15 Reality TV Couples That Survived On Screen Relationships

Reality TV shows have become such a buzz-worthy topic when it comes to television and entertainment. One of the main issues is how it can be a factor leading to a couple breaking up; whether they met on screen or were already together. Reality TV has basically become a kiss of death, especially for celebrities.

Whenever we hear about a celebrity couple coming out with a new reality TV series, we cannot help but wish them the best of luck, especially if it’s one of our favorite couples. It basically just means it’s over. When it’s a couple getting together on screen, it’s even worse. We want to tell them to not go through with it because they obviously haven’t watched couples on reality TV before so they don’t know how unsuccessful it usually is.

However, there are some couples that do give people in the entertainment world some hope if they ever decide to be a part of a reality TV series with their significant other or if they happen to fall in love on screen. It’s already hard making a relationship work, but being on television, knowing millions of people are watching your every move, takes the cake. It’s like those couples who showcase their relationship on social media but in a bigger version. You have less control on what gets put out there, where people start being mean and nasty. But that’s why we need to give these following couples props for surviving together while being on screen.

So below is a round-up of these reality TV couples who have made it, or at least this far.

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15 Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas

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Rachel and Brendon met on the set of Big Brother 12 in 2010 and fell in love in front of their audience. On Valentine’s Day in 2011, they got engaged in San Diego while riding on a hot air balloon. The pair then got married in 2012 in a special on WEtv’s My Fair Wedding, where their fans got to tune in and witness their special day. People couldn’t get enough of their relationship, calling them “Brenchel.” After tying the knot, they also branched out to different TV shows including CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Price is Right. Finally in 2015, they welcomed their first child together, their daughter, Adora. They explain how they wanted to name her something unique. “We came up with the name Adora because we adore her, she’s ‘Adora-ble,’ and we wanted a Spanish name to celebrate her Hispanic heritage,” they said. “Borealis was Rachel’s must-have middle name because she’s always been infatuated with the natural beauty of the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. Of course Brendon loves the name because he is a physicist and science nerd! We love the name because Adora lights up our lives like the Borealis lights up the night sky.” Today, fans love dishing out on the latest news of the couple on social media.

14 Catherine Guidici and Sean Lowe

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After their love blossomed for each other on season 17 of The Bachelor, Catherine Guidici and Sean Lowe moved to Dallas to live as normally as possibly. They married in a televised wedding in January 2014 and soon after, announced that they were expecting a newborn. “It’s happening!” Sean said in a caption on Instagram. “I’m going to be a dad!” Although not on reality TV, the couple couldn’t stop themselves from sharing their experience with the rest of the audience. They pretty much captured every moment of the pregnancy through Instagram where we even saw a glimpse of the sonogram. “The good news: baby is perfectly healthy - praise God!” Sean said. “The bad news for both baby and mom: baby apparently has a big head like daddy. But how freakin’ cute is my wife?” At the time of the arrival, Catherine gave us a sneak peak of her addition to the family. “I'm in love with another boy, my son Samuel Thomas Lowe." Sean officially announced of their good news on Twitter. “God is good! We had a healthy baby boy named Samuel Thomas," the new dad said. "Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.” You would think they were done with everyone knowing about their business, being on reality TV and all, but it seems like sharing their special moments with the world works for them and their happy relationship.

13 Brad and Tori Fiorenza

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This adorable couple met on the set of one of the Real World Challenges, “The Gauntlet III” in 2007.  Brad and Tori laid eyes on each other and they’ve been together ever since. That wasn’t the only time their love made an appearance on screen. They went on to compete on “The Duel 2” prior to tying the knot. Then as husband and wife, they appeared on “Cutthroat.” Looks like marriage couldn’t stop the competitive sides of the two. As much as they enjoyed their life on screen and making friends with the rest of the crew, they decided to finally settle down with their own family. They first welcomed baby no. 2, John and then in 2015, they welcomed their second son, Chase. As with other successful reality TV couples, the two maintain a low-profile relationship but considering the past, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they decide to jump on board for another Challenge. The cameras shouldn’t be a problem for them at this rate. They seem to have it all together.

12 Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney

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This Bachelor story definitely had it’s own twist when it came to finding love. Jason Mesnick originally proposed to Melissa Rycroft by giving her the final rose. However, it wasn’t long until he realized his heart belonged to the runner-up, Molly Malaney. He famously dumped Melissa on the live after show of The Bachelor, which is also where he confessed his love for his now wife. Looks like he made the right decision. The two got married in 2010 and welcomed a baby daughter to their family. Jason already had a son, Ty, who appeared on the season of The Bachelor with his dad. In July of 2015, the couple shared their new home in Seattle, Washington via social media where they now live a quiet, normal life after falling in love in front of millions of viewers. The pair showed you can find true love on screen, but most importantly, you should follow your heart just like Jason did.

11 Nicole Polizzi and Jionni LaValle

Via intouchweekly.com

We all remember the Jersey Shore days on MTV, thanks to the cast. Nicole Polizzi, known as Snooki from the show, was one of the main characters on the MTV series whom people loved to hate. But today, she is a completely different person and we kind of saw some of her transformation at the end of the series. Nicole was the party girl on the show so yes that included nights of hooking up and never taking it to the next level. But then she met Jionni at the end of the show which turned everything around for her. At first, the audience didn’t think the couple would last, considering Nicole’s behavior from the past. But once Jersey Shore ended, everything just went smoothly for the two. They married in 2014 and now have two adorable children.

However, before you jump to conclusions and think ending the show is what made the couple last, think again. The couple now has their own reality TV show, called Nicole and Jionni's Shore Flip, joining the rest of the flipping houses crew. So far, they look like they’re doing okay. The Jersey Shore couple has definitely come a long way from their times of partying the summer away.

10 Eric and Jessie James Decker

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This duo started their relationship before the cameras. Country singer Jessie James married NFL player Eric Decker in 2013, and were expecting their first child together. In 2014, they welcomed their baby daughter, Vivianne Rose Decker. That same year, we all got to witness their adorable family on their E! reality TV show, Eric & Jessie: Game On. The viewers couldn’t get enough of the couple and their popularity grew on their social media profiles. In 2015, they welcomed their second child together, Eric Thomas Decker II. Although their show didn’t do so well, people can still get sweet snaps of their family through their social media as the two love sharing moments with the rest of us. We don’t mind and plus, they seem like they know what they’re doing, considering their relationship is going strong. These two are definitely a couple Hollywood needs more of.

9 Jenni Jwoww and Roger Matthews

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Nicole and Jionni weren’t the only Jersey Shore couple that proved us all wrong. Take a look at their cast members, Jenni or “J-Woww” and her boo whom she also met on the show, Roger Matthews. The couple also met later in the series after Jenni had her own fair share of hook-ups and one-night stands. Just like her best friend on the show, Nicole, J-Woww met her boo, who wasn’t an original cast member. He would show up every once in a while like Jionni but surprisingly, he didn’t end up just as a one-night stand. This was after she had a fling going on with cast member, Pauly D., but that didn’t last for too long. Matthews proposed to the Jersey Shore star with a massive ring in September of 2012. They got married in 2015 and have two kids, one daughter and one son, whom she gave birth to this year.

8 LaLa and Carmelo Anthony

Via shutterstock.com

Host and TV personality LaLa married NBA star, Carmelo Anthony, back in 2010, which was televised on VH1. Although they married six years ago, the pair has been together since 2004. That’s amazing for constantly being on the spotlight. Their wedding special led to a reality TV show which not a lot were a fan of for the bad reputation it has on ruining couples. But the pair survived for five seasons of LaLa’s Full Court Life. On the show, we watched how the couple balanced work with hosting gigs, basketball games and traveling all while being newlyweds. It wasn’t always pretty and easy, on top of knowing the reputation of male athletes and the environment they’re usually in.

When asked if she worries about Carmelo when he’s away playing games, LaLa explained why she’s secure enough to not be concerned at all. “I’m just very secure in myself,” said Mrs. Anthony. “You know, I can’t worry about what’s happening on the road. I know our relationship. I know we have a great relationship; he’s my best friend. And, that’s what I focus my energy on. If we think too much about what’s going on when we’re not there and checking phones and cracking email codes, like, that will drive a woman crazy. You have to be secure in yourself.”

7 Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is probably the most drama filled series out of all the other Housewives series which is why we should give props to Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky. They got married back in 1996 and have three children together aside from Kyle’s daughter from a previous marriage. After all these years, the two continue to be a strong match. So what’s the secret? Kyle and Mauricio give the scoop to People. “We're a really good match. We get along really well, actually better than you see on television!” Kyle said. Mauricio believes is their sense of humor. “We're best friends. We actually enjoy each other. She's funny, she makes me laugh,” Mauricio said. Sounds like a relationship we would all like at some point.

But before you think they’re too perfect, the pair reveals that they also have their ups and downs just like any regular couple. “We fight about the temperature in the room," Kyle said. "He always wants it cold.” At the end of the day though, they’re both living the dream. Kyle explains how thankful she is to have the life she does with her family. “I grew up in a divorced family, and I had a very different upbringing. Now I have a husband I'm in love with who I'm excited to see every day and kids who are together and really tight.”

6 Trista and Ryan Sutter

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No matter how many couples make it to the end on The Bachelor series, this duo will always have our hearts. Perhaps because they’re the originals of that series. During season 1, Trista was the runner-up for the bachelor, Alex Michel, and unfortunately did not receive a rose to love. But little did she know, she was about to meet her true love on the show’s spin-off, The Bachelorette. As she was the one giving out the roses this time, she fell in love with Ryan and they have been together ever since. To this day, none of the other cast members of the Bachelor has been as successful. Though, Trista appears in a few other reality TV shows today, their relationship continues to be kept as a low profile which is pretty much key to a successful relationship. Perhaps some of the future cast members of the show can take notes from the very beginning of the popular ABC series.

5 Melissa and Joe Gorga

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Another Real Housewives couple makes it to the list. This time, they’re from New Jersey. Melissa and Joe Gorga have been through a lot of drama and you would know if you keep up with the show. From jealousy to family issues, this couple seems like they are always facing a new problem every episode. Despite all the ups and downs that come their way, they always stick together and make it through, which is how it should be. However, this season shows the two having issues within the relationship. They’re usually dealing with things they heard from the outside such as family members and friends. This time though, the couple deals with drama in the marriage that just has to do with the two of them.

Joe complains about how Melissa is too busy with her business career and leaving him the household all to him. “I’m like Mr. Mom,” Joe explained to Melissa on an episode of RHONJ. “I don’t want you to work. I want you home. I didn’t want a part time wife.” Well, there’s no stopping Melissa from fulfilling her dreams but she explains why she understands where he is coming from. “Joe has that old school mentality of the husband and the wife and the roles they play,” she said. “It is going to be difficult for me to figure out how to be a modern woman and go into the work field, but keep those traditional values because they really don’t go together.”

Although, it seems like they’re disagreeing a lot with the way things are going, they always have a sense of humor about it and that’s what makes the relationship work. If you watch the show, you’ll catch their unique ways of handling their issues which isn’t common in the world of Real Housewives.

4 Heidi and Spencer Pratt

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These two fell in love on the set of The Hills and have been one of the most talked about reality TV couples ever since. People didn’t think they would make it especially with all the drama surrounding the couple. But Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are definitely one duo who proved us all wrong and we kind of like that about them. Not only because the audience had their doubts, but they both really like to be on TV and still manage to make their relationship work. Both of them have appeared on numerous reality TV shows but have kept their relationship solid throughout all the craziness that happens on those shows.

Today, we can watch Speidi on their adventures we really want to be a part of on Snapchat. Based on the social media app, the two are living in Santa Barbara now, away from the Hollywood scene and it looks like they’re living quite well. Their whole lives have been on display for us to watch and tear apart because that’s what we, as viewers, do. However, they’ve proved their love was real and strong no matter what anyone said about their relationship. We can safely say they have more fans now than before due to their adorable love for one each other.

3 Heather and Terry Dubrow

Via bravotv.com

If you watch Real Housewives of Orange County, then you recognize this fine couple. Heather and Terry Dubrow are the it-couple of that series no matter what any of the housewives say. Not only are they rich and fabulous, but their personalities are so likable especially when they are together. This is one couple we hope reality TV doesn’t mess up because everyone is a fan of their well-put marriage. As we can see on this season RHOC, Terry seems to be struggling with balancing work and family. As a result, Heather becomes concern. But she did speak about her marriage being taped and what it meant for them.

“For me, I was very hung up wondering how this was going to look and I had a really hard time releasing myself," Heather said in an interview. “So he and I would argue about the show. That’s why I think in the first few seasons it looked like we were really fighting, because that was all we fought about. Finally I thought to myself, 'OK, I can do this.’” In the end, Heather relies on communication to keep the marriage together while still having fun with the show. “Communication above all. We kind of merged our careers also, which has been kind of weird, but also exciting and fun.”

2 Ice T and Coco

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Ice T and Coco were one of those celebrity couples who decided to have some fun with reality television and went on to premier their first show on E!, Ice Loves Coco. The pair has been married for over 12 years and still strong. When their show aired, people fell completely fell in love with the two and how their relationship was so unique, yet, it still totally worked for them. It was a breath of fresh air for sure. The rapper explains how he was aware of their different backgrounds but wanted the world to know it didn’t mean anything. “I think we’ve already surprised everybody,” Ice T said. “I think the fact that I was a gangbanger, Coco flung around on a stripper pole a while back, that’s what they thought and now they see we’re pretty normal.” While it can be risky for celebrity couples to go the reality TV route, it was in this couple’s favor. Thanks to their show, people got to see who they really were, and ended up loving them.

“They thought I'd be burying bodies in the back garden and Coco would be off stripping at birthday parties,” the rapper explains. “But we're a normal couple with a normal relationship and people are starting to see that.” However, Ice T got real when talking about the first time laid eyes on his voluptuous wife. “'I applied the stereotype that everyone does to Coco…that she just wanted to party and have a good time. But she was just an honest and giving woman. She's the nicest person, man or woman, I've ever met.” It appears that being real and genuine is what makes this relationship thrive and plus, people can't get enough it.

1 Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd 

Via bravotv.com

As said before, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is full of drama so all the couples that survive being on that show must know what they’re doing to keep their relationship safe. But if there’s a couple who makes the work look easy, it’s Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. The two have been married for over 30 years! The world of Hollywood has nothing on this marriage. The best part is they prove that love at first sight is real. They married after only six weeks of dating.

Another cool part of their love story is how they met. Lisa came into Ken’s life at the bar he owned at the time in London, which is the main industry of their business today. The two own bars, nightclubs and high-end restaurants from London to New York to Los Angeles, which is why you always catch them running around. They prove that couples who work and play together, stay together. While compatibility works for other couples like Kyle and Mauricio, it’s being complete opposites that works for these two. “We complement each other," Lisa said. "He's the impulsive one, I'm more conservative. He's always looking for a new venture.” She also added how their different personalities helps with their careers. This power couple sure proves that reality TV isn't always bad news for relationships.

SourcesBravoTV.com; People.com

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