15 Of Hollywood's Most Famous Homewreckers

When Angelina Jolie met Brad Pitt, it was rumored that it was love at first site; Jolie persevered and eventually got her man. The only problem with her getting her dream man was the fact that he was already married, and she was then quickly labeled as a homewrecker. The term homewrecker is defined as a person who is blamed for breaking up someone’s marriage or family because of extramarital affairs. Hollywood is one of the more popular places for this occurrence, and the juicy stories that come out of Hollywood about extramarital affairs never lack excitement. Whether you were an innocent bystander like Olivia Munn, a willing participant like Katharine Hepburn, a deer caught in headlights like Kristen Stewart or a naive girl enamored by power like Monica Lewinsky; more often than not, cheaters get caught. It is even easier to get caught when you have cameras following you around or “friends” leaking stories from movie sets. However, to blame one person for the demise of another’s marriage or partnership is a bit ludicrous; the saying is that it takes two to tango, and that saying holds many truths. The women involved in these kinds of relationships are the ones who usually have to pick up the slack when the men are equally at fault. Mistresses like Camilla Parker Bowles, Marilyn Monroe and LeAnn Rimes had to pick up the slack for men who just could not keep it in their pants. That being said, here is a list of 15 famous “homewreckers”.

15 Abbie Cornish

Actor Ryan Phillippe pulled a “Sebastian Valmont” (that is a Cruel Intentions reference) when he cheated on his co-star turned wife Reese Witherspoon, in 2007. While shooting the film Stop-Loss, Phillippe started an on-going affair with newcomer actress Abbie Cornish. It was reported that Reese found out about the illicit affair after her suspicions lead her to search her hubby’s text messages and found some not so normal texts; well, not normal for a married man to receive from a co-worker. Phillippe and Witherspoon divorced and he continued to date Cornish until 2010. Both Reese and Ryan have admitted to feeling humiliation during their very public divorce.

14 Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is no stranger to trouble when it comes to the men in her life; this was the same when she met actor Balthazar Getty through his co-star on Brothers & Sisters, Matthew Rhys. Miller and Getty quickly struck up a love affair that went very public, very quickly. What Miller chose to ignore was Getty’s wife and four children at home. The relationship became public in 2008, when photos surfaced of the couple vacationing in Italy and a topless Miller soaking up the sun. Although Getty managed to salvage his marriage, he almost lost his wife; and Miller, well she has moved on to a new man and even had a baby girl.

13 Evan Rachel Wood


Musician Marilyn Manson announced his divorce to professional burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, in 2006; it came as a shock to everyone considering that the couple looked picture perfect together. Very soon afterwards, Manson was spotted with a then 19 year-old up and coming actress Evan Rachel Wood, and news broke that they had been quietly dating. This subsequently caused the rift that lead to his divorce. Manson has gone on to do interviews where he puts Von Teese at blame for the dissolve of their marriage. Wood and Manson went on to get engaged in 2010, but ultimately broke up later that year.

12 Denise Richards


Actress Denise Richards used to be best friends with actress Heather Locklear until Richards was caught holding hands in public with Locklear’s then husband, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Sambora and Richards maintain that their love affair did not begin until he was already divorced from Locklear. However, not everybody agrees and Locklear was said to have felt more betrayed by Richards who had been her best friend for years. Richards did an interview with Ryan Seacrest, stating that no one is at fault for anyone’s divorce; “I did not interfere with their marriage,” she went on to state that she simply "followed her heart".

11 Elizabeth Taylor

Crooner Eddie Fisher got himself caught in a scandal in 1956, when he started an affair with recently widowed actress Elizabeth Taylor. Fisher was currently married to a young Debbie Reynolds who was beginning to make a name for herself in the acting world. After giving birth to her son, her best friend Taylor experienced the loss of her husband and Eddie moved in with Taylor to “console” her. This is where the affair began; Reynolds did an interview where she talked about the moment she knew her marriage was over. “Taylor went on a trip to New York and Fisher followed her. When Reynolds tried to call his room there was no reply so she called Taylor’s suite, Eddie took the call and I heard Elizabeth saying, “Who is it, darling?".

10 Alicia Keys

Producer Swizz Beatz was a married man with a child when he met singer Alicia Keys; it is said that Keys was the reason for the breakdown of Swiss Beatz and his wife, Mashonda's marriage. Keys and the producer were believed to be carrying on a one and a half year affair that resulted in him leaving his wife. Mashonda wrote an open letter on her Twitter page that directly addressed the singer pleading with her to hold off on the affair until their divorce was finalized. The Tweet indicated the vast role Alicia played in ending their marriage and shined a light on the family that she "broke up" in the process. Keys and Swizz Beatz have been together since 2009 and share two children.

9 Britney Spears

Singer Britney Spears' relationship with back up dancer Kevin Federline came out of nowhere. One minute she was single and trying to fly under the radar of a quickie marriage and divorce in Vegas, and the next she is booed up with Federline. It came as an even bigger shock when everyone found out that Federline had one kid with actress Shar Jackson and one on the way. Jackson commented, saying that his relationship with her [Britney] was breaking up so much; “It wasn't like just breaking up a relationship -- it was like breaking up a family." After three short months of dating, Federline and Spears announced their engagement (the same month that Jackson had her last child for him).

8 Katharine Hepburn


By today’s standards, actress Katharine Hepburn would be known as a ride or die chick. Even though her beau, Spencer Tracy was married and stayed married to his wife Louise Treadwell for more than 40 years, Hepburn would not give up or let go. She had been Spencer’s not so secret mistress for more than 26 years; she was more than in love with Tracy. Hepburn was quoted in an autobiography titled, Spencer Tracy by James Curtis as saying; “I found him irresistible, I would have done anything for him”. Hepburn outlived both Tracy and his wife and maintained that their marriage was long broken up, he just did not have the heart to leave Louise.

7 Jennifer Lopez

Musician Marc Anthony was married to beauty queen Dayanara Torres when he started his love affair with singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, in 2003. Fresh off of her failed engagement with actor Ben Affleck, Lopez re-connected with long time friend Anthony and that connection lead to the demise of his marriage. Torres has gone on record blaming Lopez for her divorce. There must be truth there since Lopez and Anthony got engaged reportedly a whole 4 days after his divorce finalized. They wed in a private ceremony in 2004 and recently got divorced in 2011 with Anthony being the one to file the papers, yikes!

6 Monica Lewinsky

A scandal shook the White House in 1995 during then President Bill Clinton’s term; it was reported that an intern, Monica Lewinsky, had admitted to having nine sexual encounters with the married head of the country from 1995 to 1997. It was a well known fact that President Clinton was a married man and father; he repeatedly denied the affair until he was outed by tape recordings and that infamous stain on a little black dress. While Clinton remains married to his wife, Lewinsky has had to pick up the pieces of her life and speak out about the illicit affair. "I fell in love with my boss; in a 22-year-old sort of way, it happens. But my boss was the president of the United States. That probably happens less often."

5 Claire Danes


In 2003, actor Billy Crudup was a happy father to be with then girlfriend, actress Mary Louise Parker, until actress Claire Danes stepped into the picture. Crudup quickly ditched his seven month along pregnant girlfriend for some fresh meat. Crudup stated that he simply “fell in love” with the actress while filming the movie Stage Beauty; Danes recalls the relationship as a choice she made with “integrity”. The couple only ended up dating for three years before their relationship ended in 2006; and like they say, karma is a b****. Danes reportedly turned around and cheated on Crudup with now partner, Hugh Dancy. What is that saying about cheaters never prospering?

4 Tori Spelling

“I have the perfect man and that’s all that matters” this is a quote from actress Tori Spelling defending her right to cheat with actor Dean McDermott, who left his wife Mary Jo Eustace of 12 years for Spelling back in 2005. The couple apparently met on the set of TV movie Mind Over Murder; it took McDermott a shocking three weeks after meeting Spelling to leave his wife and children (one being a newborn baby). Dean and Tori have since starred in several reality shows (that’s how they make their money), have four children together, and oh yeah, Dean cheated on Tori very publicly; once a cheater always a cheater.

3 LeAnn Rimes

Branded a “homewrecker” by Real Housewives of LA star Brandi Glanville, singer LeAnn Rimes reportedly stole Glanville’s husband Eddie Cibrian, right from under her nose. The country star apparently got quite cozy with the actor on the set of their Lifetime channel film, Northern Lights. Denying their relationship for months, Rimes finally came out and admitted to the affair and Cibrian announced his divorce from Glanville (who at the time was not well know), all hell broke loose. Glanville took to Twitter to take a few jabs at Rimes and her ex-husband, calling him out for being a “compulsive liar and cheater” and “absentee father “ to their two children.

2 Kristen Stewart


During the filming of the highly popular movie Snow White and The Huntsmen, actress Kristen Stewart was spotted kissing and canoodling with producer Rupert Sanders. One problem, Sanders was married at the time to model Liberty Ross. Six months after the public make out photos were shared, Ross filed for divorce from her cheating husband and dished out a little advice as well; 'Trusting your gut is always the best thing, no matter what people around you insist you should be doing or saying or thinking,". The affair did not last long and both parties went their separate ways, Rupert a divorced man and Kristen loosing nothing.

1 Angelina Jolie

Hollywood’s favorite couple was savagely ripped apart after four years of wedded bliss. When news broke that actor Brad Pitt and actress Jennifer Aniston were headed for divorce, the world cried a bit. However, those tears soon turned into hatred when they realized that another woman was in the picture and that woman was actress Angelina Jolie. Meeting on the set of their very successful film Mr. and Mrs. Smith; Jolie and Pitt fell in love and never looked back, six kids later, Pitt calls Jolie his “soulmate” and raves that his children will get to see the film where their parents fell in love. As for Aniston, she was reported saying that the whole situation was “uncool”.

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