15 Of Hollywood's Most WTF Celebrity Hookups

All of us have that one friend that just keeps picking the strangest people to date. No matter who he or she brings to the party, you just can't help but wonder how on earth these two met and furthermore - what in the name of all that is good and holy made them fall for each other?! Well, here's some news for you, in case you hadn't already suspected - celebrities are people, too. And just like us ordinary humans, they can get caught up in some really odd relationships that just leave you asking those very same questions.

In this list we've gathered some of the most shocking hookups in the world of fame and fortune that you simply couldn't see coming. These will include stars that turn out to have met long before they rose to fame, and have known each other way better than you would have ever thought. Some of our picks will make you laugh with their absurdity, while others might even make you reconsider some of your relationship perceptions and notions of an ideal couple. Whatever the case, this list is sure to surprise you in more than just one way, so stick around and learn about some of the most baffling celebrity hookups in recent history.

15 Ryan Reynolds & Alanis Morrisette


14 Ashley Olsen & Jared Leto

13 Madonna & Vanilla Ice

12 Christian Bale & Drew Barrymore

11 Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez


10 Tupac & Madonna


9 Paris Hilton & Val Kilmer


8 Moby & Natalie Portman

7 Nicolas Cage & Angelina Jolie

6 Sarah Jessica Parker & Michael J. Fox


5 Winona Ryder & Charlie Sheen

4 Colin Farrell & Elizabeth Taylor

3 Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris


2 Tom Cruise & Cher

1 Kristen Stewart & Soko


This is one probably nobody could have ever predicted. Kristen Stewart has always been a bit of a controversial persona and many have had trouble understanding her looks, her behavior and some life choices of hers even. Everyone heard of the little indiscretion she had with married director Rupert Sanders, which inevitably lead to her split with co-star and fiance Robert Pattinson. The scandal took its toll on her reputation and not much had been heard since, until she began dating French female singer SoKo. The irony here isn't in the actresses' decision to try dating someone of the same sex. In that regard, she had refused to label herself and define her sexuality. The irony is in the fact that SoKo had actually been set up on a blind date with Rob Pattinson prior to meeting Stewart. How's that for a plot twist?

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15 Of Hollywood's Most WTF Celebrity Hookups