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15 Photos That Define Women’s Logic

15 Photos That Define Women’s Logic

Women. They are a difficult bunch to understand. Women are interesting and complex. They are anything but simple. To understand women and their psyche better, one must look back on the history of women and their growth in the world. Back in the day, and we’re talking WAY back, women used to be the gatherers in society while men hunted. Nowadays, gender roles have changed greatly. Certainly, the classic 1950s housewives still exist in some form. There are some “old school” women who enjoy raising a family and taking care of their homes. But women today are far different from women of yesteryear. Women no longer are taking backseats to men when it comes to having a career. These days, women are achieving far more equality than ever before.

The change in how women are culturally viewed has only complicated things more for us men. Men have historically had some difficulty trying to figure out the opposite sex. I mean, there was an infamous book written about the whole ordeal titled Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Despite the differences, men try with all their might to understand women. And to be honest, each time a man climbs a mountain and things he has gotten to its peak, his woman will strike him down only to display there are many more mountains to climb before he truly understands the psyche of a woman.

It may never happen, but pictures speak a thousand words. These are 15 Photos That Define Women’s Logic.

15. Women And Eating


“Doesn’t order fries to avoid calories. Eats all of mine at the table.” It can be challenging for women dealing with society’s requirements. Maintaining a good figure is something of a priority for many women. In doing so, they often don’t like to order large amounts of food when eating in public. And sometimes times they barely order at all. This has a lot to do with expectations and requirements being placed on women by the judging eyes of others. But just because a woman doesn’t order food, doesn’t mean she won’t eat a man’s plate of food. And that’s exactly what she enjoys doing. So the gist is, if you are going to order fries boys, expect your lady to have a good chunk of it. So go X-large.

14. Women Playing With Men


“I’m ignoring you…I said, I’m ignoring you…Don’t ignore me, I’m ignoring you!” Ah, the backwards sort of speak of a woman. It can be difficult at times to ascertain exactly what a woman means when she says what she doesn’t mean. There is a twisted nature to how women occasionally communicate with men. It’s like a circle of hell and we are the hamster’s running inside the wheel. The mind games can be exhausting and sifting through the “actual” reasoning behind what women mean can be quite challenging (and exhausting). The key is to just hang in there and do your best.

13. Al Bundy Logic


“Don’t Try To Understand Women…Women Understand Women And they Hate Each Other.” Ah, if there is ever a more true statement in the world. Certainly, if you are an astrophysicist, you can hang around with other astrophysicists and completely understand what sounds like an entirely other language being spoken as opposed to the works being exchanged by us “normal folk.” That is what it is occasionally like for men attempting to ascertain what two women are saying to one another. Women have a special kind of connection with one another. And at times (I’m talking ALL the time), women can get pretty damn competitive. With women struggling to get along with one another, it really sets men back in their attempt to mingle with the opposite sex.

12. Guys Bond – Women Compete


“Two guys with the same shirt…brothers! Two girls with the same shirt…FFFFFUUUUU!” Clearly, men enjoy bonding over small things. Wearing the same sports jerseys can promote big time bonding. Guys are simple that way. Whereas men can be amused by dressing alike, women hate dressing in similar attire to others more than anything on earth. If a woman walks into a party and sees another woman dressed in the exact same clothes, she will most likely walk right out of the room. Two women dressing the same can be a disaster. So if you’re a man and you see two women dressed in the same outfit, steer clear. A fight could break out at any moment.

11. When Time Has No Meaning


“When a woman says she’ll be ready in five minutes, I know I have just enough time to fly to space and finish building my Death Star before we go.” Yes, yes, yes. The age old joke of a man making fun of a woman and how long she takes to get ready. But in reality, this is very true for some. Certainly, it can be understandable as women feel as though they are judged at all times. They feel judged by men as well as by other women. That kind of pressure causes them to agonize over every small detail concerning their make-up, hair and outfits. A woman could go through more wardrobe changes during the course of trying to get ready to go out than the lead in a Broadway musical. So yes, five minutes can easily turn into, what feels like, an eternity.

10. Pillow Party


“Let’s put a bunch of pillows on the couch…so there’s no room to sit on the couch.” Women can be particular when it comes to décor. Take accessorizing for instance. Women love to accessorize everything from their wardrobe to couches and beds. When it comes to decorative pillows, women definitely take the cake. They will fill beds and couches with so many pillows, it will leave men with one of two choices: sit on the floor or unload 20 lbs of pills to find a spot to sit down on the couch. Excessive is an understatement, but often times, men will bite their lip as opposed to going to war over the small obsession. Because if a man doesn’t put those pillows back just right, he will have all-hell to pay!

9. Eyebrow Games…Now You See Me, Now You Don’t


“Pluck their eyebrows…Draw them back on…Female logic.” Okay, this is one that boggles our minds. We can understand a woman wanting to trim the hedges here and there. I mean, men also need to keep their eyebrows groomed. But the obsessive nature of plucking a large portion of your eyebrows off your face only to draw them right back on certainly seems extreme and strange. Scientists haven’t exactly figured out why women pluck their eyebrows off their face only to draw them right back on, and it doesn’t appear we will solve this mystery anytime soon. This one is a head scratcher.

8. Chivalry


“You’re supposed to pull my chair out, hold the door open for me, pay for me and be nice to me no matter what…while treating me like an equal.” Okay, we can ring the sexist alarm on this one. Although this is a bit of an old fashioned stereotype and clearly over-the-top, although, there are some truths here. Men are taught at a young age to go out of their way to take “care” of women and show a great deal of respect for the opposite sex. Holding doors open and pulling chairs out for women is definitely appreciated by many women. And dropping cash and covering dinner and a movie are also classic ways of thinking that tend to charm women. Women’s expectations of men is all the above listed while commanding equal respect and opportunities. Fight the stereotype or accept it; but it is what it is.

7. Choosing Dinner


Woman: “Hey, babe, what do you want for dinner?” Man: “Pizza!” Women: “Ew, no. What should we get to eat?” Man: “Um, Chinese?” Woman: “No babe, not Chinese. What else?” Man: “Ugh, babe, c’mon…just tell me what you want for dinner and we’ll just get that!” Yeah, this happens just about every day. A woman has a habit of wanting the man to think he is making the decision while all-the-while applying her own two cents along the way. She is indecisive and comically asks him to make the choice for dinner while turning down every single choice he makes. This one isn’t a stereotype – it’s a fact of life.

6. Equal Standing


“Equality according to men…Equality according to women.” Equality can be subjective at times. And men and women’s points of views can vary. This one is also a bit of a chauvinistic point of view. Obviously, not all men see themselves as equals to women. And not all women look upon themselves as holding greater value than men. However, while women and men can argue over equality until the cows come home, there is one certainty in the battle of the sexes: equality often is in the eye of the beholder. And don’t forget men, we don’t have to squeeze a watermelon out of our members to the south. So be thankful for that.

5. Tall vs Short

Giant Gag

via Giant Gag

“Wear heels to make them look taller…squat on photos to make them look shorter.” Ladies, can we please just pick a height? It’s true, there’s nothing quite so annoying as a tall woman wearing heels in an attempt to tower over people. Men don’t like women looking down upon them. Since men are 5 inches taller than their female counterparts on average, and studies show that women site height as a critical factor in dating a man (nearly 50% of women take into account a man’s height!) it makes perfect sense why women squat to appear smaller. But women have a strange habit of always wanting to be taller prior to going out for an evening, and then dialing it back down and crouching for photos. What is the deal with that? It is one of the strangest habits women have. Why? What’s the deal ladies? Another mystery to never be solved.

4. The Great Dilemma


“2 things a girl wants: 1) Lost weight. 2) Eat.” If there wasn’t a saying that was more true. We’ve already pointed out the societal pressures women face with regard to weight. Call it unfair. Women definitely go through the gambit of trying to deal with the physical and psychological trauma of remaining slim. There’s a reason why bulimia is an infliction that affects women in far greater numbers than men. Bulimia is a dangerous affliction in which someone can eat large amounts in one moment and then forcibly relinquish the food to try and remain thin in the next. Bulimia is a sad mental illness that jives perfectly with the expectations of our twisted society. Wanting to stay thin while eating what they want is a woman’s daily dilemma.

3. The Mind Trip


“When you like a guy, do nothing about it and expect him to magically know and make the first move.” Yeah, this is another one of those things. Women “generally” don’t like to make the first move. It is usually up to the guys to make the first move and make a fool of themselves. Women don’t like to put themselves “out there.” They like to sit back and wait and try to silently draw the men in with their womanly charm. Now, men aren’t the most insightful or sensitive of creatures, so many times, when a woman is interested in us, we have no freakin’ idea (except in kindergarten when they kick and hit us.) It is a VERY rare occasion when a woman reveals her true feelings to a man. So for now, men are left to use the force and try and figure things out.

2. Houston, We Have Hair Issues


“Curly hair…straighten it! Straight hair…curl it ASAP!” Women are as indecisive as any creature on planet Earth. When it comes to hair styles, they tend to waffle back and forth, never truly settling on one distinct look. Not only do girls go back and forth between straight and curly hair, they also dabble in complete hair transformations when it comes to color. Women rarely like to stick with one look. If a woman naturally has straight hair, they constantly desire to curl it. The same is true of the opposite. They dig variety when it comes to hair styles and you will rarely see a woman wear the same hairdos from one week to the next. ALERT TO MEN: this can also cause a great deal of delays when getting ready to go out.

1. What A Woman Wants

“I’m a woman. I don’t know what I want, but I can get mad if I don’t get it.” If there was ever a defining statement about women from a man’s perspective. This is clearly not a commentary of what women think about their own train of thought. This is, however, the quintessential confusion men struggle with when trying to ascertain the thought processes of women. It is true that women can grow so fickled at times that they themselves have no idea what they exactly want (or it seems that way to us simple minded men). Either way, guys have a hell of a time trying to figure out exactly what women want and we often end up spending a lifetime trying to figure out that insanely difficult paradox.

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