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15 Rappers That Are More Obnoxious Than Kanye West

15 Rappers That Are More Obnoxious Than Kanye West

Whether you love him or hate him, Kanye West is undeniably one of the most entertaining rappers on and off the stage. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t also the most obnoxious. Kanye is like the aggravating gift that keeps on giving. There’s no one else in the Hip Hop world with such a massive, overinflated ego. We can all sit back and collectively chuckle at his cringeworthy interactions on Twitter, like his infamous e-beef with Wiz Khalifa that birthed the hashtag #FingersIntheBootyA**B**ch. And believe it or not, it was pretty hard for us to come up with a list of rappers who are more obnoxious than The College Dropout rapper.

But alas, we were able to compile a list of artists whose careers have taken a nosedive for various antics, horrible lyrics, and online trolling that now leads us to turn the station every time one of their tracks come on the radio. Check out our list of 15 rappers who are definitely more obnoxious than Yeezy himself.

15. Pitbull

When Pitbull first stepped out on the scene, the Miami rapper caught the attention of Hip Hop heads with his raunchy lyrics intertwined with a little bit of Spanish as a nod to his Cuban heritage. The 305 rapper was at the top of the game when his M.I.A.M.I. album, debuting back in 2004, but slowly, his popularity in the Hip Hop community began to fade. To many, the hate for Pitbull was unleashed after he received the kiss of death: commercial success. His crossover into a pop artist has stripped him of the gritty and raw persona that initially caught Hip Hop fans’ attention. Now, the rapper can be seen fist pumping in Pepsi commercials, and getting his Salsa on while wearing ill-fitting three-piece suits . He has definitely found success in his new genre, leaving rap fans, and his mentor Lil’ Jon, in the dust. And because he blessed us with a few Hip Hop tracks that had our heads bobbing, only to chunk up the deuce when big name advertisers started calling, we can’t help but be annoyed by his presence.

14. The Game

First things first, The Game has some catchy tracks that blew out our speakers back in 2005, but since then, the rapper is better known for pulling stunts and trolling on Instagram. For that reason alone, he’s definitely more obnoxious than Kanye West. The Game is one of those artists who seems desperate to hang on to the fame and notoriety he once experienced. And therefore, he goes out of his way to give the perception that he’s ballin’ out of control. This really isn’t anything new when it comes to rap artist, but because Game is so blatant with his fakery, many fans have lost respect for him. Like the time the rapper stole a man’s Instagram picture of a wad of cash, and reposted it on his own feed as if the money belonged to him. Or that time he posted a picture and claimed a prince from Saudi Arabia sent him nine watches and nine bottles of uber-expensive liquor for his birthday. Come to find out, that picture didn’t belong to him either (*shocker*).

Then there were the thirst traps he would post of himself wearing the tightest underwear to show off his…ummm…package. Because of Game, we secretly thanked the Instagram gods when they removed #eggplantfriday from their search function. But the rapper still finds ways to be completely obnoxious, and we doubt he’ll be changing his tune anytime soon.

13. Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy was just a teen when he emerged on the Hip Hop scene, but that didn’t stop rap fans from completely bashing him. Sure, nine years later, we practically trample each other to get out on the dance floor to crank that Superman, but Soulja Boy is still one of the most obnoxious rappers of all time. Most of the hate for this rapper comes from his sense of entitlement, his cocky attitude, and his lack of respect for Hip Hop. Oh, and did we mention his elementary lyrics that sound like childhood nursery rhymes? Well yeah, lets just add that to the list too.

In 2009, the rapper threatened to quit the rap game completely, and not one eyelash was batted. Unfortunately for Soulja, he’s just one of those artist who people love to hate, but with a net worth of $23 million, we doubt he even cares.

12. Chief Keef



You know what we don’t like? Obnoxious rappers who sound like they’re gargling a mouth full of cotton balls on every single track. In case you’re wondering who we’re referring to, it’s none other than Chicago rapper Chief Keef. The rapper received notoriety with his track “Don’t Like,” but it was soon discovered that his lyrical vocabulary left much to be desired. In fact, the rapper’s success has little to do with his music at this point. His obnoxious persona of the gun-toting, weed smoking rapper is a stereotype that the Hip Hop world has been battling for decades. In reality, he isn’t perpetuating negative stereotypes any more than other rappers in the game, but Chief Keef and his crew are excessive with being “about that life.”

The rapper basically committed career suicide when he told Katy Perry he would “smack the sh**” out of her after she bashed his track “Hate Being Sober” on Twitter. He later apologized for his tweets, but when you mess with Katy Perry, you automatically get thrown into the “obnoxious rapper” category.

11. Birdman



What do you do when you don’t have any real talent of your own? You round up a group of artist and producers, get them to sign contracts full of loopholes, profit off of them, and ignore them when they ask for their cut. That’s essentially the way Birdman of Cash Money Records has operated for years, and because of his shady behavior in the industry, he definitely deserves a spot on this list. When it comes to stiffing artists, Lil’ Wayne is one of the few who has fought back against the record exec. But aside from being a horrible businessman, Birdman also raps from time to time, and he gets involved in some nonsensical beefs that really bring out the L-O-L’s. Like the time he threw a hissy fit on the radio show The Breakfast Club, and before stomping out of the studio, he asked the host Charlamagne Tha God, “Are y’all finished or are y’all done?” In the end, the only thing that’s done is Birdman’s “respek” in the Hip Hop industry.

10. Diddy


Diddy is definitely one of the top players in the Hip Hop world, but his success has been overshadowed by his obnoxious behavior, shiesty business deals, and those awful Sean John velour suits. Oh, and there’s also his alleged involvement in the murder of Tupac Shakur.

Our annoyance with Diddy comes from his love for ruining the careers of various artists. From Day 26 to Danity Kane, behind those dark sunglasses is a man who seems to be only out for himself. Even his former artist Shyne went on the record to say Diddy was only out to “save himself” after he took the heat for a 1999 New York nightclub shooting that left three people injured. Shyne was sentenced to ten years in prison while Diddy got off scot-free. He seems to not understand the concept of loyalty, and because of that, no, we don’t want to buy a bottle of his Ciroc liquor. And it doesn’t matter how hot Cassie looked in his 3AM fragrance commercial, we’re still not buying that crap. Diddy is definitely one of the Hip Hop moguls we love to hate.

9. DJ Khaled


Even though DJ Khaled has a huge following on Snapchat, the producer is nothing but an annoyance to most of us. Listening to a Khaled-produced track is prone to make your ears bleed. Is it impossible for him to release a song without his scruffy voice overpowering the lyrics and the beat? Apparently not.

If you still had any doubts on who’s the best, Khaled will let you know “we are”…on every…single…song. He calls himself a producer, but he doesn’t really producer anything. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t do much but holler on the track and slap his name on it before releasing it to the masses. Despite being a constant annoyance to our ears, he has at least one fan in his corner: Jay Z. Khaled has inked a management deal with Jay’s Roc Nation. It seems like being obnoxious definitely has its perks.

8. Meek Mill

The Philly rapper had a string of hood-approved hits like “Levels” and “In My Bag,” but he quickly revealed his status as the corniest and most obnoxious rapper in the game when he decided to go head-to-head with Toronto rapper Drake. It all started with Meek Mill making claims that Drake was using a ghostwriter to help pen his rhymes. What ensued was a lyrical sparring match, and despite getting “bodied” by Drake, Meek refused to take his whooping like a man. Instead of huddling in the corner in the fetal position while begging for mercy, the rapper attempted to redeem himself with subsequent tracks that contained lyrics that fell short of even garnering Drake’s attention. Until this day, the rapper’s Instagram comments are littered with corn emojis, and there’s no way he’ll ever be considered anything less than obnoxious. Even Toronto politician Norm Kelly is fed up with Meek, and he has barred him from entering Drake’s hometown in the capital city.

7. 50 Cent


At this point, we’re not sure if 50 Cent is trolling or just bored. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Either way, the rapper’s music career has taken a backseat to his never-ending online beefs with almost every rapper in the Hip Hop community, and there’s also his on-again off-again beef with Floyd Mayweather. When Drake called Meek Mill “Twitter fingers,” we think he was talking about 50 instead, because the rapper has pretty much solidified himself as an online instigator and antagonizer. And then there’s his arrogance which has people more than annoyed with the rapper. After filing for bankruptcy, he felt the need to pose with a pile of cash on his Instagram page. Now that we come to think about it, we liked 50 a hell of a lot more before the invention of social media, but we’re still happy he’s showing us his true colors.

6. Young Thug



When Young Thug stepped out on the scene, people didn’t know whether to point and laugh, stare, walk away in disgust, or all of the above. His incoherent rambling makes it almost impossible to sing along to any of his songs, and his questionable taste in fashion makes many Hip Hop heads uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with his love for wearing nail polish and women’s clothing. In fact, Young Thug’s obnoxiousness has more to do with the rapper being a walking meme. From stealing Lil’ Wayne’s album name to calling Cash Money exec Birdman his “hubby,” Young Thug has based his career on pushing buttons, and we’ve got to say, he has done at good job at it. His eccentric style and his love for rocking gender neutral gear has landed him a huge gig modelling women’s clothing with Calvin Klein. Since the Hip Hop world has basically chewed him up and spit him up, maybe he’ll have better success sashaying down the fashion runway.

5. Azealia Banks


Can you name one Azealia Banks song? Yeah, me neither. Oh wait, she did drop a couple bars on Yo Gotti’s “Down in the DM” remix, but since it wasn’t technically her song, it doesn’t really count. But despite being practically irrelevant in the Hip Hop world, Banks has managed to insert herself into everyone’s business, verbally attacking and provoking beefs with too many celebs to count at this point. In fact, her online activity became so disruptive, Twitter actually suspended her account. Now, if that’s not annoying, I don’t know what is. Banks has lashed out at artists such as Iggy Azalea, T.I., Lupe Fiasco and Lady Gaga. It’s apparent that she’s battling some inner demons, or maybe she’s been hitting the bottle a little too much. Either way, every time Banks opens her mouth, we know she’ll being spewing something utterly obnoxious.

4. Tyga


Tyga was never really a top contender in the rap industry, but it’s his life outside of music that earned him a spot on this list. The Cali rapper is currently the laughing stock of every gossip magazine, from his romance with teenage reality star Kylie Jenner to his inability to pay off his creditors. Tyga suffers from “fake it ’til you make it” syndrome even though his social media accounts give off the appearance that he’s truly living the life. Unfortunately for him, his financial issues have been blasted across every media outlet. From getting cars repossessed to owing his landlords hundreds of thousands of dollars, we would probably respect Tyga much more if he stopped frontin’ and started living within his means. His fakery is just laughable at this point, and we can’t help but to giggle every time he flaunts a wad of cash on his Snapchat. We all know the truth about his money situation, and no amount of racks will make us think any differently. Tyga will remain obnoxious until he fades into obscurity.

3. Iggy Azalea


It’s tough for a female to earn respect in the Hip Hop community, and this is something Iggy Azalea learned firsthand. The Aussie rapper gained a little bit of traction after T.I. vouched for her, but rap fans soon realized she was nothing but a fake…from her urban accent to her…um…assets. But it was fellow annoying rapper Azealia Banks who called Iggy out for “loving black men and black culture,” but never speaking up about black issues. We all knew Banks was just doing her normal trolling, but it really put the spotlight on Iggy who was later deemed a “culture vulture.”

The main reason we added Iggy to the list is because of her disrespect to Hip Hop culture. Even Q-Tip tried to school her with an online Hip Hop history lesson, but she basically snubbed him and continued to stick her nose in the air. At this point, the rap world is done with Iggy, but she’s still attempting to make herself relevant by dropping lackluster tracks in her same phony accent. I guess she plans on being obnoxious and annoying til the wheels fall off.

2. Bow Wow


Bow Wow wasn’t even tall enough to ride the rollercoasters at your favorite amusement park when he first blessed us with his lyrical prowess. Backed by Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat, he had a string of hits that I still listen to today (don’t judge me.) But time hasn’t been kind to the rapper. He simply hasn’t been able to transition his Hip Hop career from his childhood into his adult life, and it seems like he’s constantly at the center of the joke. To be honest, we’re not quite sure what makes Bow Wow so annoying. Maybe it’s because in our heads, he’s still a 10-year-old boy wearing corn rows and baggy clothes. Maybe it’s because he’s always quick to talk about his sexual escapades with fellow celebs like Angela Simmons and Ciara. Or perhaps it’s his cocky and holier than thou attitude. Either way, he rubs people the wrong way even though he hasn’t had a music hit in over a decade.

1. Riff Raff


The number one spot on our list of rappers who are more obnoxious than Kanye West was reserved for none other than Riff Raff. At this point, the Texas rapper (and we use that word loosely) welcomes the hate from the naysayers, so he’s probably just happy his name is even being mentioned at this point. Riff Raff is everything that the Hip Hop community loathes. He perpetuates negative stereotypes, from the gold teeth to his braided hair, and he is basically a caricature of a rapper. He’s the laughing stock of the industry…but he’s laughing all the way to the bank. He has a huge online following, although to many, he’s undeserving of the fame. But at this point, Riff Raff isn’t really known for his music; he’s simply known for looking like a fool, spitting rubbish for lyrics, and getting ignored by his date, Katy Perry, at the 2014 MTV VMAs. We would pay to have Riff Raff go away, but then again, he’s so obnoxious, we’ll let him stick around just so we can have something to laugh about when we’re having a bad day. Just remember this: your life may suck, but at least you’re not Riff Raff.

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