15 Most Random Guest Stars To Appear In The O.C.

If you’re a fan of teen soap operas, chances are you couldn’t wait for the weekly dose of drama that came with watching The O.C. The show was a huge hit, and helped to launch the careers of actors like Mischa Barton, Tate Donovan and Rachel Bilson.

The show was on the air from 2003 to 2007, and was full of twists, turns and romances. It seemed that young people all over the world just couldn’t get enough of the stylish outfits, elaborate homes, and lavish parties that the characters seemed to enjoy. The O.C. was likely the inspiration behind a series of California-based MTV reality shows as well.

While you probably had your favorite cast member or two from The O.C., you may not remember that there were some random guest stars on the show as well. As the TV drama grew in popularity, more and more celebrities wanted to appear on The O.C. at least once. Some of the guest stars who had a stint on the popular TV series even went on to have pretty impressive careers of their own. Unfortunately, some of the people who were guest stars on the show aren’t doing much these days. Here are 15 of the most random guest stars to appear on The O.C.

15 Shailene Woodley

14 Paul Wesley

13 Paris Hilton

12 Gisele Bundchen

11 Steve-O

10 Nikki Reed

9 Olivia Wilde

8 Chris Brown

7 Kat Graham

6 Amber Heard

5 Chris Pratt

4 Emmanuelle Chriqui

3 Colin Hanks

2 Max Greenfield

1 Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is likely most well known by her fans because of her work on the Disney Channel (remember when she was Max’s middle school girlfriend on Wizards of Waverly Place?) and MTV. She also starred in the movies Blended and The DUFF. But when Thorne was just a little girl, she appeared on The O.C. as the younger version of Taylor during flashback scenes. She wore hideous sweaters and glasses that were way too big for her face, but hey, that’s what the 80s were all about. Bella has been very outspoken about being diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, and works to eliminate the stigma associated with dyslexia. Thorne is also a singer, and has been a Neutrogena spokesperson.


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15 Most Random Guest Stars To Appear In The O.C.