15 Restraining Orders Filed Against Celebs Or Their Partner

One of the biggest dreams many ordinary people have, is to become a celebrity, either for the fame and glamour, or simply because of the money and seemingly lavish lifestyle. For the most part, celebrities do possess and enjoy a traditionally higher standard of living compared to the vast majority of people, and it is partly because of that fact, that ordinary people sometimes elevate celebrities to higher standards. In truth, a celebrity, even with their fame and wealth, is just as ordinary as any other person; they feel the same things we do, and they deal with complicated and painful personal issues just like the rest of us.

One of these issues pertains to relationship problems, an issue that nearly everyone can relate to, as many of us have likely had at least one problematic relationship. Celebrities have these types of relationships as well, but the main difference between us and them, is that their problems can often become big news stories. Unfortunately, a main reason why their relationship problems become big stories, is because there is often some form of abuse involved; and when there is any kind of abuse, there is often a restraining order that follows. Here is a list of 15 celebrities who got a restraining order against their partner.

15 Halle Berry

14 Tasha Smith


13 R Kelly's Ex


12 Jack White's Ex

11 Tamra Barney


10 Kelly Rutherford


9 Eddie Furlong's Ex


8 Christie Brinkley

7 Denise Richards

6 Brooke Mueller

5 Rihanna


4 Sarah Hyland

3 Mel Gibson's Ex

2 Eileen Davidson


1 Amber Heard

This entry happens to be the most recent and the most relevant in the news, which happens to also make it the inspiration for this article. Amber Heard is relatively new to the acting world, as she has only really been a part of it since 2004. In her now twelve year career, the bulk of her work consists primarily of movie roles, and she has appeared in films such as Friday Night Lights, Alpha Dog, Magic Mike XXL, The Danish Girl, and she will now be playing the role of Mera (Aquaman’s wife) in DC’s cinematic universe. Amber also appeared in the 2011 movie The Rum Diary, which was where she met fellow celebrity Johnny Depp.

She and Depp started dating in 2012, and they eventually went on to get married in 2015, but as of a few weeks ago, their marriage has gone up in flames. On May 23rd, Amber filed for divorce, and four days later, she filed a restraining order against Depp under the pretext of domestic violence. She has even offered visual evidence of said violence, evidence that Depp’s legal team claim are false; he has even gone as far to say that Amber is claiming domestic violence so that she can get a large sum of his money in the divorce. One thing is for sure though, this divorce will likely get much uglier by the time it is finalized.

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15 Restraining Orders Filed Against Celebs Or Their Partner