15 Of The Sexiest YouTube Celebrities

This is a great time to be an entertaining person with a video camera. YouTube has well over a billion users and every day, hundreds of millions of videos are viewed and each one of those views represents a small amount of money. Each click, each "like", each potential subscriber, brings a video maker closer to big bucks. Obviously, YouTube takes a huge cut, as can editing and operating costs. Oh, and don't forget the government, they suck everyone dry, YouTubers included.

But while the life of a YouTube celeb may not be as glamorous as we want to think it is, it is still a pretty cool phenomenon that a relative nobody (not meant to sound negative in tone) can create a video on any topic and get paid for their time and efforts. Sure there is a ton of garbage on YouTube and some of it makes money (see Pewdiepie for further details) but for the most part, if a video maker is skilled and interesting, there will be some money coming their way. Among the most entertaining of the YouTube celebrities; the hot women, and there are quite a few of them. Whether they cook, offer makeup tutorials, tell jokes, rant or play music, there is a growing number of stunning females making names for themselves on YouTube. This is our list of the fifteen hottest in this wonderful group of entertainers we hope don't stop doing their thing any time soon.

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15 Laina Morris


We start our list off with the Overly Attached Girlfriend, whose rise to internet fame started with a parody of Justin Bieber's Boyfriend a few years ago. She played such a great creeper that her first video got millions of views. She has been a semi-celebrity ever since. A few of her other videos have reached a couple of million views, but none have been more successful than the original. While her acting skills, demonstrated every time she's on screen, have contributed to her success, the cute smile and gorgeous blue eyes helped significantly.

14 Dulce Candy (Dulce Tejada)


The first of a few impressive makeup gurus on YouTube on our list is Dulce Candy, a gorgeous Cali girl with almost 2,000,000 subscribers and over 250,000,000 viewers. She demonstrates everything from eye makeup to hair and is certainly one of the most beautiful women on the internet. She has been on the site for about seven years and is in the process of publishing a book about fashion and makeup that will be available later in this summer.

13 Hannah Wagner (Hannah Minx)


Admittedly, this young lady has retired from making YouTube videos, with her first coming out over a year ago. But with that said, over one hundred are still up on the site and they feature breasts, eyes and learning Japanese. If you're a fan of these three things, then welcome to your mecca. Her videos featured her, teaching a new Japanese word in each episode. Her profile still has over 600,000 subscribers and has reached over 100,000,000 total views. In the past year and a half, there were rumors that she was dead, rumors of a sex tape (difficult to find but many insist that it exists) and many other suggestions for why she stopped making videos. Regardless, we wish her well and thank her for the memories.

12 Rosanna Pansino


Another beautiful California girl, Rosanna Pansino is a stunning baker whose YouTube channel has garnered more than four million subscribers and well over 800,000,000 all time views. Her channel, which is known as "Nerdy Nummies" involves baking projects that generally look like cartoon, or video game characters. Earlier this year she tried her hand at singing.

11 Molly Templeton (MemeMolly)


No list is complete without a beautiful blue-eyed girl with a staggering British accent. Her channel has featured just about everything, from her own thoughts and cute anecdotes to cooking instructions. Other than her YouTube channel, she has worked for a couple of internet based production companies. Though she is no longer active on that account she is active on other social media accounts. Her channel has over fifty million views and still has just over 100,000 subscribers.

10 Bethany Mota

Ever notice how a lot of the most beautiful girls on YouTube are getting famous by making instructional videos about beauty products and tips? Yeah there seems to be a correlation. Also, a lot of them are from California. Maybe Snoop Dogg/Lion was right. I too wish they could all be California girls.

Bethany Mota has made tons of videos ranging from makeup and hair to other interests and of course, the random observation category. She joined the site about six years ago, and has over eight million subscribers and over 700,000,000 video views. She's now a singer and has produced her own clothing line, having moved from YouTube personality to successful entrepreneur, all before hitting age 20.

9 Lisa Donovan


About nine years ago, Lisa Donovan stormed onto the YouTube scene, essentially doing whatever she wanted, from funny skits to impersonations. After achieving success on the internet, she quickly transitioned to other media, briefly being featured on MadTV, and creating her own production company. She is still an actress to this day; her most recent role being a small part in the Kevin Hart comedy The Wedding Ringer. 

8 Karen Alloy


Here's your "why the f*** would someone do that" moment of the day. Karen Alloy; a talented photographer, YouTube personality, actress and comedian, gave fans live updates of the birth of her third child in 2009.

She is still active as a social media expert but deleted her YouTube channel earlier this year, having amassed a following of several hundred thousand subscribers and over one hundred million views. The gorgeous redhead is 37 years old but looks younger, maintaining the spirit of a much younger woman.

7 Esmee Denters

Moving back to the world of music, here is a Dutch beauty who could be considered an actually talented, female Justin Bieber. Alright, she never spat on fans, didn't get caught in a DUI and didn't do any of the other awful stuff, she was just found on YouTube. She signed with Justin Timberlake a few years ago and has achieved significant success playing shows and releasing singles since. She is no longer signed to Timberlake's label Tennman Records, but has been independent for a few years.

Aside from being a talented singer, she is also talented at being drop dead gorgeous, possessing assets such as beautiful eyes and an amazing smile.

6 Zoe Sugg


"Zoella" is an incredibly cute British girl who started out making beauty themed videos but has transferred her talents to just about everything else from writing to singing. In short, she's multi talented and everyone likes looking at her and listening to her. She has also become involved with the National Citizens' Service and some charities.

Her first book Girl Online, was basically a novelization of her own experience as a successful internet celebrity, is one of the fastest selling books of all time.

5 Jenna Marbles


Probably the most famous of the ladies on our list is Jenna Mourey, known as Jenna Marbles. She brings to the table a great mix of humor, insight, intelligence (she has a master's degree) and of course beauty. Today, she has over fifteen million views, and her videos have been viewed about 1.7 billion times. Her channel is the most subscribed channel owned by a woman on YouTube. As of right now, she has a boyfriend, and that is the definition of a lucky dude, because this wonderful person is what can be described as perfect wife material.

4 iJustine (Justine Ezarik)


The most renowned "lifecaster" on the internet is iJustine, a model-esque blonde whose fame started in 2007 when she received a 300 page iPhone bill and posted it in a video online. Since then, she has found success acting both on YouTube and other media, and has over two million subscribers and over 350,000,000 video views. If she had never found success on the internet, somebody would have noticed how beautiful she was, I mean, it was just meant to happen.

3 Michelle Phan


Our number three is a member of Forbes' top 30 under 30. Michelle Phan is a 28 year old Vietnamese-American beauty and makeup blogger. She has been on YouTube since 2007, after starting a blog a few years earlier. She has since started a few of her own business initiatives including a beauty line through L'Oreal. Her YouTube channel is still active and has over 7.5 million subscribers and over 1.1 billion views.

2 Jess Greenberg


Our number two hottest female YouTube celebrity is Jess Greenberg, an absurdly beautiful singer and guitarist from England. She made videos from 2010 until 2014, which were pretty much all of the same nature. It was her, dolled up and in a low-cut shirt, singing covers of popular songs with her acoustic guitars. She stopped making videos about nine months ago, but has indicated via Twitter that she hasn't stopped pursuing her music career. Apart from guitar skills and a killer voice, she has an eye, breast and pouty lip combination that is about as perfect as they come.

1 Sara X (Sara Mills)


Dancing breasts and tattoos. There, now that I have your attention, Sara X is a true gem with great eyes, awesome body art and breasts that she can "twerk" to the tune of music. She is one of the newcomers to the YouTube celeb world, having started to make videos back around the end of 2013. Since then however, she has managed to reach over 200,000 subscribers and over eighty-million views. Probably her most well known video is the one in which she plays the Christmas tune Jingle Bells with her tata's. She wins the award for most athletic breasts on the internet and is also number one on our list.

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