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15 Of Hollywood’s Hottest Redheads

15 Of Hollywood’s Hottest Redheads

There are so many reasons to love redheads. Did you know that on average redheads have a scientific advantage in the dating game? A study by Dr Scott Barry Kaufman showed that redheads are perceived as more attractive, in part because humans associate unconsciously the colour red as the colour of arousal. That does explain why so many of the hottest Hollywood stars are redheads!

In Hollywood, redheads have always strived. From the mesmerizing Rita Hayworth who adorned the wall of Andy in The Shawshank Redemption, to Lucille Ball’s comedy antics on I Love Lucy, redheads and the entertainment world have always gone hand in hand. While growing up as a ginger has a lot of problems, a lot of redheaded children are bullied (no thanks to South Park, who have ingrained in at least one generation of children that gingers have no souls – super funny, until it’s used against you… and still maybe pretty funny). It’s a shame that that’s a case because honestly isn’t diversity the spice of life? Check out our list of our favourite Red Hot Redheads of Hollywood and be sure to let us know who we forgot!

15. Amy Adams

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - November 12, 2011. Amy Adams at the World premiere of "The Muppets" held at El Capitan Theater, Los Angeles.


We always seem to forget how hot Amy Adams really is. She’s that stealthy kind of sexy that creeps up on you when you least expect it. With as many Oscar noms as Leonardo DiCaprio (but she still hasn’t won), Adams mixes class with comedy effortlessly. While more often than not Amy Adams is more cute than hot, in recent years she’s really upped her sexy game with films like American Hustle and The Fighter. While she’s been pretty misused as Lois in the rebooted Superman franchise, she is still among the best actors of her generation.

14. Sophie Turner



If you love redheads, we are living in the golden age. Game of Thrones has more redheads per capita than Ireland and Scotland combined. It’s the most redheaded television show of all time, and once upon a time, Carrot Top and the Howards used to regularly appear on TV. Sophie Turner as Sansa might not be our absolute favourite hottie from the show (more to come on that later) but there’s no denying she’s an absolutely breathtaking natural beauty. Just twenty years old, Sophie Turner’s career has just begun, and not only has she been on one of the most successful TV series of all time, but also the X-Men. We’re excited to see what she does next.

13. Dallas Bryce Howard



It’s pretty hard to imagine that Dallas Bryce Howard came from the same gene pool as Ron and Clint Howard. While Dallas had some pretty iffy roles at the beginning of her career, she’s really come into her own in the past few years. She’s also toned down her makeup and looks even younger now than ever before. It might not have made a lot of sense to have her running around in heels for Jurassic World, but she at least looked really great doing it! We also loved her fierce haircut and trim physique, and while Jurassic World may not have been perfect, it combined dinosaurs and redheads, our two favourite things.

12. Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson at the Second Annual Critics' Choice Television


Now the frontrunner for James Bond (no seriously), Gillian Anderson has been a crazy hot redhead since the early 90s. We’re not sure what crazy stuff was in Vancouver water while they were shooting the X-Files, but over twenty years after the show premiered both Gillian and David Duchovny don’t seem to have aged a day. While Gillian Anderson used to have a much deeper red when she was Scully, she plays around now with a more strawberry hue. While the show was overall pretty disappointing, it was nice to see her back as Scully earlier this year. We’re still not sure how we feel about the idea of a lady-Bond, but if anyone can fill those choose, it’s Gillian Anderson.

11. Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards held at the Warner


Jessica Chastain brings a whole lot of class to the redhead parade in Hollywood. An accomplished actress who works in Oscar nominated films and dreamy independent projects, Chastain seems untouchable. Since she disappears so effortlessly into her roles, it’s sometimes easy to forget that she is ridiculously beautiful. It’s hard to imagine a swankier date for a dinner at the White House, and while we don’t normally see her in jeans and a t-shirt, her million watt smile makes us believe she also knows how to keep things chill. We think she’s absolutely bada** in Zero Dark Thirty and can’t wait for her next film.

10. Christina Hendricks

LOS ANGELES - JUL 22: Christina Hendricks at the 24 Hour Buick


We were very sad to hear that Christina Hendricks isn’t a natural redhead, but a blonde! According to her, however, she has been dying her hair red since she was ten! We think if you’ve spent more of your life as a redhead than not, you get the honorary title. Hendricks decided to start dying her hair because of her love for Anne of Green Gables, which is pretty adorable. Christina Hendricks quickly climbed the top of our sexiest actress list as Joan on Mad Men, and while she hasn’t been in as many films or TV shows since we’re always pleased to see her show up in something! She could easily make an all-time hot list.

9. Deborah Ann Woll

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JULY 19, 2012: Deborah Ann Woll at the Los Angel


True Blood was an amazingly sexy show and Deborah Ann Woll contributed at least 50% of the sexiness. We are so hurt that on Daredevil they took away her signature red locks, she still looks great as a blonde, but it’s just not the same. There are so many things to love about Deborah Ann Moll’s look and personality, she seems like a genuinely nice person with a great personality. Also, as evidenced by the special online vlogs that Deborah did in character as Jessica for True Blood, she also has a really keen sense of comedy. Always a good thing!

8. Lily Cole

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 22: Lily Cole attends the 'The Imaginarium


Sure, Lily Cole is kinda weird looking. She doesn’t have the same conventional look as the other actresses here and that is actually a large part of her appeal. Lily Cole is a model turned actress who mostly stars as aliens or in bizarre independent dramas. She has a doll-like a face and delicate features, but like most redheads are hiding an edge of danger. The fact she’s British doesn’t hurt at all either, her accent makes our eyes google and our stomach flutter with butterflies. We’d love to see her take on bigger roles in the future, but understand that she’s not trained as an actress, so she still has a lot of learning to do.

7. Kate Mara

Kate Mara at the Los Angeles Premiere of "A Nightmare On Elm Str


Kate Mara just seems to get hotter and hotter as she gets older. She has a great aura and great range, shifting from comedy to hardcore heavy drama in a heartbeat. Kate rarely gets the starring role but almost always makes an impression on shows like House of Cards and Entourage. What you may now know is that she’s also a really prolific voice actor, working on some of our absolute favourite shows. While it does seem a bit of a waste to hide away this sexy actress behind animation, we can’t imagine that anyone who has done voices for Robot Chicken, Moonbeam City and Tron:Legacy could be anything but super cool.

6. Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood at the 14th Annual Critics' Choice Awards held


You can usually measure how sexy a show is by how many redheads it has – which makes Game of Thrones very sexy, and True Blood super ridiculously, impossibly sexy. Evan Rachel Wood has had a lot of good roles but years after True Blood has ended, our personal favourite still might be the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. It feels sometimes like girls have completely taken over the vampire genre with Twilight, but we’re not complaining as long as we get redheaded hotties like Evan Rachel Wood dancing in the moonlight.

5. Carice Van Houten



There are a LOT of redheads on Game of Thrones, just one more reason why the show is so damn good. Carice Van Houten may be a little older than some of the other GoT hotties, but her frequent nude scenes attest to the fact she’s still ridiculously attractive. While we’d probably be intimated hanging out with her, you know, in case she gives birth to some darkness – we still think she’s absolutely stunning and looks positively amazing on-screen and off. While in movies and on TV she comes across as very intense, like scary intense, in interviews she seems a lot more laid back.

4. Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Rango' held at the R


Isla Fisher seems totally down to earth, the kind of girl whose idea of a fun night is eating hamburgers and watching Dumb and Dumber. We love her smile and how great of a sense of humour she seems to have: she is married to Sacha Baron Cohen after all! While we love her in serious and comedy roles alike, we are a bit ashamed to admit that the role that really made us crazy about this beautiful redhead was her performance in Wedding Crashers. We know it’s bad for us, but the lethal combination of redhead and crazy makes us so hot for her.

3. Emma Stone

Emma Stone at the 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards held at th


Are redheads funnier than other girls? Maybe it’s because a lot of ginger kids are bullied that they had to develop a good sense of humour to stay strong and not let the mean words get to them. Officially, Emma Stone might not be a real red head (she’s actually a natural blonde), her red hair has been indistinguishable from her screen persona since she made her cinematic debut in Superbad. While she’s since gone blonde for a few roles, she always seems to go back to her red hair, and we very much approve.

2. Karen Gillan

LOS ANGELES - NOV 12: Karen Gillan at the AFI Fest 2015 - Prese


You don’t have to be a Doctor Who fan to fall in love with Karen Gillan. Her beautiful red hair and porcelain skin just scratch the surface of her awesome appeal. Bubbly, adorable and talented, she’s a geek’s wet dream. Whether it’s as a companion in Doctor Who or as a weird alien creature in Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s hard not to fall for Karen! It speaks volumes for her charisma that as the bald and blue alien Nebula in Guardians that she’s still sexy as all hell. A great balance of cute and sassy, she seems like she’d be a riot to hang out with.

1. Rose Leslie



Rose Leslie is hot enough to get Jon Snow to give up his vow of chastity, and Jon Snow is a serious guy who doesn’t take vows like that lightly. While most of us fell in love with this natural redhead thanks to her performance as Ygrette on Game of Thrones, that only scratches the surface of her hotness. Starring in a number of horror films and having a consistently TV guest appearance schedule, it’s only a matter of time before she breaks into the mainstream. What we love most about her though, is her awesome sense of humour present in interviews, she is bright, clever and adorable.

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