15 Of Hollywood's Sexiest Underrated Actresses

Whether we want to face it or not, a lot of what it takes to get into the Hollywood scene has a lot to do with what you look like. The face, the body, and the personality all has to be there - but if you have the looks, getting into the industry is going to be a lot easier. Some of today's hottest actresses, in regards to their demand and appearance, are dominating the movie industry. Just a few of these actresses include Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston. All three of these women came in the top ten for top paid actresses in 2015.

While these women have undeniable talent, they also have undeniable beauty. Outside of seeing their work, a lot of people go see their movies just because they're in them. Watching two and a half hours of Jennifer Lawrence isn't exactly torture. Hollywood clearly has its favorite starlets, but there are actually hundreds and hundreds of actresses who should be in the spotlight more often. Not only are they also stunningly beautiful, but they also have talent that more movies and more television shows need to be graced with.

We've all seen a movie or two that has a gorgeous mystery girl that's also been a great actress, but then we never see her in anything else, which is a shame. Hollywood definitely needs to spread the wealth when it comes to doling out roles. Here are 15 of the most gorgeous underrated actresses.


15 Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is most notably recognized for her role in The Devil Wears Prada. Anybody who has seen that movie knows that she plays the role of a manipulative you-know-what fairly well. She was also in The Young Victoria, The Wolfman and The Adjustment Bureau, but has seemed to drop off the face of the Earth since then. The cause of this might be because she married The Office star John Krasinski back in 2010 and recently had a child with him. Regardless, Emily Blunt has the talent and the looks to get back onto the screen - and she has an English accent, so that's a bonus.

14 AnnaLynne McCord


There's a reason why AnnaLynne McCord made Maxim's 2009 list of Hottest Women - she's gorgeous! She's only been in a handful of on-screen appearances. She started off in Nip/Tuck, moved onto American Heiress, and then landed herself a huge role in the 2008 series 90210. McCord was only supposed to be a supporting actress in 90210, but by the end of season one, critics were noting her as a series lead. After her success with that show, she was cast in the 2012 film Excision.

13 Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel is definitely the "girl next door" kind of pretty. Her dark hair makes her bright blue eyes stand out - it'd definitely be hard not to notice her. Bledel is the favorite actress to many twenty-something year old girls because of her role as Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, which is what really kickstarted her career. Since Gilmore Girls, Bledel has been in a handful of television shows and movies. Gilmore Girls fans rejoiced in early 2016 when it was announced that the cast of the popular series is getting back together to shoot an eighth season, which she has signed on to.

12 Rachel McAdams


Although she's been in tons of movies and television shows, Rachel McAdams is definitely underrated. It's almost as if Hollywood forgot about her (which definitely shouldn't be the case). She skyrocketed into fame with her breakout role as Regina George in Mean Girls and then came back with another hit as Allie in The Notebook (guys, just watch it with your girlfriends - it's a lot better than you'd think and may earn you points). McAdams has since been in Red Eye, Wedding Crashers, The Vow and tons of other movies. While she's had plenty of on-screen attention, it's hard to deny that she is just plain underrated...and incredibly hot.

11 Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush not only has classic beauty, but she has a unique, raspy voice that attracts tons of people. She got her start with fame alongside Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder: Party Liaison, but is most popular for her role in One Tree Hill. She was even supposed to be in the third Terminator, but in the end she was considered "too young" for her role and it was given to another actress. One of Bush's co-stars on One Tree Hill was Chad Michael Murray, and they were even married for an entire five months. She has been in several movies as well, so there's lots of content to see her in - it's just a problem that she hasn't been around the Hollywood scene as of late.

10 Lauren Cohan


Lauren Cohan is a beautiful actress who definitely has not had enough roles given to her. Not only is she aesthetically perfect for any role, but she has a plethora of talent; anybody that watches The Walking Dead knows that to be a fact. She plays Maggie and has brought viewers to tears and has given plenty of intense performances to do the show justice. Cohan has guest starred in a few shows, ranging from Modern Family to CSI and was the lead character for a pilot series for CW, but sadly, it was not picked up by the network. Her most recent role is in the horror movie The Boy. 

9 Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is one of those girls that possesses an all-American beauty kind of thing about her. She's got the light blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a dancer's body - what's not to love? Hough is most recognized for her many seasons on the television show Dancing With The Stars. Surprisingly enough, she started her acting career in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone at age 13. Her first lead role wasn't until the film Footloose in 2011, but she was recently the star of Grease Live.


8 Elisha Cuthbert


Elisha Cuthbert is famous for playing "the girl next door" type roles and actually worked on a movie called just that. She definitely looks it and also definitely deserves more screen time (and more meaningful roles). While she is gorgeous, a lot of her attention throughout Hollywood has been because she's been deemed as a sex symbol, which is unfortunate for her as she deserves to be acknowledged for her talent as well. She has starred in The House of Wax, The Girl Next Door, The Quiet and Captivity, as far as films go. As for television shows, she played Alex on the series Happy Endings. Cuthbert has also won tons of accolades as far as her appearance goes, such as being named one of the "Hottest Women of the 21st Century" by GQ magazine.

7 Lily Collins

It's hard to imagine Phil Collins producing such a beautiful child, but he did - yes, Lily Collins is the daughter of the famous musician Phil Collins. Many know the tear-jerking tune "You'll Be In My Heart," which was actually dedicated to her. If she hasn't tried her hand at modelling, then she definitely should. Nevertheless, acting suits her very well but she just isn't given enough roles. Collins was in 90210, but is probably recognized best from her role as the daughter in The Blind Side. Outside of that box office hit, she also starred in Mirror, Mirror, The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones and Love, Rosie.

6 Lacey Chabert


Lacey Chabert is definitely not a name that most people recognize, but her face is one that can be recognized from the ever-popular film Mean Girls. Fans of the movie know that Chabert played Gretchen Weiners, the daughter of the man who invented Toaster Strudels. She got her kickstart to fame in Star Search and ended up landing a cough syrup commercial and then somehow ended up on Broadway. Outside of those random jobs, Chabert has starred in Party of Five, Gypsy, Lost in Space and The Wild Thornberrys. Mean Girls was her last notable role, which is a shame. She was also the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy for the show's first two seasons...thankfully, the two look nothing alike.

5 Holland Roden

Besides having a unique name, Holland Roden holds a different kind of beauty. Her red hair and really pale skin makes her stand out, and she has plenty of talent. Despite that, she's only been given a handful of roles. Roden's first role was in 12 Miles of Bad Road on HBO, but she has also been in a few other big name shows and movies. Among them are The Event, Cold Case, Community and Criminal Minds, but one of her biggest roles is in Teen Wolf. Outside of being in a few television shows, Roden was also in the horror movie House of Dust in 2013.

4 Camilla Luddington


Luckily, Camilla Luddington is starting to get the recognition she deserves as the hit series Grey's Anatomy brought her on as a regular character. She guest starred on the show in 2005, but in the tenth season they brought her back as a regular character as an intern who would later become a pretty large part of the show. She was also in William & Kate, Californication and True Blood. Video game fans might know of the game Tomb Raider with the main character Lara Croft - Luddington is the voice for Croft in the 2013 and 2015 adaptations of the game.

3 Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle is another Hollywood starlet who deserves more on-screen action than she's received. A lot of us knew Belle before we even realized it, as she had a small role in Jurassic Park in 1997. Since then, she has been in popular movies such as The Ballad of Jack and Rose, When A Stranger Calls and Push. Outside of being famous for her acting, she also dated Nick Jonas for quite some time which had her in the spotlight for a little while after their relationship ended.

2 Jamie Chung


Jamie Chung is probably one of the cutest actresses to ever hit the Hollywood scene, but she's never given any big, important roles. It seems like forever since the starlet has been in anything, and it's time Hollywood changes that. Chung got her relationship with the camera started in 1992, when she appeared on MTV's television series Real World. Outside of being on MTV, she has also starred in Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell, Days of Our Lives, Greek, Sorority Row and Sucker Punch. Even though Chung has held quite a few unique roles, many will recognize her from her role in The Hangover.

1 Jenna Dewan Tatum

If the name Tatum rings a bell, it's because this growing star is married to Hollywood hunk Channing Tatum. Jenna Dewan Tatum is not only an actress, but is also a dancer and a former model. Dance is most of what she is famous for - she toured alongside Janet Jackson and Ricky Martin, but has also been in music videos for artists like Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliott. Tatum has had several small roles in television and movies, but is most recognized for her role in the movie Step Up, in which she plays an accomplished dancer (not far from the truth). On the set of Step Up is where the Tatums began their journey together. In early 2016, they went head to head against each other on the television show Lip Synch Battle.

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