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15 One Tree Hill Stars: Where Are They Now?

15 One Tree Hill Stars: Where Are They Now?

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One Tree Hill was one of the best teen dramas of all time. Everyone loved One Tree Hill and if they didn’t, they were probably just liars. Most of these teenage shows are the same with recycled plots and similar characters, but One Tree Hill was special because of its great actors. The show turned them all into celebrities and they all headed on very different paths once the show ended.

Some of the stars are doing pretty well in the music industry. Others had some unfortunate run-ins with the law. A lot of the cast has continued with acting. They are really all over the place and the show’s super fans want to know what they’ve been up to the past few years.

If you miss seeing the stars as your favorite characters, you are in luck because the cast gets together once a year for a One Tree Hill convention in North Carolina, but aside from that they are all living very separate lives that have nothing to do with the iconic television show.

One Tree Hill was a great launching pad for a lot of their careers and it has allowed them to do a lot of things. Plus, they will be remembered forever for their beloved characters. What have the fifteen stars of One Tree Hill been doing since the show ended?


15. Jackson Brundage – Jamie Scott



It’s weird to think that the actor who played little Jamie Scott is fifteen years old now. He was a late addition to the show, obviously given that he joined the cast as young child, but he really became such a lovable character in the One Tree Hill fandom. Jackson Brundage has done some TV work since the show ended. Right after One Tree Hill, he was in a Nick at Nite show with Scott Baio called See Dad Run from 2012 to 2015. Then he voiced an animated character before getting replaced by another actor on the series Harvey Breaks. He recently attended the One Tree Hill convention and seems to be in touch with a good amount of his former cast mates like James Lafferty.

14. Stephen Colletti – Chase Adams



Who would have thought that one of the kids from Laguna Beach would end up as a recurring character on One Tree Hill. Stephen Colletti‘s Chase Matthews had a lot more staying power than anyone ever expected, but people really ended up liking the character and he became a part of the One Tree Hill family. After the show ended, he and Jamie Lafferty tried to get a reality TV adventure show on television and it ended up becoming a web series. Stephen Colletti had parts in a few TV movies and a five-episode arc on the VH1 series, On the Floor.

13. Sophia Bush – Brooke Davis



Sophia Bush is arguably the most successful One Tree Hill alum. After One Tree Hill ended, Sophia Bush was cast in another CW television series called Partners which got cancelled after its first season. After that, Sophia Bush landed an amazing role as Detective Erin Lindsay in the show Chicago Fire. This character became a main part of the spin-off series Chicago PD and she even appeared in crossover episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. It looks like Sophia Bush was able to avoid being pigeonholed as Brooke Davis and has been lucky enough to play another character that people love so much that she has appeared on three different television shows. She has definitely been blessed by the TV gods.

12. James Lafferty – Nathan Scott


James Lafferty has been trying to find his footing ever since One Tree Hill came to a close. He filmed an adventure reality series called Wild Life: A New Generation of Wild with his One Tree Hill costar Stephen Colletti and his brother Stuart Lafferty. Due to some creative differences the show did not find a home on a television network, but the series did air on YouTube. James Lafferty has had some sporadic acting work for the past few years. He was a main cast member on the now-cancelled show Crisis. Currently, James Lafferty has a recurring role in the new WGN series Underground. He has also directed an episode of the show The Royals which is ran by One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn.

11. Chad Michael Murray – Lucas Scott



The man formerly known as Lucas Scott, Chad Michael Murray, has been steadily working since he left One Tree Hill. He has not been in anything too high profile, but the dude has been getting a solid paycheck with a lot of television appearances. Chad Michael Murray has been playing a lead role in the series Agent Carter for the past two seasons. He played Colonel Mirabeau Lamar in the History Channel miniseries Texas Rising in 2015. He also made a hilarious guest appearance on the first season of Scream Queens. Everyone remembers Chad Michael Murray marrying and divorcing costar Sophia Bush while they were still filming the show, but now his personal life is a lot less dramatic. He is now married to his Chosen costar Sarah Roemer and they have a baby named Joe.

10. Tyler Hilton – Chris Keller



Tyler Hilton ended up becoming such an integral part of One Tree Hill. His character Chris Keller really shook things up every single time that he made an appearance on the series. Aside from the acting, Tyler Hilton also contributed to the show’s soundtrack. After his time on One Tree Hill, Tyler Hilton released his own music and went on tour. He also played Elvis Presley in the film Walk the Line in addition to recording songs for the movie soundtrack. Tyler Hilton has kept busy by doing a little bit of everything with steady work in music, movies, and television.

9. Danneel Harris Ackles – Rachel Gatina


The character of Rachel Gatina is pretty under appreciated in my opinion. Danneel Harris Ackles was able to bring the perfect balance of dramatics and comic relief. She always brought the entertainment to One Tree Hill. She has not really been in the spotlight these days but she has had some guest roles on television in shows like CSI: Miami and Retired at 35. Danneel Harris Ackles’s most high profile gig was probably the movie A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. She has also been in some television movies. This just makes me wish that she was back on TV again full time. The fandom is so ready for it.

8. Antwon Tanner – Antwon “Skills” Tayler



Antwon Tanner played a character with a really similar name to his own on One Tree Hill: Antwon Taylor, who had the nickname “Skills.” Over the years, Skills’s role on the show grew and he definitely had a fan following. His time was cut short on the show when Antwon Tanner ran into some legal trouble when he got caught trying to sell social security numbers. As a result, he was ordered to serve three months in prison. Thankfully, he was able to make it back to OTH for the finale, but since then he has been featured in a string of forgettable movies. Hopefully he finds a great project soon because I know the One Tree Hill fans would love to see that. 

7. Barbara Alyn Woods – Deb Scott


Deb Scott was a real hidden treasure on One Tree Hill. Barbara Alyn Woods did not portray her in every episode, but when she did, the story line was always titillating. After One Tree Hill, it seems like Barbara Alyn Woods took some time to herself because she was not in too many projects. Barbara Alyn Woods had a guest starring role on the television show The Goldbergs and she starred in the television movie Death Clique. She has attended the One Tree Hill conventions with the rest of the show’s cast, though, which is something that I am sure the super fans appreciate from her.

6. Moira Kelly – Karen Roe


I’m sad to say that Moira Kelly has pretty much disappeared from the public eye since she stopped playing Lucas Scott’s mom Karen Roe on One Tree Hill. There’s a very good reason for this though. She is focused on being a mom to her two children. Since the series wrapped, she has starred in two TV movies and guest starred in an episode of Drop Dead Diva. She also voiced a character in the 2016 animated movie Zootopia, so we did not actually get to “see” Moira Kelly, but she is in it so that’s great news for her and her fans.

5. Craig Sheffer – Keith Scott



Craig Sheffer’s Uncle Keith will always be a beloved character in the One Tree Hill universe. Even when his character died, he was still making cameo appearances on the show and teaching his nephew Lucas Scott some valuable life lessons. And it seems like Keith Scott is a role that Craig Sheffer will be remembered for since he has not appeared in a lot of work since the show wrapped up. After the One Tree Hill era, Craig Sheffer had small roles in the movies Bad Ass and Stand Up Guys. He also guest starred on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Mentalist; but that’s pretty much it.

4. Paul Johansson – Dan Scott



Paul Johansson absolutely killed it as Dan Scott. He was the ultimate villain and shit stirrer. He drove so many of the major story lines and even with all the drama he caused, Johansson’s portrayal brought some comic relief to the show. In my eyes, Paul Johansson does not need to work ever again because he did just about everything possible as an actor with his role as Dan Scott. Since the series ended, he made a bunch of guest appearances on shows include Mad Men, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Criminal Minds. He has also appeared in some made-for-TV movies. Based on his Twitter account, he is still very invested in the One Tree Hill days and that makes me extremely happy as a super fan of the show.

3. Lee Norris – Mouth McFadden



Lee Norris’s Mouth McFadden was such a lovable character. He went from having a pretty minimal role to being a series regular and an integral part of the plot. The One Tree Hill fans love Mouth. After the show, Lee Norris returned to playing another iconic role that made him famous: Stuart Minkus from Boy Meets World. His character has a recurring part on the spin off series Girl Meets World. You also probably saw him investigating Ben Affleck as an officer in the smash hit movie Gone Girl. Lee Norris has already played so many iconic characters so there is really no need for him to do anything else.

2. Bethany Joy Lenz – Haley James Scott


After her time on One Tree Hill, Bethany Joy Lenz had a story arc in the final season of the show Dexter in 2013 as Dexter Morgan’s neighbor Cassie Jollenston. Aside from that she was in a couple of pilots that did not fare well. Just like her character Haley, Bethany Joy Lenz really has a love for music and she had a lot of successful songs and tours after the show was over. It seems like she is living a balanced life where she is doing a lot of different things in addition to staying in touch with her One Tree Hill pals, which it seems like everyone on this show has made a priority.

1. Hilarie Burton – Peyton Sawyer


Since Hilarie Burton stopped playing Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill, she has pretty much stayed on TV the entire time since she had many recurring roles in popular TV shows. She played Sara Ellis on three seasons of White Collar. Hilarie Burton had recurring roles on Grey’s Anatomy and Hostages. She has also appeared in some TV movies on the Lifetime and Hallmark networks. And in unexpected coupling news, she is married and has a baby with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So now in some weird TV crossover, Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill and Denny Duquette from Grey’s Anatomy ended up happily ever after.

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