15 More TV Hotties Who Gave Viewers What They Wanted

It’s rare that a star actress really comes out of nowhere, especially in television. Sure, you can get a lady who nails it in her first role to become a huge success but for the most part, actresses have to pay their dues majorly in TV for years before that big break comes along. It’s quite fun to look over reruns of shows from the 1990s (or even ‘80s) and see someone we know as an A-list talent in a small cameo role in some forgotten series. Many are known for doffing it in the past; Mom star and Emmy winner Jamie Pressly rose to fame with nude scenes in movies and Playboy among others before becoming a well-regarded actress. And of course, ladies on HBO or Showtime series are used to going naked quite a lot for those shows.

But there are still plenty of current TV ladies with some rather risqué stuff in their resumes fans may not know about. Most of them are for women when they were just breaking out in the business and moving on but others came after they got their initial fame. We’ve noted a few ladies already but with a new fall TV season coming up, there are plenty more stars, some rising and some veteran who have doffed it all and may have been forgotten. Here another 15 ladies currently on the tube who have showed some nice skin in the past and makes watching them today a bit more thrilling.


15 Cerina Vincent

It’s rare that a former teen star finds a second life on screen as a mom but Vincent counts. The actress came to prominence as Maya, the Yellow Power Ranger on the Lost Galaxy incarnation of the iconic franchise. With her brown hair and loincloth outfit, she stood out well for a sexy presence. In 2001, Vincent starred in the parody Not Another Teen Movie, her role as a foreign exchange student with the joke being her character being completely naked at all times and no one finding it odd. Vincent handled it all with some fun to make the film a cult favorite. After a long time off, Vincent has returned to the limelight playing the mom of an extended brood on the Disney Channel series Stuck In the Middle and still looks amazing today - even 15 years after baring all to a huge degree.

14 Marcia Cross

It’s rare an actress can have not one but two iconic prime time soap roles but Marcia Cross pulled it off. The feisty redhead got her break playing the psychotic Kimberly Shaw on Melrose Place. Her turn as this sexy but nuts vixen helped make the show a huge hit with fans loving her moves from breakdowns to bombings and looking great through it all. After years of guest-starring roles, Cross got back into the limelight with her turn as the tightly-wound Bree on Desperate Housewives, one of ABC’s biggest hits. She won wide praise for her performance that could show off great sexy turns while getting huge laughs. Just after leaving Melrose, Cross starred in the drama Female Perversions, playing a troubled mother who shows off her nice chest in a flashback sequence. Cross currently dominates in a recurring role as ruthless politician on the ABC hit Quantico that looks to expand in season two and seems to have gotten even sexier with age.

13 Alice Braga

USA’s latest hit Queen of the South is a bit rougher than most of their shows. It kicks off with Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza, the cool, cultured “queenpin” of the drug world, marching along in designer clothes and dominant in power. When she’s shot, her life flashes before her eyes and the viewer sees how Teresa started off as a rough street gal forced to extremes to survive. Braga has already shown some nice stuff, including flashing her rear while getting out of a tub and how her character adapts to a dangerous world. Already a star in her native Brazil, Braga has flashed her body in several films such as Cidade Baixa and Only God Knows, showcasing a fantastic body with ample chest and great curves. She still balances film work like Elysium and others while continuing to show off on TV as a lady who gets hotter as she gets badder.

12 Camilla Luddington

The British actress had a few minor roles in her native land before moving to Los Angeles and showing her quite good ability to take on a believable American accent. She first came to attention playing Kate Middleton in a TV movie about her marriage into the Royal Family and a fairy in one of the few non-nude parts on True Blood. Much bigger was her role on Californication as a nurse who soon gets involved with her patient’s family and Luddington naturally shows off a lot in everything from sunbathing nude to hot love scenes. Luddington now stars as Jo, an outgoing doctor on Grey’s Anatomy that’s given her some risqué stuff and is also well known as the voice of Lara Croft in the recent revival of the Tomb Raider series. She may shift her voice around for roles but Luddington’s body has been on full display to show how hot Brits can get.

11 Holly Marie Combs

A rare case of an actress as alluring now as when she started two decades ago, Holly Marie Combs first got attention as the teenage daughter on the quirky CBS series Picket Fences. She showed some nice stuff like caught naked in bed with her boyfriend by her parents and blossoming as the show went on. In 1998, she took on her most famous role, Piper, the responsible witch on the WB hit Charmed. Through eight seasons, Marie Combs handled various wild storylines that often had her in very revealing costumes and some fun touches to show her inner hotness and humor. Today, Combs continues her recurring role as Lucy Hale’s mother on the Freeform hit Pretty Little Liars, still looking as hot as ever even as a mother. Just before Fences went off the air, Marie Combs starred in the 1995 film A Reason to Believe as an outgoing college student, doffing her top to show her nice chest off and even today, she has plenty of sexy magic to spare.

10 Elisabeth Rohm

Born in Germany, Rohm’s family moved to Los Angeles when she was one and soon getting into the acting game on One Life to Live. She played detective Kate Lockley on Angel and the producers had plans for the character to be a regular. However, Rohm instead took on the role of Serena Southerlyn on Law & Order, becoming a popular face through four seasons of the hit drama. Her exit was infamous as her character was fired for botching a case and out of nowhere asked “Is it because I’m a lesbian?” Rohm’s movie roles have varied from Syfy films to American Hustle but she’s more famous on TV with recurring roles on Heroes and The Client List and a regular role on the thriller series Stalker and currently stars on the TNT drama The Last Ship. While she’s gotten risqué in some TV movies, Rohm went all out in the 2008 German romance The Kreutzer Sonata with some intense sex scenes to show her lovely body off. Rohm is set to join the cast of Hawaii Five-O this fall and one can just imagine her showing off in a bikini to show the heat behind those icy blonde looks.

9 Alana de la Garza

Getting her lush looks from her Mexican father, Garza fell into acting after studying physical therapy. Various roles in TV shows followed, the most prominent being Marisol, the ill-fated wife of David Caruso’s character on CSI: Miami. In 2006, she joined Law & Order as ADA Connie Rubirosa, looking fantastic with short hair and rocking those court suits with pride. She would remain on the show for the remainder of its run and reprise the role on the short-lived L.A. spin-off and a guest shot on SVU. She starred in the short-lived Do No Harm and played a cop on the ABC show Forever which had a good fanbase but axed after one season. She was intended to have a recurring role on the second season of Scorpion but instead joined the new hit Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. Garza showed off her nice body in the 2004 Spanish film El Segundo in a steamy sex scene and also doffed it for a scene in the comedy Are You Here that showed off her nice chest. She may dress down for her TV roles but those films showed Garza has plenty of Latina heat.


8 Katie McGrath

The British actress is best known for her role as Morgana on the hit series Merlin, going from a nice royal to a wicked schemer, getting hotter and sexier as the role to evil went on. She followed it up with roles on BBC mini-series like Labyrinth where she was a woman in the Middle Ages who doffs it for an intense love scene with a nobleman, showing off her very nice chest framed by lush dark hair. Katie McGrath got some fame in 2015 with her role as the ill-fated assistant eaten by a dinosaur in Jurassic World as well as Lucy on NBC’s short-lived revival of Dracula, canceled just as she was turned into a vampire herself. Currently, McGrath stars in the cult online series Slasher as a young woman handling a serial killer in her town and is about to get a big turn as Lena Luthor (Lex’s little sister) on the second season of Supergirl to continue to show that under that cool British exterior is one very hot and sexy lady.

7 Piper Perabo

Piper Perabo burst on the scene in 2000 with the whacky Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and a singer/barmaid in the hit film Coyote Ugly. She’s bounced between the occasional blockbuster and independent films with her nice humor and lovely looks. This served her well for the USA Network hit Covert Affairs playing a “girl next door” who joins the CIA. Perabo looked fantastic in everything from a jumpsuit to expensive dresses, doffing a bikini on a beach in her first scene and her drive and humor managing to carry her through the series’ five-season run. While her love scenes in Coyote were a body double, it was most definitely Perabo in the popular lesbian drama Lost and Delirious, showing her nice body off in bed. More prominent was the 2012 sci-fi hit Looper as a hooker who shows off some nice bits in just a thong. Perabo is set to return this fall in the drama Notorious and has sure proven that on-screen in the past.

6 Jennifer Esposito

The Brooklyn-born Esposito has been a standout, curly hair framing a face notable for a pert nose and a nice accent adding some heat to her performance. She became a stand out on Spin City with her sexy presence and has added slews of appearances such as opposite Lizzy Caplan in the short-lived Related and Melissa McCarthy in the cult comedy Samantha Who? She had a major role as a cop on Blue Bloods but it ended with her leaving the show amid reports of being fired despite some health issues and Esposito bad-mouthing the producers over it. She had a bit as a medical examiner on Taxi Brooklyn and the third season of Mistresses and is set to have a big part by joining the cast of NCIS this fall. Esposito’s most notable movie role was in the Oscar-winning Crash where she showed off in bed with Don Cheadle. While she prefers being known for her acting, Esposito has more than some nice heat to make her a TV favorite.

5 Zoe McLellan

For years, Zoe McLellan was one of those “hey, it’s that girl” actresses, popping up in various minor roles in slews of TV shows through the 1990s, managing to stand out with her good looks, short dark hair and a nice form to her performances. Her biggest role was on JAG, recurring for a few seasons before becoming a regular in the last season of the long-running hit and followed that with a role on the short-lived soap Dirty Sexy Money. She’s finally landed a good regular gig on the hit NCIS: New Orleans as a federal agent who gets some nice “undercover” work at times and handles herself with the show’s action sequences. The 1999 TV movie Stranger in my House is a bit forgettable but it does showcase a fun scene of McLellan exiting a tub, flashing her nice chest off and shows her body has a lot to offer under those federal suits.

4 Elizabeth Mitchell

1998’s Gia is known as Angelina Jolie’s true star-making role as the trouble supermodel. The highlight to many is the scene where Jolie seduces Elizabeth Mitchell’s photographer’s assistant into some incredibly steamy love scenes where both ladies show their bodies off stunningly well and still heat up today. Mitchell has since become a very dependable star, first with her role on E. R. and then Lost that turned from recurring to regular and gained massive acclaim. She’s added to that with V, Revolution and a fantastic turn as the Snow Queen on Once Upon a Time where she rocked a glorious cleavage-flashing dress. Currently, Mitchell is doing double duty, first as an investigator on the international series Crossing Lines and a camp counselor contending with a murder mystery in the Freeform show Dead of Summer yet that amazingly hot scene with Jolie may still be her most famous moment on screen.

3 Emily Kinney


Both a singer and actress, Emily Kinney had roles in various small TV shows, including a recurring part on The Big C. Her big break came playing Beth Greene, the optimistic but ultimately doomed survivor on The Walking Dead, winning praise for her turn as the character who takes harsh measures before a brutal end. Kinney has added more fun with roles such as hacker/bee expert the Bug-Eyed Bandit on The Flash and Arrow, fans enjoying this nutty evil character. She also had a recurring role on the third season of Showtime’s Masters of Sex which, like most actresses on the show, had her doffing it all for some intense love scenes. That carried to The Knick as a nurse getting into some kinky stuff as well. Kinney is set to return to networks this fall in the anticipated drama Conviction and while she appears to have “quirky blonde” handled, her roles have shown she can bring the sexy quite well.

2 Jennifer Morrison

After work as a model and low-level actress, Jennifer Morrison got her big break in 2004 as Allison Cameron in the smash hit House, looking terrific in her dark hair and making a lab coat and skirt look incredibly sexy. She left the show after its seventh season for a recurring part as one of the loves on How I Met Your Mother before landing her starring role as Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time. Since then, her turn as the red-jacket wearing Savior has been terrific, handling the various conflicts and even a turn to a sexy dark force herself. In 2000, before her TV fame, Morrison starred in the horror movie sequel Urban Legends: Final Cut as a lady who soon is involved in a deadly serial killer attack. Ironically, the movie got a notable cut as the original version had Morrison topless in a sex scene but it was edited to much less graphic in the final film. However, that cut has surfaced, Morrison’s only nude scene and showcasing a nice look at the body of a sexy Savior.

1 Maggie Quigley


Born in Hawaii to Irish and Vietnamese parents, Maggie Quigley got her start on the acclaimed Hong Kong drama House of the Dragon and steady work in Hong Kong. With her elegant looks and martial arts training, action movies followed before breaking out in Mission Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard. In 2010, she took on the title role in the CW revival of Nikita, winning raves as the hot secret agent fighting her former masters, able to rise in both amazing action scenes and terrific sexy dresses. With that show ended, Maggie moved onto the short-lived CBS series Stalker and the Divergent movies. This fall, she returns to TV in Designated Survivor as an FBI agent hunting terrorists. But if you want to see more of her, check out the 2001 film Manhattan Midnight with her in some lovely sex scenes and showcasing the heat that’s made her TV roles so notable and a hit with viewers in any series.

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