15 Photos Iggy Azalea Doesn't Want You To See

Iggy Azalea is one of the biggest star in rap today. While this is true without a shadow of a doubt, what is also true is that Iggy has had way more than her fair share of embarrassing moments. It seems to follow her. There are a lot of people who have given her a hard time about racial appropriation, a bunch of people that say she is a bad rapper, some people even say she is ugly - the list goes on and on.

This might be bad enough but what is worse is that right when she seemed to be in some sort of groove the Internet blew up when Lakers rookie D'Angelo Russell secretly videotaped his teammate Nick "Swaggy P" Young, who is Iggy's fiance, talking about all of the women with whom he cheated on Iggy.

So, let's just say there are a lot of things that Iggy doesn't want to be reminded of. Sadly for her, that is exactly what we are about to do, so if you see Iggy around town, don't tell her you saw any of these photos, because she might get mad, and we do not want that. Here are 15 photos Iggy Azalea doesn't want you to see.

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15 This Candid Shot

via hawtcelebs.com

This one is actually kind of disturbing. You know you have this image in your head of someone and then all of a sudden...BOOM, a photo like this comes along and ruins everything. If I did not know what I was looking at here, I would think that I was seeing my 58-year-old Aunt Julie getting ready to take her dog for a walk around the neighborhood. I can pretty much say without any doubt whatsoever that this is a photo that Iggy doesn't want you to see. Sorry Iggy. Truth is just truth.

14 When She Split Her Pants

via ytimg.com

Then of course there was the time when Iggy was dancing all around showing (as they say) what she got and then she split her pants while she was twerking. Look I get it, her butt is big, her pants are tight, it is going to happen. No shame in that really, it could happen to all of us if we had a big butt and wore tight pants, but when it comes to photos that Iggy does not want us to see, I imagine this one is close to the top of the list. Although then again, there are so many of them, maybe not.

13 When She Tried To Freestyle

via ytimg.com

Iggy was once called out and asked to freestyle on a morning radio show. When she attempted to do so, she pretty much made a complete fool of herself and that is being completely kind. In fact, I think I am being pretty kind throughout this whole article. I'm willing to bet Iggy does not agree. Regardless, pro tip #101, if you are asked to freestyle, and you can't freestyle, then for God's sake, whatever you do... don't freestyle. She would have come off better if she just ran away as fast as she could.

12 This Bikini Photo

via lacelebs.co

So this is not horrible. Not at all, really. Here we see an average-looking woman, who has some dimples on her butt. That is cool, it happens. But the thing is, this butt belongs to Iggy, and to be honest, it doesn't look all that great. When you are in the business of having a butt that a lot of dudes like, you don't want to let the cat out of the bag that your butt is not that special. Which is why this is without a doubt a photo that Iggy does not want you to see.

11 Any Photo Featuring Azealia Banks

via theshaderoom.com

These two chicks just do not like each other. Or maybe it is just that Azealia doesn't like Iggy. Although most of her tweets have been deleted, Azealia used to bash on Iggy on Twitter pretty much every single chance she got. When asked about Azealia, Iggy said “I have no deal with her. I don’t know her personally." That is cool Iggy so I'm sure you don't mind that she once tweeted about you "I smell beef." Although, to be fair, Azealia doesn't seem to like anyone.

10 Anything That Reminds Her of Papa Johns

via ytimg.com

Iggy and Papa Johns just don't get along. First of all, if you have as much money as Iggy does, why the heck would you be ordering from Papa John's anyway? Seriously? That place is terribad. Anyway one night, which just so happened to be the night of the Grammys, Iggy kept tweeting about Papa Johns, and how they gave out her private number, and how she wanted answers, and so on. I don't know what is more embarrassing - that she is that petty, or that she eats such bad pizza.

9 That Time She Fell Off the Stage

via mirror.co.u

A few years back Iggy was singing and rapping and dancing like only she could do at the  pre-show for MTV's video music awards when she fell right off the stage. She kept on singing, which is cool in one way, but in another way is just not cool at all. Ummm, Iggy, did you think if you kept singing we would not notice? I mean, come on- you fell off the stage! Anyway, I am pretty sure that Iggy does not dig being reminded of this one a whole lot.

8 When She Wore This Sweater/Hat Combo

via celebitchy.com

Okay, so wait, who is that? Because this article is about Iggy Azalea, one of the coolest women out there, a super hot rapper, and all that. And this photo looks like it is of someone's dorky kid sister on a trip to the local food court to get some Arby's. Iggy, seriously, the hat does not work. Not at all. But even though the hat is awful, it is still way better than the sweater. I can't tell if this is a picture of Iggy's evil twin, or if it is actually her good twin.

7 The Bird's Nest Braid

via glamour.com

There are almost no words for this one. How do you think this happened? Was it someone else's idea or was it hers? If it was hers, does she not have any friends who can tell her that she is making a complete fool of herself. Like "Hey Iggy, I know you think making your hair look like a bird's nest sounds like a good idea, but ummm, you look really incredibly stupid." Obviously Iggy either has no friends, or they are not honest with her.

6 Any Photo of Amber Rose

via shutterstock.com

5 Modeling for Forever 21

via ytimg.com

So Iggy, let me let you in on a little secret. When you are one of the world's biggest rap stars and are dating, or even engaged, to a member of the Lakers (even if he is having a terrible season) modeling for Forever 21 with him just makes you look kind of lame. Okay, not kind of, but rather really lame. I get that the money must have been good, but do you really need money this badly? Any last bit of street cred she might have had went way out the window with this one.

4 When She Was On Saturday Night Live

via ytimg.com

Although it probably was not the worst musical performance in the entire history of Saturday Night Live, it was without a doubt one of them. The whole thing was awkward and felt way off right from the very start. This is one performance that I am sure Iggy does not want to be reminded of at all, in any way, which is why this picture makes this list. I am sure that there is not any invite coming for her any time soon to appear on SNL again.

3 Odd Hat #2

via mirror.co.uk

This is the second one of these on this list. Iggy wearing no make up, with a bit of a weird top on, and then wearing a silly looking hat. One gets the feeling that she is trying to not get noticed by dressing this way but Iggy...pro tip #303: if you are trying not to get noticed don't wear a big stupid looking hat. People tend to notice big stupid looking hats. In fact, if I were trying to get noticed I would wear a big stupid looking hat. This look does not work for you. Try a hoodie, a baseball hat or even just big sunglasses - anything but this.

2 Nick Young with Other Women

via diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com

Without a shadow of a doubt this is one type of photo that Iggy doesn't want you to see. I am sure that any photo at all of Nick with other women makes her want to lose her mind. The thing is, Nick admitted to cheating on her on video, and yet Iggy is still hanging out with him? The whole thing makes her seem weak, and I am sure it is driving her insane the way it came out in the press. So yeah, any photo of Nick and another woman is going to be something Iggy wants to see just go away.

1 She Looks Like Marlon Wayans in the Movie White Chicks

via imgur.com

This is a photo that there is no doubt Iggy wants to keep secret. Here she is trying to look her hottest, and keep her man Nick Young in line, and it turns out that she actually looks pretty much exactly like Marlon Wayans in the movie White Chicks. Probably not the kind of thing that she wants to let out of the bag, but sadly it is now. Especially since this photo and the fourteen others we've shown here are definitely photos that Iggy Azalea without a doubt does not want you to see.

Sources: vulture


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