15 Of Kim Kardashian's Best Fights

Some of us love her and others absolutely hate her, but no matter what side you're on there is no denying that Kim Kardashian has given us some very entertaining moments of anger, frustration, vanity and stupidity that we can all enjoy.

Being in the spotlight so much can't be fun, especially when so much of her personal life is aired to the world but on the plus side, we DO get to watch the tedious dramas that unfold in the life of this socialite. Whether she's getting catty at her family or slinging insults and accusations across social media at other celebrities, seeing it all unfold is almost always guaranteed to either give you a nice, warm fuzzy feeling inside or make you cringe in embarrassment. So here we are, 15 of Kim's best fights.

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15 Kim VS Sisters Over A Bentley


All parties involved on this specific occasion are just as bad as each other to be completely honest. It started out while Khloe, Kourtney and Kim were taking Kim's Bentley into a mechanic, and after waiting longer then expected, Kim's sisters began to talk down to the mechanic which Kim would have none of, standing up for the man. Next thing you know, Kim is accusing her sisters simply of being jealous of her $220,000 car, and so they leave her to wait on her own.

After finding her sisters at her brother Robert's, apartment however, things escalate after Khloe tries to slam the door in Kim's face, prompting her to beat her with her handbag. Oh the civility!

14 “You're A B*tch!”


After becoming suspicious that a close family friend (Jonathan Cheban) was selling intimate family details to the press, sisters Kourtney and Khloe talked Kim into confronting him, however it went south after a minute or two.

Their evidence came when a story on Kourtney and Scott Disick appeared in a magazine that only Jonathan and the family knew about, however Jonathan didn't react kindly to Kim's presumptive, headstrong approach. After hearing the accusations and outright denying them, he then proceeded to tell Kim “take my phone, take my doughnuts, and go f*** yourself” when she still wouldn't believe anything he was saying.

13 Sisters Fight Over Fame


In this instance, Kim and Khloe are playing a game of pool with two friends, Jonathan Cheban and Malika Haqq, when Khloe brings up a previous conversation, where Jonathan stated that he received a larger room in their hotel than Malika did because his friend (Kim) is the more famous sister.

Before you know it, they are fighting like children with Kim accusing Khloe of having an inferiority complex while Khloe describes Jonathan as Kim's entertainment monkey. All of this over whose friend got the better room at a hotel which would be nice to stay in no matter which room you get!

12 Over-Protective Kim Digs Into “Momager” Kris


After the separation of Khloe and basketball star Lamar Odom, the family went into a phase of looking after Khloe and ensuring that she recovered from everything she had been put through, however Kris' strong friendship with Lamar soon became a problem.

This fight started when Kim confronted Kris over her staying in contact with Lamar and even suggesting to Khloe that she give Lamar a second chance. Things soon escalated as Kim began yelling at her mother, screaming “that's being a bad mother!” and how it would be damaging to Khloe.

This was definitely one of the more intense fights between the two, with some real claws coming out.

11 Lash-Out Over Kylie Jenner's Boyfriend Tyga

Kim had a bit of a problem when she found out that her younger half sister Kylie Jenner, was dating famous rapper Tyga. Apparently, her reason for being against the relationship was because he already had a child with one of Kim's best friends Blac Chyna.

A source for Radar Online has reported that Kylie, as the disagreement heated up, told Kim that she “doesn't want Kim's advice” and told her that “she is the last person to give advice on relationships”. The source continued to explain, saying “she also told her (Kim) that at least she is with someone because she has feelings for them, and not because it will make her more famous”. Ouch.

10 Amber Rose VS Kim Kardashian

For those of you who didn't know, Amber Rose dated Kanye before he even hooked up with Kim which instantly created a bit of a feud between the two girls, however things have escalated to greater heights.

In an interview on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club show, Rose let loose her disgust for Tyga and Kim's younger sister Kylie's relationship, all because of her distaste for Kim (and therefore her whole family). Once Kim and her sister Khloe got involved, Rose threw more blows, such as bringing up Kim's historical sex tape and revealing some personal messages she had received from Kanye while he was still with Kim!

9 Kim Furious With Kanye

While pregnant with their second child, Kim reportedly caught Kanye browsing on Instagram and looking at photos of his old flame Amber Rose. Then, to make matters worse she investigated on his computer and found that he still had a collection of intimate pictures and videos from when the two were still together, which, understandably would make anyone's heart bleed a little.

Confronting him, she told him how betrayed she felt and the experience hurt her self-esteem. This would have fanned already existing flames in the "Kimye" couple, since Rose had let rumors out that just days before their wedding, Kanye was texting her.

8 Kim And Family VS Caitlyn Jenner


We all remember seeing in headlines and magazines, Bruce Jenner's transition to becoming Caitlyn, however one of the low blows the Kardashian side of the family received was when, in an interview with Vanity Fair, Caitlyn began a rampage of negative comments about ex-wife Kris Jenner.

Well, Kim took exception to that and fought back. Face to face with Caitlyn, Kim challenged her on everything that came out in the interview, stating “you got the fame but you're losing your family. It's your time but you don't have to bash us on the way up”.

7 The Revelation Of Kylie Jenner's Plastic Surgery

While Kim was undergoing her second pregnancy she was practically an open book, apparently running her mouth a little too much as it turned out. Her half-sister Kylie, then 17, was not too happy when her older sister told the world on camera about Kylie's secret lip injections which gave her that extra pouty look.

Forced to come out about it on TV, Kylie practically shut down all contact with Kim, especially after Kim had refused to cut the revelation and subsequent drama from their TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, making life a little harder for the self-conscious teen.

6 Kim VS Kris Over Mixed-Up House Bids

After telling her mother about a certain apartment in New York which Kim had fallen in love with and wished to buy, Kris worked her magic and convinced Kim that she didn't need the place and to leave it alone, however as it turned out Kris ended up putting an offer forward for the same place in order to have it for herself.

It wasn't until Kris found out from an agent that Kim changed her mind and put in an offer as well that the two talked it over, and sure enough they both started calling each other shady, with Kim becoming competitive and eventually walking away, needing some space from the “momager”.

5 Robert Kardashian's Televised Intervention

There has always been tension between Robert Kardashian and his family, however it grew to new heights after rumors surfaced that Kim and mother Kris, were planning on arranging for a professional intervention crew to go to sister Khloe's home (where Rob lives) and televise a “major intervention” on their show.

Apparently they were worried about his health, but both Robert and Khloe were against the idea and coincidentally didn't have their opinions taken into consideration. This came just after Rob took a swing at Kim on his Instagram account, comparing her to the manipulative woman from the movie Gone Girl, which somewhat makes sense, don't you think?

4 Kim and Kris Humphries' Divorce

While Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries only lasted for 72 days, their battle in court lasted a total of 536 days and by the time it was finally over, Kim was quite pregnant with her and Kanye's first child.

Their time spent in court was dragged out for so long because while Kim was fighting for a divorce, Kris wanted an all out annulment and was trying for so long to collect evidence that it was all setup by the Kardashian for a popularity profit fest.

Unable to prove such an accusation, worried that the court battle would hold up his basketball career and eventually feeling sorry for Kim and her situation, he decided to settle for divorce with her instead.

3 Kim VS Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm, lead actor for the famed TV series Mad Men threw some well-worded criticism that created a bit of a feud between himself and Kim.

In an interview with Elle UK magazine, he stated "whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated", following with "being a f****** idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you're rewarded significantly".

Kim's retort wasn't exactly creative, since she simply sent him a reply stating that his comments were "careless", however Hamm stood his ground defending everything he had said and he isn't the first or the last great actor to make such a comment.

2 Michael Buble

1 Securing Rights To Her Tape


This was probably the biggest fight that Kim has had to fight in her life, seeing as it is what sent her on her way to infamy. After adult entertainment group Vivid Entertainment had acquired the sex tape made by Kim and her then boyfriend Willie "Ray J" Norwood, Kim and her mother Kris, took them to court, apparently with the intentions of removing it from public access but instead settling for between $10-$15 million.

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