15 Of The Most Difficult Pokémon To Catch In Pokémon Go

Like many Pokémon Go players, I started out when I was a child watching the original Pokémon television show. The games were a natural progression from the television show and when I found out that Pokémon was doing an augmented reality game I, like many other fans of the brand, was stoked. I immediately downloaded the app and began roaming my town in order to catch 'em all.

When I caught my first starter Pokémon, I picked Charmander. I was super excited when I started catching Pidgeys, Rattatas and the other more common Pokémon in the game. I quickly realized that there are some Pokémon that I will never stop seeing, those that I would have to search for and, eventually, I found out that some were so rare that I might never see them at all.

Some Pokémon are restricted only to a specific geographical region while others are limited to events. Others are just seldom seen pocket monsters that simply like living a solitary lifestyle away from the bullying of trainers who constantly throw balls at their heads. And who could blame them?

I have compiled this list in an effort to show you the Pokémon that I've found to be the rarest, least found Pokémon in North America. Do you agree with the list? Have you found any of the Pokémon that I've listed?


15 Kangaskhan


Kangaskhan is a strange Pokémon, indeed, because it is not known to evolve from or into any other Pokémon! Aside from mega evolving, anyway, but original gangsters know that doesn't count. The first appearance this Pokémon made was in the "Kangaskhan Kid" episode of the original show, which was a particularly good one if you like barbaric kids raised by wolves, err, Kangaskhan.

This Pokémon is particularly popular in all sorts of media and has made appearances in TV, manga, movies and even video games. In spite of its popularity and appearances in seemingly every facet of the Pokémon franchise, it is said to only be available in Australia. So if you're ever making a trip down under, keep an eye out for the massive spiders and Kangaskhan!

14 Mr. Mime


Am I the only one who thinks that humanoid Pokémon are really weird? I mean, who walks down the street, sees a mime and thinks, "That's a Pokémon, I'd better catch it!" Not to mention the implications that come up with how smart the Pokémon are.

Regardless of how weird they are, Mr. Mime has made several appearances in the Pokémon franchise, and first made an appearance in the original Pokémon series in the episode titled "It's Mr. Mime Time." The Pokédex has some interesting entries for Mr. Mime as well, including the fact that it will slap around anyone who interrupts its miming.

Regardless of its popularity, weirdness and appearances, this Pokémon is only able to be wild-caught in Europe, unless you're lucky enough to hatch one. Good luck!

13 Farfetch'd


Another regionally exclusive Pokémon, Farfetch'd is a normal type Pokémon that is basically duck soup that carries its own leek around with it. Because of the fact that it's basically a meal on wings, this is Pokémon is considered nearly extinct in the Pokémon world and efforts have been made by Pokémon breeders to increase their numbers.

In all seriousness, however, this Pokémon is actually very strong, and can be seen in many of the shows and manga to have a bad attitude, especially when provoked. It uses the leek it carries as a weapon in wings that it can also use as hands.

Once again, this is a pokémon that you can only find it in Asia, though rumors exist that they can also be found in South America.

12 Gastly


This Pokémon has no real, set form. Though it is most commonly seen in the ball form with smoke whirling around it, the series has shown it to be able to take other forms as well, though this doesn't seem true for the Pokémon Go game. For a ghost, it seems to be one of the most playful of the Pokémon, and seems to like playing tricks on anyone who it comes across. This obviously translates into the game because I have spent many hours chasing these things around and never actually come across it. Rumors spread about this Pokémon. Where they are found, where they frequent, if they have nests. This elusive Pokémon, while able to be found on your everyday travels, seems to appear only sparingly and does not seem to keep to a certain area.

11 Jynx


Another humanoid Pokémon that is very rare in Pokémon Go. Jynx resembles a stout human woman, and the her black face has caused a bit of turmoil as triggered racial proponents have considered her to be using black face paint. This is, of course, not the case because Pokémon are not people, they are considered monsters. Pocket monsters. You know, Pokémon? Either way, this was changed to suit the more emotionally fragile, and in later episodes her black features became purple, instead. She is also apparently an amazon, having no male counterpart to her species. Only females exist.

This Pokémon first appeared with the mythical, reoccurring Santa Claus character. Ash and his companions assisted Santa Claus in the return of his Jynx.

Though not impossible to catch, this pokémon is one of the more rare finds.

10 Dratini


What do you get when you mix a dragon with a martini? You get the name of one of the cutest dragon ever to grace the Pokémon world. To top it off, Dratini even evolves into one of the strongest dragon Pokémon in the entire game. Dratini's debut was in the Viridian Forest in episode "Drat That Dratini!" Since then it has become a beloved and cute Pokémon that everyone seems to adore.

Unfortunately, these things are a bugger to find. I, myself, have only found one and it was CP 32. Even though I was severely disappointed by its strength, I was honestly happy just to find one, seeing as these Pokémon tend to show up only to a select, lucky few. Have you found one?

9 Shellder


This little guy is a true underdog of the Pokémon world, finding itself to be one of the least popular, least reviewed and least sought after pocket monsters ever. It doesn't help the case that in Pokémon Go, the Shellder is one of the more rare finds, either. One would think that with its defense being as high as it is, or the fact that it evolves into one of Pokémon with the highest defenses in the game (not to mention its anatomically suggestive shape and form) you would see more of these at your local gyms.

Regardless of the merits and humorous form that this Pokémon and its evolution takes, most players are typically lucky to find one or two of these underrated Pokémon.


8 Gengar


Everyone who knows Pokémon knows Gengar. Gengar, along with his evolutions, were Ash's only hope for success on many occasions. This ghost Pokémon is almost as difficult to catch as Haunter, and twice as hard to catch as a Gastly.

This is a playful ghost type Pokémon who loves to play tricks on others and seems to have a great sense of humor, especially considering it is rumored to be the ghost of other dead Pokémon or loved ones.

Personally, I have never even seen a Gengar in the wild, and I don't know anyone who has. If you have caught one of these ghosts, consider yourself lucky, as they are not only rare but incredibly strong, and almost no other Pokémon is resistant to its attacks.

7 Charizard

When you first start your Pokémon Go adventures, one of the three Pokémon you are allowed to choose to start with is the Charmander. The other two Pokémon, Bulbasaur and Squirtle are available as well, but it seems that between these three pokémon, the Charmander family is the most difficult to find in the wild. There are, of course, those people out there who have all the luck in the world and come across them in the field, but it remains a matter of statistics that Charizard itself is one of the least common Pokémon that you can attempt to find. You might spend your entire Pokémon Go career wandering and never come across a single one. Best to try to find a bunch of Charmanders and evolve them, if you even get that lucky!

6 Blastoise

Just like the other three starter Pokémon that you are offered, Squirtle's evolution, Blastoise, is nearly impossible to find as well. In the field, I've come across only a single one of these by the pool at my friend's apartment complex. I wasted two dozen ultra balls and about 20 razzberries in an attempt to catch this elusive water type Pokémon but it escaped and I have never seen one since. Combine that with the fact that the Squirtles themselves are hard enough to find and you'll soon realize that seeing a Blastoise, whether in the wild or in one of your local gyms, is a sight to behold. Not quite like seeing a unicorn, but I would go so far as to say that seeing one is like seeing a double rainbow, and just as pretty.

5 Marowak


This is another Pokémon where you're more likely to spend years finding its predecessor and evolving it before you'll ever see one in the wild. This is a beautifully strong Pokémon that can take down just about any other Pokémon with a similar CP, and for good reason.

Marowak first appeared in the Pokémon episode "Bad To The Bone" and was under the ownership of Otoshi. Since its debut, it has made several appearances in both the TV show and the manga, becoming one of the more popular Pokémon, partially due to the heart-wrenching episode of the Cubone attempting to find its mother.

As a side note, the history of the Pokémon universe asserts that this creature was originally very weak, and it was only when the creature began using bones as its weapons did it become so strong and aggressive.

4 Pikachu


Everyone's favorite Pokémon is also one of the most elusive to find in the wild. There is a trick to finding one, though. And I'll share it with you, now.

When you first begin the game, you are offered three basic starter Pokémon. Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. If you choose to walk away from them, they will reappear on your radar continuously until one is chosen. If you do this several times, however, eventually a Pikachu will show up and you can catch one!

If you are unlucky enough, like me, not to have known that when you started, then you'll have to find one in the wild. This can be a daunting experience, because they are apparently one of the most difficult to find Pokémon in the entire game.

3 Haunter


In case it isn't obvious by now, the ghost-type pokémon are my own personal favorites and, much to my dismay, they are also the most difficult to find out of almost any other Pokémon type, and Haunter is absolutely no exception. In the days of pokéradar, I have only seen one of these as a shadow on my screen and was never able to locate it. In fact, I don't personally know anyone in my area who has caught one.

This comes from the fact that, in spite of its type, they are insanely sporadic in their appearances. You'd figure, "Hey, it's a ghost. It should be in graveyards and cemeteries. Have you checked there?" Why yes, yes I have. I've walked alone, at night, in graveyards in an attempt to find these Pokémon only to walk away with the shivers and a few small zombie bites.

I'll live.

2 Ditto


Ditto is one of the most interesting Pokémon to date, having only a glob as a true form and the capability to mimic any other Pokémon's abilities and look. There is even a shaded spot where the Ditto is supposed to go in your Pokédex but there isn't a single person out there who has caught one. Rumors keep flying, and so do the lies and the Photoshops of supposed catches but, when it boils down, it remains a Pokémon that, if it's out there in the wild, no one has caught yet.

If ever there comes a time when a Ditto is caught for real, it is likely going to send the Pokémon Go community into a fit. The Ditto is rare, but our next one doesn't even have a spot in the Pokédex!

1 Mewtwo


Mewtwo. The word brings terror and fascination to Pokémon players around the globe. The movie in which Mewtwo made its debut shocked all viewers, and it never ceased to be one of the most popular Pokémon in the series.

But where do you find it?

Well, to make a long story short, you don't. There is no Pokédex entry for Mew or Mewtwo, and anyone who has said that they've caught it is lying. If the advertisements for the game or the rumors and leaks are to be believed, then there will be an event that Niantic will hold in which you will be able to capture one of these insanely strong psychic Pokémon.

Because the of the fact it EXISTS in the game, but isn't able to be found literally ANYWHERE, it remains the absolute rarest pokémon in Pokémon Go.

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