15 Movie Actresses Who Played The Hottest Daughters

This list is made up of actresses who played a role where being a daughter was important to the plot, oh, and they happen to be incredibly hot, as well. There are some like Margot Robbie, who almost made the list because she deserves to be on any list which has "hottest" in the title, but because I don’t think she’s ever played a daughter, I couldn’t include her, and that makes us all sad.

Yet, despite the enormous hole that Margot Robbie leaves in lists she doesn’t qualify for, these other daughters caught our attention for reasons other than their acting. Some had starring roles, while others only appeared for few minutes on camera but all were, are, and probably always will be gorgeous. So enough words, let’s get down to it and look at the actresses who played the hottest daughters on screen.


15 Zoe Levin – The Way, Way Back

Zoe plays the daughter of Steve Carell in the teenage summer flick The Way, Way Back. While she doesn’t get as much screen time as Sophia Robb, the other stunner in this film, she makes the list because I said so. Almost a virtual unknown at this point, keep an eye out for this beauty in the future because, if I know Hollywood, they’ll be kicking her door down to keep her in front of the camera.

14 Jennifer Lawrence – Joy


It seems that once Jennifer Lawrence became a superstar the Internet turned on her. Once the darling of everyone, JLaw began to take some pretty harsh criticism, but that shouldn’t take away from what she is. Not only is she beautiful, she is also one of the best young stars acting today. Despite having had several roles where she looks better than she does in Joy, Lawrence makes this list for Joy because it’s the only film I can think of where being a daughter is important other than Winter’s Bone where she’s bloody, bruised and gross for most of it.

13 Shailene Woodley – The Descendants

Shailene Woodley plays the incredibly attractive daughter of George Clooney in The Descendants, her film debut. Since then, she’s basically been in every young romance movie that’s been made. There’s something humble and sweet about her that Hollywood likes, but you won’t see me complaining. Recently, she’s become a household name for her roles in The Divergent series. Keep it coming, Hollywood.

12 Amanda Seyfried – Les Misérables


All right, I cheated just a little bit. I actually don’t think she looks all that great in Les Mis, plus I never saw Mamma Mia!, but she looks pretty good in it from the pictures. But c’mon, it’s Amanda Seyfried. Maybe when I’m watching her in Les Mis, I’m picturing what she looks like in real life, and, by real life, I mean from pictures. Either way, she’s smoking hot.

11 Maggie Grace – Taken

It should be no surprise that Maggie Grace is on this list. She’s so darn good looking she can’t even walk the streets without being taken. She’s like the Lays Potato chips of kidnapped daughters, betcha can’t kidnap her just once. At some point a dad’s gotta learn from his mistakes, like lock her up Liam. All right, maybe things got a little heated there, but at least keep a better eye on her.

10 Brittany Snow – The Pacifier


In the 2005 critically acclaimed The Pacifier, starring Vin Diesel, Brittany Snow plays the ridiculously good looking teenage daughter that Diesel needs to babysit. I had to do some math on this one, 2005-1986, carry the one. I dunno. I’m not a scientist. I do know, however, that Brittany Snow has one of those faces that makes you wish you were better looking and more successful, and lived closer to her, and had courage enough to talk to her. Wow, that got weirder than I wanted. Yep, she sure is pretty.

9 Lily Collins – The Blind Side

Lily Collins reminds me a little of Jennifer Garner, and I’ve had a crush on Jennifer Garner since Labyrinth, so it was inevitable that when I saw her as the daughter of Sandra Bullock’s character in The Blind Side she would catch my eye. Then when I learned her father was Phil Collins, yes the Phil Collins, that was it. I could feel it coming in the air tonight!


8 Emma Roberts – We’re the Millers


In We’re the Millers, Emma Roberts plays the hot, fake daughter of Jennifer Aniston and one of Jason Sudeikis or Ed Helms (seriously, I can never tell who is who). There’s one amazing scene in particular where she and Jennifer Aniston make out with that eyebrow kid, you know the one. Talk about the greatest scene ever. I wonder how many takes that scene took. I would have passed right out during filming that scene.

7 Olivia Wilde – Love the Coopers

I think most people first saw Olivia Wilde as Alex Kelly in The O.C., and since then, the hottest actresses in Hollywood lists have included her. These type of lists need her or else they’re wrong. I’ll be honest here. I haven’t seen Love the Coopers. I’m waiting until Christmas to give it a go. But I needed to find a role where she played a daughter and I found one. At least I hope she plays a daughter. Actually I don’t even care at this point. I would rather be wrong about her role than leave her hotness off of this list.

6 Rachel McAdams – Mean Girls


I have to include the girl from my alma mater in any list I can, the insanely gorgeous Rachel McAdams. The daughter of Amy Poehler in Mean Girls and one of the kids in The Family Stone, Rachel McAdams is pretty much my favorite daughter of all time and that includes my own kids. Just kidding, I don’t have kids.

5 Maika Monroe – Independence Day 2

When casting for sequels that come out years after the original, it can be tough to retain the original cast, especially when the original cast includes little kids, just ask the Vacation franchise. Sometimes the kids stop acting or become weird, but sometimes those kids become talented stars, a sequel's dream come true, right? Well not for Independence Day. Remember the President’s (Bill Pullman) daughter? Well that’s Mae Whitman (The DUFF). While it’s unclear why she was recast, who she was recast for is Maika Monroe. Even though I may not agree with the decision, the reason Monroe was cast as the now grown-up president’s daughter is probably the same reason she’s on this list. She’s super hot.

4 Alexandria Daddario – San Andreas


Alexandria played the beautiful daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the not-so-beautiful action film San Andreas. This 30-year-old is probably best known for her work playing Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson franchise. Her dark hair and laser blue eyes make her hard to miss for anyone who can see. Also, if you like nice things, check her out in True Detective: Season 1.

3 Emma Stone – Crazy, Stupid, Love

Emma Stone plays a daughter in nearly everything, and in nearly everything she looks absolutely amazing. In Crazy, Stupid, Love she plays Steve Carell’s gorgeous daughter and Ryan Gosling’s love interest, as well as the daughter of “the Birdman” himself, Michael Keaton. She is funny, smart and beautiful, basically Emma Stone seems to be the perfect package.

2 Emma Watson – Noah


There’s no possible way that the real Noah’s adopted daughter was as good looking as Emma Watson. In fact, it still surprises that someone as good looking as her exists today. She’s looks like the engineered offspring of a thousand generations of the perfect human specimens, bred in some hidden research lab for the purposes of creating the most beautiful living creature. Yeah, I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

1 Madison Riley – Grown Ups

Madison Riley has about six minutes of screen time in Grown Ups as the eldest daughter of the remarkably handsome Rob Schneider. But in those six minutes, the world was taught the true meaning of Christmas. Riley is so good looking that the Academy considered giving Grown Ups an Oscar just so they could invite her to the Oscars. Don’t quote me on that, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.

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