15 Scary Movies With More Hotties Than Horrors

We all know that the best ingredients for a movie are violence and sex. The sometimes graphic and shocking acts of violence keep us hooked and on the edge of our seats, while the seductive sex scenes keep us engaged and excited.

The horror genre is one of the most popular genres in the movie business and it's because of this reason. Mixing the edge of your seat scares, some of which we have to watch through our fingers, with more skin and flesh than we can shake a stick at, is why we love them so much.

However, there are some horror movies that may go too far. Sometimes they go for shock value and the horrific events that take place during sex scenes may put you off sex for life! Other times they forget the scare element completely and just fill the screen with as much flesh and raunchy scenes as possible.

With this list we look at 15 movies in which the raunchy scenes take over the movie.

15 Nurse 3D (2013)


Our first movie on the list is a horror movie that goes all out in the name of gore and sex. Abby Russel is a nurse by day, caring and loving and always willing to go that extra mile to help anyone. However, when the night comes, her real work begins. Using her sexuality and smoldering good looks, she lures cheating men to their deaths and exposes them for what they truly are. Justifying her actions by choosing victims that "deserve" it, Russel continues her revenge rampage for the sake of womankind. Nurse 3D has a seductress killer that will satisfy many movie fans’ needs.

This movie fell under the radar when it was released and not too many people will be aware of this horror flick. But with a sexy leading lady; in which she spends most of the movie in the nude. There is also plenty of gore and enough shocks to keep everyone happy. It's a win win situation.

14 Sorority Row (2009)


Whenever you have a horror movie set in a sorority then you can be certain of one thing; there will plenty of sexual undertones and lots of raunchy scenes, with the scares taking a firm backseat. That's exactly what you get with this slasher movie.

This movie very much follows along the lines of I Know What You Did Last Summer and the Scream series. Following a group of sorority sisters, the girls try to cover up a death of one of their sisters when a prank goes wrong. Enter the serial killer who stalks the girls and wants to make them pay with their lives. The scares, story line and even depth of the characters aren't really there. The girls are used purely for their sexuality and are only really used to entice the audience rather than scare the wits out of us. Not that we're complaining!

13 From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)


Although there isn't a lot of sex or full-on nudity in this movie, From Dusk Till Dawn has one of the most famous strip tease sequences in all of movie history, and for that reason alone it makes our list.

A movie that comes from the minds of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino is always going to be filled with blood, gore and plenty of dark humor and From Dusk Till Dawn is no different. When two brothers go on a crime spree, they need to leave the country and hide, so they  head for the Mexican border. While waiting for their contact, they take refugee in a truckers bar, which, as it turns out, is full of vampires who have been feeding off passers by for years. However, in the middle of all this, Salma Hayek makes the bar, and the audience, fall silent as she emerges almost completely in the buff with a snake wrapped around her. The hypnotic and exciting tease she performs is one of the sexiest moments in any movie.

12 Jennifer's Body (2009)


If there's one thing that will add instant sex appeal to a movie, it's the inclusion of Megan Fox on the cast list. In this raunchy but often silly horror flick, Fox plays the ultimate mean girl. However, when she's offered up as a sacrifice, it goes wrong and Fox is possessed by a demon and becomes a succubus. From then on, Fox needs male flesh in order to survive and the way to get that is to seduce men first. And as you'd expect, the men start lining up.  After all, if Megan Fox told any man that she was going to kill them but first she would please them, most men would still be willing do it! After the male body count piles up, it's left up to Fox's best friend to stop her.

The movie isn't the greatest or scariest movie in the horror genre, but with Fox fully giving herself to the role, it doesn't cross the line into cheesy or sleazy. The movie is also filled with plenty of dark humor and wit that makes Jennifer's Body a very sexy and snappy movie.

11 The Cabin in the Woods (2012)


When Joss Whedon gets involved in a project, you know it's going to be something special. This time the former Buffy and Angel supremo delves into the horror genre and tries his best to put his own spin on it.

Many will say that The Cabin in the Woods is more of a horror parody and a nod to other such films rather than a horror movie in its own right. With that said, this movie starts off in a traditional way with a group of friends going to the middle of nowhere in order to get away and have some fun. But as with all movies in this sub-genre, once they arrive the fun stops and the trouble starts. The scares and tension in this movie are more tongue in cheek rather than shocking, so the horror element is a bit lost. But the sex and raunchy exploits of the friends more than make up for it.

10 Species (1995)


Many movie fans may argue that Species is the sexiest horror movie around. After all, the movie is all about an alien woman whose only purpose is to breed as often and as quickly as possible. So it may be a sexy movie, but the question is, is it scary? The answer is unfortunately no. The premise and storyline promises a lot; a genetically modified alien killing machine who goes on the rampage. Mix that with the fact that her only instinct is to mate and breed with any man she finds suitable, and you have a pretty twisted story.

The action is good and the seductive sexual scenes are great, but the scares and suspense have all been forgotten. This movie seems to be one big excuse for the star, Natasha Henstridge, to wear as little as possible, as often as possible. Not that anyone here has any objections to that.

9 Under The Skin (2013)


For anyone out there that isn't aware of this, there is a movie out there in which Scarlett Johansson spends a lot of it unclothed and her only purpose is to mate with any man she meets. We'll pause for a moment while you go and check it out!

The movie itself is a bit strange on first viewing, but give it another watch and it starts to make a bit more sense; after all, a lot of scary moments in movies are even more scary because we have no idea what's going on. This movie is one of those. Johansson is a shape- shifting alien who finds men and takes them back to her place to have her way with them. The movie follows her through a journey of self awareness and discovery. However, the scares and philosophical undertones are soon lost in Johansson's performance due to the amount of skin she shows.

8 The Hunger (1983)


The late, great David Bowie stars in this little known vampire flick. The Hunger tells the tale of an ancient vampire who lives off of the blood of her lovers and in return, they get an extended life and don't age at all. Bowie is her latest lover but after two hundred years together, his life span is running low and the aging process catches up with him. In fact, he ages years in just a few hours! Desperate not to die, Bowie seeks out a scientist played by Susan Sarandon. Unfortunately for him, Sarandon falls for the vampiress, which triggers a sexually charged love triangle.

This movie is stylish in both looks and soundtrack and although the horror element is subtle, it's still there. However, with some great sexually charged love scenes, particularly the ones involving the vampiress and Sarandon, and lots of flesh, this movie definitely has more lust than scares.

7 Vampyros Lesbos (1971)


Another vampire movie on our list and another sexually charged movie that will excite you rather than scare you. We're not sure what it is about vampires and the movies, but whenever there's a vampire there is always sex. From this movie to Dracula and even the teen favorite Twilight, they all have a sexually charged feel to them. Maybe it's all the blood lust?

Although Vampyros Lesbos isn't strictly speaking a horror movie, it's billed as more erotic than scary, but given the subject matter we thought it deserved a place on the list. Given the title of this movie, the story is pretty much as you would expect. A vixen vampiress goes around seducing and killing women to satisfy her cravings. Throw in some psychedelic dream sequences and a stunning leading lady and you have  a movie that chooses sex and erotica over scares, although that isn't always a bad thing.

6 Vampyres (1974)


If you’re looking for a horror movie with plenty of skin and erotically charged lesbian love, then look no further than Vampyres. In an abandoned countryside mansion, two lesbian vampires prey on passing motorists and hitchhikers. Luring them in with their sexuality, the vampires then feast on their victims to satisfy their blood lust. That is until one woman fights back! This sexually charged vampire flick doesn’t shy away from the erotic side of its premise; and although the script may not be the sharpest, the intimate scenes between the vampires and their victims more than makes up for it.

Although this movie isn't all that well known, it has become a big cult classic over the years, no doubt because of its erotic scenes and its vampires. If there's one monster that gets all of our blood pumping, a vampire.

5 My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)


When a man returns to his home town on the tenth anniversary of a Valentine's Day massacre, he finds himself at the center of a police investigation and the number one suspect for the deaths of 22 people. The only person that believes his innocence is an old flame. Cue some steamy moments and a lot of skin.

This slasher film may be a bit predictable as it does follow closely to many movies that have come before it; including the original 80s movie that this is based on. The 3D element adds another level to it as it's hard not to duck when things come flying off the screen. So there are some scares and "jump up" moments, but that all falls away as the sex takes over and the movie becomes less scary and more steamy!

4 Teeth (2007)


We now turn to the world of the dark horror comedy. Teeth's subject matter is all about sex and teenagers who are coming to terms with their bursting hormones. Although this movie has plenty of action, some of it graphic, beware if you're male as the scenes may not excite you, but rather make your eyes water!

As a young girl who has lived next to a nuclear power plant her whole life starts to come of age, lust starts to bubble to the surface. However, she is a good girl and her and her friends have chosen to stay chased until they are married. In steps the handsome and exciting Tobey. As the heat builds up between them, they find themselves alone. But with her promise of purity still important to her, she turns him down. Tobey doesn't take no for an answer and forces himself upon her. To his surprise, she has another set of teeth about her person and it proves very useful for such a situation, as Tobey's manhood gets bitten clean off. This movie has one hell of a bite!

3 Cat People (1982)


Cat People is a horror movie that is all about sex and sexuality. Whether it's the 1940s original or the 1980s remake, the movie oozes sex. In this entry however, we're focused on the 1982 remake which has a lot more flesh on display.

When the young Irena Gallier has a sexual awakening, horrific incidents follow. It soon becomes clear to her that her animal instincts are more than just impulses as she transforms into a vicious leopard. Being born from beings known as ‘Cat People,’ Gallier must come to terms with her heritage before she hurts the people she loves.

Star Nastassja Kinski embraces the role of Irena as she electrifies the screen with her sex appeal and seductiveness, while still maintaining the innocence and naivety that her character needs. A topless swimming pool scene in the dark is another great moment in this movie. A movie which is filled with sexually charged desires.

2 Thirst (1979)


There are many movies that have the title Thirst. There's the dramatic Thirst from 2010 or the Korean horror movie of the same name from 2009, which in itself has plenty of nudity. However this entry is from the Australian movie form 1979.

The Australian film industry isn’t that well known for producing big or exciting  movies, so it’s a rewarding surprise to discover this gem hidden away in the horror section. When a young woman is abducted by a cult, she’s horrified to learn that the cult keeps humans and ‘farms’ them for their blood.

Thirst is an interesting take on the vampire genre. It has atmosphere, tension and enough blood to satisfy the thirst of any gore fan. Add to that the 70s music and hairstyles that many films of the time were guilty of and you have a great horror movie with plenty of edge.

1 Piranha 3D (2010)


The number one entry on our list is also one of the trashiest, with more flesh on display than most. After an earthquake disturbs a dormant and sleeping group of piranhas, they unleash their killer instinct and razor sharp teeth on an unsuspecting lake. To make matters more exciting, it's also during spring break so there is plenty of young and attractive flesh on display. Let the sexy horror commence.

The movie is a loose remake of 1978 horror movie of the same name, and as with the original, it sees a group of strangers and unlikely heroes coming together in order to save the day. The only redeeming feature of this movie is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. It knows what it is and doesn't try to be anything else. The scares aren't really there and have been forgotten, but the blood, gore and sex take over for an enjoyable romp.


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