15 Roles You Forgot Chris Pratt Played

We all know and love Chris Pratt. He played the hilarious yet dumb Andy Dwyer in Parks and Rec. He changed the way we see comic book movies as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy. And he became a certified movie hero in Jurassic World. He is, at this point in his career, a household name.

But do you remember him before all of that? Every actor has to work their way to the top. For some, it takes years of terrible movies and failed sitcoms. For others, it takes just one movie to put them on a path to the A-list. For Pratt, it was a little rocky there for a minute. Even the shows and movies I saw on this list, I totally forgot he was a part of. Some of these roles are awesome, and hidden gems that you should probably try to watch this weekend. Others are simply terrible. But each one reminds you of the bright-eyed young actor that Pratt was before he was the ripped, heartthrob that he is today.

15 Keenan - The Extreme Team


This is one of the least known movies on the list. Even when searching for The Extreme Team, there isn’t all that much that comes up. In fact, I’d never heard of it before looking on Chris Pratt's IMDB page, and there isn’t even a trailer or a clip for it online.

While it has one of the least creative titles, it is just what it sounds like - a movie about Gen X extreme sports athletes, who also happen to be a part of a secret ops rescue team. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound great, but it was 2003, and the world was a much different place back then.

14 Branson - Strangers with Candy

Via: Reddit

Strangers with Candy was a popular show on Comedy Central in the early 2000s, and this movie is a prequel to the series. Amy Sedaris plays Jerri, a 46-year-old ex-con and ex-junkie, who wants to make her father proud when he wakes up from the coma that he has been in since Jerri left the house 32 years earlier. She starts high school as a freshman and tries her best to fit in with the students who are much younger than her.

This is a case where I think the TV show is better than the movie. The movie seems a little more out there than the show, and like it is trying a bit too much for it to be funny. But it is by no means the most ridiculous show on this list.

13 Bobby - Weiners


This is one of the most obscure movies on the list. I’ve ever even heard of this one, and it actually has some well-known people in it. Who knew Kenan Thompson starred in such a terrible movie? Well, we do now. The plot is basically three friends take a road trip after one of the friends gets dumped on national TV, because of a TV therapist. To be honest, it seems all over the place. The trailer shows how the one guy gets dumped, and how Thompson’s character is applying for the Oscar Myer Wiener internship again, and how they are trying to track down this hot teacher they had growing up. It just seems like too many things that don’t add up, and it's not a cohesive storyline.

12 Nathan McCain - Path of Destruction


Never heard of this one? You’re not alone there. Even the IMDB page doesn’t have a lot on it. Path of Destruction was a TV movie for TBS in 2005. To be honest, I didn’t even know TBS did made-for-TV movies. TBS probably didn’t play it all that much either because just watching a clip made me want to go to sleep.

11 Lester Watts - Deep in the Valley


This might be one of the most ridiculous movies on the list and one that is shockingly weird for 2009. Pratt was already playing Andy Dwyer by this point, and I’m a little surprised that, with a steady job, he did a bizarre movie like this.

10 Officer Duda - Jennifer's Body


You have to remember Jennifer’s Body. It was one of Megan Fox’s first big movies. But when you think about it, you don’t remember any of the smaller roles, pretty much just Megan Fox and a nerdy Amanda Seyfried. But mostly how hot Megan Fox is - like most of her early movies. It’s not the worst movie on the list by far. If you’re into teen thrillers, where the hot girl gets taken over by a demon and tries to kill everyone, then this is a solid movie night choice for you. It’s a little ridiculous, but still kind of believable.

9 Brett - Delivery Man


Does anyone remember this one? A Vince Vaughn movie, in classic Vince Vaughn form but without as many hilarious costars - with the exception of Pratt. The premise is a little ridiculous, Vaughn donated sperm when he was younger, and somehow has over 500 biological children. Even more ridiculous is the fact that he wants to meet and play a role in all of their lives. I think maybe if this movie had just been a tiny bit more realistic - even like 100 children would have been a little more believable - I think they could have pulled it off. But, because it is so out there, and so unrealistic, it loses its audience.

8 Alex Elihuser - The Five-Year Engagement


I remember hearing about this movie a couple of years ago, thinking it would be an instant classic. But I am biased; I love both Chris Pratt and Jason Segel. The premise is good - a couple who have to deal with the strain that comes with pushing a marriage back for five years. It seems like a pretty standard rom-com, with the twist being the over exaggerated engagement period.

7 Disgusting Donald - What’s Your Number


Another movie where Chris Pratt plays alongside his wife, Anna Faris. Although, this is definitely not the best movie that either of them has ever been in. The premise is simple - Anna Faris’ character doesn’t want to “up her number” of men she has slept with, so she goes around seeking out her past boyfriends, to see if they have changed in some way or become better. And while it seems like it could be a good movie, I think it's trying too hard. That’s probably why it didn’t do so well with both critics and viewers.

6 Scott Hatteberg - MoneyBall


You know Moneyball - the movie where Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, he tries to create a competitive team with a low budget. It’s well known that for a long time that the best baseball teams have a high budget, and can recruit the top players simply by paying them more. This is what Beane tried to change. It is an excellent movie, with great performances by nearly the entire cast.

5 Cully - Ten Years


Shortly after taking a serious role in Moneyball, Pratt came back to what he knows best - being hilarious. While he is a good serious actor, there simply is no denying how funny he is. The rest of the cast of Ten Years is just as funny, with some sweet undertones. This is one of those movies that feels just right for Pratt. And, while underrated, it seems like it would leave you laughing from opening title until credits.

4 Kyle Masterson - Take Me Home Tonight


In my opinion, this is a highly underrated comedy. It’s a pretty simple premises - a guy lies to his high school crush, pretends that he is doing way better post-college, and tries to get her to fall for him. Oh, and it was set in 1988, and it has everything that you want out of an 80’s party movie.

Chris Pratt plays this sort of jerk character, Kyle Masterson. Doesn’t that name just sound like the guy in high school you hated? He proposes during his party to Wendy, played by Anna Faris, Pratt’s actual wife. But, after she gets rejected from Graduate school at Cambridge, Pratt is visibly relieved. She winds up breaking up with him at the end of the night.

3 Fletcher - Bride Wars


Definitely not the best movie of all time. At first, you think, "Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, what’s the problem?" If you haven’t seen it, it might just be the worst movie either of them has ever done. The short synopsis is that two best friends get engaged around the same time, and plan their weddings at the Plaza in June. When there is a clerical problem with the wedding planner, and they are told they were accidentally scheduled on the same day, neither bride will move the date. This is what starts their battle for the day.

2 Bright Abbot - Everwood

Via: Reddit

Remember Everwood? It was back, when The CW was The WB. I know; it seems like forever ago. Back then, in the dark ages was Everwood. If you don’t remember I’ll get you up to speed; it was considered a family drama in the early 2000s, set in the fictional town of Everwood, Colorado. It's about a family’s move across the country after the death of their mother, in hope for change in a small town. Pratt plays the lovable brother, Bright, who was driving drunk when he gets into an accident with his brother Colin.

1 Che - The OC


The OC was easily my favorite show in 2003. I have seen every episode at least four or five times. If you’ve never seen it, you probably should binge watch it ASAP - you won’t regret it. However, it wasn’t until a year or two ago when I realized Pratt played Che, the lovable hippie that befriended Summer during her first semester at Brown.

While the fourth season of The OC is pretty much a steaming pile of garbage, Che is a much-needed comic aspect. While Sandy and Seth could bring the laughter, they often got serious too - especially after season three, when Seth didn’t get into Brown, and Sandy was CEO of the Newport Group. Che was a character that I almost wished got more airtime. He definitely had an interesting story - and I bet if the show hadn’t ended in the fourth season (or had been written better) we would have found out more about Pratt’s character. There are a lot of terrible aspects of the final season of The OC, but Che is possibly the best part.


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15 Roles You Forgot Chris Pratt Played