15 Most Infamous Celeb Cheating Scandals Of All Time

Sure, these celebrities have all the money in the world and their careers have been skyrocketing for the last couple of years. But when it comes to their personal and private life, there’s no denying that they lack self-control — at least as far as staying faithful to their partners is concerned. These 15 celebrities are infamously known to have allegedly cheated on their other halves, which has often resulted in nasty divorce battles and breakups that are played out all over social media and the tabloids. It’s quite funny since some of these famous people didn’t even bother cheating in private; instead, they more or less flaunted their scandalous behavior in front of photographers, and the most stunning thing about that is that their partners still took them back. Find out below which celebrity made this daring move to not only hurt his girlfriend but eventually go on to dump her because he felt a stronger connection with the woman he was hooking up with. Ouch!

15 Zayn Malik

14 Arnold Schwarzenegger

13 Kim Kardashian

12 Lamar Odom

11 Kristen Stewart

10 Ben Affleck

9 Jay Z

8 Rita Ora

7 Ashton Kutcher

6 Eddie Cibrian

5 Scott Disick

4 Brad Pitt

3 Kobe Bryant

2 Jessica Simpson

1 Tyga

Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship ended last month when the reality star allegedly learned that she was being cheated on by the rapper. Tyga, who was linked to dozens of women, constantly had girls coming forward alleging that he had slept with them during his romance with Kylie, which supposedly made Jenner feel very insecure and paranoid. Eventually, her family was said to have told her to dump Tyga, stressing that she didn’t need the drama in her life — especially since she’s only 18-years-old. Kylie agreed and dumped Tyga, but according to sources close to the situation, the two have remained friends since they often hang around with the same group of people.

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15 Most Infamous Celeb Cheating Scandals Of All Time