15 Of The Most Shameless Celebrity Selfies

In the recent years, selfies have become a phenomenon, from regular people dedicating entire social media profiles to them, to professionals giving advice on professional looking selfies (such as LinkedIn selfies), to celebrities even publishing books about them (we're looking at you Kim Kardashian). The word has become so popular that in 2013, it was added to the Oxford Dictionary (alongside other great words like twerk and binge-watch). The rumor is that the word started in Australian message boards, sometime in the year 2002, with the first document of its use being:

“Um, drunk at a mates 21st, I tripped ofer [sic] and landed lip first (with front teeth coming a very close second) on a set of steps. I had a hole about 1cm long right through my bottom lip. And sorry about the focus, it was a selfie.”

Since then, the word has gained tremendous popularity across the English speaking world, becoming an easily recognizable word. Language research conducted by Oxford Dictionaries editors reveals that the frequency of the word selfie in the English language has increased by 17,000% from the year 2012 to 2013, leading it to claiming the title of the Word of the Year. Unfortunately not all selfies are worth taking or seeing. Some are so bad, we've made a list of the worst 15 selfies - follow it as a what-not-to-do for your next selfie.


16 Kim Kardashian

Kicking off our list is none other than the selfie queen and Selfish (the first selfie book) author herself, Kim Kardashian. With so many selfies, you're bound to have a few that didn't turn out so well. Although we love (or love to hate) Kim's selfie overload, the above picture could probably be filed in the oversharing category. The story behind it is that Kim went to get a vampire facial (which involves bloodletting as a means to improve your skin's vitality) and wanted to show the world the procedure as it was occurring. While it is interesting, this is a highly disturbing picture of what could be considered an unnecessary procedure. Really, we prefer Kim's glamour selfies to this.

15 Tyra Banks

The inventor of 'smizing', Tyra Banks recently shared a new version of her signature look: the alien 'smizing'. Tyra is known for her over the top pictures and picture taking skills, especially her America's Next Top Model photo shoots, so seeing the above selfie was a little disappointing given what we've come to expect of Tyra. I guess if you've ever wanted to see Tyra as an alien, now you know what she would look like; although her typical glamorous selfies are much more interesting and flattering.

14 Jessica Simpson

It's no doubt that Jessica Simpson has looked amazing through both of her pregnancies, but even the fashion mogul has been a victim of bad selfie taking. Although she looks great in the above selfie, what throws me off about it are these three factors: 1) the terrible floral print robe, 2) the frozen face duck lips, and 3) the seemingly (very) messy room. Moral of the story, clean up your room before you decide to take pictures, don't wear horrible robes, and maybe smile for the camera.

13 Lady Gaga

Although Lady Gaga selfies are usually quite strange, none are quite as confusing as the image shown above. In it, we see Lady Gaga posing next to an antique-looking clock, while wearing double spectacles and a fake moustache... oh, and all while the pop star is posing topless. No one really knows what's going on in the image, or why, but if we have to feel this confused about it, we can just label it as a terrible selfie, and leave it at that.

12 Katy Perry

As we know, Katy Perry is quite popular for her wild fashion sense, so it's no doubt many of her selfies feature the singer wearing strange outfits and sporting some rather quirky hairstyles. In one of the worst selfie posts on her Instagram page, she can be seen wearing green and blue buns, heavy earrings, too many rings, and some tacky acrylic nails. We're not sure we know what she's trying to show off, but everything in this photo definitely needs a serious makeover.

11 Katy Perry (again)

In our number 10 spot is a selfie taken by none other than Katy Perry (again), as the star was taking a bath and enjoying a delicious pizza. While the combination can be seen as strange, it involves two of the best things in life: bubble baths and pizza - but should these mix in the form of a selfie? Probably not. With two terrible selfies making this list, maybe it's time for Katy Perry to learn more about selfies...maybe Kim Kardashian's book Selfish, could actually be put to good use?

10 Courtney Stodden




Courtney Stodden's first claim to fame was her strange marriage to Doug Hutchinson. What was her second claim to fame? Her over-the-top photo ops, which focused on Courtney wearing crazy hypersexualized outfits, and posing provocatively. While most of her selfies match that sexualized image, this selfie shows that even Courtney can be a victim of a bad photo. She is barely recognizable, appearing hung over and wearing no makeup and her hair a mess, with the only thing reminding us of the Courtney we know - the extreme fish lips. Given her expression in the photo, we can assume she was not having a good night.

8 Gerardo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera is a well known attorney, reporter, author and talk show host, famous for his show Geraldo. He is quite active on Twitter, posting mostly news related Tweets. At 1 AM, on July 21, 2013, Geraldo Tweeted a picture of himself nude and covered only by a towel, with the caption "70 is the new 50". Although brave of him, the picture is very unflattering and (very) inappropriate, since it is highly unlikely anyone looking to the reporter's Twitter page for news would've come across the image. Not only that, but we don't think anyone was interested in seeing the 71-year-old's nude selfie.

7 Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry is a model and reality TV personality, rising to fame following her win of the first America's Next Top Model competition. Throughout her career, she's participated in many spectacular photo shoots. Like many celebrities, she too is guilty of a few bad selfies. The one above in particular, not only seems like a desperate cry for attention (the biggest give aways being the duck lips and the nudity), but is an incredibly unflattering example of a selfie. For some reason she appears to be at least 20 years older than she actually is, looking more like Lisa Rinna than herself.

6 Justin Bieber

No doubt this list would be incomplete without featuring a Justin Bieber selfie. It was a tough decision picking just one, but we think the one above does a good job of capturing Justin's downward spiral. We have so many questions, including; why is he wearing a fishing hat - a fishing hat with stick figures? Why is he sticking out his tongue? Where is his shirt? Why is half of his face covered? Is he ashamed to be seen in such a terrible photo? Maybe the entire photo/Justin's image could be an homage to Vanilla Ice - that would likely solve this whole mystery.

5 Chris Brown

Yet another celebrity that our list would be incomplete without is rapper Chris Brown, the man we all love the hate, and the king of terrible selfies. Looking through his Instagram account, it can be easy to see why - his photos are perfect representations of the many reasons many of us have come to hate him. The above image shows Chris smoking not one but three blunts. We get it Chris, there is no need to over do it.

4 Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes' struggles in the recent years have been highly publicized, especially due to Amanda's social media posts which have revealed many personal details about her life. Some of the details of her life were revealed on Twitter - these included accusations that her father had sexually abused her as a child, and that he had placed a microchip in her brain as a child - these were revealed to be untrue and lead to her being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Although she appears to be doing much better these days, what remains from those times are some terrible selfies, like the one above.

3 Madonna

In our number 3 comes none other than Madonna herself, who hasn't had the best reputation for good selfies. The above photo was so bad that it allegedly lead to the singer being temporarily kicked off of Instagram. Although most people would've taken this as a sign to stop with the bad selfies, Madonna is back on Instagram and at it again. If only she'd get it, we'd all be spared from these. Put the camera away Madonna! Let other people take pictures of you that actually do your beauty justice.

2 Miley Cyrus



Coming in our number 2 spot is Miley Cyrus, the queen of bad selfies. Going through her social media profiles, you'll find more horrible and inappropriate selfies than good ones, and far too many pictures of her sticking her tongue out. The worst photo of all however, is so bad that many users have been flagging it as inappropriate, trying to get Instagram to get it removed. In it, the singer can be seen mostly naked (the see through mesh pants don't really count as pants anyway) and grabbing image we'd much rather not see. Maybe Instagram should listen to the general consensus and spare us all of the visual.

1 Ricky Gervais

The winner of our worst selfie competition is certainly not someone you'd associate with excessive selfie taking, but maybe true talent takes time. In it, comedian Ricky Gervais is doing his best to grab his chest, all while displaying his vampire teeth and cross eyed nature. What makes this selfie so good (or bad?) is how funny and endearing Ricky looks. Really, it's nice to see a celebrity taking themselves so lightly - no wonder he'd be number one on our list!


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