a few nights under the stars on the set of The Last Face. 

The two of them sat around a bonfire with other members of the film production as Sean Penn recited his private collection of poetry - without Charlize present at the readings. Nonetheless, Fleur stated that he was a gentleman, praising the depth of his poetry.

Fleur has credits for performing stunts for 29 television shows and films, including Mad Max: Fury RoadDredd and The Prisoner.

11 Rachel Kylian (Gabrielle Union)

Born in France, Rachel discovered her love of performance at a young age, taking classes in dance, theatre and painting. She honed her skills to become a versatile actress, dancer, model and voice-over artist. Rachel speaks five languages: English, French, Swahili, German and Spanish.

As if her natural talent and hard-earned skills aren't attractive enough, she was recently the body-double for Gabrielle Union in a BET production called Being Mary Jane.

Rachel's putting in the work to expand her acting abilities in order to break through and eventually require a body double of her own. She's already made appearances in New Girl, House of Lies, Hart of Dixie and NCIS: Los Angeles, among other productions.

10 Cindy Leon (Eva Mendes)

During the filming of 2 Fast 2 Furious, Cindy Leon was hired to play the body double of Eva Mendes. She revealed years later that during filming, her beauty, talent and resemblance to Mendes ended up attracting both Tyrese Gibson and Paul Walker. The two actors of the action series went on dates with Cindy.

She remembered Paul as a sweet "surfer guy" while she considered Tyrese as a "suave" operator. Amusingly, according to Cindy, Tyrese had a penchant for playing his own songs in the background when having sex.

Cindy now works as a legal assistant in a law office located in Boca Raton.

9 Laura Grady (Helena Bonham Carter)

Laura Grady is one of the more prolific body doubles in Hollywood, appearing in a variety of films as a stand in for sex scenes and nudity that star actresses don't want to deal with. As a model, dancer and actress, Hollywood stars she works with personally select her to make them look good on-screen.

She appeared as a body double for Marisa Tomei, Robin Wright, Piper Perabo and Amy Smart, but she considers her work in Fight Club as Helena Bonham Carter to be one of her more interesting roles. "David Fincher is just a master genius," she said in an interview with Vulture. "It was the most intricate sex scene I’ve ever done in my life. And it was pretty hard-core."

8 Caroline Davis (Natalie Portman)

A bit of controversy erupted when it was revealed that Natalie Portman used a body double for some scenes in Black Swan, a film which she received an Oscar and a Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.

While filming Your Highness, she called upon a body double once again to perform a difficult scene in her place, this time, diving into cold Belfast waters in a g-string.

Caroline Davis, was hired on the spot and paid $500 to jump in the cold water on Portman's behalf, wearing the same skimpy g-string bikini. "I'm a film studies student so I jumped at the chance to be on set," Caroline said in an interview with the local Sun newspaper.

7 Heidi Moneymaker (Scarlett Johansson)

Heidi Moneymaker makes bank as one of the most prominent stuntwomen in Hollywood, credited for performing stunts in at least 66 different productions, even earning an acting credit for CSI:NY. Born in Santa Monica, California, Heidi has stepped in on behalf of some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, including Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams and Michelle Rodriguez.

Her most visible roles are within the Marvel universe, having performed stunts for The Avengers movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 2.

Turns out the Moneymaker clan has an athletic streak, as her, brother Sean and sister Renae were all competitive gymnasts.

6 Shauna Duggins (Jennifer Garner)

Having earned more than 120 credits as a stunt double, Shauna Duggins is one of the queens of Hollywood stunt work. She's close friends with Jennifer Garner and her personal stunt double, appearing in Alias, Daredevil and The Kingdom.

Shauna's credits also include stunt double work as Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels, Jeri Ryan in Star Trek: Voyager, Shannon Elizabeth in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, as well as stunt double work for Charlize Theron and Olivia Munn.

Shauna has expanded her role in the stunt industry, passing along her expertise as a stunt coordinator for television and film. She's also worked on Fringe and What About Brian as a second unit director.

5 Kimmy Suzuki (Lucy Liu)

This Japanese stuntwoman and actress was born in Japan and has appeared in stunt for more than 50 productions, including The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Limitless, Noah and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. On television, she's the go-to stunt double for Lucy Liu on Elementary, including four video shorts about the television series.

Kimmy has also appeared in a variety of movies and shows as an actress, most notably playing Mr. Wu's Bartender in Men in Black 3. She also appeared in Late Night with Conan O'Brien in credited roles as a Japanese Beer Model, Japanese Singer and "Jade Escort Girl", which is ironic considering she could easily kick the crap out of Conan and his crew of writers.

4 Tamiko Brownlee (Grace Park)

Tamiko enjoyed an athletic upbringing, as her Japanese mother and South African father had their daughter engage in gymnastics, taekwondo and sports like softball and volleyball. After growing up in San Antonio, Texas, she earned a bachelor's degree with the University of Washington before trying her luck in show business.

Since her decision to move to Los Angeles, Tamiko has 55 credits under her belt as a stunt performer, also appearing as an actress in more than a dozen productions. She performed as a stunt double for Grace Park, appearing in Hawaii Five-O, Transformers, True Blood and The Last Airbender.

3 Alicia Vela-Bailey (Jennifer Lawrence)

Alicia grew up in Kailua on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, born to a pair of artistic parents. In fact, her father was one of the most successful magicians in the state. After being forced to quit competitive gymnastics, Alicia turned to dance and eventually started stunt double work after landing a role as Milla Jovovich's double.

Since then, she's gotten 46 credits for her stunt work, stepping into danger for stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Kate Beckinsale, Charlize Theron and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Alicia has also appeared as Nicole Kidman's "dance double" and performed live at the 82nd Academy Awards television gala.

2 Linda Jewell (Nathalie Emmanuel)

Linda Jewell's first big break into the world of stunt performances happened as a stunt player in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Since then, she's padded her impressive resume with more than forty additional credits, working her way up to performing as a stunt double for Lucy Liu in Southland and Nathalie Emmanuel in Furious Seven. She also appeared as a stunt double in Green Lantern.

In addition to martial arts and weapons skills, her online resumes lists a wide variety of stunt driving abilities and proficiency in more than a dozen different types of dance, including Capoeira, Swing and Bellydancing.

1 Tara Macken (Olivia Munn)

Tara Macken entered the world suddenly when her mother went into labour in a car while the family was driving around Kuwait. Tara's Mom is from the Philippines and her Dad is Irish, which likely lead to her unique good looks. When the Gulf War forced the family to move to Borneo, Tara became addicted to adrenaline and the great outdoors.

Her skills have landed her in 46 credits, including acting as a stunt double for Olivia Munn, Alison Brie and Zoe Saldana. You may also recognize Tara Macken from franchises such as The Hunger Games, Transformers, Iron Man, Resident Evil, Sons of Anarchy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Community.

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