15 Most Bizarre And Disturbing Music Videos Ever Shown

Bizarre can be defined as very unusual or strange, maybe even as strikingly out of the ordinary. How do you know that something is bizarre? There is no right answer to this question; you just know that it is when you see it. Of course, beauty (or, weirdness in this case) is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone experiences weirdness differently and because of that, it was very tough to assemble this list, or to limit it to only 15 bizarre music videos. There are several genres and different performers that are unique in their appearance or music. Some are mainstream, and some are entirely underground, but they all have one thing in common, their videos are weird or disturbing in many ways. Many videos didn't make it on the list, but we would like to mention several of them because they deserve an honorary place. Nirvana - Heart-shaped box; great band and very controversial video for that time. It features members of the group, KKK dressed little girl and a crucified Jesus/Santa Clause. Korn - Right now; Brilliantly animated video showing a self-destructive nature of a man in most disturbing way possible. Zlad - Elektronik Supersonik; We really don't know what to tell you about this video. It features an artist and a girl in a tripping-on-LSD 80's style manner. And now, sit back, grab a drink and stay tuned for the 15 most bizarre music videos ever shown. Let's get bizarre!

P.S. Keep in mind that this list is sorted totally random, and all videos are equally bizarre.


15 Nine Inch Nails – “Closer"

This music video has it all! You will see insects, reptiles, fish, animal body parts, sacrilege, nudity, bones, fantastic sceneries and yes, even a crucified monkey. The main person behind NIN, Trent Reznor, is a winner of the Academy Award for Best Original Score, and you can say that he discovered Marilyn Manson, so, very talented and obscure guy. "Closer" is full of symbolism and is one of the greatest music videos ever recorded and, yeah, it's bizarre. Bizarre scenes are too explicit at several frames of the video, resulting in  X rating and heavy censorship.

14 Marilyn Manson – “The Beautiful People”


The infamous American Antichrist-superstar, Marilyn Manson was always different and bizarre. With this video, he raised the bar even more. The video depicts Manson and his band members under heavy makeup, their followers, strange women on stilts, strait jackets, bizarre details and a heck of a lot more. Just one look at this video is enough to know what Manson is all about and how wicked his mind is. When you throw a violence inspired song in there you get one of the creepiest music videos ever created.

13 Rammstein – “Mein Teil”

German shock-rockers are famous for their extreme stage performances, as well as their unique industrial-metal sound. “Main Teil” is a story of real-life German cannibal who is sentenced to a life incarceration for eating his acquaintance after getting permission from him. This case is bizarre enough all by itself, but they had to make a song and video about it. This blood-chilling video depicts fighting, cross-dressing, oral sex with an angel, and members of the band leashed and walked around like dogs. It may be one of the best videos created in a couple of decades, and it is odd enough to be on our list.

12 Meshuggah – “Bleed”


Meshuggah are extreme metal musicians whose name means "crazy" in Yiddish. They are known for their unique sound and visual presentation. The video for the song "Bleed" is nothing short of extreme and depicts slavery, anger and tranquility through torture of others. It features chained men, a strange person-like creature in a lotus pose, gear wheels, cockroaches and much more. Although it is an underground music video, it has more than 14 million views on YouTube and that only adds to its obscurity.

11 Aphex Twin – “Come to Daddy”

Aphex Twin is an electro-industrial Irish musician and composer based in London. He is known for dark videos and lyrics, but this one is the most bizarre of them all. It features an old lady, dog, bunch of children with the same face (Aphex Twin's face) that run around and terrorize the city and fight among themselves. In the end, a spawn is born from the TV, and it turns up to be the musician and "daddy" to these children. This video has the most bizarre and dark undertone, but the message is very clear.

10 Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance”


This video is mainstream and the winner of the views category with an excess of 683 million views. It has some futuristic feel to it filled with ridiculous fashion designs, strange dance acts, alcohol, forced drinking, stuffed, live animals, strong emotions, mild nudity and of course, a lot of fire in the end. Yes, this video appears to have it all and if you spice that up with one of the most addictive songs ever created you'll have an RIAA-certified multi-platinum single. Lady Gaga is an excellent jazz singer, but she knows her business is in the mainstream.

9 Grace Jones – “Corporate Cannibal”

Next up we have the queen of weird herself, famous Jamaican singer, actress, model, the one and only, Grace Jones. This video is one of those that scare you no matter what, and you just have to play it several times in a row. It shows only Grace in black and white with some over-the-edge special effects. Trust us, it is very creepy, especially when you combine visual style with the music and some of the most daring lyrics ever written. Miss Jones scored with this one making it one of the creepiest music videos ever.


8 Björk – “Hunter”


Next on the list, we have an Icelandic alternative singer/songwriter Björk. In this video, directed by Paul White, there is nothing much to see, only a bald singer and white background. Her facial expressions and kind of bizarre animations appearing on her face and head are trippy enough to secure the position of this video on the list. Björk has many strange videos, but this one is on our list because it's just her and emptiness on the screen; quite enough to frighten you for a while and make you question your sanity.

7 Die Antwoord – “I Fink U Freeky”

Die Antwoord are a rep-rave band from South Africa, and they have a unique and instantly recognizable music. This black and white video features singers Vi$$er, Ninja and many other extras. There are strange people, animals, strange objects, suits, and very weird dance moves. All their videos are weird, but we had to choose just one of them for our list. When you watch the video for the first time, you feel the sudden urge to dance and move the way they do on the screen. This one is a runner up in view category with over 79 million views.

6 Little Big – “Big D**k”


Little Big are a Russian rave band from Saint Petersburg. Yup, they are as weird as their name suggest. This video abounds with synonyms for genitals and sexual intercourse that is out of proportion. Oh yeah, and the English slang word for male genitals that starts with the letter "d" is mentioned somewhere around a hundred times throughout the song. Genital-like objects are everywhere in the video, and the video is just strange in a way. The tune is very catchy, and it will be stuck in the back of your head for hours once you hear the song.

5 Miley Cyrus – “Dooo it!”

This video is third in this category; at least when it comes to views on YouTube because it has more than 20 million of them in a short period. You all know sweet little Miley (aka Hannah Montana). Guess what? Miley is not little anymore. She is now a grown up woman and is allowed to write explicit lyrics and star in bizarre videos. The backbone of the video is mainly the lower part of Miley's face. Yes, the video lasts for four and a half minutes and shows only Miley's face doused in glitter, milk, some cream, and candies. Don't think that this is strange enough? Feel free to check out the video.

4 Rose McGowan – “RM486”


This video makes you think what the artist has tried to express. You all know Rose McGowan, a Hollywood actress who acquired fame starring in the supernatural drama series Charmed. Yup, Rose is also a singer, and an excellent one. The video features Rose in topless, bald, painted in white and the rest of the bizarre costumes. You may ask why it is so weird? Trust us, a combination of music, scenography and Rose's stare is enough to trip you up for a few days. Naturally, obscure lyrics help here as well.

3 Duck Sauce - "Big Bad Wolf"

What do you need to have on video to make it bizarre? Create something crazy out of something ordinary. I'm considering how to describe this video in the right way, without revealing too much to you. To make it most accurate, I'd say that the video displays some ordinary situations in the ordinary life, but with details that make it super-creepy. It's not that much in words. You really, really need to see this. And yeah, the beat and the whole musical theme is contagious, so watch out. The crazy idea behind this video turned millions of eyeballs to this video and popularity to Duck Sauce crew.

2 DJ Snake, Lil Jon - "Turn Down for What"


The new way of electronic music brought the fusion of hip hop with DJ sets. The new wave brings definite change in the global music history. The ultra-popular rapper Lil Jon teamed up with DJ Snake, to create a simple, yet crazy addictive "Turn Down For What" song, and the video showcases people affected by the beat a little bit too much. Explicit scenes, overgrown body parts, and crazy behavior goes that far that it breaks walls and ceiling. Hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, thousands of remixes made this song unbelievably popular across the globe, and the weirdness that video brings put it to today’s list.

1 The Prodigy – “Smack My B*tch Up”

The Prodigy are one of the pioneers of English big beat genre, and they have begun their worldwide domination in the 1990s. One of the most bizarre videos ever, from their 1997 album The fat of the land, is certainly “Smack My B*tch Up”. This video was banned from MTV because of the depiction of sex, drugs, alcohol and, subsequently, sexism. It was returned to air by popular demand of many fans and was shown only in late hours. The video is pretty impressive because it is shot from the first face of a person that goes to parties, drinks, does drugs, picks a fight and does all kinds of crazy stuff. In the end, it turns out that this person is a blonde girl, and that is certainly a bizarre twist.


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