15 Most Downright Useless DC Villains Ever Created

James Moriarty. Calvin J. Candie. Lex Luthor. You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies. The villain is almost always the most interesting character, usually being the active counterpar

James Moriarty. Calvin J. Candie. Lex Luthor. You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies. The villain is almost always the most interesting character, usually being the active counterpart to the reactive hero. They set the story in motion, driving the hero to persevere and endure whatever may come.

A strong villain is a key part to any story. They need motivation, an interesting personality, a drive to do what they do. DC has a very strong stable of heroes and villains, but 75 years means some truly awful ideas and characters have come up. Some of them are still used today, often updated to make them more relevant. Quite a lot have been forgotten, or intentionally shoved to the side out of embarrassment or a desire to promote better known characters. For every Two-Face, there’s a Cluemaster, or a Titano, or a Silver Banshee. But despite having one of strongest collections of villains in their stables, where even their weaker villains tend to be interesting, a few absolute stinkers have slipped through the cracks, and at best are considered a joke in-universe, or forgotten entirely.

DC gave us the only live-action superhero movie to win a non-technical Oscar (so far), with the late Heath Ledger winning a Supporting Actor for his showstopping turn as the Joker in The Dark Knight. This is a list of those villains DC would be wise to avoid if they want more of those gold statuettes in the awards cabinet.

15 Made of Wood Killer


Back in the Golden Age of Comics, Green Lantern’s greatest weakness was wood. Fortunately we’ve cast aside such silly weaknesses in favour of the colour yellow.

14 Blue Snowman


It’s important to have a good disguise. Some hide in plain sight, under the mask of normalcy or of a legitimate business. Others embrace the lunacy and delight in destroying their former identities of normal people, lost in the crowd. And then you have the Blue Snowman.

Byrna Brylyant is a small-town schoolteacher with big dreams of global domination. So far, so supervillain. She feared that, as a woman, she wouldn’t be taken seriously as a threat, so she opted to disguise herself as a man, and then further disguise herself as a blue snowman. Inception.

13 Ten Eyed Man


A combination of injuries picked up in 'Nam and a heist left Philip Reardon blind. An experimental surgery restored his vision, but attached his optic nerves to his fingers. Now he sees the world through his fingers. This somehow made him a deadly fighter, despite his inability to make a fist without blinding himself.

12 Crazy Quilt


Initially a criminal artist who left instructions for his crew paintings, the man who was to become Crazy Quilt was blinded by a gunshot and later again by Robin. Crazy Quilt was left unable to see anything other than extremely vivid colours. Driven insane by the bright lights, he opted for colour and art themed crimes, assisted by a helmet that blasts bright lights and lasers. He’s a walking rave!

To be fair, the cover to his debut had a badass blurb. “WATCH OUT FOR CRAZY QUILT! THE MAN WHO STOLE HIS EYES!”

11 Kite-Man


He has a lot of kites. He uses kites and hang-gliders to fly and commit crimes. Strong winds and trees are his arch nemeses.

There was a point where writers just took inspiration from anywhere. Clearly someone saw a news article about kites and said “I want Batman to punch that!” and wrote a story about it.

10 Captain Stingaree


Born into a set of quadruplets, Karl Courtney is obsessed with uncovering the Batman’s secret identity. Convinced his three brothers were Batman, he donned a pirate suit and cutlass and ran around in a bad Jack Sparrow cosplay for reasons best described as vague. Batman convinced his brothers to wear Bat-suits to distract him, making him possibly the first villain defeated by cosplay.

9 Penny Plunderer


The Bat-cave is a treasure trove of trophies and toys. From the robot dinosaur to the Batmobile displays, it’s a nerd’s idea of heaven. Quite a few of those trophies are unexplained, or are glossed over. The biggest mystery is the giant penny.

It was a trophy taken from a one-off villain called the Penny Plunderer, who was obsessed with stealing pennies and setting up penny-themed death traps. He was once defeated by a payphone that couldn’t take pennies.

8 Dummy


Remember Child’s Play? With Chucky, the evil ventriloquist dummy? Or Scarface and Ventriloquist? Those guys were cool.

7 Sportsmaster


Ah, childhood. Long summer days, freshly cut grass, your dad yelling at you to grow a spine and play sports outside. Where the sun lives.

Born of a writer's undoubtedly traumatic childhood of enforced sports, the Sportsman title has been worn by many, including someone who retired from crime after losing a baseball game, a football player with a gambling problem, and a guy with an abusive sports mad dad.

6 Clock King


They say timing is everything. They said it too loud to William Tockman.

Obsessed with time and punctuality, he relies on predicting how much time things take. He utilises this ability to predict when punches will be thrown, how long it takes to draw a weapon, and the schedule of public transport. This has backfired at least once, when a late bus caused him and his team to miss a fight in Metropolis.

5 Humpty Dumpty


Humphrey Dumpler (COME ON!) lived a life marked by bad luck. Eventually, he decided to break the world and put it back together to make it work. He started with his grandmother, using an anatomy book to try to “fix” her.

4 Sweet Tooth


He’s a fat dude with bad fashion sense and an eating disorder, who wants to make everyone else fat. That’s not a villain, that’s an American patriot.

He tempts kids to work as his henchmen with promises of unending candy, which could be creepy, but backfired when an undercover Robin joined and fed information back to Batman. Even criminals should do a quick background check, especially when they’re taking on the Goddamn Batman, a master of stealth and deception. He’s lucky it was Robin, not just Batman in a school uniform.

3 Fiddler


Lindsey Sterling. Damien Escobar. Charlie Daniels. All phenomenal violinists. Isaac Bowin is not among them. Imprisoned in an Indian prison, he learned how to hypnotise people from a snake charmer. He then fashioned a crude fiddle and used his hypnotic powers to escape, killing his teacher and the guards.

2 Egg Fu


Propaganda is a weird thing. What was acceptable a few years ago is today called “racist,” “inhumane” or “evil.” But when the Reds were plotting behind the Iron Curtain, and the Chinese were sneaking around, lines had to be drawn. Weird lines that even back in the day had to have angered a lot of people.

1 Condiment King


Originally named Buddy Standler and renamed Mitchell Mayo, the Condiment King utilises various condiments in his quest for power and glory. His mutilating mayo, killer ketchup, acidic vinegar, terrible tobacco, and maniacal mustard lets him carve his own path in the underworld.

Originally a one-off character brainwashed by the Joker, he has since made several further appearances, before being beaten to death with his own weapons by the Human Flame. He only posed a risk to anyone allergic to his sauces, and even then not a big one. He was created as a gag, a throwback to the campy Adam West series, but is wildly in contrast to the rest of the crew. Even Kite-Man could conceivably be a threat, Condiment King barely registers.

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15 Most Downright Useless DC Villains Ever Created