15 Of The Rudest Celebrities In Hollywood

A few months ago, a friend of mine ran into Nicolas Cage while he was filming a new movie nearby, and she told me just how nice he was. He signed an autograph for her, talked with her for a few minutes and even had a selfie taken with her. I've also read about how Dave Grohl is one of the nicest guys in rock and roll, and how much his fans mean to him. There was one time where he broke his leg in the middle of a show, and he had a cast put on his leg during a performance so as to not to disappoint his fans or interrupt the concert. Even Adam Sandler is so appreciative to those who have bought tickets to his movies, that when he goes out to eat with his friends, he spends so much time signing autographs and taking pictures that he rarely even has time to eat his dinner.

These kinds of celebrities are the ones who haven't forgotten where they came from or who is paying for their salary, but not all celebrities are that nice. Some of them are (apparently) just downright rude and nasty. Not all of these stories can be proven, and the only way to actually see how mean or rude someone is, is to see for yourself. There are, however, those who have posted on social media, so it is very difficult for them to deny those allegations.

15 Michael Jordan

14 Rachael Ray

13 Cameron Diaz

12 Rosie O'Donnell

11 Shia LaBeouf

10 Jerry Seinfeld

9 Katie Couric

8 Tommy Lee Jones

7 Mel Gibson

6 Jared Leto

5 Ariana Grande

Apparently Ariana Grande is so incredibly rude that there are hundreds of memes created just for the purpose of showing it. It has been rumored that Ariana is extensively "diva-like" and there are many things that can be perceived as rude, even though they are things that only a diva would do. Isn't that basically the same thing? For instance, she only allows pictures being taken of her "good" side, which happens to be her left side.

4 Rihanna

Quite a few years ago, Rihanna had worn a green catsuit-type outfit with winged arms to the 2010 ECHO awards in Berlin. It was so popular, that a sixteen year-old fan named Alexis Carter wanted to pay homage to Rihanna by creating a similar outfit to wear to her high school prom that happened to have a Hollywood theme. After posting her pictures online, mean people starting bullying her about the suit, including Rihanna, herself!

3 Jay-Z

According to Robert DeNiro, if he calls you, then you absolutely must answer (or at least call him back). During a party at Leonardo DiCaprio's house, "Bob" was overheard scolding Jay-Z for not returning his six messages that he left when calling the rapper. It is understandable that some people just don't like to use the phone, but it's crazy not to want to return a call from Robert DeNiro.

2 Iggy Azalea

1 Kanye West

It is impossible to have a list of rude people without having Kanye included. Anyone who has the nerve to jump on stage to tell Taylor Swift that she doesn't deserve to win an award that she has worked so hard for deserves to make the top of this list. Even president Obama was overheard calling Kanye a "jackass," even though we weren't supposed to hear that.

Kanye almost did the same thing again when Beck won a Grammy against Beyonce, as well, and Kanye jumped up on stage. Beck knew that he was joking, and laughed it off. Is Kim okay with Kanye making such a big deal about Beyonce and her winning awards?


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15 Of The Rudest Celebrities In Hollywood