15 Of The Most Popular Male Adult Entertainment Stars Of All Time

Getting paid to have sex with beautiful women sounds like every guy's dream job. One adult star on this list claimed to have had sex with some 14,000 women. Impressive resume we think. But think about the hassles. Hassles? To begin with, male adult entertainment stars sometimes get upstaged by their busty (usually) blonde fellow "actors". Plus, think about this, not only do they have to act (or whatever), they have to perform (literally) on cue. And they have to do it consistently. In the adult business, male stars have to have what we might call impressive and reliable equipment. Size and stamina are usually essential. Having a chunky bod also helps. A handsome face is often optional.

Most of these men got into the adult entertainment business almost by accident. They all had what it took or takes to make it big. And most are winners of Adult Video News Awards and paid up members of the AVN Hall of Fame. Here are 15 of the most popular male adult stars of all time.


15 James Deen

James Deen was born Bryan Matthew Sevilla in Los Angeles, California. ABC News has called him "P**n's Boy Next Door", and one fan described him as the Ryan Gosling of adult entertainment. He did the starving student working at Starbuck's routine before hitting adult entertainment when he was 18. He claims that, from a very early age, he had his heart set on being in adult entertainment. The major question is, how the heck does a kindergartener know about adult entertainment? Still only 28, he's already made nearly 2,000 adult films and has a popular website with all the usual "adult" videos and shots. Having already starred with Lindsay Lohan in The Canyon, Deen is seen as a most likely to break into main stream movies kind of adult actor.

14 Peter North

He acts, he directs and he produces. And he dances. Canadian North has claimed he was "discovered" while participating in an athletic wear modeling gig at a private party in L.A. in the early 80's. He picked up a business card or two from men in the industry and began his long adult career in 1984. He's another busy boy, with over 2,000 adult films under his belt, or whatever. And the stage name? Peter for "peter" and "North" for clearly pointing the way. Reportedly, he's estranged from his family, who are not exactly proud of his so called body of work. Rumor has it that he is not the smartest adult star, though. But do his fans care?

13 Jamie Gillis


Think about it. As a male adult star, you do scenes with women. You do scenes with men. You do scenes with both men and women. It helps to be "versatile". Gillis, like quite a few successful adult stars, was openly bisexual. The veteran of nearly 500 adult films is described by some as the sexually wildest and most decadent male star ever to grace the adult film business. And that's saying something in an industry noted for its wild side. He got his start in the 1970s. How did he get into the adult film business? Well, while driving a cab in New York City, he spotted an ad in The Village Voice and answered the call. The co-producer (with Ed Powers) of the popular Dirty Debutante film series died in 2010, at the age of 66.

12 Rocco Siffredi

If you think there is a certain slick European flare to our Rocco, you would be right. The veteran of some 1,300 films, this smoldering Italian has what it takes (and certainly knows it). It all started in a French sex club in 1984, when he met a couple of French adult directors. It won't be hard for you to believe that he also worked as a male model. Now a 50-something, Rocco still wields a lot of clout in the adult biz. He left acting behind for production when his children got old enough to understand what he did for a living.

11 Sean Michaels

One of only two black men in this list, Michaels started his adult career in 1988, when he moved from New York to Los Angeles, at the age of 30. The now 50-something Michaels has a couple of thousand adult films to his credit (and a mind boggling 9,000 scenes chalked up). His "thing" was interracial. Oh, don't think of using his name. He's trademarked it. These days he directs adult films and hosts award shows, and the like. And he has his very own production company, Sean Michaels Entertainment. After 23 years in the business, he's still going strong.

10 Ed Powers

Ed is one of the men (with Jamie Gillis) who gave you the Dirty Debutante film series (hundreds of them and still counting apparently). Ed has done it all, from hardcore "acting", to directing and producing. A lot of adult stars like Katie Morgan, Mimi Miyagi and Leanni Lei, got their start in one of his productions. He gives off the Woody Allen of adult film kind of vibe. A personable kind of guy, he has also hosted Bedtime Stories, a late-night radio talk show. He played host to sexy kind of people such as adult stars and working girls. There was a call-in. It won't surprise you to hear it was Numero Uno in its time slot.

9 Max Hardcore

Okay, he may look like an insurance salesman from the Midwest, but the name says it all.   Born with the decidedly not hardcore name of Paul Little, he burst onto the adult scene in 1992, with his very own film series. A novice to the biz, he won a Best Amateur or Pro-Am Award at the X-Rated Critics Awards, in 1994. In something of a bad luck fluke, his efforts also landed him in prison for 2 years. Why? He was tried and convicted on obscenity charges, solely because his over-18 year old female stars played under-aged women. These days, he runs Max World Entertainment. He himself, has called his stuff vile and crazy. So, that will give you an idea.


8 Harry Reems

The star of adult cult classics, Harry Reems was busy throughout the 1970's and 1980's, before he retired in 1989. He had an unlikely path into adult films, serving first in the Marines and later as an off-Broadway actor in New York. He started small, doing dozens of short stag films ("loops") in the early 1970's. You know, the kind of thing your dad might have sneaked into his stag night do. A former addict, Reems got religion and cleaned up his act later in life. He also became a real estate salesman using his "stage" name. Quite a calling card. He died in 2013.

7 Evan Stone


CNBC has named him one of the most popular stars in adult entertainment. For a time, he was married to stunning adult star, Jessica Drake. Now 50-something, Evan Stone has been in over 1,500 adult films, as well as doing some stints behind the camera as director. He's got a blonde California, slightly dangerous, beach boy kind of air about him. In 2011, he did a "graphic" film with former WWE wrestling Diva, Chyna. These days, the Los Angeles resident is more behind than in front of the camera. And he's done a few gigs as a host on cable adult kind of television programs.

6 Joey Silvera


Another product of the Golden Age of adult films in the 1970's, Joey Silvera has been active in the industry since his first performance in 1974. He did over 1,000 videos, usually playing the wacky side kick of the leading man. Most people in the business considered him, that rarest of rare birds in the adult industry: A talented actor. He has staying power, now having moved onto the production side of adult films. His popular website showcases his films and lots and lots of really sexy female stars.

5 Lexington Steele

At forty-something years old, Lexington Steele does it all. He acts, he directs and he produces. His nearly 1-foot of equipment is legendary. And he's talented to boot, having won AVN Male Performer of the Year three times. The 6-foot plus Steele has a double degree in History and African-American Studies from Syracuse University and worked as a stockbroker (in the World Trade Center). He went from attending a sex party with a colleague in a New York hotel room, to attending adult entertainment conventions, and the rest is history. These days he directs and performs for his own production company. Definitely not just a pretty face.

4 John Holmes

Talk about busy. This guy did some 2,200 video and short loops during the 1970's and 1980's. In the pantheon of sizable equipment, John Holmes, it is rumored, would win hands down over other well-endowed stars such as Lexington Steele and Ron Jeremy. Not exactly classically handsome, he was nonetheless one of the most popular stars of his time. His personal life was not so great. At one point, he was tried (and acquitted) for murder and died at the tragically early age of 43 of AIDS. His life even inspired the Hollywood movie Boogie Nights. Some have called him the Elvis of the adult entertainment world. In short, The King. He claimed in Hustler that he had had sex with some 14,000 women.

3 Tom Byron

This University of Houston grad is in the top 20 of the Adult Video News top adult stars of all time. He also founded Xtreme Pro Wrestling. His youthful good looks meant he was portraying schoolboys in adult films, well into his 20's. And when Traci Lords (notorious for making a series of films when she was under-aged) made her adult debut in 1984, Byron starred along side her and also had a real life relationship with her. He has been in and out of adult films of late and focusing more on the production side of things. Including shorts and videos, he has appeared in nearly 3,000 adult films.

2 Jeff Stryker

This inductee into the AVN and Hustler Halls of Fame stands out because he had a sex toy fashioned after his equipment. Believe it or not, the thing was the subject of scholarly study and was the subject of litigation when Stryker claimed the toy was part of his (excuse us, we are indeed serious) "intellectual property". No less than iconic filmmaker John Waters, called Stryker the Cary Grant of adult films. Oh yes, in his spare time he does stand up comedy, including a spoof skit on how to do a sex scene. This with a volunteer from the audience.

1 Ron Jeremy

Hedgehog (body hair thing) got his start in the 1970's, after he was "exposed" in a picture in a Playgirl picture spread. Ranked number 1 in the AVN list of the 50 Top Adult Stars of All Time, Jeremy and his equipment are legends in the industry. He has written a tell-all biography, starred in a few mainstream films, and is probably the most recognized and loved adult star. The now "portly" Jeremy, continues to be a favorite, an icon of the industry. He is a fixture at award shows and conventions, and has a popular website where you can follow his every move.

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