15 Older Celebs Who Act Way Too Young For Their Age

Ever wondered why a celebrity that is close to pushing 40 is still acting like a teenager? You can probably name at least five celebrities off the top of your head that have tendencies to behave in an odd manner—to the point where one questions whether it’s all an act, or whether it’s just part of who they really are. Still, with someone like Madonna, who is constantly dressing suggestively, shouldn’t there come a time where one realizes that getting nearly naked at the age of 57 is inappropriate? There are some things that just aren’t acceptable anymore once you reach a certain age, and getting semi-nude on the red carpet is one of them.

These stars have proven themselves time and time again to be celebrities with no intentions to mature anytime soon — at least as far as their behavior and actions are concerned. From getting cosmetic surgery to those who date younger men because they tend to make them feel anything but old, these celebrities round up the 15 stars who act way younger than their actual age.

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15 Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner, 60, certainly doesn’t act her age, and it shows by her most recent actions. Following her divorce from Bruce Jenner, 66 (now known as Caitlyn), the momager didn’t just undergo a facelift, she also found herself a boyfriend who was 25 years younger than her. Corey Gamble, 35, is his name and he has been with Kris since 2014, which is rather surprising because fans are beginning to get the impression that this relationship could actually last. Kris famously admitted in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians  that Corey makes her feel youthful and sexy. It is pretty clear that Kris’ main intentions are to stay forever young, whether it’s by dating a younger man or through the act of seeking recommendations from plastic surgeons.

14 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj came into the music industry claiming she was a real-life Barbie doll. It’s rather strange for a grown woman to refer to herself as a doll and to wear ridiculous costumes just for shock value. And while Nicki Minaj has toned it down over the past year or so, the rapper still believes that the Barbie image plays a significant part of who she is as a person and as an entertainer. The 33-year-old is in love with the color pink: her vehicles are pink and so is the furniture in her home. Nicki also loves putting on all kinds of strange wigs — the more colors she can fit on one wig, the better (it would seem).

13 Ariana Grande

People can’t seem to believe that Ariana Grande is 23-years-old. Why? Well, she doesn’t really act like it. Many viewers, who just recently became familiar with Grande’s music, had wondered why a 12-year-old was trying to look sexy in her mother’s outfits — of course, those comments were made before people knew who Ariana was. But it’s not hard to see why certain social media users would get this impression from the singer; she seems so innocent and sweet, and really does look like a 12-year-old. Whenever the “Problem” singer does try and look sexy, it comes out looking rather weird because in many people’s heads, she has the face of a teenager who is trying to break out of her good girl shell. Looks like Ariana has some more work to do.

12 Gwen Stefani

11 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, 46, acts way too young for her age, that’s for sure. And we know this just by looking at the sort of men that she dates. In a recent interview, Jennifer admits that she’s attracted to all sorts of guys, but if she had to narrow it down, it would definitely be someone that’s very young. When asked by Andy Cohen as to how young her ideal man can be, Lopez joked that he just needs to be of age. But seriously, looking at the men Jennifer has dated in the last decade or so, the majority of them were very young. Following her split from ex-husband Marc Anthony, 47, Jennifer was said to have hooked up with Casper Smart, 29, before moving onto another younger fella. Their romance didn’t work so she ended up going back to Smart, who she’s now been seeing on and off for five years. They always say that dating younger people keeps you active and youthful. JLo definitely needs the youthful energy to keep up with her schedule. She hosted an award show, starred in a cop drama miniseries and judge a singing competition, all in one year.

10 Demi Moore

Demi Moore, 52, has made endless headlines over the years for her obsession with plastic surgery. Many believe that Demi was undergoing all of these procedures, at that time in her life, because she was struggling to accept the fact that she was getting older. Sources revealed, at the time, that Moore would find a reason to visit her plastic surgeon — it could be a wrinkle that has gradually become more visible and needed to disappear as soon as possible. While it’s believed that Demi has calmed down with the face fillers and botox as of late, there’s still that insecurity of coming to terms with the fact that Moore is no longer 25. And the sooner she accepts that, the easier it’ll be for her to stop chasing the beauty that has come and gone. Aging gracefully is always the best decision one can make.

9 Paris Hilton

Sure, Paris Hilton runs several businesses that have made her one of the most successful socialites in Hollywood, but that doesn’t take away the fact that she acts rather immature for her age. Hilton, who recently turned 35, is often made fun off by people on social media for her infamous baby voice that she puts on when saying things such as, “That’s hot” and “That’s sexy.” Her sister Nicky, actually called Paris out on it back in June, telling her sibling in a Snapchat video to stop talking in her baby voice, stressing that it’s extremely annoying. On top of that, Paris loves wearing pink: shoes, shirts, trousers, shorts, you name it. Her first home was actually covered in all things paint, from the walls to the bedsheets. Perfect for a 5-year-old girl, but for a businesswoman? Maybe not so much.

8 Katy Perry

Similar to Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry has literally made a career out of this bubblegum, Barbie, candy-themed circus — whatever you might want to call it. When Perry, 31, released her second studio album ‘Teenage Dream’, it was hard not to witness Katy embark in some kind of gimmick, which would usually include whipped cream bottles on her breasts, different color wigs for every occasion, eatable candy thongs — I mean, it was pretty bizarre, to say the least. In moments like these, you’ve gotta ask yourself why someone, who was close to pushing 30 at the time, would do all of these shenanigans just to sell their record. Sure, she may have been influenced by her label to do those things, but the whole Barbie persona just looked ridiculous on her.

7 Miley Cyrus

Prior to all the scandal she made in 2013, Miley Cyrus, 23, had been planning to ditch her good girl image for some time. Yet, although the singer was gradually maturing in age, her behavior resembled that of someone who had just entered kindergarten. Fans were outraged to have seen Miley twerk against Robin Thicke before releasing her controversial ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video, where she appeared fully nude and clearly couldn’t care less about other people’s opinions. We’ve all made some reckless decisions, but at the age of 20, she should know the difference between right and wrong, and Miley didn’t, which consequently led to Liam Hemsworth calling off the couple’s relationship. He felt as if Miley was trying too hard to be someone she wasn’t, an insider explained at the time, but the twosome have since reconciled. How convenient now that Miley Cyrus has been scandal-free for well over a year.

6 Madonna

It’s hard to go against Madonna because this woman will do and say whatever she wants. Madge thinks that age is nothing more than a number, so never try and remind her that she’s 57-years-old when you get the chance to see her show off her butt in the streets of New York. The “Frozen” singer has been very vocal over the years about nudity, stressing that people need to stop being so uptight about people who express themselves by being naked. Awkward! But her statement makes sense since she showed up to the Met Gala, last year, showing off her entire buttocks, and not once did Madonna feel embarrassed about it. Here’s a woman who is 57-years-old but will never want to give up the act of still pretending to be a teenager.

5 Nicole Kidman

4 Kim Kardashian

“I mean like, literally, mom, this is like, so crazy, like I can’t even deal with you right now,” is an actual sentence from a conversation Kim Kardashian, 35, once had with her mother, Kris Jenner, as shown on their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim’s favorite word seems to be ‘like,’ which she repeats several times in a matter of seconds, which begs the question as to why she doesn’t try different words — or perhaps not say the word ‘like’ at all. The point is, Kim Kardashian prides herself for having made all this money throughout the years; she has launched several successful businesses, and is married to a rather wealthy rapper named Kanye West. But with all of this success and fame, Kim struggles to form sentences without using the word ‘like,’ giving the impression that her vocabulary may be very limited. If this is coming from a teenager, it’s almost understandable, but a self-proclaimed businesswoman who is worth more than $100 million? Hmm.

3 Pharrell

Pharrell Williams acts way younger than he is, but in his case, it’s actually a good thing. For years, people have asked themselves how this music producer has managed to keep himself looking so youthful. Pharrell swears he has never gone under the knife, and we totally believe it, because it doesn’t look as if anything has changed other than the fact that this 43-year-old man has been moisturizing himself rather well. It is said, however, that Pharrell mainly surrounds himself with younger people, particularly newcomers in the music industry since he has more or less become the go-to person for a hit song. All in all, Pharrell looks really good for his age, and if being around young people is keeping him looking this great, then he should keeping doing just that.

2 Lea Michele

To this day, people can’t believe that Lea Michele is only one year away from pushing 30. This is probably because she is always starring in shows that have her playing the teenager, such as her character on Glee, or FOX’s new show, Scream Queens. It’s rare to see Lea do anything other than play the role of someone that’s much younger than her real age. With that said, there’s this saying that if you constantly play roles that do not seem to be challenging and are more or less the same old, it’s almost as if acting like a teenager comes natural to you — no matter how old you are. For example, the likes of Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep can take on challenging roles because they know they can pull it off, whereas someone like Lea might only stick to less daring roles because she’s so used to portraying these young roles. Another good example would be Jennifer Aniston, who has seemingly played the same role in every movie since Friends concluded in 2004.

1 Britney Spears

Britney Spears: she has sold millions of records all around the world with hits including “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)”, “Gimme More” and “Toxic”. But there’s no denying that Britney, 34, seems to have trapped herself in her own music, meaning that no matter how old she gets, she’s still singing the same kind of pop songs, targeted at a rather young demographic. There comes a point where you have to reinvent yourself as a singer and make music that matches the person you’ve become. There’s no way the likes of Britney Spears can sing about crushing on guys and having sleepovers with her girlfriends her entire life. But even with the recent music Britney has released, it is still very much giving off the sense that she hasn’t matured as far as her career in the field of entertainment is concerned. Many have agreed on social media, and questioned themselves as to why Britney won’t challenge herself by choosing not to sing about the alphabet, or how all eyes are on her when she’s in the center of the ring just like a circus.

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