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15 Ridiculous Movie Mistakes That Hilariously Made The Final Cut

15 Ridiculous Movie Mistakes That Hilariously Made The Final Cut

Filmmakers aren’t perfect, so, every once in awhile, mistakes make the final cut. For whatever reason, these little slip-ups aren’t seen or aren’t fixed, and the end results are sometimes hilarious. While there are the glaring mistakes that can suck you right out of the movie-watching experience, most of them, especially the ones on this list, are just harmless little funny mistakes. They don’t ruin the experience at all. In fact, they may even add to it. They become little side notes or pieces of trivia that make the next viewing that much more amazing.

There is definitely a certain type of movie watcher who will criticize movie mistakes as amateurish hack-jobs, but, for the most part, fans appreciate them for what they are: inconsequential blips. Most people and most lists point to continuity mistakes, which are available by the boatload, but we’re going to try and avoid those ones as much as possible. At least, the continuity mistakes that we do include are so glaring that laughing about them is really the only reaction. Some of the mistakes on this list are funny editing mistakes like that, but many are even more ridiculous. The mistakes on this list are so big that the editors must have made a concerted effort not to notice them. Maybe time ran out and they just couldn’t fix it, simply crossing their fingers and hoping that they wouldn’t be noticed. But the Internet never sleeps. It will catch every mistake you ever make and it has. We’ve also tried to avoid low budget or obscure movies because there’s no fun in pointing out and laughing at a mistake if you’re never going to enjoy it again or the filmmakers are too broke to even feel good about making fun of them.

So, let’s get right into the list. Here are 15 Ridiculous Movie Mistakes that Hilariously Made the Final Cut.

15. Bullet Holes – Pulp Fiction



When Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent (John Travolta) bust in the apartment to lay some gospel on the boys on the inside, they pull out their guns, learn them a little, then get into a gunfight, blasting everyone away. But there’s something interesting going on in this scene behind all the action. Before the gunfight even happens, look behind the two suited gentlemen. You’ll notice that there are already bullet holes in the walls. So either there was an earlier gunfight that went down that we never knew about, or Quentin Tarantino‘s set design guys jumped the gun and made their bullet holes too early. Tarantino films have had their share of mistakes, but he is usually aware of them and actually enjoys little inconsistencies. For him, any discussion about his films is good discussion.

14. Guitar From The Future – Back to the Future



When Marty McFly bravely gets on stage to rock out in order for his parents to get jiggy wit’ it, he grabs a hold of this beautiful guitar from the band. The shining red Gibson ES335 is a treasure and Marty knows just what to do with it. He shreds that guitar that’s the size of his entire body like nobody can, and the crowd goes wild. Now, for the everyday spectator, there is nothing out of the ordinary here, but the real guitar enthusiasts know better. The guitar that Marty’s crushing came out in 1958/59, a full three years after the events at the high school took place (1955). So not only was the crowd not ready for Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” before its release, they weren’t ready for the rock n’ roll sounds coming from a guitar from the future either.

13. Stop Sparkling Edward – Twilight: Eclipse



You know how when Edward from Twilight goes into the sunlight he has that awful tendency to twinkle like a diamond? Besides the fact that this is about the most emasculating habit a male vampire could have, it also seems to be a device that only shows itself when the filmmakers see it as convenient. There are several moments when Edward is clearly in the sunlight but he’s not sparkling, though the argument is always that it needs to be direct sunlight, and not sunlight coming through a clear window. However, that doesn’t help to explain why, in Eclipse, Edward is not sparkling like a dweeb when he and Bella are sitting in an open field on a sunny day. What a terrible movie.

12. Wearing A Wire – Cobra



There are about 33 mistakes in the 1986 film, Cobra, but there’s one in particular which is the funniest. This one comes when, after this random guy parks a car, Sylvester Stallone starts giving it to him like only Sly can. In the confrontation he rips the poor guy’s shirt. It’s there in that moment that we see the mistake. The actor’s mic pack is clearly taped to his chest. Rather than fix in and hide the microphone pack, the filmmakers decided to just let it be, Beatles-style. For the rest of the scene, that damn mic pack just hangs and everyone pretends not to notice. The mistake is so good because if Stallone’s character actually saw that mic pack, he would think the guy was carrying a wire. But, because it’s not supposed to be visible, Stallone has to ignore it. Classic.

11. Is That A Seat In Your Pocket? – Harry Potter



Setting aside the fact that brooms can’t actually fly in real life, Harry Potter’s broom is supposed to be a normal looking broom. Through the magic of film, the prop people set up a seat on the brooms that allow Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and the other broom riders to fly around on the prop more comfortably. This is all well and good until that fateful shot in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone where the seat is clearly visible. This haunting image ruined the entire illusion for many magic believers out there. Fortunately, it was able to be passed off as part of Harry’s magical body to preserve (maybe even enhance) the fantasy a little longer.

10. Video Playback – Jurassic Park



When Nedry/Newman (Wayne Knight) is watching the live feed from the surveillance camera at the docks in Jurassic Park, we are led to believe that we’re watching events taking place in real time, but we’re not stupid, are we? Look at the media player. This is clearly just a recording of something that happened earlier. We can even see that the play button has been pressed. This is just a playback of a recording. Ok, the year is 1993. Maybe we will cut the film some slack since computers were so damned ugly back then. For everything else that the film gets right, one small mistake like this can’t ruin it. But don’t you dare lie to me again, Spielberg.

9. Hiest Or Heist – The Dark Knight Rises



There’s a tradition in Hollywood to not give proper credit to the writers and to undervalue them, so perhaps that’s why they can only get writers to work on props that can’t spell properly. Nah, it happens to everyone. It’s just too bad for that poor laborer that his or her mistake was noticed and outed to the entire world. If you forgot the classic rule of thumb, I’ll remind you: I before E except after C… or when it sounds like A, like weight… But it doesn’t work for species… or feisty… or vein… or heist actually… Damn, what an awful rule that is. No wonder this one writer couldn’t spell heist sufficiently, our society created a weird science of spelling that would cause foreigners to have seizures.

8. 13th Century Cars – Braveheart



For a long time now, Braveheart has been the punching bag for historians and amateur movie editors. From pointing out the wrong type of equipment and clothing to mocking a rubber axe, the complaints have been ongoing. There is one mistake that deserves to be mentioned in here though (two if you think an extra being kicked in the groin by a horse as funny). In one scene where some horses are riding into battle, a white glimmer in the background caught a few people’s eyes (see lower left of pic). Zoom and enhance and it’s revealed to be a car. Now I think people are too hard on some of the historical inaccuracies, but, c’mon; they can’t actually expect us to believe that 13th-Century Scotland had cars before the rest of the world.

7. Time Travel Is Real – Dallas Buyers Club



You might have marvelled at the incredible physical transformation of Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club, but you probably missed the most magical thing of all in the film. Check out that picture above. See that car poster? It’s a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, a real beauty of a vehicle, so it’s no wonder why McConaughey would want a poster of it in his office. But there’s a big problem here. The movie is set in 1985 and the car is from 2012. This mistake can only be caused by one of two things, stupidity or humor on the part of the set designer, and sometimes those two can be the same thing.

6. Cowboys Of The Caribbean – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl



You might think that Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is the perfect movie, but you’re wrong. It’s riddled with mistakes. Well, maybe not riddled, but there’s one for sure. When Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is yelling at his crew to start working, you can see something that is not like the other over his shoulder. It appears to be a cowboy standing amongst the crew of pirates, looking longingly out to sea. This is a pretty funny Easter egg to throw in, right? Wrong. It’s just some numbskull crew member standing there in the shot like a moron. He’s not even a real cowboy. He’s just wearing a cowboy hat because his friends are too polite to tell him he looks like a creep.

5. Why, Hello Mr. Cameraman – Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets



You’re watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the 12th time and you spot something you’ve never noticed before. It’s a middle-aged wizard holding a crazy contraption looking at the on-goings around him. Nope, that’s not a wizard. That’s a dirty muggle cameraman ruining the shot. How are we expected to believe in the wizarding world of Harry Potter if these crew members can’t get their act together? Look how sneaky he thinks he is. Ducking in amongst the kids. Does the guy actually believe that the invisibility cloak he took from the props hanger would work? How utterly embarrassing this is for everyone.

4. The Fresh Hand – Jurassic Park



Few things are more disgusting than bestiality, so you could imagine our surprise when we were watching through the supposed family friendly Jurassic Park and saw some nasty crew member groping a raptor as it passes by. Look the rear-end of the raptor in the doorway. Do you see those meaty sausage fingers reaching out desperately for some skin on skin? This is reminiscent of when wrestlers or boxers come down to the ring and people reach out to touch them. What’s the thought process here? What satisfaction is gained by touching a random stranger on their forehead. The Jurassic Park PR team swooped in quickly after this debacle and said that this disgusting person was only trying to steady the raptor’s tail, but that sounds a little too convenient for us, isn’t it? We weren’t born yesterday.

3. Gas-Powered Chariot – Gladiator



I’m no scientist, but I’m fairly certain that gas tanks weren’t invented in the second century. So why in the world is there a gas tank on the back of that chariot in Gladiator? The easy answer is that the tank was used to propel a cylinder which would flip the chariot on its side. Legend has it that the special effects team didn’t really think ahead far enough to know how they would hide that tank once the chariot flipped over. Then came time to shoot. The chariot flips over and presto, there it is. Rather than go again and hide it properly to preserve the illusion, the filmmakers just moved on, crushing everything we once believed.

2. Braindead Cameraman – Bad Boys



Second only to the birth of my daughter, the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life happened while I was while watching Bad Boys (1983), starring Sean Penn. In the scene in question, Penn is in the fight of his life, rolling around on the ground with another guy. Overall, the fight is just about the worst thing imaginable, but there’s something that makes the entire thing so much better. During the entire fight, and I mean the entire fight, there’s a friggin’ cameraman on the other side filming the whole thing. Like this guy isn’t even trying to hide. He’s right in there, getting close ups, getting as close to the action as he can. It is seriously the most amazing thing you’ll ever see. Oh to be a fly on the wall in editing when they first saw that. “Who’s that there? Is that-? Dammit Jerry!”

1. Changing Foods – Pretty Woman



Continuity mistakes happen in almost every film. People can nitpick all they like about someone’s tie being tied differently in consecutive scenes, or hair dramatically changing in between shots, but we won’t do that here. That being said, there are some changes can’t be overlooked. Some changes are so mind-boggling you have to mention them if only for posterity’s sake. In Pretty Woman, the mother of all continuity mistakes takes place. As the hooker (Julia Roberts) sits down for breakfast, she begins to enjoy a nice croissant. Look away, now back to her, she’s eating a pancake. Before we address the inept editing crew, let’s ask the question everyone at home is asking. Who the hell eats a pancake like that? Dry with no syrup or butter and with her hands. I get she’s a prostitute, but she’s not a savage. Use a fork for heaven’s sake. Dress up your pancakes with the proper accoutrements. Lord, child, were you raised by wolves? Now look, I’m too angry to talk about the editing team.

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