15 Of The Worst Movies Featuring Professional Wrestlers

Most of the time, a wrestler is brought into a film because the casting calls for a very large and muscular actor. A lot of these guys just aren't film caliber actors. When a professional wrestler is given a major role, these films usually tend to flop or go straight to DVD/Blu-Ray. This is made pretty evident by the fact that the highest worldwide gross from a film from WWE Studios (Oculus) is just over $41 million. It should be noted that WWE Studios only put $5 million into the film, but a business model that allows a flop to still be a financial success doesn't mean the film is actually any good.

Sure, not every movie is going to be a hit but it just seems to be more of a given when professional wrestlers are involved. There are so many more instances of Hulk Hogan in 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain or Jeep Swenson in Batman and Robin than instances of Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride or a solid chunk of the films starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Even "The Rock" can't make magic all of the time. Read ahead and see why he makes our list of terrible films featuring professional wrestlers more than once.

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15 Hell Comes to Frog Town (1987)

via: dvdactive.com

Featured wrestler: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 40% Rotten

 Hell Comes to Frog Town is quite possibly one of the strangest films ever made. After a combination of nuclear and biological war, the world is run by women and very few men still exist. Infertility is a big issue and so are mutant frog people. In fact, there is a whole town of mutant frog people.

Roddy Piper plays a man named Sam Hell (get it?) who must help a group of female guards rescue a group of fertile human women from the clutches of the Frog Town mayor. The catch? Sam Hell has been a male prisoner in the female led society. If he strays too far from his female superiors, a bomb attached to his junk will explode.

Yes, this is a real movie...and there was a sequel.

14 Mr. Nanny (1993)

via: dogomovies.com

Featured Wrestler: "Hulk" Hogan

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 7% Rotten

Hulk Hogan can't be a nanny! He's a man! He has muscles! None of this adds up! It's so wacky!

If you were a very young child and a wrestling fan through the early half of the 1990s, you probably watched Mr. Nanny so many times that you wore out the VHS tape like I did this guy I know did. Nobody can escape the allure of the past, so there is a good chance you put this film in again to get that warm, nostalgic fuzzy feeling. If you decide you are going to do this, remember this one thing:

That 7% Rotten score is actually very generous. You do get to see the Hulkster in tights and a tutu though.

13 Leprechaun Origins (2014)

via: youtube.com

Featured Wrestler: Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl

Rotten Tomatoes Score: N/A

Before you say, "The verdict isn't in! Rotten Tomatoes can't tell us if this film is bad or not!" allow me to shed some perspective on the "N/A" this WWE Studios reboot of the Leprechaun films received. There weren't enough views to actually give an accurate score. Of the 4 critic reviews, all were rotten. Rotten Tomatoes won't compile a score until so many critics have put in a review. Out of the audience reviews, only 13% actually liked it.

WWE decided to use their resident little person "Hornswoggle" in the role of the leprechaun. In their reboot, the leprechaun was more of a monster and he was rarely seen. Most of his attacks used a first-person camera view. By doing this, they eliminated the only good thing about the original films; a wise-cracking Warwick Davis.

12 The Marine (2006)

via: neonreels.com

Featured Wrestler: John Cena

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 20% Rotten

This offering from WWE Studios isn't entirely awful; it's just completely generic and uninspired. An ex-marine uses his skill-set to save his wife that was kidnapped by a group of thieves. If you had seen the trailers when the film was first dropped, you might have thought, "Hey. John Cena could quite possibly become the next big action star!" but then you saw the movie. Taken it was not.

As stated earlier, WWE Studios (like Uwe Boll) knows how to make money off of a flop. More The Marine films would follow, but they would not get a theatrical release like the first in the series. Cena would not be in the sequels. Instead, WWE Studios would use each film to showcase a different professional wrestler.

11 3 Ninjas - High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998)

via: sonymoviechannel.com

Featured Wrestler: "Hulk" Hogan

Rotten Tomatoes Score: N/A

Much like the Leprechaun reboot, not enough people even bothered to give this direct-to-video dud the time of day to warrant an accurate score. The 3 Ninjas films had two installments that made it into theaters and they were otherwise relatively decent martial arts movies for kids during the height of the first Ninja Turtles craze. Of the four films, the last two were sent straight to video store shelves, and High Noon at Mega Mountain was at the top of the sh** pile.

At about this time, Hogan had been away from wrestling for a while and he hadn't yet starred in his reality show that put him back in the public eye. You can't fault the guy for needing the paycheck.

10 Corky Romano (2001)

via: filmdb.cz

Featured Wrestler: Sable

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 6% Rotten

Sable was one of the first "WWE Divas" and had gained a good degree of popularity as a female wrestler with the promotion. Being one of the first truly popular female wrestlers, it's no surprise Sable pursued other acting endeavors like any other widely popular wrestler. Sable had done a number of television appearances before landing her first film role in Corky Romano. This is unfortunate.

You probably don't remember the film. Nobody does.  The film was supposed to bring Chris Kattan a film career outside of his work on Saturday Night Live. Kattan plays the son of a mob boss that does undercover work for the FBI. Considering Kattan had a number of good characters on SNL, one has to wonder why this happened over a movie based on Mango.

9 Life With Mikey (1993)

via: youtube.com

Featured Wrestler: Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 22% Rotten

Everything about this film was just sad. At the time, Michael J. Fox had wrapped up being Hollywood's go-to young male actor. Family Ties was gone. The Back to the Future series was over. Jason Bateman took over in a Teen Wolf sequel. Before The Frighteners and Spin City, Fox was a bit washed up. What you had was a washed up celebrity, playing a washed up celebrity, in a comedy that wasn't even funny. If you enjoyed Fox in the past, this was a hard one to watch. When I was that same guy I know was a child, he saw this one at the local theater. Back to the Future it was not.

Jarret had a cameo as a wrestler named Evil Eye alongside Jerry Lawler as his opponent. Lawler was smart and covered his face with a hood.

8 Rollerball (2002)

via: the dullwoodexperiment.com

Featured Wrestler: Paul Heyman and Shane McMahon

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 3% Rotten

Many weren't sure exactly what this film had to do with the 1975 classic starring James Caan. The 2002 version threw out the R-rated gratuitous violence, dystopian setting, and social commentary that made the original great. What you ended up with was what appeared to be one rather long TV-14 music video. The film is universally panned by critics and largely forgotten by the general public.

WWE manager and occasional wrestler Paul Heyman stars as the Rollerball announcer. McMahon pretty much plays his father - a big wig in the sports entertainment industry.

7 Doom (2005)

via: moviepilot.com

Featured Wrestler: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 19% Rotten

We finally made it; the first movie on our list to feature Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, one of the greatest and most successful actors to come out of the world of professional wrestling. When Doom came out, The Rock had yet to become a full on A-list actor, but he did keep himself busy with roles in a number of films. The guy has earned everything he has received.

Doom is generally regarded as a bad film since it had very little to do with the mega-popular video game franchise that it was based on. Outside of the name recognition, the Sci-Fi snoozer didn't have much going for it. The whole thing came off as a B-movie that would have come out in the late 1970s to capitalize on the success of the first Alien film. Had this been done on purpose, Doom might have been brilliant.

6 Suburban Commando (1991)

via: voxcatch.fr

Featured Wrestler: "Hulk" Hogan

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 20% Rotten

This film was originally intended to be a film for Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the pair had decided to make Twins instead. The script sat around until it was purchased by New Line Cinema and turned into a vehicle for Hulk Hogan to continue his acting career outside of professional wrestling.

It's hard to say if DeVito and Arnold could have made this film much better considering what they had to work with. It was a decent movie for kids in 1991, but it just doesn't hold up as well as it seems it would when looking through the lenses of nostalgia. Hogan's power-suit in the film definitely looks like plastic and they weren't exactly splurging on other special effects either.

5 Jingle All the Way (1997)

via: gopix.com

Featured Wrestler: Big Show

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 17% Rotten

Jingle All the Way is one of many awful comedies that Arnold Schwarzenegger took part in. We can only assume this was to exhibit some kind of versatility as an actor but all we really got from the whole thing were more scenes of Arnold going wide-eyed and screaming unintelligible madness into the camera. You know, the same thing we were given in the bulk of his action movies. The acting technique worked in most of those though.

The film features a veritable plethora of department store Santa's. One of these Santas was credited as "Huge Santa" and played by none other than "Big Show" Paul Wight. Luckily for Wight the role went largely unnoticed and he wasn't held responsible for this flick.

4 Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe (1991)

via: retro-daze.org

Featured Wrestler: Jesse "The Body" Ventura

Rotten Tomatoes Score: N/A

Here we have another N/A from Rotten Tomatoes. The film had only a single review from critics. Only 22% of audience reviewers liked the film.

I remember when I first saw this film. I had originally thought it was from the 1970s as opposed to 1991. Jesse Ventura plays a space-cop that has to hunt down a renegade space-cop that impregnates a woman on Earth (by touching her belly) to find out the answer to the Anti-Life Equation and become all powerful. The film makes very little sense. For example, the impregnated female has the baby within moments of conception and no one in her life seems to find this strange at all. The kid grows up mute and has the ability to make bullies pee their pants with his mind. The film is actually great for being unintentionally hilarious if you know what you're getting yourself into.

The film also lists Jim Belushi as a star, but his role lasts all of 90 seconds.

3 The Tooth Fairy (2010)

via: entertainment.ie

Featured Wrestler: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 18% Rotten

Hollywood seems to have a thing for taking actors that are known for their chops in action movies and huge muscles and sticking them in feel good comedies that explore their softer side. We saw this with Schwarzenegger in films like Junior and Kindergarten Cop. We saw Vin Diesel do it in The Pacifier, and we saw Hulk Hogan do it in Mr. Nanny. One can only imagine that the goal here is to show some versatility as an actor, but these movies rarely do very well. You would think that by the time it became The Rock's turn to make "this movie" that he would have known better, especially since he already did it in The Game Plan.

2 Batman and Robin (1997)

via: galleryhip.com

Featured Wrestler: Jeep Swenson

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 11% Rotten

We won't go too far into why Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin is so bad. Schumacher has even made a public apology for the film so ragging on it is really just beating a dead horse. All we'll mention is that the character of Bane, who we saw played gloriously by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises, was relegated to that of a bulldog to Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy. He had neon green skin and he grunted a lot. Way to go, Jeep Swenson.

If you have a good pair of eyes you may have noticed that Jesse Ventura also had a small role in the film as a guard at Arkham Asylum. If you missed him, it's nothing worth watching this one over again for.

1 The Punisher (2004)

via: strengthfighter.com

Featured Wrestler: Kevin Nash

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 29% Rotten

The 2004 Punisher film starring Thomas Jane  didn't exactly live up to the expectations of critics, fans of the character, or general audiences alike. It was much better than the Dolph Lundgren version of the film from 1989 but that didn't stop studios from remaking the franchise again only four years later. The director of the 2004 flick has apologized and targeted a myriad of reasons that the studios and producers failed to allow him to make a good film.

Though the movie as a whole was rather bad, the acting talent was quite great and Kevin Nash as The Russian was no exception. Nash was nearly a spitting image of his character's comic book counterpart.

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