15 Of The Most Private Hollywood Celebrities

Who says you can't lead a private life in Hollywood? Celebrities have a hard time hiding from the bright lights of the paparazzi‘s cameras. Everywhere they go, there are people asking for pictures, autographs, even a kiss. Some throw their underwear in desperate attempts to have a celebrity zero in and look at them.

However, some celebrities have been able to master the art of hiding; staying out of the public eye all while maintaining a pretty steady and lucrative career. Many celebrities complain about their lack of privacy yet famously shows up to Hollywood hot spots where they know are havens for paparazzi and fans alike. Nobu, Chateau Marmont, Koi, the Roosevelt; these are just a few of the locations that should be avoided if you are a celebrity trying to stay out of the grips of the paparazzi. Privacy is one of the most sought after gifts a celebrity would like to receive, unfortunately for them it is not something that is easily attainable, and it is a luxury.

The perks of being a celebrity should outweigh their lack of privacy; the swanky parties, the gifts, the endorsement money and best of all having a job where you get paid to play another person and can have as much down time as you like. These perks apparently wear off quickly as you cannot get some celebrities to leave their house even for a great filming location. These notoriously private celebs are just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more out there.


15 Julia Roberts

Think about it-- when was the last time you saw Julia Roberts in public? When was the last time she did any press? The film Money Monster is out and where was she on the red carpet at the premiere? She seems to be a modern day recluse; popular enough to be a sought after actress but refusing to be caught in public. Roberts has not always been so behind the scenes. In the 90s she carried on high profile relationships and she used to kill the red carpet with amazing gowns and perfect make up. Now you would lucky to get her to show up at an after party in her honor.

14 Daniel Craig


The only time you see Daniel Craig is when a James Bond film is in its final stages and he is making the rounds and appearing in commercials for the items that will be plugged in the film. Besides that if you were not up on your celebrity news you would not even know that he is married to Rachel Weisz; in fact, no one knew until about a year later. There is no way Craig is compromising his privacy for anything. He does not even live in LA which is why you do not see him at any of the hot spots and why you will never see him working out on that amazing physique.

13 Beyonce

Queen Beyonce has a funny situation going on; she is so public yet so private. You see her everywhere, you see her husband Jay Z, her kid Blue Ivy but you really know nothing about them. She is notorious for refusing to address public incidents and she never speaks of her life at home. When she does choose to be intimate it is always on her own terms and done in an indirect way. She is smart that way; she is actually known more for her music and career than her really private life (sans the tabloid gossip) and while she talks about “Becky with the good hair” you will never know who she is actually talking about.

12 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie


Along with his beautiful wife Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is so private we are not even sure what country he lives in. Paris? London? Los Angeles? Chances are we will never know. The couple together with their children is a rare and unique site. Jolie being an actress means nothing, as she rarely does press and she rarely appears in films unless it is one she writes, produces, directs and then casts her husband opposite her. That must be a very closed set. Did they even show up to the last two Oscars? The power couple must be enjoying their family so much they want for nothing more; kind of jealous over here.

11 Matthew McConaughey

He has been a rare site since Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew McConaughey has been known to drop off the map after doing successful films. He usually maintains his A-list actor status but besides what you see on the surface you know nothing else. He has always liked the simple life and he made no secret of this (like when he lived in a trailer on a beach). You forget that he is a married man with kids because he rarely speaks of his wife or his children; we mostly do not see her unless he decides to choose her over his mother to bring to a red carpet event.

10 Meryl Streep


Meryl Streep has to be everyone’s favorite adopted mom; she seems so cool and free-spirited but we can only go off of her movie roles for that portrayal. Streep is so private that she can do a film, fly under the radar the entire time it is being filmed and then pop up for one or two promotional red carpets and retrieve back to her home; wherever that is. Actors like Streep have no need to chase fame anymore, her success is no longer dependent on her looks or how much of the spotlight she can grab. She has made a name for herself and would now prefer to sit back and take it all in.

9 Johnny Depp

The last time we saw Johnny Depp was by force. He was forced to make a video apologizing to Australia for sneaking his dogs into the country. Before that was when... hmmm not sure; Depp is kind of a weird guy. No we will not say weird we will say eccentric and his eccentricity has kind of put him in a tough spot; he is rarely seen in public and when he is, he looks like a pirate and only shows face to say, “hey, I’m still around,” and back to his home he goes. He manages to snag great roles; we just have to come to terms with the idea that we know nothing about him and probably never will.


8 Keanu Reeves


You cannot talk about privacy without talking about Keanu Reeves. He is so private that no one has really seen him in a very, very long time. He is still a great topic of conversation but he remains a mystery and enigma of sorts. He has had a hard time in Hollywood; his wife died while pregnant with his child, his best friend River Pheonix overdosed in a very public way and well to be honest he has had some bad films (who has not?), so he could probably care less about maintaining a foothold in Hollywood and even less about making big blockbusters over indie films.

7 Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is so private people forget that she is married with a child and a new one on the way. She is on a top rated show, she is somewhat regularly seen in public but do not ask her where her husband is and how her child is doing; you will get straight silence and possibly a death stare. Washington is happy to have her little bit of privacy; she holds close to her whatever she can. No one really knows where she lives, or what her life is like outside of playing Olivia Pope. The only thing we have to hold on to is hoping that she is basically like Olivia Pope in real life.

6 Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds is pretty active on social media but what do we really know about the Canadian heartthrob? We rarely see him out with his wife Blake Lively and baby girl and when he does make an appearance it usually involves a red carpet and a very brief stay. When Reynolds does want to interact with his fans he does it personally through social media. However, this funny guy likes to keep what is private, private and does not seem like the type to budge when it comes to his personal affairs. What we do not know about Reynolds could fill an unauthorized biography.

5 Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is an Academy Award winning actress but she has no problem keeping the spotlight off of her. She is rarely out and about and she is somewhat of a mystery. We know only what she wants us to know and you must admit one has to admire her for being a great example of someone who can be famous, yet not suffocate us with her fame. Winslet is a class act; she tries hard to keep her marriage private, her children out of the public eye and her personal secret stay personal secrets. Do we really need to know more? We already love her from the little bit that we do know.

4 Leonardo DiCaprio


Like his Titanic co-star, Leo DiCaprio is notoriously private. The most we see from him is laying out on a beach or a yacht surrounded by a bunch of half naked models. Maybe all the women are there to deflect the attention from him (lightbulb). DiCaprio likes to be out and have a good time but not at the expense of his privacy. He would rather take another elaborate vacation where the paparazzi is nonexistent than go to Koi and have a steak dinner ruined by constant camera flashes. Can you blame DiCaprio for being so private? He is one of the most sought after actors of our time. He has to maintain some kind of dignity.

3 Michael Fassbender

Michael who? Most of the time people forget he exists until he shows up in an outstanding film and then every women in the world falls at his feet. Fassbender is a single eligible bachelor if only we knew where he was half the time maybe one lucky girl could have her shot with him. Everything about his life is unclear. Who he is actually dating, where he really lives, why he is such a pseudo recluse. He seems to love being an actor but it seems like his age is working against him. He may want to run around like a young guy in his prime but he somehow realizes that at age 39 it is more beneficial for him to remain a closed door mystery.

2 Ryan Gosling


Did anyone know when Ryan Gosling started dating Eva Mendes? Did they know when he was to be a father? Did they know when he became a father for a second time? Gosling is a master at keeping his personal life really personal. He never discusses his family, he rarely does interviews unless he is contractually bound to and furthermore, he seems to be amazing at hiding the fact that he is happy because when the paparazzi occasionally catch him he is all frown and no smiles. We get maintaining your privacy is key to maintaining your sanity but show us some love every now and again.

1 Anne Hathaway

This could be partially due to the hate that people seem to have for Anne Hathaway but some of it, if not most, is voluntary. She shuns the glitz and glamour of Hollywood so casually that you cannot even tell that she is doing it. To her credit, she did host the Oscars and apparently pissed off a lot of people with her “poor hosting skills”. Who would not want to hide from the public? Besides that, Hathaway just seems like a really private person who enjoys a simple life; she married someone who is not in the business at all and if she has anything to do with it, that is all we will ever know about him.

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