15Gotham City's Commissioner Jim Gordon

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Given that Bryan Cranston really started getting attention in his role as a doting, bumbling, anxiety-ridden but lovable father on Fox TV's Malcolm In The Middle, it is no surprise that his credits boast a slew of kid-friendly voiceover parts for animated features like Warner Bros.' Batman: Year One and Kung Fu

Panda 3. In the former, Cranston voiced trusted lawman Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon. While it is a shame that director Christopher Nolan has purportedly sworn off the live-action Batman franchise, with the (upcoming) release of (Suicide Squad and) Batman v Superman, the DC Cinematic Universe is obviously not going anywhere anytime soon. It would only make sense then that, if Bryan Cranston can voice Commissioner Gordon, and already has the bespectacled, stressed-out look down, then whoever revitalizes the Batman saga should vote Cranston for Commissioner.

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