15 Secrets About Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Marriage You Don’t Want to Miss

If you are a fan of Beyoncé or Jay Z, then you need to listen up. We are going to tell you some little-known tidbits about this musical couple that has taken the world by storm. Beyoncé truly is the Queen bee, and her husband is one of the most prolific and well-known rappers of his day, working with artists such as French Montana, DJ Khaled and Kanye West. And while Beyoncé and Jay Z have been together for what seems like forever, there are definitely rumors swirling around that things aren’t all rainbows and butterflies (or should we say dollar bills and Lamborghinis.) So here is our list of 15 Secrets About Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Marriage You Don’t Want to Miss.

For instance, is Blue Ivy really the only child in the picture? How many of Jay Z’s arrests and charges are real and how many are staged? On that note, is all of the drama surrounding Bey and her husband just a publicity stunt put in place by the singers? Why was Solange beating on Jay Z in an elevator two years ago? These are just some of the questions that many Beyoncé and Jay Z fans will likely have, and we hope that our list helps to smooth out some of the wrinkles. If anything, it is wildly entertaining and will have you keeping a close eye on this hip hop duo. Even if you can’t get all of these secrets in formation, you are going to love reading all about them!

15 Jay Z Wants To Set The Record Straight


Everybody, get ready, because Jay Z is coming back into the spotlight with his own personal album that is rumored to “set the record straight” about his relationship and history with Queen B. Since his wife’s album Lemonade was released, there have been more rumors now than ever before that the two music bosses are set to separate any day now. Yet it could be that Beyoncé and Jay Z are just hyping this up, because really, who doesn’t like some romantic drama? Jay Z’s infidelity is said to be the subject of Beyoncé’s Lemonade, but there are some music critics who say that Bey isn’t referring to her hubby in this album. Even so, Jay Z wants to tell his side of things and release a new album that is more of a personal retelling than just his raps about living the high life as a worldwide rapper. We’ll see how that goes, but we're sure it'll be all over the record charts when it drops.

14 Beyoncé’s Lemonade Album Was Approved By Jay Z

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So, Beyoncé’s newest album is full of showing lyrics that point to lots of relationship drama between the singer and her man. Yet is she referring directly to Jay Z, or is she touching on her past experiences? The truth is that Jay Z and Beyoncé have been an item for a long time now, starting as “just friends” and then become full-on lovers, husband and wife, and mommy and daddy. So it seems that Queen B has had Jay Z as the main man in her life for a long time now. Still, that doesn’t mean that she couldn’t have had other lovers in the past. Her Lemonade album could be about those other boyfriends and instances. One thing is for sure: many of the lyrics that she sings on this album go seriously deep, and express a lot of anger, resentment, and ferocity. Yet the lyrics were reportedly Jay Z approved, so could they really be about him?

13 Their Relationship Drama Is A Business Move


Many people believe that Beyoncé and Jay Z actually have a really strong marriage, and that a lot of the publicity surrounding their relationship drama is all staged so that they can make more dollar signs. That would actually be just like the two music moguls, who know how to play the Hollywood game. These two celebs are also very much aware of the gossip and rumors that can spark huge debates, media appearances, and higher ticket sales. So perhaps all of the speculation about infidelity and an impending divorce is just for show. After all, the couple has an adorable baby girl, Blue Ivy, and Beyoncé and Jay Z have expressed their desire to expand their family. Plus, they just attended a concert together and looked smashing to boot. As Beyoncé prepared for her Formation World Tour, Jay Z made regular check-up appearances to make sure that she felt his support.

12 The Reason For Elevatorgate


Remember back on May 5, 2014, when Jay Z was attacked on camera by Beyoncé’s younger sister, Solange Knowles? That incident made huge headlines, and had people everywhere wondering why Solange when savage on the rapper. Apparently, Jay Z was suspected of flirtatiously associating with Rachel Roy, a famous fashion designer. Roy was reached for comment by all the celebrity news outlets, but she denied having any relations with Jay Z. Roy was married to Damon Dash from 2004 until 2009, when the couple filed for divorce. She was involved in a legal battle for the custody of their two daughters, which she won in the spring of 2015. So, was Roy looking for some consolation from Beyoncé’s man? Or was Solange just going crazy on the rapper for no reason? Beyoncé did nothing to stop Solange, so maybe Bey wanted the battle? The true reason for the altercation is still a mystery.

11 They Made A Joint Album


A Beyoncé and Jay Z album was bound to happen, even if it was later rather than sooner. After all, the husband and wife duo have each made cameo appearances in each other’s work, so it was high time that they put their artistic prowess to the test and record a full project together. The album is set to be released in 2017 on Tidal, which is their new music-streaming venture. Bey and Jay Z are reportedly wrapping up production in Hawaii, and if you’re hoping to purchase the new album in stores, don’t hold your breath. Jay Z announced the album on Twitter, and said that it would only be available through Tidal. Apparently the release date has been finalized, but Bey and Jay Z are keeping mum about it, as is their publicity team. For now! Music producer Boots was a collaborator on the album, and the music head honcho has been releasing sneak previews of the Bey - Jay Z album on his Instagram account.

10 Jay Z’s 2013 Encounter With Claudia Scheelen


Three years ago, Jay Z was linked to Belgian supermodel Claudia Scheelen, after he reportedly spent $8,000 lavishing her with alcohol and sweet-talking his way to her bedroom. He was quoted as saying that “the prettiest girls are in Antwerp,” which is the city in Belgium that Scheelen hails from. The supermodel denied the rumors, of course. After all, who would want to get on Queen B’s bad side by sleeping around with her man? What we do know is that Jay Z bought some drinks for Scheelen and her gal pals, whom he spotted from across the bar while chilling at a club in Antwerp. Perhaps the model didn’t even know that it was the famous rapper, as she stated that he did not mention Beyonce or Blue Ivy at all. Either way, the former Miss Belgium was slandered in the news outlets and on social media. So, lesson learned?

9 Jay Z Impregnated An Adult Film Star?

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This one is up for debate, but it involved Jay Z getting porn star Jazmine Cashmere preggo. The incident is from 2010, so six long years ago, but this could be one of the circumstances that Beyoncé is referring to on her album, Lemonade, in which she sings about unfaithfulness and problems in her romantic life. While Jazmine Cashmere is not likely to be “Becky with the good hair,” the adult film actress could still be one of the ladies in the long list of Jay Z’s mistresses. As for the rapper’s side of the story, he claims that he had nothing to do with Jazmine, and even the actress herself said that she wasn’t pregnant. Not by Jay Z nor anyone else, for that matter. Yet some sources close to the rapper said that he had simply paid Jazmine a couple million dollars to keep her mum about the whole thing.

8 Beyoncé Had A Miscarriage


Pregnancy and Beyoncé just seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? The singer has recently been in the news earlier this year for her perceived baby bump, yet neither Beyoncé nor Jay Z has acknowledged these rumors. It is safe to say that another child is not in the near future for this married power duo. Back when Bey was pregnant with Blue Ivy, there were rumors that the baby was delivered via surrogate and that Beyoncé was wearing an inflatable tummy pouch to fake her pregnancy. While both of these are just fodder for the gossip magazines, we do know that Bey suffered a miscarriage back in the day. In fact, Jay Z refers to the incident in his song “Glory.” Just look at the lyrics: “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic / We was afraid you disappeared.” That’s some heavy content right there, but then Jay Z raps about how happy he is with Bey and their union.

7 They Gave Their Bodyguard the Boot

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Norman Oosterbroek was the hired bodyguard for Beyoncé and Jay Z, as well as their daughter, Blue Ivy. But things just weren’t working out with the bodyguard and his clients. In fact, Oosterbroek was accused of masturbating to photos of Bey and her daughter and he was fired upon the reveal of the accusations. Obviously. Yet after the dismissal, Oosterbroek was killed in a shootout that occurred in Miami. The bodyguard was known as the “Dutch Giant” and he had worked with other famous figures as well, including Lady Gaga, Rihanna and even Nelson Mandela. Oosterbroek was fired not only for his lewd behavior, but for hiring the services of a prostitute while he was supposed to be on the job for Bey while in Las Vegas. After he was fired, he took to drugs for comfort, but was killed on September 2, 2013 in a police shootout. During an autopsy it was revealed that there were drugs in his system.

6 They Took A Secret Trip To Cuba


You know that Bey and Jay Z have to pull out all the stops whenever they celebrate anything. So for their 5-year wedding anniversary, the two music role models went to Cuba, even though travel sanctions had been heavily imposed during the time. Beyoncé and Jay Z traveled without notifying anyone or getting special permission from the Head of State, which led to a number of criticisms. Even President Barack Obama, upon learning of the incident, had some comments for the Hollywood couple. But President Obama can express his disbelief about their secret getaway all he wants, it’s not like he could really do anything about it. Come on, it’s Beyoncé and Jay Z! They aren’t going to take crap from anybody. Their trip may have been three years ago, but in the photos from their vacation, they look so happy and in love. So, could they really be thinking about divorcing one another?

5 The Basis For Their Budgeting


Granted, Beyoncé and her husband are seriously loaded, what with them both being music moguls and successful entrepreneurs. And it must be Jay Z who takes care of the finances, since he explained that he learned a lot about balancing budgets from his experience selling crack cocaine in the 1980s. Hm, something tells us that drug selling experiences are not the best indicators of how money and budgeting works. Although, with the paychecks that Beyoncé and Jay Z are probably getting, the practice of selling crack cocaine on the streets might have been a precursor to balancing a big-time budget! According to Forbes, Beyoncé is worth $265 million in 2016, while Jay Z’s net worth values at $610 million in 2016. Jay Z is 12 years older than Beyoncé, so it makes sense that his value is higher. Even Blue Ivy is worth bank, her net worth is a whopping $1 million. Not bad for a toddler!

4 Who Is Rymir Satterthwaite?

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The 20-something claims that he is Jay Z’s son! Is this the love child that has been spoken of in the gossip tabloids? Jay Z has been suspected of cheating on Beyoncé a multitude of times, but has an illegitimate child ever been the result of these trysts? There is so much drama going on, and Jay Z has been hit with so many lawsuits that it does seem probable that the rapper could have a secret love child. As for Rymir, he is an actual person and he spoke to news outlets, stating that he won’t stop bothering Jay Z until the rapper admits that he is Rymir’s dad. Rymir has partnered up with his powerful attorneys as well as the Family Civil Liberties Union in the hopes of getting Jay Z’s approval as his offspring. Does father really know best in this situation? Perhaps it is time that will tell!

3 Beyoncé Drafted A Divorce Announcement For AP

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The rumors are running rampant that Queen B is going to be a single lady very soon. Divorce and separation headlines have been slamming Beyoncé and her hubby for months now, so what’s the deal? Apparently, the Associated Press was notified of a divorce announcement that Beyoncé herself drafted up, and the news source was told to keep hold of it until she was ready to reveal it to the public. The question is whether or not Beyoncé will unleash that kind of lemonade on her husband, Jay Z. There have been a lot of stories flying around that Beyoncé’s latest album is riddled with lyrics that hint at Jay Z’s infidelity and that he has cheated on Bey with multiple women. The lyrics also suggest that one more strike, and it’s going to be Splitsville for this power couple. We’re actually kind of worried that a Beyoncé - Jay Z breakup would throw the Earth off its axis.

2 They Would Like More Kids


Even though there is plenty of speculation that Beyoncé and Jay Z are headed straight for divorce court, the couple has expressed (on more than one occasion) that they would like to have more children. However, there are some serious doubts that will happen. Yet, who knows? Things can change very drastically in Hollywood, although we do hope that Bey and Jay Z will take their relationship (and Blue Ivy’s presence in it) seriously. Anyway, there are loads of rumors that Jay Z has fathered several children with other women. He’s got some random kid claiming to be his son, and he was in the gossip columns for supposedly knocking up an adult film star. Yeah, this might not be the time to bring a new child into the world. Besides, the world is head over heels in love with Blue Ivy, who is now 4 years old and a little diva just like her mommy.

1 Nightclubs Are A No-No


Beyoncé tries to keep Jay Z away from the nightclubs, and despite her partying lyrics, she isn’t much for the nightclub atmosphere. Yeah, it might seem a bit weird coming from the hottest and most prolific member of the all-girl group Destiny’s Child, but Bey is actually better suited to laying low and just doing her own thing. It is that low-key attitude that makes her a tough public figure to interview. Both she and her husband do not give many face-to-face interviews, and it seems that both of them would prefer to reveal their opinions and personal stories through their songs, rather than in a TV or magazine Q & A session. And despite all of the rumors about heavy partying all night long, the truth is that Bey and Jay Z are parents to a 4-year-old. Do you think they have time for all that drama and risky behavior?


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15 Secrets About Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Marriage You Don’t Want to Miss