15 Politicians Who Had Their Lives Ruined By Scandals

The world of politics isn't as boring as you might think it is. Beneath the veneer of endless bureaucracy, there's a lot of shady stuff going on. Most of the time this "dirty laundry" never sees the light of day, and we never know about the nasty stuff these government officials are up to. But on some extremely rare occasions, vital secrets get leaked and people's careers get ruined. These are supposed to be people we can trust, people who were elected because they seemed like respectable individuals. They say politicians these days are like actors, always pretending to be someone else. It seems like the only time we get to see who they really are is when scandals come out that reveal the kind of people they are behind closed doors.

Political scandals can involve a huge range of things. Sometimes politicians are caught red-handed in huge sex scandals. They may have abused their power to gain access to some of the most beautiful women in the country. They may have been caught paying for sex. They may have been accused of sexually abusing the people they work with. But sometimes the biggest scandals go beyond mere sexual urges, and instead involve much more troubling issues. Sometimes news comes out that these politicians are totally corrupt, and are completely misusing the trust that the people have given them.

15  15. Nicole Minetti

Nicole Minetti is an Italian politician that's famous for being one of the hottest, if not the hottest politicians of all time. She was a showgirl in Italy before she ventured into politics, and she could never quite leave that world behind. That's what got her into trouble. She went to jail for providing Silvio Berlusconi with escorts. That's right, she was caught pimping out girls to the prime minister of Italy. She was sentenced to five years in prison, and was banned from politics for five years as well. She was the one who organized the massive orgies that Silvio Berlusconi was so infamous for, and one of the girls she hired was only 17 at the time. Nicole herself allegedly performed sex acts for money as well. In her defense, she claims that everything she did was out of love for the Italian Prime Minister.

14 Silvio Berlusconi

Now we move on to Silvio Berlusconi himself. This guy is probably one of the most corrupt politicians that has ever lived. Where do we begin? Allegedly, he entered politics in the first place because he wanted to use political influence to save himself from bankruptcy, as several of his companies were in huge debt. In addition, many people have claimed that he has links to the mafia. But perhaps the biggest scandals surrounding him are the ones that landed him in court. He got sentenced to 3 years for bribing a senator, and he was also tried for having underage sex with a 17-year-old prostitute. But here's the crazy thing. He never actually served any time in jail. Somehow, he got away with everything, although his reputation was undoubtedly tarnished. Did he bribe the courts? Did he pay the escorts to keep quiet? We may never know...

13 Bill Clinton

One of the most famous sex scandals of all time was the Lewinsky scandal that ruined Bill Clinton's career. Monica was a 22-year-old intern at the Whitehouse, who came out and told the world that she had a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton during her time there. At first, Bill tried to deny everything, saying the famous words, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." But as time went on, it was clear that he was lying. This was because they found Bill's semen on Monica's dress, leaving him red-handed. The court then decided that Bill was guilty of perjury. Later, Bill Clinton was held in civil contempt of court, and was handed a $90,000 fine. His license to practice law was also suspended for 5 years. Strangely, Bill Clinton continued to be president, although his reputation suffered a major blow.

12 Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is still under investigation for the email scandal that has plagued her during this election. She had her own private email server in the basement of her house. This email server had little to no security measures, and was accessible by pretty much anyone. She has had her emails hacked numerous times,  and the hacker alias known as "Guccifer" says that he saw at least 20 other hackers monitoring her email account at any given time. Most recently, emails were hacked that linked Hillary Clinton with rigging the Democratic primaries, and it seemed apparent that Hillary knew about and possibly sanctioned the sabotage of Bernie Sanders' campaign. Emails that were sent to Hillary included classified filed that included American secrets that foreign countries would love to get their hands on. For a while, she seemed to get off the hook, with FBI Director James Comey says she wasn't responsible, but now the federal court is demanding that Hillary answer questions about the scandal under oath. But will she tell the truth?

11 Eliot Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer was yet another politician that was caught paying for prostitutes. At the time, he was the Governor of New York, and the scandal forced him to resign. His habit had stretched back to the beginning of his political career. From back when he was attorney general, up to his time as Governor, he reportedly spent more than $80,000 dollars on prostitutes. The FBI was suspicious when Spitzer started to transfer large amounts of money to a shady company. It turned out that this company was a front for a prostitution ring, and the FBI quickly came forward with their findings. This resulted in his resignation, and not only destroyed his career, but also his family life.

10 John Edwards

John Edwards was a successful US Senator, and he was even a vice-presidential and presidential candidate for the Democratic party at one point. But that all came crashing to a close when he was caught cheating on his wife. He had an affair with a filmmaker called Rielle Hunter, and Rielle actually got pregnant. He told a team member called Andrew Young to fake the DNA results, and to "take one for the team," and claim it was his child and not his. Eventually, after tons of denial, a sex tape with John Edwards and Rielle was published, and his career was officially ruined. He admitted to the affair, and later came clean and said he was the child's father. A court proceeding went forward which accused him of misspending campaign funds to keep the whole thing quiet. He was found not guilty.

9 David Wu

David Wu is an extremely strange fellow. Before he was forced to resign, he was a congressman. Even before he was involved in a sex scandal, he was known as a weird dude, probably because he emailed all of his staff a picture of himself in a tiger suit. His strange political journey came to a close when an 18-year-old teenager came forward and said David had forced her into an unwanted sexual act. To add salt to the wound, this 18-year-old girl was actually the daughter of a close friend of David Wu, a person who had donated to his campaign numerous times. Previously, he was accused of assaulting his former girlfriend, but this latest controversy forced him to resign.

8 Anna-Maria Galojan

This female Estonian politician, known as one of the hottest politicians ever, actually went to jail for five years after getting caught in one of the biggest scandals ever. While she was working for a NGO, she spent thousands and thousands of their money on personal clothes and jewelry. She even spent their money on plane tickets and trips to the spa. She was found guilty after a trial, but she wasn't quite ready to go to jail. She fled to London, but Britain eventually extradited her back to Estonia where she was forced to serve her sentence. She spent five years behind bars. Since then, she has been released. At her heyday, she was one of the most popular political figures in Estonia.

7 Anthony Weiner

It's hard to take a scandal seriously when it's known as "weinergate." But that's what people started calling it when House Of Representatives member Anthony Weiner got caught in a massive sexting scandal. It actually happened not once, but twice. He sent a "sexually suggestive" picture of himself to a 21-year-old woman from Seattle, and then ended up with him resigning. It would seem that this politician is a sexting addict though, and even after he had left politics he was sexting at least three different women. This news came to light when he was running for mayor of New York City, and although everyone was calling for him to drop out of the race, he stayed on and finished fifth.

6 Yuri Fujikawa

Yuri Fujikawa is another female politician who is recognized as one of the hottest women in Politics. She has been involved in tons of sex scandals. She is often spotted with ex-boyfriends that she was supposed to be finished with, all while dating other guys. She even was seen walking out of a hotel one morning with a high-ranking Japanese politician, who is married! Also, she's done softcore porn videos that you can find on the internet pretty easily, although she claims this was done "for the good of the country." Whatever you say about her, she is getting people interested in politics, especially young men. For all her scandals, she is unique in that her reputation seems untarnished. People in Japan love her, and she's incredibly popular in her home country.

5 Denny Hastert

This man was once the Speaker for the House Of Representatives, but his career and reputation was destroyed by scandals. He has admitted to being a serial child molester. It all started when an individual he knew back when he was a wrestling coach at high school came forward. This man claimed to have been abused by Denny, and Denny tried to cover it up by offering the guy millions to stay quiet. Eventually all this came to light, including three other boys who had been abused by Hastert. Some of these boys were as young as 14 when they were abused. He got 15 months in prison, and was the highest ranking politician ever to get prison time in US history.

4 Eric Massa

Sometimes politicians are two-faced, lying perverts. One example of this would be Eric Massa, a well-spoken, respected US Representative, who was later revealed to be sexually harassing his male co-workers the entire time. These allegations against him caused him to resign. These "advances" were made towards younger male staffers. He also used inappropriate language to younger males on more than one occasion, and even sent explicit images to fellow workers. In his defense, he said that he was just "tickling" these young men, and that his decision to step down was due to his cancer, not his sexual scandal. Even guys in the Navy who served with Massa 20 years ago came out and said he groped them too.

3 Richard Nixon

Nixon is probably one of the best-known politicians to have their careers destroyed by scandals. It was known as the Watergate scandal. Nixon was accused of bugging the DNC, to keep an eye on his rivals. Robbers were arrested at the Watergate Complex, the home of the Democratic National Convention. They had been wiretapping the buildings, planting bugs on phones, and doing general spy stuff. These five individuals were carrying cash that was linked back to the Republic party, which Nixon led. First, Nixon tried to cover it up, and when evidence that he tried to cover it up surfaced, he tried to cover up his cover up. Tapes were released of Nixon talking about how he knew about the break-in. He was forced to resign.

2 Yury Skuratov

This man was prosecutor general of Russia before he was involved in one of the biggest, and (let's face it) most hilarious scandals ever. He was an enemy of Putin's at the time, and he really should have known better than to mess with the guy. Putin was trying to find a way to get this guy out of his way when fortune smiled on the now Russian prime minister. He didn't have to do a damn thing (except use the KGB to spy on him), because Yury had a thing for prostitutes, and was filmed having an orgy with two women. Putin later showed the entire country that video over national television, and proved that it was Yury "doing the deed." He also claimed that the orgy was organized by criminals who were somehow connected to Yury Skuratov. So yeah, Yury had to resign...

1 Ted Cruz

A few months ago, Ted Cruz was fiercely battling with Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. Trump seemed by far the most likely to win the battle, but Cruz would not give up. Even though the numbers were against him, Cruz refused to back down. So Trump decided to pull out his secret weapon that he'd been hiding up his sleeve the whole time. He needed to finish ol' Ted off for good. So he mentioned he had something that would destroy Ted Cruz's reputation. That's it! That's all he did. He made one vague reference to something that he knew about Ted Cruz's past. And Ted Cruz dropped out of the race the next day. So what was this thing, this secret that Trump claimed to know about? Many people think he had concrete evidence linking Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, to none other than Harvey Lee Oswald, the alleged sniper that killed John F. Kennedy. Since this whole thing came to light, the above photo has been popping up around the internet, and this photo allegedly shows Rafael Cruz and Harvey Lee Oswald together. Whatever information Trump had, it was probably pretty good for Ted Cruz to just drop out of the race like that...

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15 Politicians Who Had Their Lives Ruined By Scandals