15 of the Creepiest Looking Monsters/Aliens in Movie History

creepiest movie monsters

Movies that feature aliens or monsters in their cast make up some of the most captivating productions, with audiences around the world flocking the movie theaters to watch them as soon as they are released. These movies are so popular because people get to see creatures that only exist in other people's imaginations; besides, everyone appreciates creativity, right? In addition to being tremendously entertaining, people also love these movies because they relate the experiences their heroes go through with the challenges they are facing, and use the lessons they learn to overcome the "monsters" and "aliens" in their own lives.

Since the theme of aliens and monsters is one that has been around since the invention of the motion pictures, coming up with a unique and original being is now quite a challenge. People have long imagined that aliens would likely share some features with human beings, such as having two feet, two hands, two eyes, one head and so on, but new productions are breaking this trend. Monsters, on the other hand, have shared features with animals that people interact with on a regular basis, but this trend is also fast changing and movie makers are truly thinking outside the box.

Regardless of the idea or inspiration behind a monster or an alien in a movie, one thing that we can all agree on is that there are some creatures out there that take creepy to a whole new level. Some of these creatures are so scary that many people find it hard to think of anything else, especially when they are alone in the dark and they sense something weird coming their way. Here are some monsters and aliens that can only be described as creepy:

15 The Na'vi - Avatar (2009)

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Avatar is one of the most visually impressive movies of all time, owing to its unique concept and exceptional execution. Despite taking so much time to produce this movie, audiences around the world appreciated Avatar and are thirsting and impatiently waiting for its sequel. The aliens in this movie share a lot of features with us humans, but the differences we share are what make them creepy. These aliens are 10 feet tall, have extremely large eyes, long tails and are very slender. The Na'vi have a very weird connection to their planet and are very spiritual, and they have a sophisticated culture despite being a community with little technological advancement.

14 E.T. - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

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If you have watched E.T., then you might be thinking to yourself that the alien does not deserve to be on this list. However, despite proving to be harmless and even very friendly, this extra-terrestrial being was truly weird looking at first glance. Consider his long neck, weird looking skin, oddly shaped head and peculiar body features including a glowing finger. Your first reaction, if you were to meet E.T. on the streets at night, would be to run away and hide for fear of sudden destruction from the creature you know so little about. However, when you get to discover how E.T. is such a great friend, most people will agree that his creepiness eventually turns into cuteness.

13 Werewolf Race - Underworld (2003)

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The story of the rivalry between vampires and werewolves has been featured in movies, TV series, and even comic books, meaning that it is not a fresh concept. However, regardless of whether the two species of monsters fight or make love, the fact that the monsters are extremely creepy is undisputable. The werewolves in Underworld look creepier than the vampires because they are scary, being very tall and muscular, with an awfully angry dog's head. A werewolf is the last thing you would want to meet in real-life because your encounter would result in an exceptionally painful death.

12 The Predator - Predators (2010)

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The Predator is creepy in every sense of the word, from its appearance, to its name, and what it does to other species around it. The Predators have mandibles like some insects we know of, and these make the creatures even creepier. This fictional species hunts and kills other species just for sport, making them dangerous and extremely deadly. The Predators have some similarities with human beings, but their technology and alien abilities are more advanced compared to anything humans have come up with so far. These creatures can move from one planet to another at great speeds, and have an active camouflage, directed-energy weapons and superhuman strength.

11 Pumpkinhead - Pumpkinhead (1989)

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The name Pumpkinhead might sound like a funny cartoon character with a large head, but that is hardly the case. Pumpkinhead is the name of a demon in the Pumpkinhead franchise that includes the movie, two sequels on TV and a comic book series. This demon monster was spookier than anything people had seen on TV, but that did not prevent audiences from all over the world from being glued to the screen all the way through to the end. People with a deep craving for vengeance against particular individuals would visit a witch, who for the price of their souls or a sum of money would bring the monster to life and send it off to carry out the horrible deeds that always ended in death. Pumpkinhead is truly one of the creepiest monsters in movie history.

10 Clover - Cloverfield (2008)

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The monster in Cloverfield, herein referred to as Clover, was a gigantic and scary monster that the Tagruato submarines accidentally woke up while conducting investigations in the Atlantic Ocean. This gigantic monster immediately headed to New York City and caused serious damage, killing almost everyone in Manhattan and nearly flattening the whole city. This monster is made even creepier by the fact that it appears and finally proves to be indestructible. After the United States military gives it all they've got and think that they have destroyed it, a voice is heard at the end of the movie claiming that the monster is still alive.

9 The Ghoulies - Ghoulies II (1988)

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Unlike most other monsters in this list whose size and strength are enough to make any human feel like a dwarf, the Ghoulies are very tiny creatures that take the word ugly to a whole new level. These small creatures are extremely violent and can attack people from any direction, including munching at an individual's rear regions while they do their business on the toilet seat. However, these pint-sized monsters did not start off as the enemy, because they were actually touring with a carnival that was quickly dying. These creatures turned and started attacking people when they discovered that people are out to kill them, but anyone with a plunger or (who had just eaten fast-food) is a threat to them.

8 Anaconda - Anaconda (1997)

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The Anaconda is a giant snake, and that says everything you need to know about this creepy monster. The Anaconda in this movie is bigger than any snake ever discovered, and it feeds on anything, including human beings. The size of this snake makes it easy to swallow a human being whole without any form of struggle, and its hunting instincts are so good that no one can survive its pursuit unless one is just lucky. The interesting thing about the Anaconda is that it is just a snake, but its size and strength place it squarely in the category of the creepiest looking monsters.

7 The Thing - The Thing (1982)

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Just before calling the animal control authorities to intervene, it would be noble for you to take care of a stray dog if it came to you, right? Not to say that you should never care for stray animals, but sheltering a dog is the mistake that a group of American scientists made while on a research mission in Antarctica. The Thing was a monster that initially disguised itself as a dog in the 1982 film going by the same name. The Thing was a tarantula-like creature that went around killing people and animals alike, and it was so creepy because it could assume the shape of the victims it had murdered. The American scientists had no idea that when they were taking in the dog, they were taking in a monster that was going to destroy all of them.

6 Martians - War of the Worlds (2005)

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The Martians are aliens from a distant planet, and their visit to earth is anything but friendly. In the same way we send probes to distant planets in search of new lands for us to occupy or resources for our own use, the Martians came to earth to conquer. These creatures came to earth through some weird lightning that was striking several times at the same spot on the ground, a process through which they got underground in readiness for their invasion. Their emergence from the ground reveals three legged machine-like aliens that have far superior weapons than we have here on earth, weapons that completely obliterate human beings. These creepy aliens are the last thing you would ever wish to see.

5 Brundlefly - The Fly (1986)

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The problems that can arise from a scientific experiment gone wrong are always dangerous and creepy, and Seth Brundle's scientific accident is nothing short of that. Brundle was a scientist who had completed working on a teleportation device, and decided to use himself as a guinea pig. During the testing, a housefly accidentally flew in and got caught up in the intended teleportation. Seth is happy because his teleportation works out, but he does not know that his cells and the fly's cells were merged in the process. Within a short period, the fly's cells begin to surface on his body, and they become even more pronounced with time. Brundle ends up as Brundlefly, a very creepy and highly repulsive monster whose girlfriend has no choice but to leave him.

4 The Graboids - Tremors Franchise (1990-2004)

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If you think worms are creepy, then you will never want to come across the Graboids. These fictional creatures belong to the sandworm species, and they are the enemy in all the 4 Tremors movies. These creatures start by living underground for a while; they then come to the surface after developing two legs, and finally develop wings and can fly. Despite looking scary and causing destruction and the loss of life wherever they go, these Graboids prove that they are surprisingly intelligent and they can work together to destroy anything they perceive to be a threat. The best way to kill the Graboids is by blowing them up with good old backwoods explosives.

3 Xenomorphs - Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

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Xenomorphs could easily be voted as the creepiest looking alien monsters ever to grace our screens. These fictional aliens have been the main antagonists in the Alien series of movies, which started hitting the screens from 1979 and are even in video games and in various works of literature. The Xenomorphs or 'Aliens' (as they are commonly called) are not as intelligent as other alien species we see on screen, and they are basically predators whose goal in life is to multiply, survive, and eliminate any possible threat. One of the creepiest things about these aliens, aside from their appearance, is how their parasitic larvae live in a host. Upon reaching maturity, they erupt from the host's intestines or chest, immediately killing it. The then juvenile aliens develop into adults within a few hours.

2 Alien - Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

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The alien species in Edge of Tomorrow is one of the creepiest and most frightening alien species to hit the screens in modern times. The most frightening thing about these aliens is their level of intelligence and their war tactics. These aliens leave nothing to chance since they cover every possible course of action that any military they are facing can come up with, and they achieve this by controlling time. This ruthless alien species comes to earth to destroy everything and occupy the planet, a mission that almost succeeded, were it not for the bravery, quick thinking and teamwork between Lt. Col. Bill Cage and Rita Vrataski. Furthermore, the alien species here is quite unique when you compare it to other aliens we have seen on screen, because it hardly resembles a human being in any way.

1 Acromantula - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

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The Harry Potter film series spawned some of the highest grossing movies in Hollywood to date. A few reasons why the performance of these films was so good is that the movies appeal to all audiences regardless of age, and they have a very captivating storyline and outside-the-box characters. Many of the creatures in these movies are very creepy, but the Acromantula certainly ranks highly. If the sight of spiders sends chills down your spine, then you will want to get up and run at the sight of the Acromantula, since it is a wizard-bred spider the size of an elephant that particularly loves feeding on human flesh. The Acromantula is without a doubt the last creature anyone would want to come across.

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