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15 Of The Strangest Rick and Morty Moments

15 Of The Strangest Rick and Morty Moments


Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s animated sci-fi show, Rick and Morty, is a phenomenally  offbeat cartoon that has reached massive praise among fans and critics. Based on a parody of the 1980s Sci-fi Action/Adventure hit Back To The Future, the show follows Rick Sanchez (played by Justin Roiland), an alcoholic mad scientist and his grandson Mortimer “Morty” Smith, a teenager who’s a bit of a nervous wreck.  The two go on crazy time traveling adventures together in between dealing with their family life on earth.

While the style of the show looks clean and simple, the humor is often dark and twisted, often discussing real topics, as well as parodying pop culture from films to celebrities. With only two seasons under its belt, the Adult Swim cartoon continues to have a dedicated fanbase who eagerly await the third season, set to start later this year.

Surely those who have watched the show since the beginning have their favorite moments. In fact, this show is one of those few cartoons that make you realize it has more great moments than bad ones because it’s built on the crazy. You never know what you are going to get. Sure, sometimes a joke may come off in a way that makes you think it’s going to go wrong but then it goes in an entirely new direction. And I think that is just what makes Rick and Morty so awesome. It is full of surprises.

So as we await the arrival of the first episode of the third season, here’s a list of the weirdest moments from Rick and Morty. Happy reading, earthlings!

15. Timeline Break


This was actually the first episode I had ever seen from Rick and Morty and it still makes me giggle and scratch my head at the same time. In this episode, following the events of “Ricksy Business”, they unfreeze time. Rick, Summer, and Morty are fighting and their timelines are split into two because of the uncertainty. Rick tries to bring the timelines together and that’s when things get really insane. The screen is split into four squares and a squid-like, fourth dimensional being randomly shows up! He gives the three of them collars but then tries to arrest them. The group break their collars, using the uncertainty to break time.

14. Rick and his Ex-Lover Unity


It’s kind of strange to imagine, let alone see, a man like Rick falling in love. He did and her name is Unity (voiced by Christina Hendricks). In the episode “Auto Erotic Assimilation” the two former lovers reunite while answering the same distress call from a nearby planet. Unity, who has a hive mind, is there to assimilate the inhabitants and plans to do the same with the entire universe. The two relive old times, but Unity leaves him eventually for Beta 7, another hive mind who’s crushing on her mad. It’s sad, especially the ending, but definitely a strange episode to see.

13. DMX Reference


This show is the last place I would consider running into “Gone Give It To Ya” by DMX in an episode. You don’t expect it but it’s a surprise you’re willing to welcome. In the end of “Something Ricked This Way Comes”, Summer and Rick have themselves a Rocky-esque montage training sesh with DMX’s song playing as they are building some serious muscle – all to take out Satan, by the way. Not only do they fight the heck out of God’s archenemy, they also beat the crap out of random strangers.

12. Abradolf Lincler


If the dry-humored, slow “Bird Person” wasn’t weird enough, Abradolf Lincler tops him. The concept behind Rick’s failed creation is genius and hilarious, with Adolf Hitler’s mustache and Lincoln’s beard and top hat to complete the Civil War-World War II mashup look. Lincler appears in the first season’s finale as one of Rick’s party guests. As Rick explains in the episode, he wanted to create a “morally-neutral super-leader” by combining the two historical figures’ DNA but in the end he turned out to be a “lame, weird loser” who easily got his butt handed to him by a couple of high school kids.

11. Ice T As An Ice Cube


In “The Ballad of Ice T”, Rick and Morty are in a race to create an original song (which became the fan favorite hit song ”Get Schwifty”), for a Cromulon alien and are later thrown into a singing competition to save the world from destruction.

Though the song is a major highlight, the best part of the episode was rapper Ice -T, who was the only surviving famous musician from Earth. He makes an appearance playing himself, except he has the power to turn himself into a floating ice cube because he is more than human. In this universe, the rapper is the heir to rule a race of “letter” humans on Alphabet Rium, but was exiled many years ago.

10. Rick Versus Zeep


Featuring a surprise guest, The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert, “The Ricks Must Be Crazy” was one of the best. Here we have two scientists battling over what seems to be childish reasons in the eyes of Morty. Zeep Xanflorp is a very intellectual scientist, much like Rick. Let’s just say it involves a battery with a mini universe that our characters are trapped in. The two bicker and battle, trying to stop each other’s attempts to escape the mini-verse. What is even more weird is that nobody could have guessed that The Late Show host was the voice behind Zeep.

9. Jerry’s Little Problem in Interdimensional Cable 2


“Interdimensional Cable” is one of Rick and Morty’s most popular episodes from season one so of course season two had to have a follow up. For those who don’t know, this is when Rick finds unique ways to watch television from various dimensions.

Yet, this isn’t necessarily about blending shows. This is all about Jerry. He is feeling very small and desperately wants to be liked. He is asked to donate his penis to be converted into a heart for Shrimply Pibbles, a famous civil rights activist in the galaxy. At first he refuses but then he demands that his penis gets donated by taking the doctors hostage, forcing them to do the surgery just so he can be liked again.

8. Chair/Pizza/Phone People Ordering Pizza, Chairs and People


Yup, if things didn’t get weird enough yet, they sure did when you saw the episode “Escape From The Council of Ricks” from season one. In fact, this one can sort of hurt your brain a bit. So, as Rick and Morty escape a group of Ricks, they transport themselves, ultimately passing through three bizarre universes. Here we get three rooms. Each room has something in common with the other. The first one has two pizzas, sitting in chairs, ordering people. The second one has two phones, sitting on pizzas, ordering chairs where humans are phones. Finally, you’ve got two chairs, sitting on people, ordering cellphones on pizza phones. You got that? Ok, let’s move on!

7. King Jellybean


This anthropomorphic character is quite controversial but was handled well on the show, walking a fine line between humorous and dark while tackling a serious matter. He ruled a fantasyland and his kingdom had no idea that this guy was a pedophile because the evidence was destroyed.

In the episode, “Meeseeks and Destroy”, there is a disturbing scene where he attempts to rape Morty in the bathroom. King Jellybean is a good juxtaposition between lighthearted and a twisted past. The show doesn’t shy from discussing real topics, such as death or heartbreak. With this character, it just proves that this show is good at balancing this dichotomy.

6. Screaming Sun


The season two finale, “The Wedding Squanchers” is a heavy one but nonetheless full of laughs. Rick is invited to a Bird Person wedding on a far away planet and the family tags along. The bride is actually a member of the Galactic Federation, which is after Rick.

Rick and family leave for another planet, that is similar to Earth, except this planet has a screaming sun that operates from sun up to sundown. To top it all off, the days are up to forty-two hours long. After all the dark material presented in this episode, the screaming sun definitely takes a load off the heaviness of the episode’s themes. I highly advise that you look up this clip online. Just keep the volume low.

5. Scary Terry


This is one of my favorite pop culture references on the show, mostly because it pertains to one of the horror genre’s most notorious supernatural killers – Freddy Kruger. Scary Terry is a parody of the 80’s slasher villain who lives in a dream world within a dream world. He has the look of Kruger, wearing a green/blue chevron shirt and the fedora. The only difference is instead of a glove of knives, he has mini-swords and his chin looks like testicles. The funniest part of this guy is that he says the word “bitch” after almost every sentence. When he says, “Welcome to my nightmare, bitch” we automatically think this is a lame reference but everything changes when he says “aww bitch” when he feels sentimental.

4. Naked Homeless Man Destroying The U.S.A


If you watched the episode “Anatomy Park,” you probably shook your head as you were laughing at this scene because you could not believe this was happening. This is one of my favorite moments on the show simply because of how stupid and immature this was.

Nonetheless, the joke is well made and goes perfectly well with the episode’s storyline. The concept is very simple. There is a giant naked, dead, homeless guy, wearing a Santa hat floating over the US. The dude’s legs and feet have covered Los Angeles as his penis is plowing through the Rocky Mountains.

3. Evil Morty


In season one’s “Close Rick Encounters of the Rick Kind” (spoiler alert!) it was revealed that there was an Evil Morty in another time dimension who is way more evil and cruel than Rick. Who knew? The scene when Evil Morty pulled off the eye patch, which appeared to be a transmitter device, became a badass moment as he turned and walked away with his army of Evil Mortys to the song “For the Damaged Coda” by Blonde Redhead. You can either watch the full episode or just go see the clip online, but either way it will leave you with the chills.

2. The Opening


The opening sequence to the pilot episode braces you for what you are going to get for the rest of the episodes soon to follow. It’s a hilarious moment when the heavily drunk, mad scientist Rick barges into awkward teenager Morty’s room, telling him that the two have got somewhere to go right now. A confused Morty is dragged out of bed and into Rick’s “shuttle” as Rick continues to babble about random stuff in his drunken stupor. Viewers and fans will get a feeling of nostalgia in this strange scene, as well as laughing their butts off throughout. It echoes the tropes of the 80’s classic Back to the Future to the tee.

1. 100 – Rick and Morty Forever


The ending scene in the pilot episode is pure gold. The episode is winding down. Next thing you know: an idealistic, crazy-eyed Rick is going into a motivational monologue as poor Morty is suffering from horrible (and painful) side effects of the mega seeds. The speech is simply an endless rant but sounds like a 30 to 60 second improvisation skit, promoting the show. Regardless, this funny scene gets fans powered up, begging for more Rick and Morty adventures – up to 100 years if we are lucky. Though the rest of the pilot isn’t great, this moment makes up for it. You agree with what Rick is saying because you want more of the show. Simultaneously, you wonder if Morty is going to be ok. It makes you scratch your head and laugh aloud, just as any strange Rick and Morty moment would!

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