15 Most Powerful Superheroes That Nobody Has Ever Heard Of

Don't kid yourself - some of these superheroes can give both Hulk and Superman a run for their money...

The superheroes and villains that we know and love today, have become the most popular amongst thousands in the comic book universe. Although we have become convinced that they are the strongest, this is not the truth.

In fact, contrary to what we believe, many super villains and heroes could actually give Superman, the gold standard for comic book heroes, a run for his money. After all, he is not the only one who exhibits his abilities. As a matter of fact, anyone who obtains a little piece of kryptonite could defeat the great Superman — still we love him for him good heart and faith in humanity.  That is probably the only superpower that he has that the rest of these characters lack.  Other than that, Superman is like a beat up pick up truck and these characters are self-driving Uber taxis.

This being said, it isn't surprising that superheroes usually work in teams, they themselves know that they cannot fight villains on their own. They would be destroyed in a manner of seconds.  The only difference between these characters and the ones that are well known is just a matter of popularity.

With the amount of character's out there, it can be hard to know which one is your favourite.  Because DC and Marvel have a huge database of characters, there are plenty to choose from.  However, this list is probably the most fearsome of them all. Here is a list of 15 unsung heroes and villains who have never had the chance to shine, unlike their more popular counterparts.

15 Sentry


Robert Reynolds was just an average high school student until the day he encountered a secret formula. This secret formula, which was created by his crazed high school professor, had the ability to create a phase-shift in human molecules.

This shift caused Reynolds to experience a higher state of consciousness, in which he gained access to super strength, super speed, invulnerability, flight, the ability to project energy fields, control light and vast psychic abilities. In other words, this guy is the real deal.

After gaining his abilities, Robert Reynolds retired as a human and became Sentry instead. Sentry worked in close quarters with the X-Men and became close friends with the outcasted Hulk. This superhero also fought alongside the Fantastic Four and helped them banish and destroy many horrendous villains.

Sadly, his greatness was short-lived when he met his kryptonite The Void; a shadow infested monster who exploits your darkest and deepest fears. Sentry soon found out that The Void emanated directly from his own power source, and so he erased his memories and the ones of his fellowship to ensure that The Sentry was never born.

14 Galactus


Galactus exhibits a string of abilities that prove to be hard to beat; he can levitate, restructure molecules, convert matter into energy, project energy, teleport anything to anywhere he desires, generate energy fields and even endow power's within other individuals. Because of Galactus' immense powers, he does not feel the need to engage in physical battle, and why would he, when he could dispose of his foe from a football field away?

However, if someone did get close enough to him, and attempted to use force, Galactus would fortify his own strength to overpower his aggressor's. This villain also has the innate ability to read the minds of virtually any known being, which would make attacking him that much more difficult.

Galactus is a villain known for his desire to conquer entire civilizations, and by conquer — I mean devour completely. Galactus' need to rampage is powered by an intense hunger that can never be sated. To justify his actions, he tells himself that he is a higher being, but in reality, he is simply greedy for power. 

13 Thanos


Thanos was born an ugly duckling; misshapen and contorted into what appeared to be a little beast. Born on Saturn's Moon of Titan, to a colony named The Eternals — Thanos grew up angry and jealous of his attractive and easy-going brother Starfox.

Much like his appearance, Thanos was very different than his tribe. While The Eternals sought a life of happiness and community, Thanos sought out personal power, strength and authority. It did not take long before Thanos was exiled from his birthplace and forced to travel the universe.

During his time in space, Thanos had the misfortune of meeting a villain named Death. His love for her caused him to travel the universe in hopes of finding the all-powerful Cosmic Cube. This cube would allow him to become god-like, and with this  complex magic, he would be able to make Death love him in return. However, when Thanos failed to keep the cube in his position, Death cursed him by rendering him immortal.

Thanos' powers include: superhuman strength, invulnerable skin, the ability to project psionic blasts of energy as well as plasma energy from his eyes and hands and an impenetrable mind.

12 Onslaught


The Onslaught came to be in a curious manner. Its existence generated when Professor X could no longer tolerate Magneto's evil doings, and shut down his mind with the use of his telepathic powers. You see, Magneto had gone too far during a battle between the X-Men and his Acolytes, and had ripped out the adamantium from Wolverine's bones, severely injuring the mutant. Professor X became furious, and used his abilities to avenge his fellow X-Men.

Magneto's anger and grief entered Professor X's subconsciousness, and paired up with all the suppressed resentment he'd previously felt towards his friendly foe, creating the Onslaught. The Onslaught remained dormant for as long as he needed to build-up his strength, and awaited a time when the Professor would grow vulnerable enough for him to manifest himself.

Since the Onslaught's "parents" are none other than Magneto and Professor X, his abilities mirror theirs. He can project energy, sense mutant presences, manipulate magnetic fields, affect reality, enhance his own size and strength, and he can also perform telepathy and telekinesis. 

11 Imperiex


Imperiex is a villain who has a god-like complex, his goal in life is to destroy the universe and create a better one. Imperiex is not only smart, but he is very tricky. In order to reach the planet Earth, he creates a being that resembles himself in every way, to fight off Superman's advances. Unfortunately Superman realizes a little too late that he is fighting the wrong version of Imperiex and that Imperiex Prime has made his way to Earth untouched.

Imperiex possesses the power of the Big Bang itself, and wants to use it to erase every last life form in the Galaxy. Imperiex has the ability to control electricity, manipulate energy and reality, control gravity, travel through time, and levitate. But that's not all, he also has a string of other abilities that can range anywhere from super strength to the production of force fields, and if that isn't bad enough, he has an impenetrable power suit and is immortal!

No superhero could fight him off alone, not even Superman himself. Which is why it takes nearly every single superhero on Earth to banish him, and even then, 8 million human lives are lost during this great battle.

10 Superman Prime One Million


Superman Prime One Million is the sad tale of a lonely immortal man. This superhero is the evolved being of the great Superman. Kal-El came to planet Earth as a baby, when his entire civilization was destroyed. He was then found and raised by farmer's John and Martha Kent, and re-born into Clark Kent.

Clark Kent soon discovered his abilities, and it didn't take long for the legend of Superman to be born. Superman eventually married Lois Lane, and lived out the 21st century as the main protector of Earth, but he would soon realize that being immortal had its downfall, and he would watch every single one of his loved ones die.

At the end of the 21st century, Superman passes on his legacy to his heir, Superman Secundus, and then vanishes from Earth's hemisphere. During his time spent in space, Superman Prime gains new abilities from different ends of the universe. He sheds his red and blue suit, and becomes a man of gold instead. Eventually Superman Prime resurrects his be-loved Lois Lane with the help of his new-found knowledge and power, he retreats to the sun and awaits the return of the new and improved Silver Lois Lane.

9 Darkseid


To obtain his great power, Uxas traveled to the sacred mountain, where the Old Gods slept. When he finally reached them, his anger and hatred had reached a new boiling point, and he whispered in their ears as they slept — causing them to turn on each other. As the Old God's fought and weakened themselves, Darkseid proceeded to kill them off one-by-one, and absorbed their powers. It was then that he truly transformed into Darkseid, and was given an outer exterior that matched who he was on the inside. Ugly.

Darkseid soon realized, with the help of his arch nemesis Kaiyo, that the planet on which he was born, was not the only one to conquer. Darkseid soon left what once was Apokolips to destroy other worlds in the pursuit of Kaiyo.

Darkseid has Berserker strength, blast power, cosmic awareness, healing powers, telekinesis, telepathy, intellect, heat vision, and many, many more.

8 One-Above-All


The One-Above-All is one of the most mysterious characters in the Marvel Multiverse. Not only is he only mentioned in a few comics, but he is unpredictable. The Fantastic Four get the chance to meet this character when they journey to the boundaries of existence and wind up in the One-Above-All's personal realm. The unfathomable being ends up healing Reed's shredded face and then sending them all home.  This kind of makes him a hospital nurse who could also destroy the whole universe.

What makes the One-Above-All so special is that he is the most powerful character of all, but he does not usually partake in any fighting.  This is an extremely odd characteristic considering that most comic book characters, both villains and heroes alike, only sleep, eat, fight, and repeat.  He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, and his power source is unlimited. He can literally do anything he wants, and there is no power he doesn't have or can't acquire.

7 Mephisto


Mephisto is the ruler of a fiery nether realm. In this realm lies the Arena of Tainted Souls, where the souls of past sinners are forced to battle for eternity. One of Mephisto's favourite past-times is impersonating the devil himself, in which he often likes to strike up bargains with the desperate living folk. Mephisto's power source comes from the soul's of the damned, and if there is one thing that he loves, it's contaminating the souls of pure and powerful beings.

Mephisto has the power to give others immortality so many evil entities strike bargains with him. In exchange for immortality, they offer him a yearly quota of souls. This Satan-esque creature has also shown great interest in the soul's of humans, and has desperately tried and sometimes succeeded to corrupt the souls of Superheroes.

Mephisto is a shape-shifter, and so his true form is unknown. His powers emanate directly from his realm and depend on the amount of souls he has capture in the Arena of Tainted Souls. He can wield mystical energy, astral project, cause inter-dimensional portals, cast illusions and even transport souls to his realm and trap them in it.

6 Man Of Miracles


The Man of Miracles, is a god-like superhero who is beyond the might of God and Satan. He is a character of many names, and is also known as Mother of Existence. Although most people refer to him as a male character, he is known to be both male and female.The Man of Miracles is to thank for Spawn's knowledge and guidance throughout his many journeys in Greenworld.

It has been said that the Man of Miracles once walked the Earth and was known as "Jesus Christ", and that earthlings still follow him as God. The Mother's appearance also changes on a fluent basis, and this is because his appearance changes depending on the human mind's perception.

The Mother's powers consist of: cosmic awareness, dimensional manipulation, energy absorption, omni-lingualism, super senses, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, time travel and basically, a list that never ends.

5 The Spectre


The Spectre is also known as the Ghostly Guardian, and is a superhero who is controlled by his need for vengeance and justice. This character dates back to 1940, where he started off his mortal life as a New York police officer named Jim Corrigan. Corrigan was sabotaged by criminals, captured and shoved into a barrel filled with liquid cement, and then thrown into the river. Officer Corrigan's soul could not be put to rest while his murderer's lived, and so God made the decision to merge his soul with the Spectre entity.

It was then that the Spectre returned to Earth and south justice and vengeance upon all individuals he deemed worthy of his wrath. The Spectre was given many abilities to help him in his crusade. His powers consist of: Animal control, death touch, duplication, manipulation, flame breath, hypnosis, time travel, weather control, super strength, and many more.

4 The Wasp 


The Wasp was born alongside Ant-Man, yet many people do not know of her existence. Before she became the Wasp, she was named Janet Van Dyne, and was the daughter of a wealthy scientist named Vernon Van Dyne. During one of her father's experiments, an alien monster was born and unleashed upon the world. This monster ended up killing Dr. Van Dyne and escaping.

Dr. Hank Pym, who was her father's associate, created a substance called the Pym Particles. This substance allowed him to grow or shrink in size, and so he used it upon himself to transform into the well-known Ant Man. Janet, wanting to avenge her father's death, convinced Dr. Pym to let her use the Pym Particles on herself as well. Thus, giving birth to The Wasp. Unknown to most, the Wasp was one of the founders of The Avengers.

The Wasp's powers include those of shrinking and enlarging in size, as well as flight and bio-electric blasts.

3 Dormammu


Dormammu is a mutant who originates from an extra-dimensional society of energy beings called the Faltine. Once banished from his home dimension, Dormammu discovered the Dark Dimension and became the advisor to King Olnar. King Olnar and Dormammu quickly founded a give-take relationship, in which King Olnar would offer Dormammu power and protection, and Dormammu would teach the king how to exploit and absorb other dimensions. Eventually King Olnar would die while attempting to conquer the realm of the Mindless ones and Dormammu would rule the Dark Dimension on his own.

Dormammu is seen as a dictator who rampages and murders all in his path.  His sole purpose is to conquer all realms and tie them into his own Dark Dimension.

Dormammu is an immortal entity who has the abilities to astral project, manipulate dimensions, control fire, heal, absorb souls, teleport, time travel, control weather, and the list goes on and on.

2 Beyonder


The Beyonder originates from a realm called the Beyond-realm. A multiverse, so strong, that it is said to be a million times more powerful than the entire multiverse.  This realm, eventually became self-aware and formed itself into a being of utmost power. The Beyonder eventually created Battleworld; a string of several planets where he could teleport villains and heroes from Earth to battle each other. If victorious, the Beyonder would offer the winner anything his heart desired.

The Beyonder was fascinated by human life and eventually migrated to Earth to study the meaning and root of desire.  Thankfully, he did not have to take any sociology classes at the local university to learn everything he could.  He saved on tuition which is always a bonus. However, being what he was, the Beyonder faced great difficulty meshing with the humans, and grew frustrated and dangerous. Which eventually led to him being killed by the Molecule Man.

1 The Decreator


The Decreator is believed to be the shadow of God and dates back to the very first moments of planet earth. This entity is known to have the ability the undo God's doings in a matter of seconds. With a single flash of its large spooky eye, it can erase any living thing from existence.  He is kind of like White Out for living beings, but much more dangerous.

This villain does not have a personality, nor does it hold onto any morals whatsoever. It simply decreates whatever is in its path, not out of love for the sport, but because that is its sole purpose. The Decreator was disabled by the members of the Doom Patrol, they simply slowed it down by using its own powers of vibration against him. It was slowed to the point that no one even noticed the ongoing disappearance of the universe.

Sources: Marvel, Comicvine

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