15 Mothers With The Hottest Busts In Hollywood

Let's face it, Hollywood moms are not very momsy. They work at staying fit, sexy and seductive. They take motherhood in stride and just seem to get better and better with age. The women on this list are proud of being sexy and curvy. Their bra sizes start at a respectable B or C and reach DD and beyond, all the way up to a mind blowing F.   Motherhood just seems to have made them sexier and sexier; and another thing: with bodies like these, you can't expect them to be bashful about parading their assets. In fact, we might say that they enjoy it.

Look at it this way: age can sometimes appear to stand still in Hollywood. The oldest woman on this list of fabulous busts is old enough to be the mother of the youngest two buxom beauties who made the cut, and six of them are over 40. So, from youngest to least young (we won't use the "O" word) and in everything from gowns to bikinis, here are the 15 MILFs with the very, very best busts in Hollywood.

15 Blake Lively - 28

14 Naya Rivera - 29

13 Chrissy Teigen - 30

12 Kendra Wilkinson - 30

11 Miranda Kerr -33

10 Adriana Lima - 34

9 Beyonce - 34

8 Jessica Simpson - 35

7 Kim Kardashian - 35

6 Heidi Klum - 42

5 Kate Beckinsale - 42

4 Sofia Vergara - 43

3 Brooke Burke - 44

2 Jennifer Lopez - 46

1 Halle Berry - 49

Taken just a few years ago, this Halle Berry picture tells you everything you need to know about why she is on this list. At 49, she is stunning and very hot. A former beauty queen (she was first runner up in the Miss USA Pageant), she has been married three times and is the mother of two. An accomplished actress, she won an Academy Award in 2002 for her performance in Monster's Ball. Dressed in seductive, skin-tight leather jump suits, she thrilled as dominating Cat Woman in the 2004 movie and as quirky, kinky Storm in the X-Men franchise. Even though she hits the big 50 in 2016, we think her body and face are as sexy and stunning as ever. She thrilled fans in March of 2016 by posting a selfie on Twitter and Instagram.


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15 Mothers With The Hottest Busts In Hollywood