15 Pics of Sizzling Hot Girls At Summer Festivals That You NEED To See

Raves, festivals, and other gatherings are becoming more and more popular, especially with girls. And it seems with each passing year, these girls wear less and less. We're not complaining. In fact, it's probably one of the main reasons ticket sales are skyrocketing for these events. A lot of people judge these girls, but in today's era, "slut-shaming" is frowned upon, so we at The Richest are going to the exact opposite of shaming these partying ladies. We're going to celebrate them!

We've collected pictures of the hottest girls from all raves and festivals around the world, and we're sharing them with you, our valued readers. Each segment focuses on one event where girls are known to get wild and wear very little.

A whole culture has emerged surrounding these wild raves, and an entire fashion style to go along with it. You may think not a lot of thought goes into wearing basically nothing, but you would be wrong. In fact, girls have to think pretty hard about how they can get away with wearing less and less each year, while still being legally allowed to go outside. Many new types of clothing have emerged to get around this, like nipple pasties, essentially stickers that cover the nipple and nothing else. Right now, there is a trend where girls tie string around their legs, so that their bodies are literally bursting out of their clothes. All in all, it's what makes raves and festivals worth going to, and now you can witness these girls in all their hotness without even leaving your computer.


15 EDC

EDC is one of the biggest and well-known raves in the world. Thousands of girls that wear tiny amounts of clothing flock there each year. Also known as the Electronic Daisy Festival, it attracted over 400,000 partiers in 2015 alone. Starting off in L.A., it’s had its fair share of controversies. In 2010, a 15-year-old girl died there after taking MDMA. In 2011, EDC was hosted in Dallas, and the high temperatures caused at least one person to die. In 2012, a man was hit by a truck as he left the rave. In 2015, another college student died from an MDMA overdose. Since its inception, it has spread to Brazil, Japan, the UK, and Mexico. There is a documentary about EDC called “Under The Electric Sky.”

14 Shambhala

This outdoor music festival is the biggest in Canada and people come from all over the world to attend. It's not uncommon to see girls walking around completely naked during this three day rave. It attracts a lot of different types of people, but it definitely has a hippy vibe. It takes place on a farm in Nelson, BC, and it is completely run by the family who owns the farm. They have never accepted sponsorship of any kind. Well renowned DJs come from all over the world to perform here, and crowds go absolutely nuts. Thousands of people attend each year. But it's not all pleasant; at least one person usually dies each year. The festival is actually pretty against alcohol, as the partiers tend to prefer to use drugs instead. For this reason, overdoses are a huge risk.

13 Burning Man

This event is sort of like a huge art experiment involving, a desert, thousands of people, sex, drugs, and music. This is another event where girls tend not to wear clothes, and when they do, they wear very little. It started all the way back in 1986, and today it draws more than 70,000 people into the desert each year. It gets its name from a symbolic burning of an effigy known as "the man," which happens during the festival. It takes place in Black Rock desert, where a temporary village is constructed each year. During the festival, many events take place. These can range from sculpture to dancing and listening to music. But one of the things Burning Man is most famous for is its orgies. This is truly an opportunity for everyone to let loose.

12 Coachella

This music festival rakes in tons of cash every year, with thousands and thousands of people attending. Among those thousands are droves of girls who just want to have fun, while wearing the least amount of clothing possible. Last year, the festival sold almost 200,000 tickets, grossing almost $85 million. In contrast to similar festivals, it hosts a range of musicians, not just electronic music. It is for this reason that the festival has such wide appeal, and takes its place as probably the most popular music festival in America. Girls such as Kylie Jenner have been spotted at Coachella wearing basically nothing, much to the delight of people around the world.

11 TomorrowWorld

TommorowWorld is huge. It's even more popular than Coachella, which is saying something, and it's the most in demand event in terms of ticket sales. This rave was first started as a copy of a pre-existing rave in Belgium, called TommorowLand. The 2016 version of the festival is cancelled, due to the company going bankrupt. But now Disney is reportedly buying the company, so there might be hope for the future. One of the most disturbing events that took place at the festival will shock you. A naked man was found in the woods near the event, a full four days after the festival had ended. He claims he was beaten, stripped, and abandoned in the woods. He searched for water for two days, found a stream, and stayed by the stream for two days. A hunter found him and took him to safety.

10 Beyond Wonderland

Beyond Wonderland is one of the biggest raves in America. It takes place along the West Coast, in cities like Seattle and San Bernardino. Fans of dubstep, drum and bass, trance, and house love to go there and party. And of course there is always an ample supply of rave girls there, wearing the bare minimum of clothing. It makes sense though, because at raves it gets very hot, especially due to all the dancing and the summer heat, so these girls don't want to wear a lot of clothes. Like many other raves, it is not without its fair share of controversy. In 2015, a man collapsed and died at the festival. This year, a whopping 250 people were arrested for various offenses while at the rave, and 20 people were hospitalized. Still, that just adds to the excitement, and thousands of young ravers will no doubt be attending next year as well.

9 Barbarella

Barbarella is an amazing festival that takes place in Puerto Rico each year. Since 2011, people have been flocking from all over the globe to attend this much loved event. Hardstyle, Electro House, and trance are just some of the many types of music that are played in this festival. And of course, there are always tons of girls who make it their life mission to look as sexy as possible, and that just adds to the atmosphere. It gets its name from the iconic 70's film, that featured a futuristic babe travelling through space. And that's definitely the vibe the girls are going for in terms of what they wear to this event: futuristic, wild, space-age, and above all, sexy.


8 Kaleidoscope

In 2013, the United States was hit with a brand new music festival that excited everyone: Kaleidoscope. It's a blend of electronic, rock, and hip-hop, something for everyone. It's also an outdoor festival, which has its pros and cons. Immediately after the 2013 debut, it was cancelled for 2014, because of noise complaints and the fact that no one wanted to host them. It's just that wild. There were also complaints about the amount of trash that was created by these ravers. In fact, I can't find any news anywhere that says it's going to happen again - I think it might have been just a one-off thing. That just goes to show how wild these partiers, especially the girls, can get.

7 Decadence

If you want to celebrate New Year's Eve with a crazy, wild rave, surrounded by half naked girls, then Decadence is the party for you. It's one of the most popular New Year's Eve parties in the country, and one look at the girls will tell you why. This is where people go truly wild, where they celebrate living another year with a night filled with booze, drugs, and electronic music. It takes place in Arizona, Colorado, and Utah each year. It's similar to Burning Man in that a temporary city is created in each of these locations for the duration of the rave. This city is known as "The City Of Decadence." People are waiting patiently for tickets for Decadence 2016 to go on sale, and it's no surprise why.

6 Ultra Music Rave

In the sunny city of Miami, thousands of ravers congregate each year at a festival known as "Ultra." The girls get wild, clothes are almost non-existent, and the bass pumps. It started all the way back in 1999, and it gets its name from a Depeche Mode album. It has seen upwards of 300,000 people attending in certain years. It has since spread to Ibiza, Seoul, Croatia, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, and many other places. People are so crazy to get in that sometimes it can lead to some nasty consequences. A security guard suffered a brain hemorrhage when he was trampled by a crowd who tried to rush in during the 2014 festival. The most recent festival in 2016 was marred by the death of a young individual.

5 Life In Color

What's better than loads of half-naked babes dancing to techno all around you? A bunch of half-naked babes that are being sprayed and hosed down with bright body paint! That's the genius behind "Life In Color," and if you attend this rave, be prepared to get covered in paint by the staff. It's all non-toxic, of course, but it serves to get the girls nice and messy, and they love getting covered with it all over. Attendees are encouraged to wear all white, so that they are an "empty canvas" for the paint. It started off as a relatively small event put on by some college students, where they would play house music and throw paint at each other. Now it has blossomed into an event that has spread all over the world, although the biggest events take place in cities like Florida and Vancouver.

4 Anime Revolution

Some girls love to wear sexy, skimpy clothing so much that they just can't wait for the next rave, and so they find other excuses to wear very revealing outfits. Now more than ever, you can see some of the hottest girls ever at Anime conventions such as "Anime Revolution" in Vancouver, Canada. Some girls spend months creating costumes of their favorite characters in the Anime universe. And the best part is, a lot of the female characters in Anime shows wear some of the skimpiest outfits ever, so the girls do their best to make exact replicas of them. Some Anime fans find themselves in heaven when walking around the Anime Revolution convention, seeing not only some of the sexiest girls ever, but also girls who share their love for Anime!

3 Anime Expo

Anime Expo is another anime convention where girls love to dress up as their favorite anime characters, and over the years these outfits have been getting more and more sexualized. Anime Expo is the biggest Anime convention in North America, attracting over 90,000 attendees in 2015. It also attracts tons of girls who go all out when it comes to costumes, dressing as their favorite characters while showing off as much skin as possible in the process. The event has become so sexualized that the planners have introduced anew initiative to protect youths at the Expo, against things like bullying, but most notably sexual harassment or contact of any kind.

2 Comic Con

Comic Con is a place where fans of comic books, graphic novels, TV shows, and all things nerdy can get together and celebrate their mutual interests together. But in recent years, the convention has been invaded by hordes of hot girls wearing their own versions of superhero costumes and other outfits, and often these costumes can leave very little to the imagination. The amount of hot, young bodies on display can be too much for some of the men to handle. Recently a man was charged with sexual contact with a minor after a young cosplayer complained to the police. He was also accused of giving her alcohol. According to a recent study, 13 percent of attendees had been the victim of unwanted sexual comments, and 8 percent had been groped or touched inappropriately.

1 Halloween

Where did this trend of girls dressing up in sexy costumes begin? The obvious answer is the granddaddy of all dress-up festivals, Halloween. Every year, girls get more and more adventurous with their costumes. In fact, nowadays its somewhat of a rarity to see a teen girl or young woman with a costume that isn't sexualized in some way or another. You only have to do a quick search on the internet to find out the wide array of sexy costumes that are available to girls these days, and the possibilities are endless. Halloween is perhaps the best night out of the year to spot girls in the hottest costumes ever. Is it better that raves and conventions? We think so!

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