15 Most Epic Reveals From Comic-Con 2016

If you are rejoicing that 2016’s Comic-Con happened, you’re not alone. This year’s Comic-Con seemed even more loaded than usual with special reveals and trailers. Plus, it’s not just a Mecca for comic book related information as the name would lead you to believe. Since its inception, it has expanded to include more than just comic book and sci-fi entertainment. Now, you can also find panels and surprises from shows and films spanning across different genres. You’ll find horror, Game of Thrones and Sausage Party all represented at Comic-Con. There’s really something for everyone.

The difficult part about being ambushed with a ton of information is to weed through it all. This weekend, there were so many trailers, posters and so much information revealed – but what do you actually feel like reading about? Well, we’ve narrowed it down for you and compiled a list of the best 15 things from Comic-Con 2016.

Of course, this is just in our opinion and if you’re a diehard fan of something from Comic-Con that isn’t represented in this list, you have our sincere apologies. There were many, many different things to choose from, which made it difficult for us to choose just 15. We’ve tried to be fair and pull from different niches, so on this list you’ll find info about upcoming Marvel projects, upcoming DC projects, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and other various films and television shows. Read on, and let your inner nerd have some fun.


15 Wonder Woman Trailer

Oh, hell yes. Whatever Warner Brothers has gotten wrong or right in the past with DC adaptations may be forgiven and forgotten about if this movie lives up to the trailer.

Gal Gadot proves she was cast perfectly as Wonder Woman. She's beautiful, strong and definitely has the star power to lead her own franchise. Also, it was nice to see Gadot actually get to say a line or two. I think she had more lines in this trailer than she had in Batman v Superman.

Chris Pine, someone who is no stranger to a franchise, as he stars in the Star Trek films, is a great addition. His performances tend to have that Marvel style of cocky humor that DC has had trouble nailing down themselves in the past. His presence in the film should help to bring in a splash of humor every now and then.

Now, we all just have to wait for June 2, 2017. No biggie.

14 The Lego Batman Movie


When The Lego Movie was announced, people more or less weren't thinking much of it. It seemed like another way to just use intellectual property, but then the movie came out and it was one of the greatest movies that year.

One of the best parts of the film was Lego Batman, voiced by Will Arnett. The portrayal of Batman in The Lego Movie was a welcomed humorous take on a character, who is so often all doom and gloom. Perhaps, it really could only be done in a 'Lego' form, but this portrayal of Batman worked so well that a spin off movie was put into the works.

At Comic-Con, a trailer for The Lego Batman Movie premiered and it looks every bit as good as one could hope. At least we'll just have to wait until February 2017 for this one.

13 Game Of Thrones Bloopers Reel

Gearing away from trailer releases, Game of Thrones released a blooper reel from its season six and it's pretty awesome. For a show that isn't necessarily considered a comedy, it's nice to see some lighter moments from the actors.

In the reel, Peter Dinklage has repeated trouble getting out one of Tyrion's lines. Playing a character who speaks at a fast pace and in very informed manner is obviously not as easy as Peter Dinklage constantly makes it seem. Also in the clip, Emilia Clarke has a tough time with that Dothraki language, but it's a fictional language so we don't really blame her.

All in all, it's fun to see the actors having fun and not in the constant state of terror, horror and scheming that they seem to be on the show.

12 Ben Affleck To Direct Solo Batman Film


Ben Affleck is now set to direct and star in the next Batman film. At Comic-Con, it was announced that he'll be directing Batman in a very low-key way. Conan O'Brien, who was moderating a panel, simply announced Ben as "the director of Batman."

While his performance as Batman received mixed reviews, his direction of films has always garnered much praise. In fact, his direction helped him rise as a star again. Don't forget guys, Ben was kind of down and out for a while. All that is behind him now, as he seems to be on the up and up. His first feature, Gone Baby Gone, received critical acclaim and was followed up by The Town, which was also well praised. His third feature, Argo, was so well received that it went on to nab him an Oscar.

This Batman feature is a big deal for Affleck, who has not directed a film of this magnitude yet. It's also nice for DC to have nabbed an Oscar-winning director to take on the Batman franchise.

11 Animated Batman And Harley Quinn Movie For 2017


At Comic-Con, it was announced that DC is planning to release a Batman and Harley Quinn movie, only Ben Affleck and Margot Robbie will not be reprising their roles... because it's going to be animated.

Coming Summer 2017, the animated movie release will be entitled Batman and Harley Quinn. The film will showcase an entirely original story, which may be cool because even fans of the comic may not know much of the plot ahead of time.

All of this is coming off of the buzz surrounding Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn, so it will be interesting to see if the animated film draws from her performance in Suicide Squad or goes its own way. At least we'll be able to see Robbie's performance this summer. Fans have to wait until next summer for the animated feature, but either way this is good news to fans of the character who will get to see her in many different interpretations on the big screen.

This news is following some harsh criticism for DC's The Killing Joke, its first attempt at an R-rated animated comic book movie. When it was screened at Comic-Con, word got out that Batman and Batgirl have a sexual relationship in the film and fans were not pleased.

10 The Walking Dead Trailer


The Walking Dead fans got a treat at Comic-Con with a trailer that was almost three minutes long. While it was longer than most trailers, it admittedly didn't show too much more than your average trailer - but, it was still great.

The trailer featured Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, a cruel dictator pulled straight from the graphic novel. Morgan is generally cast in sweetheart and good guy roles so seeing him in a terrifying villainous role will be fun for the audience.

Also, The Walking Dead tends to work best when the threat not only comes from the fact that flesh eating zombies are always around the corner but also from the loss of humanity in people. Seeing this trailer gives the audience the hope that this season may actually be one of the best yet with the addition of Negan.

9 Sausage Party Trailer #2

If you have yet to see a trailer for Sausage Party, it honestly looks like it's going to be the funniest film of the summer. Above is the red band trailer for it, so be warned that there is harsh language in it - but totally don't let that keep you from watching it because it looks hilarious.

At Comic-Con, they revealed a second red band trailer for the film (which is above) and screened the film itself. Both screenings at Comic-Con and SXSW received great reviews, proving that an R-rated animated film about talking food can possibly do well. Who would have thought?

The film, written by Seth Rogen, is due to hit the screen on August 12th of this year, which means you won't have to wait too long to watch it!


8 Doctor Strange Trailer


I'll be the first to admit that before seeing this trailer, I didn't know much about Doctor Strange, nor did I care. After seeing the trailer though, I'm hyped for this movie. It basically looks like Marvel's version of Inception. In fact, you could watch that trailer with the sound off and you'd probably still want to see the film because it is just that visually stunning.

Here's a little run down about Doctor Strange, since I wanted to find out everything I could after seeing the trailer. He's one of the best neurosurgeons in the world until he's involved in a car accident (seen in the trailer) that severely damages his nerves, meaning he won't be able to work again. He seeks out the Ancient One (played by Tilda Swinton because she can literally play any character ever) and shit gets crazy.

Oh, also gold star for adding Rachel McAdams to the Marvel family.

7 Game of Thrones Teaser Trailer

Unlike many of the trailers revealed at Comic-Con, the Game of Thrones teaser for season seven didn't show too much of the actual show. That's because the actual show has yet to be filmed. They did, however, think of a clever way to still release a trailer and garner hype for its return next summer.

The trailer is about the people behind the production of Game of Thrones. It shows you a prop, costume or set and then shows you the people behind the scenes making said item. Not only was it a clever way to still get a trailer out there for the audience, but it was also a nice nod to those who we never see on scene but work so hard to create the show that we love.

And now we just have to patiently wait for it to return next summer. That whole waiting thing should be a ton of fun. No worries.

6 Kong: Skull Island


The Kong: Skull Island trailer was revealed and it actually looks really, really good. It feels like a King Kong story told in the fashion of Jurassic Park, as they're stuck on the island with the beast.

Also, the cast is loaded, with Brie Larson coming off her big Oscar win and Tom Hiddleston coming off the announcement of his big Taylor Swift relationship. There's also heavyweights Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman.

This trailer seemed to have effectively raised awareness about a film that otherwise, people didn't seem all too excited about. Fans will have to wait until March 10, 2017 to see it though. Damn these Comic-Con trailers and the long wait for the actual film.

5 Brie Larson As Captain Marvel


So, I guess we should keep talking about Brie Larson. Girlfriend seems to be unstoppable lately. After appearing in the summer blockbuster Trainwreck, as Amy Schumer's sister, Larson then went on to star in the indie darling Room, which nabbed her her very first Oscar.

It has been rumored that Larson was going to be cast as Captain Marvel but it was only officially revealed at Comic-Con. It's speculated that Captain Marvel will make her first appearance in 2018's Avengers 3. So, that's like a really long time from now. It is possible though that her character could have a cameo or a scene after the credits in one of the Marvel films to be released before Avengers 3.

Oh, and then Captain Marvel will be in theaters on March 8, 2019 so mark your calendars, if you have calendars that far ahead.

4 Netflix And Marvel Reveals


Marvel and Netflix seem like a match made in heaven. Both Jessica Jones and Daredevil have been met with much critical praise. Being that Netflix is trying to expand its library of Netflix Originals and Marvel has a seemingly endless amount of intellectual property to pull from, of course they would continue this beautiful partnership.

At Comic-Con, the Luke Cage trailer (above) premiered. It looks great, as Michael Colter, who is reprising the role from his stint on Jessica Jones, does a marvelous job as the character. They also revealed teasers for Iron Fist and The Defenders. Oh, and they confirmed a season 3 of Daredevil. It looks like we'll be seeing many more Marvel characters on Netflix, not that we're complaining about it.

3 Game of Thrones Iron Throne Predictions

Some of the coolest things to come out of Comic-Con aren't even trailers, though many of the trailers that premiered were badass. During a Game of Thrones panel, the cast was asked who they think should get the Iron Throne when all is said and done. The answers were both comical and shocking. The above video is the entire Game of Thrones panel and this question starts at around the 28 minute mark.

Most actors answered with the character to whom their character is closest - John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) answered Jon Snow, Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) answered Daenerys and Faye Marsay (The Waif) answered Arya. Side note: Arya being on the Iron Throne seems very unlikely. She does not give a shit about Iron Thrones.

Iwan Rheon, known for playing Ramsay Bolton (aka the most hated character in Westeros), answered that they should just melt it down and have a democracy. His answer was met with an applause from the crowd. Sophie Turner's (Sansa Stark) answer was actually met with boos, as she said, "I think I want a Littlefinger on the Throne. I just think it’d be fun, it’d be quirky." Yeah, um, no thanks, Sophie.

Conleth Hill (Lord Varys) answered in Varys fashion by saying, "I know, but I can’t say.”

All in all, nothing may have been revealed in the panel but it is certainly fun to see what the actors think of the world in which they are acting.

2 Justice League Trailer


Oh, the Justice League. How we've been waiting for this. Well, actually,we haven't been waiting that long since DC has fast tracked the whole Justice League franchise in order to keep up with Marvel, but we'll save all of that for another day. For today, we have the Justice League trailer and it looks pretty solid.

Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck are reprising their roles of Wonder Woman and Batman. There's the addition of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, who didn't say much in the trailer, but he's Khal Drogo so we like him already. Ezra Miller also adds some humor as The Flash. Superman was noticeably missing from the trailer so maybe he's still pretending to be dead, as that was where we last saw him in Batman v Superman. He'll probably come in midway through the film or something. That's not the point though. The point is that the trailer looks good, like really good. It looks so good that I already like it better than Batman v Superman.

1 Blair Witch

The above is a trailer for Blair Witch, a sequel to the horrifying 1999 film. Before you watch the trailer, though, be warned, it's scary as hell. The trailer also looks 100% better than the botched sequel Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.

We should all just forget that the original follow up even happened. It would probably be best for us all, as we wouldn't want it to dim the light of The Blair Witch Project's legacy, and what a legacy it has. The film is one of the most successful indie films ever made, as it was made with a $60,000 budget and pulled in a whooping $248 million at the box office. It also sparked the whole "found footage" trend in horror films.

If you're surprised to hear the news of a Blair Witch sequel, you're not alone. In fact, everyone was surprised by this. The film was previously being called "The Woods" and the fact that it was a Blair Witch sequel was a complete secret. The whole reveal happen at Comic-Con. Now, we all just have to wait until September 16th to see it in theaters and be scared sh*tless.


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