15 Most Shocking Male Celebrity Nude Leaks

Technology is such a wonderful thing; with new advances in cellphones and tablets, people can keep in touch in ways that they never thought possible. Unfortunately, the boom in advanced communications, paired with the growing thirst for social media outlets, have caused a few issues on the privacy front. Everything you do or say has the possibility of landing on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, exposing a private moment between two people to the entire world.

That being said, one would think that male celebrities would realize the danger in sharing explicit photos, since their entire lives are spent under a microscope. But celebrities, like us normal people, make mistakes and put their trust in someone that they wanted to impress with their goods, only to be stabbed in the back. Not just the younger celebrities, mind you; some of the older folks also got in on the act.

To be fair, some were hoaxes, while others had their phones hacked. Then there were those that simply ticked off an ex. Whatever the cause, almost all of these photo leaks caused a social media firestorm, which also called into question issues of privacy. Here is a look at some of the most recent male celebrity photo scandals that lit up Twitter feeds.

15 Jude Law


One of the unfortunate side effects of having your package exposed (pardon the pun) to the entire world is that immediately it becomes a topic up for judgment. In 2005, a nude photo of English actor Jude Law surfaced, and just like that, judgement started flowing left and right. Though to be fair, The Talented Mr. Ripley star did just come out of the pool, and we should add that Jude Law is still considered one of Hollywood's sexiest male stars till this day.

14 Ron Artest


In 2011, Basketball player Ron Artest (or better known as Metta World Peace) decided it would be a good idea to send a bunch of lewd texts and a naked picture of himself to a fan he met on Twitter. What started out as flirting soon transformed into dirty talk, with a few lewd pictures thrown into the mix. Naturally, the fan became so offended by the language and nature of the pics that she felt she had no choice but to share his you-know-what with the world. The fan shared her story online, which included samples of the texts, and the now infamous below-the-belt pic.

13 Travis Barker

It's still not clear whether the shots in question belong to Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, however fans were quick to point out similarities in the tattoos prominently featured on the pictures. Barker was quick to send a cease and desist letter to the website displaying the pics, though they never actually named the Meet the Barkers star outright. All that was known at the time is that a musician had sent a few personal pics to his then-girlfriend, who later felt she had to spread the love around. Makes perfect sense if you really think about it, right?

12 Ben Affleck

Okay, so perhaps this one shouldn’t be on the list simply because it wasn’t technically a scandal. However, the internet certainly broke once it was announced that fans could get a side glimpse of Ben Affleck's 'privates' in Gone Girl. It is a blink and you’ll miss it kind of moment, but thanks to some loyal fans of the Argo star, gifs can probably be found by doing a simple search. Or you could just watch the movie and hope you freeze it at just the right moment.

11 Shemar Moore

Even a day at the beach can turn into a photo scandal; especially if that beach turns out to be a nude one. Just look at Shemar Moore, star of Criminal Minds. He was just swimming in the ocean, completely nude and carefree, when suddenly a photographer catches him coming out of the water in his full glory. Though it may not be fair to catch someone after coming out of the cold ocean, fans of the former Young & The Restless star were no doubt running to their computers to catch a glimpse of the hunky actor in his birthday suit.

10 Nick Hogan


9 Hosea Chanchez


Another lesson: if you are a famous person staying in a hotel room and you plan to walk around naked (for whatever reason), just remember to keep the curtains in your room closed. The Game’s Hosea Chanchez sure learned that lesson when photos of the actor in the buff surfaced in 2011. Chanchez did own up to the photos, but claimed on Twitter that they were taken without his permission by someone peeking from outside. In other words, he wasn't ready for the picture.

8 Chris Brown


Another important life lesson is to really know the person you are sending personal things to. What's the first thing you do when come out of the shower, all fresh and clean? If you are singer Chris Brown, you take a naked selfie of yourself and hope to impress that nice, attractive lady you just met. However, the Forever singer took it all in stride, claiming in an interview that he was not at all embarrassed about the photos being leaked. We're guessing the water in the shower wasn't too cold.

7 Colin Farrell

Some celebs on this list can claim the nude photos of them are fakes, but in the case of actor Colin Farrell, the evidence against him just kept stacking up, making it much harder to deny the truth. Not only did photos of the Fright Night actor surface in 2003 with ex Nicole Narain, but a sex tape also somehow managed to worm its way onto computer screens. Farrell later sued over the whole mess, but not in time for curious fans to sneak a peek for themselves.

6 Dylan Sprouse


Beware of the angry ex. That is the life lesson former Disney star Dylan Sprouse, quickly learned when an ex-girlfriend of his decided to leak some very revealing photos of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody star online. Granted, he wasn't actually showing anything too private (thank goodness), but the then 21-year-old was almost as nude as can be. Reactions on Twitter naturally followed, however the best came from twin brother Cole, who inquired if the room Dylan took the pictures in was cold.

5 Jamie Foxx


During the filming of Miami Vice, actor/singer Jamie Foxx decided to take a nude picture of himself that was used as a before and after pic for his make-up artist. The explanation was that a comparison of his body was needed for an upcoming nude scene. Of course, as most celebrities learn, if you do not delete the evidence soon enough, somehow, someway, hackers will get to you. That they did, giving the Ray star a reason to blush (or maybe brag, depending on who you ask.) Hey, at least the Oscar winner wasn't ashamed to admit it was him.

4 Omarion


Looks like not even pictures in the cloud are safe. Unfortunately, Omarion had to learn that important lesson the hard way, when his iCloud account was hacked and pictures of his full naked self started flooding the internet. Of course, they were ones that everyone had already seen, since The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star was rumored to have accidentally leaked them before. But by the looks from the reaction on Twitter, no one was seemingly bothered by a second round.

3 Justin Bieber


Sometimes it's great to have your fans come to your rescue, especially when nude pics are involved. In 2012, someone stole Justin Bieber's laptop and camera. Predictably, possible photos of the Boyfriend singer in the buff started circulating. However, Beliebers weren't buying this at all, and were quick to point out the differences the body in the pic had to Bieber's. If anyone would know, it would be his loyal Beliebers. The entire thing was (presumably) put to rest when manager Scooter Braun, revealed that the photos were in fact fake.

2 Calum Hood


Many people believe that Snapchat destroys your pics or videos after so many seconds, but if someone truly wants to keep your naughty revelations, they will undoubtedly find a way. Well, that is exactly what happened to 5 Seconds of Summer's Calum Hood, who sent a nude shot of his private area to a female fan who managed to record it with another device, then uploaded the clips to Vine. Unlike most, the youngster decided to own up to his mistakes, Tweeting "I'm still just a teenage kid learning from his mistakes." Rookie mistake, indeed.

1 Prince William


We've all had that one drunken night where we did things that we wouldn't normally do if sober. But, if you are going to pee outside in public, the first thing you should do is take a look around to make sure that no one is watching you; especially if you are a member of the royal family. Unfortunately for Prince William, he didn't think this through and photographers caught him relieving himself outside during a polo match, getting very up close and personal. We hope that after this incident, William has learned his lesson about peeing in public, so he can teach his son to not make the same mistake.

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