15 Most Shocking Celebrity Tantrums

According to the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary, a tantrum is defined as "an uncontrolled expression of childish anger : an angry outburst by a child or by someone who is behaving like a child". We have all witnessed a child having a public meltdown either in the checkout lane at the grocery store or while eating out at a restaurant. The majority of the time there are parents that you can tell are at their wits end with the child and are suffering from embarrassment as they try to contain or calm the child.

Now, have you ever witnessed a full grown adult throwing a temper tantrum because the barista gave them a venti caramel macchiato instead of a grande caramel macchiato or perhaps there was a 10 minute wait to be seated at Olive Garden? What about if the person was in fact a well-known celebrity? All it takes is a celebrity with a super-inflated, untouchable ego and they turn into a pile of gasoline-soaked wood. A small spark turns the pile of wood into a monstrous fire within seconds. There have been more than a few bloated celebrity egos that have resulted in some shocking, downright appalling tantrums.

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15 Christian Bale

Christian Bale's berating of a member of the crew on the set of Terminator: Salvation was captured on camera and sent his PR team into a frenzy. He sounded arrogant, entitled and horrible. The most shocking thing about the entire incident was that the rest of the crew just allowed him to continue berating this hapless assistant! Everyone just stood around staring and smirking. They treated Christian like he obviously believed he should be treated, like a God. He said he wouldn't come back on set if the man wasn't fired.

Christian did a number of television appearances to try and make light of the recording. Only time and the box office will tell if that was too little too late.

14 Naomi Campbell

13 Reese Witherspoon

America's Sweetheart? Think again! In 2013, Miss Reese Witherspoon unleashed her wrath on a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia. Her husband, Jim Toth, was being given a sobriety test due to suspected drunk driving and she got out of the car after the officer told her to stay put. She told the officer that he was going to be on the news and she repeatedly asked the officer if he was aware of who she was. The officer had to handcuff her when she wouldn't comply with his orders and stay inside her vehicle.

After the police officer's dash cam video of her acting like a brat and her mugshot went viral, she released a statement that apologized for her behavior and said she had 'obviously' had too much to drink. It was definitely a different side to Reese than we're used to seeing. Reese definitely earned the honorary title of America's Mouthiest Sweetheart for that tantrum.

12 Tom Cruise

11 Kanye West

Is it any surprise Kanye West is on this list? Probably not. Kanye is well known for his outbursts and his limelight stealing antics. From stealing Taylor Swift's Grammy award winning moment to lashing out at the paparazzi. In 2015 at the PanAm Games in Toronto, Canada, Kanye started having technical difficulties during his performance and he blew a fuse. He threw his mic into the crowd, started swearing and cussing everyone and everything out. Kanye even was heard to say that his audience was really lucky to even have him perform there. He was kicking the ground and stomping around the stage ranting and raving in front of a sold out crowd.

10 Justin Bieber

9 Kylie Jenner

In 2013, Kylie Jenner, Jaden Smith and a large entourage went to a Beverly Hills hotel and Kylie demanded to be served alcohol. Kylie was turned down due to the fact that she was 16 and Jaden was 15. Kylie blew up and started screaming "Do you know who I am?!" to the bartender and staff. The staff acknowledged they knew who she was and also knew how old she was. Kylie's fake ID was no help at this hotel. She told the bartender that the hotel wasn't worth her time and left with her entourage in tow.

There have been numerous photos of Kylie out partying with her older sisters while under the legal drinking age of 21. Partying at adult-only clubs and stumbling out in the wee hours of the morning looking a bit rough.

8 Amanda Bynes


You may remember Amanda Bynes as being that precocious, loud-mouthed but somehow sweet young girl from Nickelodeon television shows All That and The Amanda Show. Well that sweet young girl was anything but while she was standing in line waiting to board a flight at a New Jersey airport. She was very frustrated that she couldn't find her identification and when told that she couldn't board without proper identification, she lost her cool. She yelled at the staff and told them to 'google' her name to find out who she was. She was told that wasn't acceptable identification and she started cussing out airport staff. She was screaming at the top of her lungs "I'm Amanda Bynes! I'm Amanda Bynes!". After realizing she would not be boarding the flight regardless of how loud she yelled or what obscenities she unleashed, she left the airport via taxi to return back to her hotel.

7 Conrad Hilton

Conrad Hilton is the younger brother of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton. He gained notoriety at least on the Airbus A380 he was traveling on from London to Los Angeles. Conrad refused to comply with turning his cellphone off. He went into the bathroom to smoke cigarettes and marijuana. When he was given a written warning by one of the pilots, he ripped it to shreds and proceeded to yell "I will own you!". Conrad went down to the lower deck and harassed other passengers and flight attendants. He told them they were peasants and he could have them all fired. Conrad eventually went back upstairs and passed out in his seat and while he was asleep, the crew restrained him with handcuffs. When Conrad woke up and realized he was restrained he started screaming and hollering. He said that everyone was going to be fired and his father knew the owner of the airline. Passengers said that Conrad was a very spoiled, entitled brat. They were happy when federal marshals boarded the plane in LA and took Hilton off in handcuffs.

Conrad Hilton's lawyer said that Hilton was under the influence of sleeping medication. What do you think? Sleeping pill side effects or the tantrum of a Little Lord Fauntleroy?

6 Alec Baldwin

In 2011, Alec Baldwin was in the middle of playing Words with Friends on his iPhone when a flight attendant politely asked him to shut off his phone. Alec said he wouldn't be shutting off his phone as he was in the middle of playing a game. The flight attendant said he was going to be escorted off the plane if he didn't shut off his iPhone as electronic devices are not to be used on aircraft. Alec refused to turn off his phone. The flight attendant called for an escort to remove Mr. Baldwin from the plane.

Alec is no stranger to outbursts and having a temper but being escorted off of a plane because he wanted to play a game instead of comply with the flight attendant? Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that is immaturity at its finest.

5 Russell Crowe

In 2007, Russell Crowe threw a phone at a hotel employee. He was arrested and was charged with assault with a weapon (his phone). Russell was upset because the phone in his SoHo hotel room wasn't working and when he felt like the clerk wasn't listening to him, he brought the phone downstairs and threw the phone at the desk clerk. The clerk was hit in the eye.

Russell admitted to throwing the phone out of anger but denies that it hit anybody. The clerk had an obvious cut under his eye and stated that Russell intentionally threw the phone at him.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress and founder of the controversial lifestyle website goop, Gwyneth Paltrow threw an immature fit over Vanity Fair magazine doing a feature story on her. Gwyneth felt threatened by Vanity Fair and penned a nasty letter to all of her celebrity friends urging them to stay away from the magazine and to not make any comments about her to the publication. Gwyneth was asked by Vanity Fair to collaborate on a piece about her but she declined. Vanity Fair decided to then just go on and do the story without her collaboration. When Vanity Fair found out about Gwyneth's letter to her celebrity friends, the magazine said it just confirmed their thoughts on the actress and the story would continue. Gwyneth continued whining to her influential celebrity friends and didn't want anything written about her that wasn't ran by her first. She had an image as the Hollywood golden girl to protect.

3 Nicki Minaj

In 2014, Nicki Minaj demanded extra rehearsal time at a Fashion Rocks Concert. The producers told her that it wasn't needed. Nicki flew off the handle and started hurling threats and insults at the producers. Nicki was told to calm down or she was going to be booted from the show. Nicki obliged and it was thought that she had calmed down enough to go on with the show. Well Nicki did go on to do her performance, however she purposely wore an extremely inappropriate outfit and did dance moves that simulated sex. It was a live cable television show. The producers were livid. One can assume she won't be invited back anytime soon.

2 Britney Spears

Yes, of course there was the infamous 2007 Britney Spears shaved headed incident, where she attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella. However, there was one tantrum in particular where people mistook Miss Spears for a 4 year old brat looking for some attention. The incident in question took place at Hustler, an adult store. It was 1:00 am and Miss Spears arrived at the store and grabbed a pair of sassy underwear. She was headed to the dressing room with the underwear when an employee told her that it was store policy to not allow undergarments to be tried on. Miss Spears was furious and instead of putting the underwear back, she took off her pants and underwear and tried on the underwear right in the middle of the store. Even though it was 1:00 am, there were over a dozen shoppers that witnessed her wild antics. The manager insisted she purchase the underwear which she did but on her way out of the store she reportedly ripped off a mannequin's wig and stuffed it in her bag.

1 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is definitely no stranger to outrageous behavior or controversy and honestly, the public seems to be more and more immune to hearing about her. Miley and her entourage were staying at the exclusive Greenwich Hotel in New York when guest complaints started piling up. Her entourage was openly smoking marijuana, being loud and cussing, and blaring music. Instead of apologizing and being embarrassed by her entourage's behavior, Miley had an absolute four alarm tantrum. She started screaming at the hotel's management that basically they should be thanking her and just be grateful that she is staying at the hotel and spending thousands of dollars. What kind of person would scream things like that? Poor Billy Ray. He must have an 'achy breaky heart' over his once adorable daughter who delighted millions of children on Hannah Montana.

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