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15 Movie Monsters With The Highest Body Counts

15 Movie Monsters With The Highest Body Counts

You probably didn’t know that you wanted to know how your favorite movie monster stacks up against other movie monsters, but now that you’re here, you might as well check it out. We’re talking body counts here—kill counts. It’s gratuitous, yeah, but we’re all adults here; let’s stop being so serious for a few minutes. This list is about counting the on-screen deaths, or, at least, the confirmed kills. There are a number of resources that have compiled information on monster body counts and all of them disagree with each other. This one is no different. Some lists include only slashers, and some just randomly choose their favorite monster. Here, we’ve tried to select the biggest and the baddest killers that are part of a series of movies (more than one movie—sorry Pennywise). We’ve also excluded television shows (sorry Hannibal and Norman).

We’re focused on movie characters only. We’re also focused on confirmed kills, as mentioned above. That means we’re not delving into the madness of counting the deaths after space stations are destroyed (Jason) or after nightclubs are burnt down (Pinhead). We’re looking at only the numbers we can count. There are going to be fluctuations, we promise. It’s a guarantee that we’ve missed a body here or there, but we’ve done our very best to be accurate and double check our numbers.

Another thing worth noting is that, unfortunately, some of the monsters with the highest body counts (Dracula, Godzilla and King King) need to left off the list because they just have too many bodies to count. Either there are simply too many films or too much mass destruction to even get close to an accurate number. Let’s just say that these three are at the top and leave it at that. Without further ado, here are the 15 (more modern) movie monsters with the highest body counts.

15. The Creeper (20) – Jeepers Creepers



Coming in tied with Jaws is the Creeper from the Jeepers Creepers franchise. The Creeper is a weird dude. He’s a pretty jacked demon with bat-like wings and a weird patch of hair. He drives a sweet sleeper truck with a bada** license plate “BEATINGU,” and terrorizes people that travel near his home. He hibernates for a significant period of time, but, when he’s out of hibernation, watch out because he kills anything in his way. His official kill count is 20, but there’s no doubt that’s going to increase with a third film scheduled to drop in 2017. We were first introduced to the Creeper in 2001 with Jeepers Creepers, and then again in 2003 with Jeepers Creepers 2. Based on a 1938 song, Jeepers Creepers is very easily the most underrated franchise on this list and his theme song is off the hook.

14. Mr. Shark (20) – Jaws ­



If you’re one of those people that are sitting there saying “but, but, it’s a different shark each time!” Just shush. They are all sharks that kill people and they are all referred to as “Jaws” in the film’s title, therefore they are all the same on this list. “Jaws isn’t even a monster; it’s a shark.” Ugh. Enough of that nonsense, too. These are not real sharks. These are monsters in summer blockbusters. They count. Jaws first started eatin’ up unsuspecting swimmers off Amity island in the summer of 1975. Over the next 12 years (1975-1987), Jaws would kill 20 people over four movies. Jaws’ weapon of choice is his own chompers because they’re so very sharp. At the end of each movie, Jaws is killed but his carnivorous soul is clearly being reborn within a new shark every couple of years.

13. Candyman (22) – Candyman



In 1992, the Candyman franchise was born and, from it, spawned two sequels: Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995) and Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999). Candyman is the son of a slave and he initially made his living by painting, but, now that he’s dead, he pretty much kills full time. Candyman was killed because he fell in love with a white woman. On the suggestion of the woman’s father, Candyman was lynched, had his painting hand cut off and replaced with a hook. He was then covered in honey and stung by like a million bees. Overall, a pretty bad time for the guy. Candyman now returns whenever someone says his name in the mirror five times—like Bloody Mary but worse. Quick story, a friend of a friend of mine watched this movie as a young child thinking it was a John Candy movie. It wasn’t. In total, Candyman has killed 22 daring people.

12. Ghostface (34) – Scream



Wearing a mask that is based on “The Scream” painting by Edvard Munch, Ghostface is more of an idea rather than one person. In each of the four films, Ghostface is actually multiple people, but it’s always a mystery who it is. Having killed 34 people in the movies, Ghostface has now moved to TV, but we won’t be taking that show into consideration—plus they changed the mask, which is weird and I’ve still not gotten over it. Starting in 1996, the Scream franchise has really revolutionized the meta-horror genre. For over 15 years (1996-2011), Ghostface has terrorized young people, mainly in the town of Woodsboro, but really the franchise follows Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) wherever she goes. Ghostface, for whatever reason, is often not considered alongside the great slashers, maybe because he isn’t supernatural, but the character/s deserves to be right there with the big guns.

11. Pinhead (35) – Hellraiser



From 1987 to 2011, the Hellraiser franchise has release nine films, making it one of the largest horror franchises in history. The main villain and leader of the Cenobites, Pinhead, is one of the coolest looking and sounding dudes on this list. As mentioned in the introduction, Pinhead’s body count suffers a bit because we have not counted the burned down nightclub in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. Even without those inflated numbers, Pinhead is still responsible for 35 deaths in his movies. Pinhead’s methods are some of the most disturbing and gory on the list as well. You might think that 35 bodies seem a little low for how many movies there are in the franchise, but Pinhead is very deliberate and elaborate with his victims. He’s a true sicko.

10. Leatherface (35) – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre



Tobe Hooper’s crazy horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) gave birth to the ever-terrifying Leatherface. Since 1974, Leatherface, based on the real-life killer Ed Gein, has killed 35 people over the course of seven films (1974-2013), not including one more yet to be released in 2016. Leatherface is part of a cannibalistic and incestuous family. He wears several different masks of human skin that portray what kind of person he is going to be that day. He can wear the “pretty woman mask,” which makes him feel purdy, the “old lady mask,” which makes him feel domesticated, and “the killing mask,” which makes him feel all killy. You shouldn’t have to think too hard to know which mask he was wearing for the vast majority of his 35 kills. Having been born in 1974, Leatherface is also the longest-lasting monster on this list, just coming in a year before Jaws.

9. Chucky (38) – Child’s Play

maxresdefault (1)


Everyone’s favorite killer doll, Chucky is the foul-mouthed, miniature slasher from the Child’s Play franchise. Starting in 1988, Chucky the doll contains the soul of the serial killer Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray, and he is constantly trying to kill the child Andy, so that he can restore his soul before it is permanently stuck in the doll. After the third film, Chucky finds love in Tiffany (Bride of Chucky, 1998). From that point on, Tiffany plays a large role in the Child’s Play franchise, probably because Chucky is so small and he’s not just fighting a little kid anymore. Once Andy grew up, he could just throw the little guy around. But it wasn’t just Andy that Chucky beefed with. Anyone who got in the little guy’s way got laid down, totalling 38 victims all together for the plastic-bodied killer. Not bad for someone that’s like 2-feet tall.

8. Death (43) – Final Destination



If you find yourself thinking, “Erm, technically death kills everyone,” just stop it. Everyone dies, yes, but Death only has to step in to actually kill people when they avoid their intended cause of death. This is the entire plot of the Final Destination franchise (2000-2011). Some guy gets a vision of how he’s going to die, then he (as well as some of his friends) avoids it. Now it’s up to Death to come down and make things right. No, we don’t see no Grim Reaper character, but we’re crediting the character of Death personified with the 43 deaths in the Final Destination series. over five films, Final Destination has shown itself to be a fairly decent horror franchise, a little campy, a little silly, but a lot of fun to watch.

7. Freddy Krueger (43) – A Nightmare on Elm Street

maxresdefault (2)


At first glance, it might be a bit shocking that Freddy Krueger of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise isn’t at least in the top five, but keep in mind the amount of work that goes into a Freddy kill. The guy has to haunt his victim’s dreams a few times before he’s even strong enough to get at them. With that being said, 43 kills over nine films (1984-2010) means that Freddy has certainly left his mark. Freddy is dedicated to haunt the teens of Springwood, Ohio, particularly those who live on Elm Street. He was burned to death by the parents of the town’s children because they blamed him for the disappearances of a few of the kids. Now dead, Freddy returns to get his revenge, first in their dreams and then, when he’s strong enough, he can affect them in real life. Using his amazing homemade gloves with blades on the fingers, Freddy claws his way into number 7 on the all-time body count list.

6. Puppet Master (44) – Puppet Master

maxresdefault (3)


Easily the most surprising entry on the list, the Puppet Master franchise is really confusing and falls off quite a bit in the later films. The early entries, however, were not half bad. With 44 kills over 10 films, the Puppet Master blood and makeup crew has gotten good exercise. I guess it helps that there are so many little puppets, so they can drive up the body count. There are plans to extend the franchise a little more, but we can always hope they don’t. The most recent entries have been ridiculous additions to a franchise that began with pretty decent concept.

5. Lubdan (45) – Leprechaun



With seven films from 1993 to 2003, the Leprechaun franchise is one of the quickest moving on the list. Lubdan, the title leprechaun, attacks anyone who takes his precious gold from him. There’s a lot to love in these movies because they’re about as funny as they are ridiculous. Lubdan kills 45 people in the seven films, which is good to get him into the top five on the list. Lubdan is killed by having him touch a four leaf clover, impaling him with wrought iron or blasting him into space. They pretend that there are only certain ways to kill him, but he seems to be beaten in a new way each film. There is no set location for the Leprechaun films, though there has been two that have been set in the hood, so maybe that’ll be his new stomping grounds. Makes sense.

4. Victor Crowley (47) – Hatchet



Victor Crowley of the Hatchet film franchise is the oft-forgotten slasher that made a big splash in his first appearance in 2006. With 47 kills in just three movies, Crowley has made the most of his time on screen. While the second and third films have left a lot to be desired, the first Hatchet film was awesome. It was a throwback to the slashers of the 80s and was generally loved by most horror fans. Now, with plans for a fourth film, the Hatchet franchise looks to build upon this bigtime number, but having their main dude come in at number four on the highest monster body count list of all-time has got to count for something.

3. Jigsaw (60) – Saw



In 2004, James Wan directed Saw and introduced the world to the villain Jigsaw. Now with seven total films, the main antagonist, Jigsaw, has 60 kills total, good for number three all time. Often criticized for its torture p*rn style, Saw has, admittedly, dropped off ever since Wan’s first entry. Even though the series might not be the most respected on the list, it has been significant in the horror genre over the past 12 years. Not to be confused with Billy the Puppet, Jigsaw sees himself as a philanthropist, putting people through crazy, deadly challenges to make them into better people if they get through it. Well, 60 people didn’t get through it up to this point, and, in 2017, that number will surely increase. Yeah, Jigsaw’s accomplices have been doing the grunt work lately, but it’s all part of his plan.

2. Michael Myers (107) – Halloween



Probably the most famous slasher of all time and largely responsible for the birth of the slasher genre, Michael Myers of the Halloween franchise is well deserving of number two on this list. Released in 1978, Halloween has had Myers kill 107 people. That’s a lot of bodies for the legend. With 10 films total (only nine with Michael Myers), the series has been scaring its audiences for five decades. The vast majority of Myers’ victims have been in Haddonfield, Illinois, where he grew up. Almost everything surrounds his little sister Laurie Strode, who Michael is trying to reunite with, kill or just stalk, depending on which movie you’re watching. By this point, Michael has been killed numerous times, but he always manages to come back to life. It’s really unclear whether he’s undead or mortal, but that’s just a minor detail.

1. Jason Voorhees (158) – Friday the 13th



There wasn’t really a question about who would come in at number one for serious horror fans; it’s just about how high his number is. Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13thfranchise has been killing teens by the truckload since 1981. Now with 12 films total from 1981 to 2009, Jason has killed 158 people all over the universe. Jason can die, but he never stays dead. He’s big and scary and most of his work is done at or around Camp Crystal Lake, the place where he drowned as a child. After the events of the first film, which had Jason’s mother, Pamela, killed by the only camp counselor she was unable to kill herself, Jason now basically avenges his mother’s death and continues on her mission. What a gem she is.

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