15 Questions We All Had After Watching Stranger Things

Many people cannot stop talking about the original Netflix Series, Stranger Things that released on July 15th exclusively on Netflix. It is a Sci-Fi TV show created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. The Duff brothers are most likely referred as geniuses for creating an innovative show filled with several layers, dimensions, and eighties nostalgia. The nostalgia alone has made Stranger Things an addiction where many viewers glued themselves to their seats for a full eight-hour binge-watching experience. There are similarities and reminders to films such as ET, The Thing, and Alien, however, with the use of “The Bathtub,” Physics, lab testings, and a parallel universe, this show can be compared to hit TV series such as Lost and Fringe. Similar to these shows that are known to have Easter eggs along with new discoveries throughout each season, this will most likely be the same case for Stranger Things.

Despite having only eight episodes for the first season, it contains batches of hidden layers, dimensions, personalities, and side stories, where it set a landscape for more to unfold and explore in the hopeful Season 2. For those that have been hiding under a rock and have not completed watching season one, they should step away from the internet and social media until they do since spoilers are everywhere. Moving forward, here are fifteen clues that you see in season one that could be a possible easter egg or prediction for season 2. A few ideas and theories could be far-fetched or spot on, but you be the judge or develop your own ideas.

15 Is Will Still In Trouble?

It is not until the end of the final episode, where time flashes to one month later during the holiday season. At first, everything seems normal, or as close to normal can get after what the Byers experienced. As the Byers were having a holiday dinner, Will headed to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, he coughs up a worm-alien-like creature that managed to stay inside his body for over a month as Will let it loose into the real world. He looked at himself in the mirror and managed to see a glimpse into the Upside Down realm.

The following questions remain but will most likely be answered in Season 2: How could Will keep such a creature in him for so long? Is there a force luring him back to the Upside Down? Did he ever escape? Is this worm going to infect more innocent lives in Hawkins? Did Will gain powers during his time in the Upside Down?

14 Where is Eleven?


Eleven dissipated and disappeared into thin air along with the monster she allegedly defeated with her powers while defending her friends, their family, and all of Hawkins. What you see in the final episode is Hopper leaving her favorite Eggo Waffles and a few junk food goodies out in the cold. The questions remain which will most likely be answered in season 2 are: Where is Eleven hiding? Who is she hiding from? Could she be hiding in the Upside Down but close to the gate where she continuously travels to both dimensions?

13 Will Terry Ives Unite with Eleven?


Episode 6 involved Hopper and Will’s mom Joyce (Winona Ryder) making a stop to see Terry Ives, a woman who claimed to lose her daughter to Dr. Martin Brenner (Papa). When Hopper and Joyce questioned Ms. Ives, she was unable to speak as though she was permanently paralyzed. Her sister who appeared to be Ives' caretaker informed Hopper and Joyce about Dr. Brenner conducting tests on Ives years ago which led to her miscarriage. At this point, Hopper and Joyce believed there was no miscarriage as it was clear Terry Ives is Eleven's mother. It is this particular episode that somewhat reveals Ives will most likely return in Season 2. The questions remain: Does Ms. Ives have powers similar to Eleven? What would Ives reaction be if she saw Eleven?

12 What Deal Did Hopper Make with Dr. Brenner?


The big question is, what exactly happened to Hopper? What was made clear from the final episode is, Hopper made a deal with Dr. Brenner where at that point it was evident he told Brenner on Eleven’s whereabouts. An agreement which assisted Hopper and Joyce into the Upside Down where they managed to retrieve Will. Additionally, you see Hopper disappearing in a Black government-like vehicle towards the end of the season.

Questions remain as these were clues for a second season: What else did Hopper promise Brenner? What else did he discover about Hawkins Lab or the Upside Down? Did Hopper sell himself to the Upside Down?

11 Are There After Effects of Crossing Over to the Upside Down?


Nancy was beyond terrified during the time when she was dragged to the upside down by the faceless monster and had Jonathan Byers run to the rescue by pulling her out just in time. This terrifying emotion could have generated from the obvious trauma from the hard to believe supernatural experience she had. The question remains: What if her fear meant something deeper as though she had some sort of visions from that world, similar to Will's, and took something with her? What are the long-term effects on a person from the Upside Down? What would the side effects be for the rest of them including Joyce, Hopper, and Will?

10 Does Dr. Brenner “Papa” Have Powers?


It has been repetitively evident that the people who are behind the Hawkins Lab, or this CIA-like team are quite powerful where they have arranged disappearances, faked deaths to cover their tracks, and plotted experiments. What will happen in season 2 remains unknown. However, a significant prediction is that not only will Dr. Brenner, "Papa" return, but he'll possibly be stronger than ever.

Season 2 could lead to more answers including revealing who is the head of the Hawkins Lab as it could be Dr. Brenner himself, or controlled by a stronger and darker alien-esque force. Secondly, is Dr. Brenner Eleven's father and if so, who did he sell her to for handling such experiments?

9 What Really Happened to Hopper’s Daughter?


If Hopper’s daughter is still alive, is she stuck in the upside down? Episodes 3 and 4 proved that not all deaths are real and final when Will’s body was “found” in the lake followed by Hopper discovering that his body was a double as it was stuffed with cotton. Perhaps in season 2, Hopper will dig out his daughter’s grave to see that her body is a fake.

Later on, into the season, Hopper found his daughter's stuffed animal in the Upside Down. There’s quite a mystery in this area as Hopper revealed small hints throughout the season. Regardless, something unexplainable and horrific must have happened, or maybe there was more to the deal Hopper made with Dr. Brenner as he could be led or falsely led to his daughter.

8 Does Eleven Have Any Power Left?


Season One revealed Eleven's powers originated from the testing and experiments Dr. Brenner put her mother through, however, what is unknown is, have her powers been a training guide this whole time to kill off monsters? Additionally, how much further will her powers grow? Or after the final episode, how weak have they become? It was discovered that the more power Eleven used, the weaker she became. When she allegedly killed the monster, she used everything she had and was certain she would be destroyed along with it. Season 2 will possibly reveal how her powers are either resurrected or completely diminished which could mean she is hiding from both the real and upside down worlds out of fear.

7 How Many Monsters?


The upside down is a complete mystery and despite Eleven killing off one monster, there is most likely more to come. What is known about these Upside Down world monsters is, they are faceless, appear in different worm-like shapes and sizes, and are attracted to blood. Most likely in season 2, more people from Hawkins will become aware that monsters do exist, and there will be further experiments on how to exterminate them. These monsters can seem impossible to kill, including the last episode where you think Eleven has officially destroyed it. Another hint that more monsters exist in the Upside Down is during the final episode when Hopper discovered an Alien-dinosaur-like egg in the Upside Down making one wonder, what will happen once the egg or eggs hatch?

6 How Large Is The Upside Down?


What the viewers learn from Season 1 is the Upside Down is an alternative or parallel universe. In this case, much darker, cold, and scarier and depending on how strong the magnetic field and energy is, there is a hidden gate that allows access. During episode 6, Nancy gets trapped in a tree where she saw the faceless monster. This led us to believe that the tree is the hidden gate to the upside down. Season 2 would most likely explore this tree and its secret pathway, along with discovering who else has been there and assisting that side. For instance, during Season 1, the kids realized that the compass they were using wasn’t truly facing North as an energy managed to pull away from it, and the compass ended up pointing where the Upside Down gate could be.

5 What Really Happened To Barb?


Nancy’s friend Barb had a bad feeling about Steven’s house party (Nancy’s new boyfriend), yet she went despite her personal objections and reservations. Moving forward, it was evident in episode 7 that Barb did not survive as Eleven saw her dead body in the Upside Down. The odd part about this is, the government or those working for the lab covered their tracks, as they made it look like she ran away. However, there is no physical body to be found, and the question remains, why can’t Barb’s body be returned from the Upside Down for a proper burial? As it seems, the story, in this case, is closed. However, there is another possibility that Barb could be transformed into another faceless monster? This is the Upside Down, and it is Stranger Things where if Joyce can talk to flashing Christmas lights, anything is possible.

4 Who Was Ten, Nine, Eight, and so Forth?


It was revealed in the first episode of Eleven's extraordinary powers and characteristics. She was found wearing a rugged hotel gown with a shaved head, and her name at that time was unidentified. She was only able to say her name by the tattoo that was on her arm as “Eleven.” Moving forward, when someone is in a lab, who placed this tattoo on her amongst other subjects and how many were there before and after her? It is evident later on that she lived in this lab her entire life, but no one knows for sure. One thing is, she is not the first and perhaps not the last.

3 Jonathan and Nancy’s Relationship: Romance or Dud?


There were several moments of eye contact and movements between Nancy and Jonathan that include Jonathan's obvious crush as he took photos of her. The subtleties between the two developed further in episode four when they came to a realization that monsters exist in the real world. Episode 6 revealed more of the romance between the two, where it was just the two of them seeing that the supernatural exists including an alternate reality, a faceless monster, and moving lights. During the eighth episode, there is a moment between Nancy and Jonathan as she gave him a special Christmas gift and walked back to her current boyfriend, Steven. This shy romance will soon build, and Steven will be out of the picture, soon enough.

2 How Much More Experimenting?


During the entire course of Season 1, there are flashbacks of Eleven being dragged into different parts of the lab as Dr. Brenner, “Papa” continued to run tireless tests on her and her unique abilities. Additionally, there was an experiment that involved Eleven visiting the Upside Down world directly as she trembled in complete fear and horror. Experiments and tests were going on long before Eleven as Eleven’s mom was an experiment as well twelve years prior. Season 2 and moving forward should reveal such operations more specifically which could give the audience more clues and answers. Additionally, once these experiments are made clear to the audience, one could theorize they were the accidental cause to the gateway and path of the Upside Down.

1 The Hawkins Lab: More Secrets?

It is inevitable that season 2 will slowly build additional revelations about The Hawkins Lab, similar to shows such as Lost, where more mysteries about "the Island” was revealed more after each season.

The powerful levels the Hawkins Lab has that was demonstrated but not answered as the mystery tracks back to episode 1. Episode 1 featured a man in a lab coat frantically running for his life as he raced to the elevator and hit any button to escape. The suspenseful moment when he takes a quick breath thinking he has successfully escaped from this dark force takes an abrupt end as he gets hauled up into the air and disappears. Hopefully, more clues will be revealed but, it seems as though they did not even break the surface with all capabilities that the Hawkins Lab holds, including its origins.

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15 Questions We All Had After Watching Stranger Things